Inglés Cambridge 3. Versión 6

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Inglés Cambridge 3. Versión 6

periodo abril 2015-2016

Paty Ramos
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Do your friends like to watch tennis? ________They are big Fafael Nadal fans. a. No, he doesn't b. Yes, they do c. Yes, they are.
I really like to travel_______. We have a lot in common. a. I can too b. I don't either c. Me too.
My girlfriend Alejandra is coming. Do you want to meet______? a. his b. he c. her.
I love_______the guitar. a. playing b. played c. amplaying.
So you want to learn to play the trumpet? Yes, I am looking for_______. a. practice b. lessons c. training.
Do you play cards? Yes, but only with my friends.________in my family likes to play. a. Everyone b. Nobody c. They.
I always _____ when I have a sore throat. cough b. am coughing c. will cough.
Where ______these days? I haven't seen you in so long. a. do you work b. do you working c. are you working .
Everyday I wake up at 5:30am. ________. How come? a. You are Kidding! b. Sure c. Um, kind of.
I had a very high fever last night._______That is not good! You should see a doctor. a. I bet b. Are you serious? c. All right. .
My doctor recommends eating five______a day. a. foods b. lunches c. meals.
A______ is a kind of jewelry. a. belt b. necklace c. sock.
Does Gabriela want anything from the supermarket?______Let me ask her. a. I'm not sure. b. Really? c. Not at all. .
Do you know any good Italian restaurant around here? B:There is one nearby. It has pizzas, pasta,______. a. more or less b. and elsewhere c. and stuff like that.
_______in my class play an instrument. a. Most of people b. None the people c. Most of the people.
When_____you get your Biology degree? About a year ago. a. did b. do c. were.
Do you want to go the movies tomorrow? Sure_____, I just remembererd I have a doctor's appointment. a. You are kidding b. To be honest c. No, wait.
My mother wants to invite you to lunch..._______dinner tomorrow. a. really b. not at all c. I mean.
Hi, Jessica. I'm here waiting for you. I'm almost there. I'm three_______away. a. stations b. jogs c. blocks.
Did you go to the theater last night? Yeah! The______ was amazing,actually. a. act b. sight c. play.
The gym I go to is five minutes away from my house. Excuse me, it's______? a. how far b. how many c. how much.
I want to eat shrimp ceviche. Excuse me; ______ of ceviche. a. what kind b. how kind c. waht cost.
Do you want a Smart Phone? It's not difficult_______. a. to heve used b. to use c. for using.
I'm new in town. Can you tell me how to get to the bus terminal? Sure. It's not hard______find. a. to b. of c. for.
Your kitchen______is not working. I can't get any water a. faucet b. stove c. sink.
Does your_____work? I need it to bake some cookies. a. stove b. oven c. kitchen.
Do you mind going wiht me to the store? ________. I need to go, too. a. No problem b. No, not at all c. Sure.
Do you mind if I am a litlle late? There's a lot of traffic._____Take your time! a. Of course I do b. Oh, no. No problem c. Well, I do.
You were telling me something about your pet______ those guys interrupted us. a. as b. when c. where.
I was doing my homework, and I_____to call you Sorry! a. am forgetting b. have forgotten c. forgot.
I like cooking, but I can't ______vegetables. I am afraid of knives a. cut b. bump c. chop.
I don't like black and white movies. They are so_____. a. bright b. boring c. bored.
________you father is going to love this book. He loves to read. a. I mean b. I bet c. mind.
Yesterday I broke my girlfriend's favorite sunglasses. Oh, no!____she got really man at you. a. I bet b. I 'm not sure c. Maybe.
My phone ______was really high last month. I paid 180 dollars!" a. connection b. bill c. fact.
Did you bring the chocolate ice-cream I asked? Sorry, I bought vanilla by____ a. error b. wrong c. mistake.
I think _____got the curliest hair in my family. a. I'm b. he is c. I have.
What does María look like? She is______. a. fun b. very nice c. tall and thin.
My _____ next year is to eat less junk food and do more exercise. a. up b. out c. off.
Do you see that hose across the street? I think there is a fire there. Oh, my gosh! Call the______. a. ferefighters b. water boys c. officers.
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