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______ the book before you watched the film? Had you read. Had you reading. Had you readed. Have you read.
She ______ In India before she moved to L.A. had lived had live have lived have live.
Sue ______ Alone before she went to Calabria. has not travelled have not travelled had not travel had not travelled.
Use the past perfect tense: he ______ up before the alarm rang. have woken had woken had woke had wake.
Use the past perfect tense: she _____ Italian before she went to Rome. had not study had not studied has studied have studied.
What does it mean “not to feel yourself”? No estar cómodamente sentado. No estar a gusto con alguien. No sentirse bien con uno mismo. No sentirse bien consigo mismo.
What does it mean to laid up with something? Estar como una rosa. Estar cansado de algo. Estar enfermo en la cama. Estar con buena salud.
What is the meaning of “hit”? Golpear. Perder. Leer. Calentar.
What is the meaning of “spell”? Contar. Deletrear. Nombrar. Decir.
What is the past participle form of “feed”? Fad. Feeded. Feeding. Fed.
What of these is considered an unhealthy habit? Exercise. Sedentary life. Enjoy fresh air. Eat in season fruit.
Which of the following is considered to be junk food. Fruit. Sweets. Cereals. Vegetables.
Which one has a positive meaning? You are under the weather. You are in the Pink. You are at the death’s door. You feel groggy.
_______ is a thin piece of glass used to protect specimen. Wash bottle Microscope Coverslip Pasteur pipette.
A device that uses lenses to make very small objects or cells look larger. Blanket. Pasteur pipette. Beaker. Microscope.
A small and sharp instrument used in surgery is a ______ basket. thermometer. slide. scalpel.
An apparatus used to perform histology sections on frozen tissues. Thermometer. Basket. Cryostat. Slide.
I ____ you if I ___ you were ill. would have called / had known would have called / would have known would have called / knew called / would have known.
If i miss the bus, I _____ a taxi will take take would have taken would take.
If I won the lottery, I ______ an airplane. Buys would buy Would have bought Will buy.
If you ____ out when I called , I would have told you yesterday. would been would had been had been would have been.
If you had done what I told you, you _____ successed. would have be will have been will be would have been.
If you heat glass, it _____ broke break breaks would break.
What is the name of this object? Tweezer. Flask. Beaker. Graduated cylinder.
What is the name of this object? Petri dish. Microtome. Cryostat. Basket.
A drug that eases the pain Decongestant. Painkiller. Placebo. Cough syrup.
A medical specialist who practices surgery. Physician. Primary Doctor. Surgeon. Surger.
A sleepy sensation or condition Sleptless. Sleepiness. Sleepness. Sleepless.
A substance having no pharmacological effect but administered as a control in testing experimentally or clinically the efficacy of a biologically active preparation. Placebo. Lip Ointment. Ibuprofen. Hydrocortisone.
A suffix used to express pain in a specific part of the body. -hurt. -ache. -hache. -harm.
Change this sentence into the passive voice: People speak Portuguese in Brazil Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. People are spoken Portuguese in Brazil. Portuguese speaks Brazil. Brazil speaks Portuguese.
English ____ in many countries. speaks are spoken is speaken is spoken.
Estar resfriado, en inglés to be off-balance to have a cold sore to have the hives to have a cold.
Exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction to substances that are without comparable effect on the average individual. Reflux. Allergy. Fatigue. Tenderness.
In 1903, Fiat ____ 132 cars. was produced producted is produced produced.
Influenza: measles mumps the flu rubella.
John will tell you later You will be told by John later. Later will be told by John. You will tell John later. John will be told by you later.
Light-headed Dizzy Stiff Constipated Sore.
Medical specialist attached to the Hospital Assistant Therapist Nurse Consultant.
Preventing from happening to void to tip to avoid to lack.
Protector solar: Sunshield. Rash. Chap stick. Sunscreen.
The act on inhaling air To breath To breathe To avoid To trace back.
The car ___ in the accident. was damaged damaged were damaged damages.
Unable to defecate: Constipated. Stiff. Estranged. Dizzy.
What kind of pain is shown in the image: toothache headache backache earache.
____we had an umbrella, we still got wet. Beacause. Although. When Or.
Consisting of many cells: Unicellular. Multicellular. Acellular. Nocellular.
Do you know is he’s at home __ at the football match? But Although And Or.
Harmful bacteria that cause disease in humans. Pathogens. Harmless bacteria. Archaea. Algae.
I only passed my exam ___ you helped me. But. Beacuse. And. Although.
I’d love to stay ___ I have to catch my bus. but so and because.
The higher taxonomic rank of an organism, bigger that a kingdom: Animal chain. Superdomain. Superkingdom. Domain.
The study of viruses: Inmunology. Parasitology. Virology. Mycology.
They were hungry ___ they made some sandwiches. Or but because so.
What of these sentences is an imperative one? You don´t room in your room. Don´t eat in your room. Eating in your room. Can I eat in my room?.
What of these sentences is an imperative one? Can you lock the front door? Lock the front door Locking the front door You must lock the front door.
A widow is a woman ……….. husband is dead. Who That Whose Which.
Carlos gave Maria notes from chapters 3 to 7 ___were going to be on the test. who whom where which.
Choose the correct form: “ The man was late. Julie invited the man” The man, which Julie invited, are late. The man, who Julie invited, was late. The man, whose Julie invited, was late. All answers are incorrect.
I told you about the woman ___ lives next door. Whom When Which Who.
It uses regular light for image formation through a laser light to scan samples that have been dyed. Confocal microscope. Stereo microscope. Simple microscope. Compound microscope.
She chose the books ___ wanted to buy. That Who When Whom.
The branch of biomedical science that deals with the response of an organism to antigenic challenge and its recognition of what is self and what is not. Genetic Engineering. Chemistry. Pathology. Immunology.
The same as “protection”: Defense. Attack. None is correct. Unprotected.
There is the restaurant. I ate at the restaurant last night. TT there is the restaurant …. Who I eat last night Where I ate last night Which I ate last night Who I ate last night.
Which one produces a 2D image? Simple microscope Scanning electron microscope Transmission electron microscope Confocal microscope.
An increase in the amount of money you earn for doing your job: A pay rise. A fresh start. A wage cut. A downsize.
Choose the correct reported speech sentence: Why are you late? Jane asked. Jane asked that I was late. Jane asked if I was late. Jane asked why I was late. Jane asked why I will be late.
He left the company; He was bored of his job so He ____ . was sached got a raise took over quit.
I dont want a full-time job, Id prefer to work ____ . 24/7. half-time. part-time. all day.
Out of work: Enployee. Inemployed. Employed. Unemployed.
Paul was given a better position in the company; He was ____ . promoted. sacked. demoted. kicked out.
Reported speech; change the sentence: Mary "I love chocolate."-----> Jill: "Mary said (that) she ___ chocolate." Had loved. Loving. Loved. Loveed.
To reply to an employment advertisement: To quit. To sack To apply for. To promote.
Use the correct verb: I knew your parents john said -- john said that he ... knew. know. has known. had known.
What is the correct reported speech answer: I like pop music she said. She said that she like pop music. She said she likes pop music. She said that she liked pop music. She said that she had liked pop music.
Why did He retire? because he was nearly 65. because he was late for work every day. because he was out of work. because he was the best person in the department.
Workers in a company: employees. employs. employers. employed.
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