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Inglés IV

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Inglés IV



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Jenny can't swallow because she has a .... Throat. Splitting Sore Bad.
María took a .... because she had a headache. Cough sweet Painkiller Vitamin.
You .... get a toothache If you eat too much sugar Can Should Willl.
You ...worry about María. She'll be fine need to must needn't .
You need to ..... a dentist or else your toothache will get worse. go See call.
If you have a temperature, an aspirin usually .... helps help will help .
When I .... a cold, I usually take Vitamin C. had Will have have.
I'm going to the .... I need new glasses. Chemis Ophthalmolo Optician's.
I feel hot. I think I have a .... Headache Temperature Cough.
John had a heart .... and he's still in hospital filling Operation sore .
If the pain ... worse, I will see a doctor. Will get get gets.
....... meals does not help you lose weight. Skipping Cutting Taking.
You really .... to stay in bed since you have a temperature. should need must.
I often get stressed.... in this Job. On Out In .
You should stop eating burgers and other types of... foods. fatty balance overweight.
She doesn't .... enough sleep. That's why She's always tired in the morning. make take get.
It's important to drink .... of water. much lot plenty.
You... stop smoking. It damages your health can should need .
He ... watch si much TV. It's bad for health. needn't shouldn't won't .
This body .... is excellent for sunburn. tablets painkiller cream.
If you want to be a firefighter, you have to be...... polite brave creative.
I .... get up early in the morning. I am never late for school Sometimes always rarely.
She... to work every day. is going to drive is driving drives.
They are... their dinner at the moment. They are enyoying it. catching having doing.
How often do you... the lawn? walk mow dust.
Sheila is going to visit her grandmother.... sunday. at on in.
Would you mind.... the dog, please? mow walk dust.
He works in an office. He is a.... bus driver waiter graphic designer.
Fiona and Jim.... out tonight. going to eat eat are eating.
Why don't we .... a barbecue on sunday? cook have do .
Can you please... the furniture in the living room ? dust vacuum mow.
What.... tomorrow evening? do you do you do are you doing.
How about...camping at the weekend? doing going having.
Working with children is very.... dangerous relaxing rewarding.
He is a nurse so he has to work.... outdoors part time shifts.
Does she work long hours? No, she.... aren't doesn't isn't.
Teachers need to be....with students. reliable patient brave.
We are all going.... a picnic at the weekend. with on at.
He enjoys...out at the the gym. working getting catching.
Can you please.... the window? It's very hot. opening open to open.
Stuart likes.... diving. He goes to Acapulco every summer. cliff jet water.
Kate and I have been friends.... 1995 in since for.
Luke has .... flow in a plane; this will be his firts tome. already ever never.
Where...on holiday last year? have you gone did you go you went.
I think i'll just ..... by the pool this afternoon. visit relax Swin.
How long.... about this? have you know you have known did you know.
This hotel looks very..... How much does a double room cost? Luxurius Colourful delicious.
Have you ever .... a camel ? It's quite an experience ! rode ridden ride.
Fiona has been a tour guide .... ten years. from for since.
We are going to ... on a cruise ship; I'm so excited! fly ride travel.
There''s a beautiful ... Beach right in front of the hotel. cobbled sandy bright.
....... your seatbelts, please. Stand Mind Fasten.
Do you like You should try Indian then. spicy cobbled luxurius.
We have ..... Spain twice si far. visited have visted visit.
Did you ... decorations for you party exchange wear put up .
Why don't you...this local dish? take buy try.
You can ..... the Underground in london; it's very convenient. have use keep.
Paula has ... come back from her trip. Her suitcase is till unpacked. yet already jus.
Last night they let off ... in the centre of the town. fireworks gifts parades.
He... never done bungee jumping before. has hasn't not has .
The monitor is blank! Oh muy goodness! The computer just..... broke crashed stopped.
When you work on a computer, you need to.... your work every five minutes in case something happens and you lose everything write save keep.
This is the swicht off... box button stand.
I really want to buy it! It's a ..... small round watch. wooden nice green.
I'm not going to pay €300 for an ugly.... French chair. vacuum Old remote.
The ... Is perfect for people who don't have time to cook. toaster microwave grill.
The most expensive cars ..... in Germany. had made was made are made.
This house....built in the 1940s and it is still beautiful. were was Is.
The Sauce .... with white wine and chicken . were made is made had made.
...... was te vacuum cleaner invented by? Whose Will Who.
The letters... posted yesterday. did were had.
This novel is beautifully .... the minute you star reading it, you can't stop. writing written Write.
You need a new .... This screen is awful! monitor scanner Keyboard.
I want to ....whole file but I have run out of ink. Is there another cartrigde? save write print.
The ...... is the main part of computer. hourse tower box.
The screen is blank because you didn't switch the computer.... up on Off.
She is in París...... ? doesn't she Isn't she Won't she.
The computer is still broken.... ? won't it isn't it wasn't it.
You really need to shave ! Don't you have money to buy a .....? walkman razor knife.
We never call each other, we ..... online. Talk Chat Speack.
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