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1. Do you know anybody _______ is interested in joining a salsa class? I need a. who b. he c. which.
2. Livia, we are on vacation! You should forget ________ your job at least for a few days. a. about b. of c. with.
3. I can’t see without my glasses. Let me ________. a. on to put them b. put on them c. put them on.
4. Can you remember _______? I think your mom did. a. who called b. called who c. which calls.
5. Have you seen “Shrek” yet? It was ________! I couldn’t stop laughing! a. hilarious b. suspenseful c. a thriller.
6. That is the worst _______ movie ever. It’s not scary at all. a. horror b. sci-fi c. can’t be.
7. What is that horrible noise? Felipe ________ practicing the clarinet. a. must be b. mightn’t be c. can’t be.
8. I can’t find Adalberto. Do you know where he is? It is 1 o’clock, so he might be ________ lunch. a. eats b. to eat c. eating.
9. I really like nature. That is why I studied biology. Oh! ________. a. it sure must b. I see c. You see.
10. My friend was _________ yesterday by his employer, so he is inviting me to dinner tonight. a. paid b. paying c. pay.
11. Steve was _______ during last week’s game. He is not going to play today. a. omitted b. injured c. damaged.
12. Have you seen Picasso’s paintings? Of course! He is ________ amazing! a. real b. absolutely c. very.
13. Have you ever gone ________? No! I am afraid of heights. a. spelling b. backpacking c. cliff diving.
14. ________ is your pool, Ignacio? I think it’s eight feet deep. a. How deep b. Which deep c. What depth.
15. I am not sure where to go during the break. Go to Machala! It has ________ beaches in Ecuador. a. nice b. nicest c. the nicest.
16. My sister has one son. My ________ name is Danilo. a. nephew’s b. son-in-law’s c. niece’s.
17. ________ kids watch too much TV nowadays. You are absolutely right. a. Did I tell you b. I was wondering if c. It seems to me that.
18. Can you repeat what you said? You speak ______ quickly, a. too much b. many c. too.
19. If you throw away the clothes you don’t use, you will have more ________ in your closet. a. clutter b. room c. fit.
20. Well, ________ is a collection of things you never use and that takes up space. a. cleanup b. clutter c. storage.
101. Who is Ana? She is the person ________ helps me with math. a. who’s b. who’d c. who.
22. Do you see that man by the door? He is the one _______ asked me to dance. a. whom b. which c. who.
23. _______ would you react if your wife forgot your anniversary? I would be very hurt. a. What b. How c. Why.
24. I want a bigger TV, but I don’t think I can ________ it. I don’t have much money at the moment. a. afford b. expense c. borrow.
25. Excuse me, Agustin, but your music is too loud, and I just can’t fall asleep. Sorry, Clara. I will ________ right now. a. turn it down b. turn down it c. it turn down.
26. The ending to that book is amazing! Don’t tell me I’m _______ reading a. still b. already c. about.
27. I really want to travel to Cuenca next December. I haven’t been there _________ months. a. since b. ago c. in.
28. Do you know who that guy standing by Gabriela is? I’m not sure, but he ________ her new boyfriend. a. would be b. could be c. must be.
29. Did you hear? Jaime got a scholarship to study in Germany. That’s great. He ________ be feeling so proud. a. must b. may c. could.
30. I couldn’t buy your gift yesterday. ________, I had a lot of work and was busy all day long. a. You see b. I see c. That must.
31. Did you see the game last night? Enner Valencia was ________ and will not be able to play for six months. a. injury b. to be injured c. injured.
32. There was an earthquake in Chile yesterday morning. Luckily, it only did ________ damage. a. minor b. tiny c. detailed.
33. My neighbor’s house was destroyed by a fire this morning. The firefighters ________ the fire was started by a candle. a. suspect b. seem c. appear.
34. My friends told me the new teacher’s very angry. Do you know her? Yeah! I had a class with her. She is ________ horrible! a. terrible b. extreme c. absolutely.
35. Visiting Thailand has been ________ experience of my life. a. more incredible b. the most incredible c. the more incredible.
36. __________ is New York in winter? a. When cold b. Which cold c. How cold.
117. Let’s reach __________. I come the house and you cook. That sounds good. a. a dispute b. an agreement c. a concert.
38. I’m trying to work ________. I am very tired and need to rest. a. less b. fewer c. lesser.
39. I think there will be thirty people at our party. Really? I don’t think we have ___________. a. drinks enough b. too much drinks c. enough drinks.
40. Do you want to eat out tonight? I’d rather stay home. Can we get _________? a. cupboard b. reservations c. takeout.
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