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ingles iv



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Do you want a job? I want to ________ an assistant. grab place employ.
I want Mariana __________ with me to the beach, but I think she is going to be too busy. go to go going.
When I graduate I want to ________ from my parent’s house move away walk away step away.
A: I’m going for a walk outside. B: It is raining _________. I bet either though.
A: What would you do if you were robbed on the street? B: I _________ go to the police. would can would have.
A: The refrigerator is not working. B: Did you see if it was _________ properly? plugged in put down turned down.
A: How long ________ the clarinet? B: For a long time. I think I was 10 when I started, and I will never stop playing. have you been playing have you played are you playing.
A: Do you like going to the beach? B: Actually, _________ the ocean. I have never seeing I’ve never seen I am never seeing.
A: Jane is very talented, but she is not overly proud. B: You mean she is down-to-earth arrogant impatient.
A: Do you want to come over? We’re making burgers. B: Sure! ________ there in a few minutes. I’m I’ll be I’m being.
A: Hi, Juan. B: Hi, mom. I am really busy right now. Can I call you ________? back along away.
If I _________ you. I would take new job were was had been.
Carolina, his party is boring. Can you put better music _________? in at on.
A: I quit my job a month ago. B: You are kidding! What ________ since then? will you be doing have you been doing have you done.
A: Hey, Teodoro. ________ ask you a favor. B: Sure! How can I help you? I wanted to If I were you, I’d I’d better.
My friends _________ traveled to Asia. I want to invite them next month! have never were never did never.
Calm down, Cesar! B: Why do you say that? I'm not angry ________. absolutely at all so.
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