Ingles ii isea 2017

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Ingles ii isea 2017

Ingles II ISEA 2017

Charly Smith
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The president of Mexico _____ Mr. Calderon last year. Was Were Are.
The sleeping pills _____ for my grandmother Were Was Are.
The weather _____ hot in the months of December and January. Wasn´t Weren´t Aren´t.
_____ were the boys _____ in the park? What / buying Who / buy Where / Buying.
_____ was _____ an important decision at the meeting? Who / making When / making We / making.
We _____ _____ in the computer yesterday. Were / working Are / working Have / work.
_____ the boys _____ football on Sunday? Were / playing Playing / were.
_____ was _____ for you yesterday? Who / coming They / coming.
_____ was the Governor from Sonora three years ago? The governor was Guillermo Padres. Who What.
He _____ his homework at night yesterday. Finished Finish.
James _____ a piece of cake this morning Wanted Want.
We _______ some milk for the babies, yesterday. Needed Need.
You _____ an important decision last week. Made Make.
The baseball player _______ the ball. Caught Catch.
They _____ their mother a nice present last year. Gave Give.
The girl _____ _____ the baby, it was too cold. Didn´t / bring Is / bring.
He _____ _____ to the news last night. Didn´t / listen Is / listen.
_____ you _____ your grandmother on the weekend? Did / visit Did / is.
_____ it _____ in the city last month? Did / rain Is / rain.
Did the baby drink his milk? Yes, he did. Yes.
_____ did the family go for vacation? Where They.
_____ did you buy at the grocery store? Milk and bread. What Who.
The High School graduation _____ _____ to be in the month of June. Is / going are / go.
The boys _____ _____ the car race on Sunday. Will / love They / love.
I _____ not _____ to Cancun in the airplane. Will / go Will / run.
They _____ not _____ a new car this year. Will / buy Will / eat.
Student´s _____ _____ the cell phone in class. Won´t / use When / go.
We _____ not _____ to buy a new T.V. set. Are / going have / see.
_____ is going to play the piano at the concert? Who What.
_____ are you going to finish school? When Who.
We _____ _____ our friends on the weekend. Can / visit You / visit.
We _____ _____ through the forest at night. Could / drive Cold / drive.
You _____ _____ the exam at the university. May / pass Is / not.
_____ you _____ the game tonight. May / win Win / may.
In mexico people _____ _____ on the right side of the Street. Must / drive More / drive.
Student´s _____ _____ the cell phone in class. Mustn´t / use Mustn´t / eat.
Can the girl do deep see diving? Yes, she can Yes, can she.
Could Paul solve the problem in mathematic? Yes, he could Yes, could he.
Can the boy fight with the lion in the circus? No, he can´t No, can´t he.
The man _____ the car is my brother. In by.
The computer is _____ the desk. on not.
The Grand Canyon is _____ arizona state. In by.
We saw your friend _____ the movies. At or.
_____ grammar rule is very easy This There.
_____ horse at the rodeo won the Price. That Those.
_____ Jeans that I got on, are new. These This.
_____ windows in that house are very dirty. Those This.
The cost of a house in "HOLLYWOOD", CALIFORNIA is more than _____ ________ dollars. A million A millimeters.
The cost of __ _____ of eggs is about 24.00 pesos. A dozen Is dozen.
There are __ _____ centimeters in a meter. A hundred A dozen.
The _____ season of the year is summer. Second Water.
On my _____ English class, I learned the verb "to be". First Firsth.
We celebrate Mother´s Day on May the _____ Tenth Ten.
In Mexico, we celebrate Independence Day on September the ________ Sixteenth Sixteen.
My grandfather has _____ ________ to keep food from spoiling. gas / refrigerator refrigerator / gas.
Our grandmother can´t sleep at night, she needs to take ________ _____ sleeping / pills pills / sleeping.
The boys scouts are going camping on the weekend, They need to take a ________ _____ sleeping / bag bag / sleeping.
For christmas my mother baked _____ _____ for supper. apple / pies pies / apple.
They will go to the ranch to ride horses. They will need _____ _____ Riding boots Boots / riding.
The family gets together to eat lunch in the _____ _____ Dinning / room Room / dinning.
Bob gave to his girlfriend a ________ and ________ watch. Beautiful / expensive Is / Beautiful.
The _____ and _____ building on Main Street is falling down. Dirty / old Dirty / were.
For our English class we need an _____ and _____ dictionary. English / Spanish Teacher / English.
The weather at the Bahamas was _____ but _____ Nice / humid Nice / water.
On Christmas my Mom had a ________ ________ on the center of the table. Burning / candle Candle / burning.
My mother had on the stove some _____ _____ Boiling / water Water / boiling.
The boy taking a ________ ________ is my cousin. Driving / lessons Lessons / driving.
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