ingles IV

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ingles IV



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They have very little furniture, their house is very .... traditional Plain decirated.
Marie .... The train yo work this morning. Cought catch catches.
The knight pulled out his.... and ranonto the batherfield. shield Sward Armour.
Your clean troursers are hanging in the .... cupboard Wardrope Altic.
Who did .... to your birthday party? invited you you invite you invited.
You can see old steam .... In this museum. painting Engines jewellery.
I don't understand this I'm very. confused depressed Chearful.
Did you switch off the ... When you finished making the omelette fridge kitchen cooker.
He doesn't have many friends hare he must be pesimist optimistic lonely.
The. ... got ready for the battle. Hurses flags soldiers .
Who ...just now? Peter he wanted to ask me something you called called you did you call.
She lives in a nice little ... In the city centre Cottage Mansion Studio.
The army .... Their enemy very early in the morning. hold attacked roule.
Did... Yo ride a Nike tiempo to school when you were young Used you You used You use.
Look at the colours I Really like this astronaut politician painter.
This room is very .... It can easily fit all our furniture. atractive spacious Modern.
Columbus was the ..... Who discovered América. explorer writer scientist.
Lessons .... Last week. begun begine began.
i didn't .... History at school Liked used yo like use yo like.
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