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Inglés IV

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Inglés IV



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I was sleeping when I......a strange heard hear was hearing.
Is 999 the telephone number for the emergency...? rescue services coastguard.
The building... in less than twenty seconds collapsed smashed erupted.
John and Susan were cleaning the house.. the fire started. wich when while.
María was ... when she heard about David's car accident. embarrased shocked relieved.
He..... A tooth and now he's got a terrible toothache twisted broke cit.
The .... spread and burnt the house down in only a few minutes. flood wind flames.
It was..... heavily when the two cars crashed. rained raining rains.
The fire was burning for an hour before the firefighters... Came Were coming Come.
My back because I was siting on a chair for nine hours yesterday. grazes breaks hurts.
María was playing tennis when she.... her leg was breaking broke break.
When I Felt the ground shaking I realised it was a (n) ...and I ran out of the house. flood earthquake hurricane.
The accident happend.... I was using the cooker. before while after.
You ... touch a socket with wet hand. it's dangerous. can must Musn't.
Don't use the scissor. You might cut.... herself yourself Itself.
I'm really scared to use the train after that horrible... accident on Monday. rail plane road.
He ... the exam five times before he passed it fails ha failed was failing.
You don't have to use the Underground You ....also walk there. can't can musn't.
The pilot had to.... the plane in a field due to a technical problem. park land put.
All the.... of the crew wish you a pleasant flight. members passengers controllers.
Most people do not believe that.... exist aliens stars satelites.
The sun is not the only star in our... system. earth Solar moon.
Venus is a ..... just like Earth planet comet star.
Nowadays we can watch televisión from any part of the world via... moon spaceship satélite.
The UFO landen on the roof of my house he.... said Spoke Told.
Marí that she works for NASA. told spoke said.
He told her that he... Tired is does was .
We shouldn't enter this house. It is .... ! hunting haunted hunt.
In fairy tales ....are always ugly and fly on brooms. fairies witches Heroines.
Ann the girl... Mother is a singer. Who that which.
Maria is the girl.... believes in ghosts. who which whose.
john is the boy .... car is blue which Whose Who.
This is the house... looks like a spaceship. who which whose.
Chinese couplets must have only one child because of... overpopulation Deforestation Pollution.
Ever year it's getting hotter and hotter because the... is changing eart climate Pollution.
Ann ... Me when John was. tell said told.
The science That changes the genes of plant's and animals is called genetic.... engineering Biology medicine.
........ of water, oil and metals is due to wasting Earths natural resources. Deforestation depletion Pollution.
You shouldn't.... your newspapers. Don't just throw them away. reward recycle renew.
i could hear a terrible... Sound coming from the old house. haunted solar howling.
Helen likes dangers and she... doing extrem sports. hates loves Wants.
John can't wait to... his brother Mark. seeing See sees.
Jack is a .... He plays the piano. teacher musician lawyer.
I love ....arts my favourite one is kick boxing. panting water martial.
Dorothy is not...she would never go skydiving. quiet creative Adventurous.
He loves plants and spends his spare time..... gardening Mountainnerring SKY diving.
Margaret can't.... what to do. to decide decide decidíng.
badminton can be a ... Sport If there are two couples playing. team single two.
Fishing is really....every time I do it I almost fall a sleep. Boring dangerous exciting.
I forgot both the ....and the ball. No table tennis for today. gloves bats goggles.
Tablet tennis is an outside indoor outdoor .
We we're sitting right next to the football pitch rink Court.
The skating ... was si small that we couldn't move at all. room rink court.
Pat loves her aerobic..... trainig Classes Play.
Children .... Swin alone in the pool It's Dangerous. don't need to musn't don't have to.
The movie was so ....and sad that I Couldn't stop crying. thrilling depressing boring.
You ..... to wear your goggles in the pool. I only wear them beacuse I've got an eye infection. needn't don't have musn't.
Her drees was .... it was the most beautiful drees I ' ve ever deben. Amazing nice good.
The .... Was very complicated and we couldn't really follow the play music actor plot.
I like cold weather that's why I love.... autum winter summer.
Tomorrow Will be a ...sunny day. Wet hot foggy.
When I travelled to africa, I had the ....time of my life. good better best.
On the cairo we almost died the temperature reached 37°C It was .... bitterly Boiling hot Frezzing Cold.
She' I ve ever seen The beautiful The Most beautiful More beautiful.
It was so .... i Couldn't Even see the car in front of me Wet foggy cloudy.
Cats have got ..... Feathers Whiskers Beacks.
I will take a jacket with me in case it gest a bit.... warm Chilly mild.
France is .... Expensive than china. Expensive more Most.
María and John like water sports so they usually spend their holidays on... forest Valleys Islands.
Barcelona is nice Friendly boring Stresfuul.
Dolphins are much .....than goldfist smart smarter smartest.
Ann' s parrot is a noisy .... Mine Than as that.
Tomorrow Will be chylli but whit some ...spells. Sunny Windy Stormy.
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