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For patients with breathing problems: Cardiology Unit. Operating room. Intensive Care Unit. Respiratory Therapy Unit. Lavour delivery.
Protect plama membrane: Nuclear pore. Lysosome. Cell coat. Nucleolus. Plasma membrane.
Taking a sample of bodily tissue: Biopsy. Gooey. Harm. Airway. Yeast.
The liquid part of the blood, consisting of a clear, yellowish fluid that comprises about 55% of the total blood: Plasma. Analyte. Homeostasis. Specimen, Reagent.
The study of blood diseases is_________ Haematology. Urology. Neurology. Oncology. Ginaecology.
What does this image represent? Ribosome. Golgi body. Mitochondrion. Centriole. Cytoplasm.
What is the translation of gallbladder? Hígado. Pulmones. Vesícula biliar. Intestino. Vejiga.
What is this organ? Brain. Stomagh. Lungs. Pancreas. Kidney.
Which one is not a technician skill? Written communication skill. Working alone. Attetion to detail. Organizational skill. Numerical skill.
Who helps people injured in emergencies situation, typically setting outside the hospital? Policeman. Paramedic. Teacher. Nurse. Secretary.
It ............ a lot in Britain. rain rains is rain are rain.
I ........ pizza very much. like liking is like likes.
My sister ............. to the cinema very often. go going don´t go doesn´t go.
_____ they coming over for dinner? is do are am.
Maxwell _____ not sleeping on our sofa at the moment. is am does are.
My mother-in-law is _____ at our house this week. stay be staying stays staying.
The bed was very uncomfortable. I ____________ sleep very well. weren't wasn´t did didn´t.
The window was open and a bird ___________ into the room. did fly flew fly was flew.
I __________ a lot of money yesterday. I __________ an expensive dress. spent/ buy spent/ bought were spent/ bought spend/ buy.
_____ you still working at 7pm last night? are is was were.
At 8.30am today I _____ driving to work. was are were am.
We _____ sleeping when the police came. isn´t was weren´t am not.
People will ___________ on the moon in the future. live be live are live living.
Choose the correct sentence. Where will you be yesterday? They will do it for us. He wills be at the meeting. She will comes tomorrow.
I will ____________ right here until Jessica comes. not waiting waiting wait waits.
Rebecca is __________ have a baby next month. go to going goes to going to.
______ you going to cook? will what are do.
What are you going to __________ this evening? wearing wear wore wears.
My father is on the way. He ____________ home yet. haven't arrived didn't arrived arrived hasn't arrived.
It is very late. You __________ both really go now. should could can must.
The object used to cover your hands: Cervical collar. Gloves. Hair cover. Needle.
________ old are her children? They are seven and ten. How many How much How long How.
A place where two bones are joined together in the body in a way that enables them to bend and move. blood joint backbone bone.
My phone is ___________ than my sister’s phone. More expensive Expensive So expensive The most expensive .
_____ Judy and Liz at last month's meeting? are is was were.
’Pared celular’ in English: Cell wall Cell marrow Cell wallet Cell plasm .
She has worked there _____ she finished college. in since for on.
He or she helps people who have problems with how they are feeling: Soldier. Dietician. Nurse. Clinical psychologist.
We have been dating _____ a long time. In For Since At.
What is the Spanish translation of “reagent”? Reagente. Reactivar. Regenerar. Reactivo.
Rebecca is __________ have a baby next month. go to goes to going going to.
Rebecca is __________ have a baby next month. good as good the best better.
I ________ understand what he's saying. shouldn't can't don’t have to must.
Lydia did not _____ last Monday. worked working work works.
I can't find my glasses. _______ are they? How Where What Which.
An organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity. Lungs. Stomach. Liver. Brain.
The outer lining of the cell: Plasma membrane. Golgi apparatus. Nucleus. Mitochondria.
Why are you ___________ that fish? It smells terrible. eating ate eats eat.
Abstaining from food or fluids for a specified amount of time before the collection of a specimen. Fasting. Profile. Reagent. Plasma.
The surgeon incised the lesion with a _____________ but found no drainable pus. Operating table Gloves Stethoscope Scalpel.
I have never ___________ to Paris. go was went been.
A person who works in a laboratory. Nurse. Dentist. Lab twchnician, Surgeon.
Helen ______ that smoking is not good for her health. is knowing is known know knows.
In 2100 people _________ flying cars. are going to are going to buy will buying will buy .
The structure of bones that supports the body of a person or animal. Femur. Skeleton. Muscle. Backbone.
Constructions built or installed to serve a specific function or service: Facilities. Medical school. Hazards. Specialization.
PPE stands for: Philosophy, politics and economics. People Protection Equipment. Personal Protective Endeavour. Personal Protective Equipment.
Where the culmination of pregnancy takes place and midwives work: Endoscopy Unit. Short-stay unit. Paediatrics. Labour delivery.
‘ADN’ in English: AND DNA DNN DAN.
Maxwell _____ not sleeping on our sofa. are aren´t am is.
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