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1. I don’t like playing table tennis with my brother Nicanor. He is extremely ________. If he loses, he gets mad. a. competitive b. impatient c. selfish.
2. My brother is very careful when he drives, but I also drive ________. a. careful b. safe c. carefully.
3. I don’t understand algebra. Have you ________ to your teacher yet? She might help you. a. spoke b. called c. take.
4. Last night, I _______ 100 dollars on the floor! Really? You are so lucky! a. funded b. founded c. found.
5. Who is the ________ computer user in your family? I am, of course. I use Facebook and Twitter more than anybody else. a. best active b. most active than c. most active.
6. Is your city hot? Very much! It can reach 45 degrees ________. a. heat in Celsius b. Celsius c. Celsius hot.
7. This pizza is really good. It is ________! a. really b. I best c. the best.
8. This _________ doesn’t have batteries. I can’t turn on the TV. a. handset b. receiver c. remote.
9. Is Juana your sister? No, she is my ________. We have the same mother but a different father. a. half-sister b. stepsister c. sister-in-law.
10. This restaurant is really good but very expensive. _________. a. That’s for sure. b. Can you? c. It seems to me that.
11. I have _________ friends than my brother, Marcel. He is very popular. a. fewer b. not much c. little.
12. I am so tired! I think you work ________. a. to much b. too many c. too much.
13. Are you hungry? I have ________ chicken. a. grilled b. pickled c. raw.
14. I need a _______ of milk for this cake. Can you go buy it for me? a. butter b. liter c. can.
15. I am going to make a sandwich for myself. Do you want one? No, thanks. _________. a. Maybe later b. To be honest c. You know what I mean.
16. Do you want red or white wine? ________. I don’t really mind. a. If I were you b. I was wondering c. Whichever you prefer.
17 What should I do with my old clothes? Give them _______ to charity. a. away b. room c. space.
18. I think the remote is broken. I changed the batteries, but it didn’t ________ any good. a. get b. produce c. do.
19. Steven Spielberg is the director ________ made “Jurassic Park”. a. he b. who c. whose.
20. Do you know Juan? He is the one _______ plays the guitar. a. they b. which c. that.
21 I feel ________ of Martin. He has a nicer car than I do. a. chilled b. angry c. jealous.
22. If I were you, I would travel to Asia. It is really cool. _______, but I don’t have any money. a. On the other hand b. Ok with you c. That would be amazing.
23. Your clothes shouldn’t be on the floor, Juan. Sorry, mom. I’ll _________. a. pick them up b. pick they up c. pick up them.
24. I haven’t started my homework ________. I don’t know how I am going to finish it before tomorrow! a. already b. yet c. suddenly.
25. I don’t like watching ________. I cry too easily. a. costumes b. tearjerkers c. special effects.
26. Guillermo is such a great soccer player. And he is so young, too! He _______ be more than 15 years old. a. could b. can’t c. must.
27. Did you see Orlando play volleyball? He is incredibly good. I know. He ________ a professional player. a. couldn’t see b. would be c. must be.
28. Do you like these drawings? They were done _______ my daughter. Wow! She is talented. a. with b. for c. by.
29. Great job yesterday. A lot of people ________ by your violin performance! a. were impressed b. was impressed c. were impressing.
30. The snowstorm is so severe that several flights have been ________. a. damaged b. disrupted c. depleted.
31. After the hurricane, a lot of people had to be ________ by firefighters. a. suspected b. rescued c. caused.
32. You should try to find a job that has a better salary. ________, I really like my current job. a. The thing is b. That would be awesome c. At least.
33. Have you ________ been in a fight? Never in my life. I am very laid-back. a. always b. ever c. even.
34. Have you gone to the movies ________? No. The last time I went was three months ago. a. once b. actually c. recently.
35. What is ________ thing you have ever done? Once, I swam in the Amazon River. It was amazing! a. cooler than b. the cooler c. the coolest.
36. My husband, Polibio, has one sister. She’s my ________. a. sister-in-law b. sister c. cousin.
37. I’m going to the store, Vanessa. Do you need anything? I have ________ milk. Can you bring two. a. lesser b. very little c. a few.
38. Can you cook my food a little more? I don’t like ________ meat. a. rude b. raw c. sudden.
39. Can I have another ________ of the cheese on my hamburger? a. loaf b. slice c. slide.
40. I had a horrible day. I slipped in front of my classmates, and everybody made ________ of me. a. fun b. funny c. jokes.
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