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1. Please, write your name on the ____. a. wall b. chalkboard c. desk d. teacher e. library.
2.____ those dimes? a. Be b. Am c. Isn't d. Are e. Is.
3. That is ___ pencil. a. your b. she c. he's d. I'm e. she’s.
4. They ___ my pencils. a. aren't b. am not c. is d. no e. not.
5. ____ doctor? a. She's not b. Are we a c. Is she a d. Are you e. He’s not.
6. A ____ is seven days. a. week b. calendar c. weekend d. today e. year.
7. ___ you a pilot? a. Am b. No c. Isn't d. Are e. Is.
8. ___ are pilots. a. He b. I c. They d. She e. They’re.
9. They aren't students. ___ teachers? a. Is he b. Is she c. Am I d. Are we e. Are they.
10. ____ the letter D, please. a. Sit b. Circle c. Turn on d. Turn off e. Open.
11. ___ he checking the answers? a. Are b. Doing c. Is d. Do e. Aren’t.
12. Ted: _________? Roger: It belongs to Maria. a. Who is Mary's brother? b. Where is the pencil? c. What is she writing? d. Whose pencil is it? e. What’s these.
13. ___ talk to my friend. a. Who b. Let's c. It's d. She e. He.
14. ____ you eating now? a. Are b. Doing c. Am d. Do e. Be.
15. ____ your answers. a. Right b. Wrong c. Check d. What's e. See.
16. This is ___ apple. a. small b. big c. and d. an e. a.
17. ___ beds are these? a. Their b. Where c. Whose d. Our e. The.
18. Is he ___ that book? a. looking at b. look at c. looks d. look e. looked.
19. We ___ our food at the commissary. a. drink b. do c. meal d. for e. buy.
20. Robert: Hello, Tracy. This is my friend, Aldo. Tracy: Hello, ____ Aldo. a. Me, too. b. Nice to meet you. c. You're welcome. d. Thank you. e. Bye.
21. A day has 24 ____. a. minutes b. years c. seconds d. hours e. week.
22. Ted: ____ do you do that? Roger: Oh...I never do that. a. How many b. Who c. How often d. What e. Which.
23. They ____ pencils in their desks. a. get up b. have c. speak d. have for e. has.
24. They always come here ___ Saturday. a. on b. at c. to d. in e. from.
25. ____ he a soldier two years ago? a. Is b. Were c. Are d. Was e. does.
26. Select the name of the group of words. a. dime b. money c. nickel d. dollar e. penny.
27. We eat dinner ____ the evening. a. at b. to c. on d. in e. for.
28. Mark: ____ is he eating? Al: Eggs. a. What b. How many c. Where d. When e. How often.
29. We watch TV ____ night. a. on b. in c. to d. at e. for.
30. She ___ eat breakfast on weekends. a. don't b. was c. doesn't d. is e. isn’t.
31. Enlisted men ___ salute officers. a. may not b. must c. can't d. may e. not.
32. He ___ the lesson yesterday. a. review b. reviews c. reviewed d. is reviewing e. not review.
33. Col Jones is an English teacher. He ____ speak English. a. may b. may not c. do d. can't e. can.
34. Jane and Mary are in the car. Jane is ____ Mary. a. well b. again c. with d. all e. too.
35. Lee doesn't ____ TV. a. like to b. play c. take off d. like e. likes.
36. Jack is learning English. He ___ listen to his teacher. a. must not b. may c. can't d. may not e. must.
37. These clothes ___ $110.57. a. clean b. wear c. cost d. sell e. costed.
38. Mark: What did ___? Michael: I bought cigarettes. a. you do this morning b. you last night c. you buying cigarettes d. you bought e. you did this morning.
39. The show was at 3:45. It ___ at 3:45. a. took b. started c. brought d. ended e. begins.
40. Don't wear your uniform! You ____ wear it. a. may b. may not c. can d. are not e. must not.
41. My mother is ____ dinner now. a. doing b. making c. stopping d. drying e. combing.
42. Do you drink ____ water? a. lots of b. many c. a few d. an e. few.
43. I need two pens and ____ pencil. a. these b. much c. an d. many e. a.
44. Javier: When will Bill ____? Alex: He'll be here at 10:00. a. depart b. arrive c. go back d. call e. leave.
45. There are ten books over there. My pencil is ____ them. a. from b. between c. among d. about e. in.
46. My bus will ___ at 11:00. a. depart b. touch c. need d. pack e. fly.
47. I can't see Tom's hair. He has ___ on. a. a jacket b. boots c. a hat d. gloves e. glasses.
48. Which word is different? a. first b. third c. sixth d. eight e. second.
49. Boris: _____________? Caroline: Green beans and corn. a. Which vegetables do you like b. Whose vegetables are they c. What color are the vegetables d. How many people like vegetables e. How much do the vegetables cost.
50. Select the name of the group of words. a. fish b. tomato c. vegetable d. chicken e. food.
51. Victor: ____ the weather today? Liz: Cloudy and cold. Wear a jacket. a. How is b. How does c. Why is d. Why does e. How do.
52. He has ____ in his hand. What is it? a. anything else b. nothing c. something d. else e. any.
53. They want to go to the show, ____ they don't want to eat at that restaurant. a. and b. or c. next d. also e. but.
54. When will they visit ____? a. my b. you c. he d. our e. his.
55. I didn't think ____. a. was windy b. that it was windy c. was it windy d. why was it windy e. that was it windy.
56. Look at that ____ .It's very tall. a. ocean b. street c. lake d. mountain e. river.
57. John knows Mr. Wilson. John ___ knows Mrs. Wilson. a. also b. and c. only d. but e. too.
58. Stuart: ___ are we going to the drugstore? Roger: Because I need some medicine. a. What b. When c. How d. Would e. Why.
59. Peter: I'm hungry! Can we eat now? James: No, there's ___ we can eat here. a. something b. anything else c. nothing d. something else e. some.
60. Ray: Is the book here? Are you ____? Jane: Yes, I am. I saw it this morning. a. also b. sure c. clear d. wet e. late.
61. Ted: Did you bring money? William: Yes, I brought ___. a. some b. both c. each d. any e. many.
62. Leo: There are five books here. Which one is your book? Colin: My book ___. a. is very good b. cost lots of mone c. uses pictures, too d. is the biggest e. is taller.
63. This answer is right, but ___ answer is wrong. a. any b. the correct c. each d. both e. the other.
64. The ___ of a razor can cut you. a. center b. diameter c. edge d. circumference e. paper.
65. They use it ___ to tapes. a. for listening b. listen c. are listenin d. listened e. listening.
66. Steve is here today. He is ___. a. ugly b. present c. little d. absent e. away.
67. I'm hot. Turn on the ___, please. a. faucet b. lamp c. fan d. stove e. radio.
68. My sister is ___ my mother. a. young b. younger than c. younger d. the youngest e. youngest than.
69. We wash dirty dishes in the ___. a. cabinet b. drawer c. faucet d. stove e. sink.
70. My mother is cooking in the ___. a. kitchen b. refrigerator c. outlet d. furniture e. bedroom.
71. Karen: How was your trip? Judy: It was a lot of fun. a. The trip was hard work. b. She was bored on her trip. c. She didn't like her trip. d. She liked the trip. e. She hated the trip.
72. Lt Jones is on the other phone. Do you want to ___? a. hang up b. hold on c. be back d. take off e. come in.
73. Julio: Are these Mary's pictures? Margot: Yes, they're ____. a. hers b. theirs c. ours d. yours e. she’s.
74. Is this apartment _____? a. going to b. for rent c. free time d. long distance e. for buying.
75. I ____ to the commissary after work. a. may b. going to go c. need d. might go e. can.
76. The post office is at the ____ of 3rd Street and Washington Avenue. a. road b. highway c. direction d. sidewalk e. corner.
77. The lieutenant is out of the office today. Do you want to ___? a. leave a message b. make a phone call c. get in shape d. hold the line e. insert a coin.
78. Gerry: Do you think it'll rain? Simon: I don't know. It ____. a. will b. must c. might d. won't e. don’t.
79. Simon: Whose car is this? Ernest: I bought it yesterday. It's ____. a. theirs b. yours c. my d. his e. mine.
80. Which of these three questions is ____ important? a. more than b. the most c. more d. the more e. the much.
81. He ____ a vacation next week. a. taking b. took c. is taking d. to take e. to taking.
82. Ann: What did the teacher tell him? Dave: She ____ study. a. told him to b. tell him to c. told him d. tell him e. tells him.
83. I want to ____ for being late. a. mean b. borrow c. apologize d. hope e. get up.
84. I ____ my car when it started to rain. a. not drive b. won't drive c. am not driving d. was not driving e. ‘m not driving.
85. Is my school ____ yours? a. same as b. alike c. different from d. different e. as same.
86. Where can we hang up our ___. a. car b. food c. books d. clothes e. shoes.
87. Sally drank two glasses of water ____ she was very thirsty. a. because b. almost c. how d. that e. than.
88. Can Mario do his work ___? a. easy b. easily c. easier d. easiest e. more easy.
89. He's not 20 years old. He's only 18. He ____. a. lied b. forgave c. crossed d. looked e. true.
90. Maria apologized for ____ the cookies. a. ate b. eat c. eats d. eating e. to eat.
91. Doris: Can you fix the faucet? Sean: Yes, but I need a ____. a. wrench b. trunk c. dryer d. knob e. tire.
92. Olivia: What's his ____? Bruce: He's a teacher. a. selection b. collection c. occupation d. introduction e. trouble.
93. When did you begin ___ soccer? a. played b. play c. to playing d. plays e. playing.
94. Joe and Nicole want to be husband and wife. They'll _____. a. go shopping b. get married c. do us a favor d. introduce us e. move around.
95. A car is an expensive ____. a. company b. toy c. tray d. cashier e. machine.
96. The dog's sleeping ____the tree. a. on b. under c. over d. above e. to.
97. His plane ____ tomorrow at ten. a. left b. leaves c. had to leave d. was able to leave e. leave.
98. Rachel: Take the tools to Peter. Ben: Okay. Scott: What did she say? Ben: She said ____ the tools to Peter. a. takes b. taking c. to take d. is taking e. to taking.
99. Debra: ____ you answer the phone, please? Justin: Yes, I can do that. a. May b. Would c. Must d. Should e. Might.
100. Julie reads books and listens to the radio at the same time. Julie reads ____ she listens to the radio. a. after b. until c. before d. while e. not.
101. Drivers should keep both hands on the ____. a. motor b. lane c. steering wheel d. lug nut e. radio.
102. This glass is ____ small. I need a bigger one. a. anymore b. more c. then d. too e. quit.
103. Jacob always warms up his car ____. a. when he turns b. after he parks c. when he washes it d. while he cleans it e. before he drives it.
104. I put a lot of water in the soup, and now it is ____. a. water b. very water c. much water d. watery e. watered.
105. My family likes to watch TV for ____. a. intersection b. entertainment c. examination d. emergency e. experience.
106. Our lunch break is ____ 11:45 to 12:30. a. before b. for c. after d. until e. from.
107. Lt Lee: Sgt. Smith is here to ____ you, sir. Col Ax: I'll be ready in a minute. a. pass b. catch c. confuse d. see e. smoke.
108. Martha doesn't like ____ to touch her things. a. anyone b. someone c. no one d. nobody e. none.
109. My ____ is full. I can't eat any more. a. ear b. back c. chest d. tongue e. stomach.
110. Lt Lee: "Officers, you are supposed to take your hats off inside." What did Lt Lee tell the officers? Lt Lee told them that ____ supposed to take their hats off inside. a. they will be b. you are c. they were d. you were e. they are.
111. The leaves on the trees are not moving. There is no ____ today. a. heat b. country c. wind d. humidity e. clouds.
112. Dan's not ____ in that book. a. interested b. to interest c. interest d. interesting e. to interesting.
113. Kim _____ for John since 1 p.m. a. is waiting b. has waited c. waited d. will wait e. have wait.
114. Be very careful with ____, or you could hurt someone badly. a. diplomas b. fish c. humidity d. guns e. shoes.
115. When I worked in an office, I ____ make lots of phone calls. a. will b. used to c. was going to d. have to e. use to.
116. If you ____ out the window, you can see the sun. a. were looking b. looked c. look d. looking e. to look.
117. Gary started his homework 15 minutes ago, and he is ____ finished. a. still b. yet c. until d. no longer e. already.
118. Stephen: Do you know Mr. Smith? Edgar: Yes, I ____ Mr. Smith for five years. a. know b. will know c. have known d. am knowing e. has know.
119. Martha: Are you living in the same apartment? Austin: No, we moved. We ____ live there. a. still b. no longer c. anymore d. no more e. longer no.
120. After my operation, I was out of shape. Everything I did was very ____. a. tiring b. frightening c. boring d. confusing e. nice.
121. The old ____ gate is very heavy. a. wool b. rubber c. iron d. cotton e. clothe.
122. This tool sharpens pencils. It's a ____. a. sharpener b. sharpen c. sharp d. sharpening e. sharpened.
123. Before they bought a sofa, they ____ their room. a. discounted b. measured c. appreciated d. frightened e. ironed.
124. I think it _____ rain tomorrow. a. is able to b. may c. was able to d. can e. not may.
125. Kelly put sugar in her coffee, but she didn't put ____. a. a few b. many c. much d. any e. lot.
126. How do you get points when you ____? a. cook food b. relax on the beach c. iron your clothes d. take pictures e. play that game.
127. Did Russel swim ____ of all? a. slower b. slow c. slower than d. the slowest e. the slower.
128. ____ a new watch if the old one breaks. a. Buy b. Will buy c. Buys d. Bought e. Buying.
129. Justin: ____ I borrow your dictionary, please? Tyler: Yes, you can. a. Would b. Should c. Will d. Could e. Do.
130. You should ____ that dirty old shirt. a. wake up b. throw away c. pay back d. tune up e. saving.
131. We're planning on ____ on vacation soon. a. go b. went c. goes d. going e. to going.
132. The teacher felt ____ his students when they graduated. a. scared of b. proud of c. uncomfortable with d. confused by e. afraid of.
133. She didn't stop talking. She talked ____. a. accidentally b. awful c. abroad d. on board e. on and on.
134. Jose: Will you be fishing tomorrow? Tyler: No, I ____ a shed. a. will be building b. have built c. built d. build e. to building.
135. Several ____ were having lunch at the snack bar. a. businessman's b. businessmen's c. businessman d. businessmen e. businesses.
136. Sam told us about the time ___ he was a helicopter pilot. a. when b. whose c. what d. where e. who.
137. Select the correct sentence. a. My daughter drives well extremely. b. My daughter well extremely drives c. My daughter extremely drives well. d. My daughter extremely well drives. e. My daughter drives extremely well.
138. Noah: When will your son's train get here? Randy: It will arrive at 4 p.m. Randy told Noah that ____ at 4 this afternoon. a. it has arrived b. arrived c. arrives d. it would arrive e. it might to.
139. Bill: I can't close the zipper on this jacket. Sue: It ____ fit you anymore. a. would not b. would c. must not d. must e. don’t.
140. My grandparents ____ vegetables on their land. a. located b. wrapped c. polished d. assigned e. raised.
141. Before the storm, nothing was moving. The air was ____. a. allergic b. alive c. still d. stale e. light.
142. After an accident, people should try to remain ____. a. calming b. calmly c. calmness d. calmest e. calm.
143. Albert: I can't find my book. Joe: It must be ____. a. anywhere b. somewhere c. nowhere d. everywhere e. anyplace.
144. Bruce: Is the training difficult? Jordan: Yes, it's ____. a. loud b. unusual c. alive d. tough e. soft.
145. Noah: Can you help me with this? Richard: Yes, ____ be happy to. a. I can b. I'm c. I must d. I be e. I'd.
146. _____ to take a walk in the park this afternoon? a. Would you like b. Did you use c. Can you d. Should you e. Ough.
147. I just saw the doctor. Where can I get ____? a. my tank filled b. this prescription filled c. lots of photographs d. a social security number e. a pound of pears.
148. Wayne: What will Hector earn for doing that? Alan: He'll get eight ____. a. dollars b. bargains c. promises d. refunds e. squares.
149. Victor: That man calls every night. Joseph: Yes, he calls ____. a. night b. for a night c. nightly d. in a night e. to a night.
150. Customer: May I have a glass of water? Waiter: Yes, ____ bring you one right away. a. I'll b. I'm c. I may d. I might e. I not.
151. My husband prefers _____. a. to walking than to run b. walking to running c. walk to run d. walking than to run e. walk to running.
152. We need to turn on the air conditioner because the weather is so _____. a. dry b. rainy c. cool d. hot e. heavy.
153. Would Linda rather ____ England than Australia? a. visit b. visiting c. visited d. visits e. to visiting.
154. I apologize. I ____ attend your son's graduation. a. unable to b. am unable c. am unable to d. unable e. be able.
155. When I saw John, he ____ the report. a. had read b. is reading c. reads d. will read e. was read.
156. Are the floors ____ every week? a. mop b. mopped c. mopping d. mops e. to mopping.
157. Denise: Did you solve the math problem? Jeffry: No, I didn't find the ____. a. solved b. solving c. solution d. solve e. solvent.
158. Did Mike put too ____ salt in the soup? a. many b. more c. enough d. much e. few.
159. Driving safely is everyone's _____. a. description b. responsibility c. loyalty d. award e. direction.
160. Peter: How long will the ____ of the fan take? Billy: It'll be ready to use in one hour. a. installation b. hardware c. fitness d. description e. destruction.
161. The captain reported the ship's ____ to the admiral. a. screens b. heating c. wires d. position e. glasses.
162. The toughest demand of my job is ___. a. taking long breaks b. working many hours c. going on vacation d. getting many awards e. arriving late.
163. Could you please tell me why ____. a. is closed the office b. is the office closed c. closed is the office d. the office is closed e. the closed office is.
164. If you don't want others to see you, don't go to ____ place. a. a public b. a modern c. an unfurnished d. an attractive e. a dark.
165. Why does she always seem ____ dissatisfied? a. be b. to be c. is d. being e. been.
166. Does it smell ____ something is burning? a. like it b. likely c. liked d. liking e. like.
167. The mechanic can ____ the loose lug nut. a. tighten b. tightly c. tight d. tighter e. tightened.
168. They're not doctors, and neither ____ we. a. do b. are c. can d. have e. aren’t.
169. Most houses have a ____ garage. a. two-cars b. two car c. two cars d. two-car e. twos-cars.
170. Is it true that many people visit Dallas? a. Andy is wearing a green shirt. b. The apartment has new carpet. c. You should face the direction of the music. d. The instructions weren’t accurate. e. That's correct. It's a popular place.
171. Jason ____ a military academy. a. tried on b. was joined by c. was followed by d. graduated from e. leaves out.
172. It's ____ that classes will be cancelled. a. doubt b. doubtfully c. doubting d. doubter e. doubtful.
173. We can visit either Chicago ____ New York. a. nor b. or c. and d. but also e. both.
174. Peter's a very social person and never ____ people. a. stops talking to b. visits with other c. tries meeting new d. feels comfortable with e. seek their advise.
175. I'm concerned about John because he's ____. a. six feet tall b. talking to his friend c. feeling healthy d. two hours late e. touring Europe.
176. Tell me the ___ of your story. a. details b. appointees c. coasts d. conductors e. lines.
177. Tony asked me ____. a. what for dinner was b. for dinner was what c. for dinner what was d. what was for dinner e. why I eat duck.
178. Our boss ____ us to work hard. a. accuses b. motivates c. benefits d. indicates e. signals.
179. Emma wishes she ____ in a bigger house. a. living b. live c. lives d. lived e. to live.
180. My grandfather was deaf in one ____. a. eye b. arm c. leg d. nail e. ear.
181. Ted failed to satisfy his parents' hopes for him. He ____ them. a. tolerated b. disappointed c. regretted d. congratulated e. telephoned.
182. I'll check the time of next week's game. I'll ____. a. inquire about the time b. take the time off c. waste the time d. use the time up e. enjoy the time.
183. These keys are ____. a. hers’s b. her's c. her d. hers' e. hers.
184. He needs ____ the truth about it. a. is telling b. to be told c. been told d. was telling e. be told.
185. He prefers ____ before 0830. a. isn't disturbing b. not been disturbed c. wasn't disturbed d. not to be disturbed e. not disturbing.
186. I'd like to have the rest of the pie. a. the biggest piece b. the part around the edge c. the recipe d. the largest slice e. the part no one has eaten.
187. These boxes are ____ heavy, but I can still lift them. a. quite a b. very c. quite a few d. too e. also.
188. Isn't it sad about Bob and Carol? They seemed so happy I never thought they'd _____. a. manage b. get fit c. adjust d. get through e. get divorced.
189. Sgt. Carter hopes ____ for a special assignment. a. is selected b. been selecting c. to be selected d. is selecting e. been selected.
190. The automobile fire was started by the fuel. a. engine b. battery c. seats d. lights e. gas.
191. Where did you stay while your house ____ painted? a. was being b. would be c. is being d. will be e. is painted.
192. Keith bought a new car. He spent ____ money. a. many b. several c. all d. a good deal of e. lot.
193. This soup tastes good, but it needs just ____ salt. a. a lot b. a good deal c. a little d. few e. lots.
194. I want flowers ____ along the fence. a. plants b. planting c. plant d. planted e. be plant.
195. Mr. Carson would like all these records ____ today. a. should check b. to check c. to be checked d. being checked e. to checking.
196. Although some weren't worth the money, ____ shows we saw were excellent. a. neither b. a little of the c. most of the d. much e. more.
197. Mike drives 30 miles to work. Walter drives 45. Walter drives ____ Mike. a. more than b. too much c. many more d. the most e. most than.
198. Tony: When did you start your new job? Brian: I started last Monday. Erick: What did Tony ask you? Brian: He asked when I ____ my new job. a. would start b. had started c. was starting d. have started e. started.
199. When you step on the gas, the car _____. a. slows down b. accelerates c. stops running d. stalls e. stall.
200. I'm sure the recorder is okay. My husband just had it ___ last week. a. fix b. fixing c. fixes d. fixed e. be fixes.
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