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1. Nestor, this is a wedding. I don’t think you are dressed ________. a. correct b. appropriately c. at all.
2. Medardo, you are _______ for the test! Sorry, teacher! There was a lot of traffic. a. lately b. late c. later.
3. I lost my car keys in my office. __________, a friend found them and gave them back to me. a. Probably b. Fortunately c. Hardly.
4. Do you want to go _________ riding tomorrow? No, thanks! That sounds scary. a. biking b. windsurf c. horseback.
5. Which city has _______ people in the world? I think Tokyo does. a. the most b. most c. the more.
6. I went to see the Nile River when I was in Egypt. Really? Isn’t that ________ river in the world? a. the longest b. longest c. the long.
7. This lasagna tastes great! ________. a. Where were we? b. It sure does! c. It just could be!.
8. Chimborazo is a really beautiful volcano! _________ a. It really is! b. It really isn’t c. At least it is!.
9. Can you please calm down? You are ________ too loudly. a. pressuring b. bonding c. yelling .
10. Who do you spend Christmas with? Only with my _________. My parents and my brother. a. immediate family b. extended family c. blended family.
11. I loved our vacation in Hawaii! _________. a. Where were we? b. Did you? c. Congratulations!.
12. What do you think about this year’s Emelec team? _________, they are playing really well. a. If you ask me b. The thing is c. I know.
13. I can’t hear what the teacher is saying. I can’t either. He doesn’t speak_________. a. enough loud b. loudly enough c. too enough.
14. I don’t want to travel with him. He drives ________ recklessly. a. too many b. too c. enough.
15. Can you bring two _______ of bread from the supermarket? a. cants b. loaves c. loaf.
16. Do you like hot peppers? I have a _______ of pickled jalapeños if you want. a. mug b. glass c. jar.
17. Do you want some sugar for your coffee? No, thanks. _________ a. You know what I’m saying? b. I’m fine. Really c. Though.
18. Do you want to watch the news or a movie? _________. Whichever you prefer. a. That’s true b. Either one if fine c. The thing is.
19. Are you excited about you trip to India? Of course! I’m really looking________ to it. a. after b. forward c. towards.
20. I’m traveling to India next month! That’s sound like a great trip. _______sure you take some pictures. a. Do b. Make c. Commit.
21. Who is Gabriel Garcia Marquez? He is the author ________ wrote “A Hundred Years of Solitude”. a. which b. in which c. that.
22. Who was the guy _______called you? My boss. a. that b. whom c. where.
23. Do you want to buy the car? I’m still thinking _________ it. a. on b. about c. along.
24. If I got the _________, my master’s degree wouldn’t cost anything. a. restitution b. scholarship c. tuition.
25. ________, I would try to get a scholarship in Germany. That’s a good idea. a. If I were you b. I’d better go c. It seems like.
26. I lost my phone yesterday. ________ buy another one soon. It is important to have one for you job. a. Whatever you are having b. You might want to c. I’d better go.
27. I’m really worried about my son because he hasn’t called all day long. Do you know what _________? Go to this workplace and see if he is fine. a. you’re do b. you’ve been doing c. you should do.
28. Do you know _________? I think it is my plumber’s. a. whose this number b. whose is this number c. whose this number is.
29. Do you want to watch a Disney movie with me? I don’t like _________ movies because I don’t like cartoon characters. a. animist b. drawn c. animated.
30. You are an amazing skateboarder! Thanks. I’ve been practicing ________ years. a. for b. in c. since.
31. Jose is always alone during lunch. He _______ many friends. a. must have b. could c. must not have.
32. I’m so sad for Alexander. He failed his math class. He must be ________ awful. a. felt b. feeling c. feel.
33. I have been playing in a band for 5 years. I even traveled to Europe on a tour. _________. a. I agree with you! b. I’m OK for now! c. That must be really nice!.
34. I went to the aquarium in Boston. It was amazing! ________. a. It seems to me b. On the other hand c. That place must be really cool!.
35. I couldn’t buy you medicine. All the drugstores ________ closed. a. was b. were c. would.
36. My best friend crashed his car this morning. He is unhurt, but his car ________. a. was destroyed b. is destroy c. would be destroyed.
37. Acres of forests in California were _________ destroyed by wildfires. a. annoyingly b. completely c. pretty.
38. The ________ rains in Guayaquil have Caused floods all over the city. a. weighty b. badly c. heavy.
39. I get paid very well in my job, but the __________, I love what I do. a. best thing is b. only thing is c. scary thing is.
40. ________ Norberto won a scholarship to Argentina. I am not surprised. He’s really smart. a. Whatever you prefer. b. I was wondering. c. Did I tell you?.
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