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Ingles IV

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Ingles IV

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Select the"primary intelligence"that matches the following definition.These people easily understand other people. naturalist visual/spatial interpersonal.
Select the choice that completes the statement correctly. Rommyspeaksfourlanguages,buth___________ language is English multiple logical Primary.
Select the word that is incorrect in the following conversation.Are bilingual skills expected by many employers in this country?Yes,they are need for many jobs in this country. expected need are.
Select the word that best completes this sentence.They are proud now because they have____________their. determined fulfilled lacked.
Complete the sentence with the correct words.Brenda should___________________her family. has called have call have called.
Which of the following sentences contains an adjective? Idon`t like driving very much.I`m a very slow driver. Jefferson doesn`t like to drive slowly. I love your paintings.You paint very well.
In the following conversation,What does Brenda is expressing?Ann:I was thinking about my problems at work and I couldn`t sleep last night.Brenda:You should have drunk some relaxing tea and read for some minutes. Necessity. Advice in the past. Regreat in the past.
Select the pair of words that correctly completes the following sentence.Emily has no____________for ____________ aptitude/cooking gifted/mechanical brain/fixing up.
Complete the following question with the correct option. ____________ Brenda should learn a second language? She realizes that Do you believe that I believe that.
Select the option that completes the sentence expressing advice in the past. Alice: Imelda left Costa Rica last year and none of her family came with her. She got homesick and depressed. Cristina: She should_________ to someone about her problems. talk have talked talked.
Which of the following options best complete the conversation? Ann: Have you spent so much time at the day -care? Brenda: Oh, no. Last year, I________ at the day- care just once a month. have worked worked work.
Which of the following statements, expressing Regreat in the past , corresponds to this situation? My phone bill is so high this month. I should be more attentive with phone calls. I shouldn`t have made all those calls to Galàpagos. I should avoid doing long phone calls.
Select the sentence that answers the following question correctly. Why does Susan feel stressed at work? She has to work very quickly, and she`s afraid of making mistakes. She has been looking for a new apartment. She had an interview for an office job that seems interesting.
Select the choice that completes the conversation with the correct answer. Ann: Do you think that it is essential to speak foreign languages in Ecuador? Ben: ____ . Many professions demand to speak more than one language. No, I don`t think so. Yes, I think so. No, I don´t.
Select the option with the advice that matches with the following situation. My roommate is often late for class. She shouldn´t lose her temper. She doesn`t have to go to sleep early. She ought to take an earlier bus.
Select the option with the "introductory clause" that best answers the question. Alan: Is Carlos´ primary intelligence musical? Brenda: ____. He´s always reading books and he writes in a journal. I´d say he is linguistic. I think he is logical. I totally agree with you.
Select the statement that corresponds and completes the following statement. In case of fire __________ You are supposed to use the elevator You are supposed to use the stairs. You`re supposed to be quiet.
Select the option expressing advice in the past that matches with the following situation. The crystal vase that Tom and Lisa received from their parents was broken. They should find the store and ask them to replace it. They should have talked their parents about that. They should find a solution to solve this. .
Select the choice that completes the statement to express Regret in the past. You ____ to the lecture this afternoon. had to go should go should have gone.
Select the choice that completes the following sentence correctly. Many children learn best when they have pictures and other____ information to look at. primary verbal visual.
Select the correct verb form to complete the sentence. My teacher _____us any homework. Now we get homework every day! didn’t use to give used to give was used to give.
Read the following statement and answer the question. Erik, I`m really sorry but I can`t go to the disco with you tomorrow. I had a big argument with my father about my grades, so now I`m grounded for a month! I`m not permitted to go anywhere after school. What is the meaning of the word grounded? educated punished permitted.
Select the pair of words that correctly completes the sentence. Daniel is a _______carpenter. He performs_____at work. skillfully/professionally skillful/professionally skilful/professional.
Select the option where the speaker talks about something that is familiar to him/her or easy for him/her in a correct way. Mary Joseph lived in Paris for five years. Mary Joseph is used to living in Paris. Mary Joseph uses to live in Paris now.
Which of the following statements containing “Reported Speech” is correct? Alison: “I have a new I-pad.” Ben:______________ Both a and b She said she has a new I-pad. She said that she has a new I-pad.
Select the correct words for the Passive sentence based on the following Active sentence They offer summer courses every academic year. P. Summer courses _______every academic year. are offering they offer are offered.
Complete the sentence with the appropriate word. Justin lost his vision due to a_________illness. grave tenacity impaired.
Select the option that answers the question appropriately. Does your father think that Ecuador is a good place to live? Yes, he thinks so Yes, I think. No, he not think.
Select the sentence expressing expectation about behavior We`re supposed to take a shower before we enter in a swimming pool. We have to take a shower before we enter in a swimming pool. We should take a shower before we enter in a swimming pool.
Which of the following statements talk about repeated actions in the PRESENT. Hushan visited his son every Sunday last year. Hushan helped his son with the assignments after school last month. Hushan plays basket ball with his son in the backyard each Saturday.
Which of the options shows the grammar rule: "We need to use a comma after a time clause when it is at the beginning of a sentence." The patient finished his lunch, soon the nurse left. As soon as the patient finished his lunch, the nurse left. The patient finished his lunch, so that the nurse left.
What is being expressed in the following sentence? Francis`opinion is that that they shouldn`t get married so soon. necessity Lack of necessity. Advice.
Which of the following sentences shows the correct use of adjectives and adverbs in both parts? He is a badly communicator. He doesn´t listen good He is a bad communicator. He doesn´t listen good. He is a bad communicator. He doesn´t listen well.
Select the statement that best answers the following question. Is your friend working in an office or at home? I think that she works in an office. I`d say she works at home. Both a and b.
Select the option showing a sentence including a noun clause. Alicia`s teacher thinks that she`s smart. Alicia is a smart teacher. Alicia`s teacher is smart.
English adverbs are regular and irregular. Which of the following examples has an irregular adverb? Jackeline speaks French well. Jackeline speaks intelligently. Jackeline speaks French fluently.
The following active sentence will be rewritten with present passive. Select the option with the correct version. We expect new students to come early for registration. We expected new students to come early for registration. New students are expected to come early for registration The new students expected to come early for registration.
Read the following advertisement about “Volunteer Opportunities.” Then, select the option with the “volunteer position” required here. Agency: Patronato de Amparo Social- Loja Need: Volunteers to help with mailings and other office jobs; assist various departments, marketing, and membership. Site : Patronato de Amparo Social Office Health care General administration Literacy.
Complete the sentence with the correct words. He shouldn´t the newspaper before work. had read has read have read.
Select the option that best completes the statement. My friend Teresa will take care of the children Susan gets home from work. so that until as soon as.
which of the opcions complete the following sentences correctly. ____________ his guests leave hell take his medicine and go to sleep until that As soon as.
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