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Choose the right option for the blank. A: Is your presentation this Friday morning? B: Yes,.... Jimmy and Fred brothers are Jimmy and Fred are brothers Brothers are Jimmy and Fred Jimmy are brothers with Fred Are Jimmy and Fred brothers .
Which option shows the correct time markers of the present simple tense? While - as - if Last year - yesterday - ago Since - for - yet Now - at the moments - this year Every day - always - on Mondays.
Which of the following options best completes this question? "What time Sheila go to work every morning" Does Did Do Are is.
Choose the correct option for the blank. "A: What are you doing? B:........... dinner." Am cooking Are cooking I cooking I´m cooking Cook.
Which of the following words in plural is correct? Them Men Womans Shes Hes.
Choose the correct option for the blank "............ men are running" One This A He The.
Choose the right option for the blank: “the woman is eating............. apple” Two An A And.
) Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: What ….and the man woman eating. B............... rice” Are eating Is eating They´re eating They eat She´s eating.
Which option is INCORRECT? "The....... are drinking orange juice" Girls Men Boys Woman People.
Which of the flowing options is an example of food? Bread Coffee Milk Water Cat.
Which word does not belong in the group? Seven Two One Six Tree.
Which word does NOT belong in the group? Bowl Egg Glass Plate Cup.
Which of the following sentences is POSSIBLE in English? I feels a headache I am a stomachache My ear hurt I have high blood pressure I can´t stop sneeze.
Read the text. Select the 4 ideas that are TRUE about Hiroko. “My name es Hiroko. I’m from Osaka, Japan. I am studding computer science in an American university, but this summer I am just studying English six hours a day! Also, I Joined club, and I am playing tennis every day. It is great. I am meeting lots of Americans.” Hiroko plays tennis in here free time Hiroko is a Japanese university student Hiroko is meeting lots of American people Hiroko is studying English this summer Hiroko is studying Spanish this summer.
Read the following text and choose the TWO (2) options that are CORRECT about it. ABC Store has something for all the family. There are...... products the equity is good and prices are convent Also, I you buy one product, you get another one for free. The only.......... You can buy items for men, women and children there ABC is not near the city center ABC is near the city center.
Choose the correct option for the blank “Look over there!.......... is the biggest pumpkin I´ve ever seen” That´s This Those These That.
Choose the correct option for the blank "hello. My name is Isabella. And this is my brother. ........ name is Enzo." Her Your His My Their.
Choose the RIGHT option for the blank. A: ........... are you from? B: I’m from Colombia How What Who When Where.
I feel lightheaded. I think I'm about to: ............................ Shiver Sweat Faint Fall Scratch.
Which of the following articles of clothing is more appropriate for women? Handbag Suit Swimming shorts Football boots Tie.
What´s the answer to this equation? “28+32” Six under zero Six oh Six times zero Sixty Sixteen.
Read the following text. What does IT (in the text) refer to? . "Ana Netrebko is an opera start. She is an incredible soprano with a beautiful voice. The magazine "Musical America” loves her. It say she is “a genuine superstar for the 21st century": Anna The magazine The soprano America Her voice .
Choose the correct option for the blank "A: why are you washing your hands? B: They................ bad" smell Are smell Smells Smelling Are smelling.
Choose the correct option to answer the question. Who is your teacher? In the classroom Not very well Fine thank you Mr. Jameson Where are you?.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: Do you speak Russian B: ....................... ” Yes, I am Yes I speak Yes I'm speaking Russian No. I don´t No I not speak.
Which of the following part of the body is found in the face? Knee Eye Arm Foot Leg.
Read the conversation. Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: Hello, I need a new ladder. B: We sell a metal ladder and a wooden ladder. A: The metal ladder. ...................... It´s lighter. B: and it´s less expensive. A: How much does it cost? B: thirty-five Euros. A: OK I’ll take the metal ladder” What do you like to do? What do you need a ladder for? Why do you need a new ladder? Which one do you like more Do you want to pay with cash? .
Which is the CORRECT question for the blank? A: Do you buy at Macy's? B: No, I never do. It's really costly. That's store expensive? That store is expensive? That store isn't expensive? Is that store expensive? Are the stores expensive? .
Choose the right option for the blank. A: ¡Oh, no! It's late. The plane leaves in an hour. B: Stop taxi. It's free! . It. Its. These Those That.
Which of the following FOUR options do people usually buy when they go to a supermarket? Some cookies Some vegetables A bottle of water A bottle of habits Some meat.
Where are the people having this conversation? “A: my bicycle is broken. I need a tool repair it. B: is this what you need? A: yes. How much is it? B: it costs fourteen dollars. How do you want to pay? A: Cash” At a bookstore At a jewelry store at a hardware store At a pharmacy At a grocery store.
Choose the True option. Meet me! I´m jack Jones. I am a professional runner. I like jazz, Italian food, and good friends. I don’t like rock, I prefer jazz. I´m looking for a new house in the suburbs now. Write PO Box 321, Sydney 5003, Australia Jack enjoy being alone Jack love fast food Jack lives in new york Jack likes healthy lifestyle Jack enjoy living in an apartment.
Which of the following options best completes the sentence below? "in my office, some engineers and just one designer." There are There is There be Are there Is there .
Which of the words in the options is an indefinite article? The An.
Which of the options is the plural of the noun CHILD? Childrens Children.
Choose the CORRECT option for the blank. "All-You-Can-Eat is an expression used to describe a buffet or restaurant where all the food is prepared and available; a guest can eat as much as he / she wants for one payment." In an All-You-Can-Eat restaurant. guests have a wide variety of fast food on the menu guests can eat all the quality of food they want for a fixed price.
Choose the CORRECT option for the blank. A: Are you taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel? B: ............ Yes, I'm Yes, we are.
Choose the CORRECT option for the blank. A: ? B: In an hour. When leaving the plane When the plane leaving When the plane is leaving When is the plane leaving When is leaving the plane.
The question "When he is traveling to Rome?" is in the CORRECT ORDER. Falso Verdadero.
Choose the four VERBS from the list of options. right Listen Look over Turn around ask.
Read the following text and choose the CORRECT option for the blank. "Tomas is a Law student at UCLA. Laura is studying Education there, too. Right now they are having their first date. They're in a downtown café eating sandwiches and drinking some beer. They are having fun, looking at each other and smiling. They seem really happy!". According to the text, Laura and Tomas. Are studying together Are enjoying their date Are in a restaurant in the suburbs Want to go back home Are at the university cafeteria.
Read the conversation. According to what you can interpret from the text, what is "a freshman"? A: Hi. I'm Tommy. B: My name is Jack. A: So, do you live on campus? A: Yeah, I live next to the west entrance. B: What year are you in? A: I'm a FRESHMAN. What about you? B: This is my first year, too. A: Oh ' good. Maybe we can hang put. B: Yeah, sure. A location at the university A student who lives on campus A university student A first-year student A university course.
Read the postcard. Select the 4 ideas that are TRUE about Cathy and Elena. “Dear Lisa, Hello from Rome. I´m here with Elena. Right now, we´re relaxing in a great little cafe near the Colosseum. This summer, we´re traveling around Europe. We´re visiting lots of interesting cities like Paris and Berlin. And, of course, we're shopping for clothes. We´re not spending very much. What about you? Are you working hard? See you Cathy”: They´re visiting several European cities Lisa is not traveling with them They´re visiting several American cities They are on summer vacation They are in Rome right now.
Read the text. Select the 4 ideas that are TRUE about Hiroko. “My name es Hiroko. I’m from Osaka, Japan. I am studding computer science in an American university, but this summer I am just studying English six hours a day! Also, I joined the tennis club, and I am playing tennis every day. It is great. I am meeting lots of Americans" Hiroko is studying English this summer Hiroko is playing tennis in her free time Hiroko is playing hockey in her free time Hiroko is meeting lost of American people Hiroko is a Japanese university student .
In the sentence "He's playing with his sisters' toys," we understand that he has ONE sister. True False.
Which of the following options is the correct way to indicate possession in the following sentence: "This is my........, umbrella" Her grandma Grandmas' Grandma'ss Grandma's Grandama.
Read the following text and choose the option that is correct according to the text: "My name is Tim. I ride the bus to school. My bus is big and yellow. It has big black wheels. My bus comes to my house. Mrs. Roberts is my bus driver. I like to ride the bus with my friends. It is fun to ride the bus to school!" The bus drive is a man The bus has huge dark wheels.
Read the following paragraph and answer the question that fellows: "More and more office workers telecommute from offices in their own homes. The upside of telecommuting is both greater productivity and greater flexibility. Telecommuters produce, on average, 20% more than if they were to work in an office, and their flexible schedule allows them to balance both their family and work responsibilities." QUESTION: Which idea best supports that telecommuters…? Have trouble to combine their family and work life Produce a better quality work product than workers who travel to the office Are more flexible in their ideas than workers who travel to the office Would do 20% more work if they were to work in an office Get more work done in a given time period than workers who travel to the office .
Read the conversation. Select the 2 ideas that are TRUE. Janice: Hello, Mark. It’s Janice. MARK: What time can you be at my office? JANICE: I think I can be there at 1pm. Is that OK? MARK: That’s fine. We can have lunch together and discuss business. JANICE: Excellent! See you then. Apparently, Janice was late for her train They are postponing their morning meeting They are postponing their morning greating.
Which of these verbs is an irregular verb in the past? Eats Ates Eated Eating Ate.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: The police found my car! B: Oh, Good! A: It was in Yale, under the bridge. How was it? Was it OK? When was it? Who was it? Where was it?.
Which the following option corresponds to a sentence expressed in the future? They ´re going home early tomorrow They can talk about this topic without any problems She doesn't understand Chinese Who has got an extra pencil to lend me?.
Choose the correct option for the blank “A: What time? B: It´s delayed. It depart at about one fifteen” Is you train depart You train departs Departs you train Does you train depart Departs your train.
Which is the right preposition to complete the blank in the following sentence? “The man is sitting............... the table. He´s ready to have lunch now” Under In Being At 0.
Choose the CORRECT option for the blank. A: Excuse me, at nine thirty-five? B: No. It’s delayed ten minutes. It arrives at nine forty-five. Arrive the train Does the train arrive The train arrive Is the train arrive Are the train arrive.
He has been for years. Loving this country Liking videogames Studying English Having a car Being tall .
Which of the following mean of transport can a person take if they are interested in travelling fast across the city, without the interruption of traffic jams and traffic lights? Car Motorbike Bus Underground train Fire engine.
Look at the following question and choose the best option to complete the blank: “Where can the woman get a cake for tonight’s celebration? At the.......................” Toy shop Bank Bakery Grocery store Shoe shop.
Choose the right order. A- we need a map B. three dollars. Do you want to pay with cash? C. do they sell at the back store? D. yes, I think they do. E. hello. How much does this map cost? F. yes, I do. Thanks you. A-C-D-E-B-F B-E-A-C-F-D E-B-F-A-C-D A-E-B-F-C-D C-A-F-E-B-D.
Choose the correct option for the blank “She........ her car last Friday. Today she´s taking the bus” Is selling Sold Is doing to sell Sell Is about to sell.
Choose the correct option for the blank “The boy is sick. ................. mother is giving............. medicine” His / Him Her / him You / A Her / The His / the.
Choose the correct option for the blank “A: Did your husband give ..........................? B: when.................... it? B: I bought it when I was living in Germany?” This/did you buy You this/you did buy This to you/did you buy This to you/you bought This you/ you bought.
Which 2 (two) of the following options refer to types of stores? Butcher's Bakery climbing.
What sport is this person describing? Words cannot describe the rush of adrenalin I experienced while I was free-falling. Snow boarding Skydiving Formula one Rock climbing Scuba diving .
Choose the correct option for the blanks. A: Did you buy the book? B. yes, ............. I. A: did you write your paper for school? B: no, I.................. it on the weekend Did / wrote Did buy it / am writing Bought it / am going to write Buy it / am going to write Bought / am writing .
Which is a school for children? Nursery Child care Elementary school College High school.
Choose the correct option to complete the blank in the following sentence “the park is far the museum” From In At Of Off.
When are Katy and Jenny going to play tennis? It´s Wednesday, jenny invited me to play tennis so we are going tomorrow On Friday On Saturday Today On Thursday On Tuesday.
The underlined word in the following sentence is incorrect. Which of the following options can be used to correct it? “When they were in school, they studying history” study studier studied has studied did studied .
Choose the correct option for the blanks “you............ go outside wearing a t-shirt. It´s really cold. You ................wear a coat or sweater” Are/are Can´t/have to Have to/can Don´t/can´t Can/should .
choose the best options that completes the blank in the following sentence: “Please him a drink” Ending Giving Taking Offer Take.
Choose the right for the blank. " salt do you want in your salad, Jenny? I know you are on a strict diet." How many How much Some Any No.
Which of the following groups of quantifiers are used for non-countable nouns? Some - any - many A lot of a few - some Some - much - a/an A lot of - many - some A lot of - some - a little .
Which 2 (two) of the following options are demonstrative pronouns? That Those Does Hers Their.
Read the conversation. Where is Ana going to be tonight? ANA: Can I make a reservation? LILY: Yes, what time are you coming? ANA: Tonight, at 8:00 LILY: How long are you staying? ANA: For two nights LILY: We are happy to At a restaurant At a hotel In a meeting At Lily's home At a bar.
Which option best answers the following question? "Does the actress play the main role in the new movie?" Yes, she does Yes, they are No, she don't No, she isn't She plays the main role as "Rose".
Choose the right option for the blank. A: Excuse me. What time for lunch? B: At 1:00 p.m. A: Thank you, sir Are you close Do you close You closing You are closing You close.
Choose the right option for the blanks. "My parents traveled around Europe last month. They really loved the trip! My father says Paris has ................monuments and museums in the continent, and my mother thinks the city has the........................ shops in Europe!" The more spectacular / better The spectacular / best The most spectacular / best More spectacular than / goodest As spectacular / better.
Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct in SIMPLE PAST TENSE? The police arrested the criminal in seconds The police had arrest the criminal in seconds The police was arrested the criminal in seconds The police was arresting the criminal in seconds The police has arrested the criminal in seconds.
Read the text and decide if the statement below is TRUE or FALSE. "My kids are athletic. I am not. I come from a long line of people who prefer not to sweat, or run. My children love nothing more than being physically active. So for the past decade or so I have seen youth sports first hand. I have seen the good, the bad, and oh-so ugly. My kids have had excellent coaches and they have had horrid coaches too!!". According to the text, the writer and her children really enjoy playing sports. False True.
The quantifier "any" is only used with countable nouns. True False.
Which of the following statements is expressed in simple past tense? The policeman doesn't shoot criminals The policeman often shoots criminals The policeman didn't shot the criminal in the leg The policeman was running after the criminal The policeman shot the criminal in the leg.
ose the right option for the blank. A: In Ireland when you were younger?. B: Yes, for more than ten years! Did your father work was you father work you father did work your father worked did your father worked .
Read an choose the best title. Alen Breed invented a “sensor of safety system” to protect passages from the impact of an accident. They were called Airbags. They were introduced in 1971, the Ford car company build an experimental air bag fleet. General Motors tested airbags on the 1973 models Chevrolet automobile that was only sold for government use. 1973, Oldsmobile Tornado was the first car with a passenger airbag installed for sale to the public. Tornado the first car with airbags Airbags, accident protection Alen Breed and His great invention Airbags, Breed´s great invention General Motors first to test airbags .
Which 3 (three) of the following options are true for the definition of “tag question”? It is not very common in English. The tag repeats the auxiliary verb. It is a negative question at the end. It is used for confirmation. It is a statment followed by a mini question.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: I need to talk to the manager, please. B:She is busy now, but she........ see you in an hour. Cannot Must Would Can Likes to.
Which is the function of the modal verb in bold letters in the following sentence? "At my primary school children can stay for lunch." Possibility Prohibition Necessity Advice Obligation.
Choose the right option for the blank. “My uncle’s daughter is my " sister related parent cousin aunt.
Which of the following adjectives describes a person who has a lot of activities to do? Stressed busy Dirty Cold Hard working.
Read this text and choose the best title for it. "Phillip Smith and Heather Klingele-Smith share nearly every aspect of 10-month-old Treleven's care. Phillip gest him dressed, prepares his bottles and takes him to daycare each morning on his way to his job in software sales; after Heather arrives home from her job; she starts dinner and prepares Treleven's baby food. They split housework and alternate waking up to feed Travelen at night." I was raised by parents who shared work equally, and I looked for that in a partner," says Heather. "But we're one of the only couples I know sharing parenting pretty much equally, all the way." Parenting in the 21st century Equally shared parenting They key to having a happy family Fathers work at home now Men doing the housework.
Which of the following options is a modal verb? Did Does Be Do May.
Choose the 2 ideas that express permission Let's cancel the picnic as it may rain today. Sorry I can't help you; I don't speak Spanish. If you don't feel well, you may leave earlier today I'm sorry but you can't smoke in here He can't go out; he has to study for his exam.
Choose the right option for the blank. "Employees at the factory work eight hours a day, from Monday to Friday, and have a 45 minute lunch " Business Break Salary Meeting Suit.
Read the description. Select the THREE (3) ideas that are expressed in the test about good doctor. I thinks the most important things for a good doctor is being a good listener. You have understand people and their problems. A good doctor like to salve problems and always want to help his or her patients. And you can´t be impulsive – you should always be careful. Sometimes the first answer you think of isn´t the night answer. They need to be good at listening They should understand people They need to be bad at listening They have to be helpful and caring .
Choose the correct option for the blank “I gave my old computer to Nancy and Daniel. It´s computer now” His Our Her My Their.
She dances beautifully! One day I'll dances as well as she ........ Performs Dance Is Does Do.
Which of the following items typical parts of the living room? Choose the best answer. Couch Blanket Sink Bed Towels .
Which of the following items can you usually find in a bedroom? Tv Dishwasher Refrigerator Shower Stove.
Choose the correct option for the blank “You should take the bus; ........... it´s difficult it´s a good place to go it´s dirty inside sometimes, I exercise it´s faster.
Read the following text about a minor injury and choose the best answer the question that follows: “There was something wrong with his leg. It burned. But it burned in one spot only. He didn’t know what was wrong. …. On the back of his leg. He picked up a hand mirror. He used hand mirror to look at the back of his leg. He saw a small lump. He put his finger on the lump. The lump was hard. It wasn’t a soft lump. The lump felt like a … her his skin. But it was like a small stone that was on fire. It burned. Something was wrong. He needed to see a doctor” QUESTION: What can be inferred from the text? He is going to visit his family doctor He will probably need medical treatment He will need to buy another mirror His lump was similar to a big stone He had a burnt leg because he had an accident.
Choose the correct option to complete the conversation “A: How long B: For four month A: And............. your family soon? B: I´m going home next weekend” Have you studied/are you visit You study/ate you visiting Did you study/ will you visit Have you been studying / are you going to visit Do you study/ are you going to visit.
Choose the correct option for the blank “we don´t know when........................ ” Is his flight depart Does his flight departs His flight depart Does his flight depart His flight departs.
What do we call the spread of cities into the countryside? Urban sprawl Urban planning Population growth Change of scenery Shrinking population.
Career Paths: ideally, everyone would know their true calling early in life and find happiness in their work, but it often doesn’t work that way. One survey (of NY professionals) found that they expected to change careers three times in their lifetimes; lifelong careers may not be the norm any more. We know there are better ways to choose a career than just following your parents´ footsteps or choosing randomly. We have to think about What Excites and Energizes You, What you are good at and see What opportunities are coming. The word “calling” in the text means ............................. Power Vocation Preference Attraction Excitement.
Choose the correct option for the blank “The Atlantic ocean is............... Europe and America” Over In Between From West of.
What option refers to an animal that lives in the ocean? Duck Sheep Shark Frog Snake.
Which option is connected to the types of climate regions. West Apple tree Continents Rain forest Country.
Where are the people who having the conversation? "A: You have my condolences. B: thank you for coming. I feel really sad" across the bridge at a wedding at the bank at a funeral in the woods.
Choose the correct option for the blank? “A: Would you like a sandwich? B: No, thank you. I .............................” Have already had lunch today Still haven´t had lunch Should have one after lunch Haven´t had lunch yet Have lunch today.
Look at the sentence and choose the best option the complete the gap. “She began teaching Spanish five years ago. She............. Spanish for five years” Taught Has taught Has have Teached Have teched.
Choose the correct option for the blank “A: I think is going to snow soon. B:..................... , we are going to stay home” It if snows When you wear the right coat My backpack is empty Although it is going to snow Because it is snowing .
Choose the correct option for the blank. “Social rules differ from one country to another. For example, in Myanmar. It´s not appropriate.................. hands in public” If you hold Hold To hold To holding When old.
Choose the correct option for the blank "she's cut one.............. of the pie" Eighth Half Third Whole Quarter.
Looks at the options and choose the best alternatives the gaps in the following sentence: "How......... coffee do you want…? I want ...................." Much / two Many / lot Much / a little Many / a little Some / little.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: oh no!! There isn´t enough room in my bag to carry this box. Do you have any extra space in yours? B: I think so. Let me see. Yes, it .............. !” Carries Goes Fits Has Is room.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: ................... have your parents been married? B: For twenty-one years” How long Why How many How much When.
Look at the question that follows and choose the best FOUR options that could answer it. “What did you like about that book?” ‟ve been reading it for four hours and it's very exciting Yes, I enjoyed reading it very much The characters are very realistic The last chapter was my favorite It has an open ending .
Decide if the following statement es True or False?: "The modal verb don't have to is the opposite of have to." Verdadero Falso.
If you need to express prohibition, which is the best modal verb to complete the following sentence? "At the museum you .............take photos of the exhibits". May not Mustn't Don't have to Shouldn't Wouldn't.
Choose the correct option for the blank “Mary repaired her television last week; Today is doesn´t work. She´ll have to repair it ......................." Despite Since Anyway Again also.
What nationality is the flag that contains the colors red, white and blue? Choose the correct answer. American Argentinean Italian Indian Brazilian.
Choose the correct option for the blank “A: I think that man is going away on vacation. B: I disagree.......... He is travelling on business” He is speaking with two soldiers He forgot his ATM card He is not ready to go on vacation He is warning a suit and carrying a suitcase He has not worn a suit for ten years.
Read the following. “What is happening? Hello, everybody! We did it! I´m so honored to be your new governor. And it´s all because of you ¿The staff and all of our enthusiastic voluntaries, who made is possible. Today, we saw a record turnout ¿nearly 95% and that is a wonderful thing?” She is honored to meet governor She´s celebrating because she´s won the game She is frustrated because she didn´t sign to a new album She is fine with the idea of running for governor She is happy because she´s just won the election to governor.
Which of the following options best completes the sentence below? : “My office partners decided a new coffee maker for the office kitchen.” buying buy bought to buying to buy.
Read the following sentence and decide which option best completes the gap: "Car drives usually avoid through police traffic controls." Goes Go To go To going Going.
The workers really needed to talk to the manager but his assistant suggested back later. He was having a meeting with the board of director. Came To come Come Coming Will come.
Read the passage about holiday and decide which 4 (four) options are mentioned in the text below. "Do you dislike tanking boring vacations? Does having a good time mean sightseeing in interesting town sand villages? Then you should come see us today! It's not smart to delay. Village Tours has daily nonstop flights to twenty=seven foreign capitals. We sell one=way and round trip tickets. If you decide to cancel, we 'Il return all your money" The agency sells trips to important cities You can get money back if you need The trips are only for smart people Village Tours sell exciting vacations You should hurry up to get a good trip .
Read the following phrase and choose the best option to answer the question that follows: "The man was running in the park when the storm started" QUESTION: What tenses are combined in this sentence? simple past vs present progressive future vs present simple present simple vs present progressive past simple vs future simple past vs past progressive.
Which of the following pair of connectors are used to combine ideas in past simple/past progressive tense? While/then When/before When/while After/later While/as.
Choose the right option for the blank. "My sisters and I enjoy many different foods, but we really love eating sushi anything else." The most frequent of More frequently than More frequent than More frequently As frequently as.
Choose the four similar group. Tip Ice-cream Vegetables French fries Steaks.
sue, what for dinner this evening? B: are you hungry Gilles? It´s early. It´s four! But let´s see. Would you like to eat meat pie? B: no, don’t worry, I'm going to the supermarket after the work and I a delicious dinner for the two of us! Will we have - will make Are we having - ´m making We will have - going to make Do we have- will make Are we have - ´m going to make .
Choose the right option for the blank. “When the famous football player ran into the field all the people in the stadium shouted for about three minutes. He was really moved! . More excited Excited The most excitedly Excitedly More excitedly.
Which of the following time adverbials is typically used in past progressive tense? Usually Last week While When Next year.
Choose the 3 (three) options that describe emotions and feeling. sadness worry wealth excitement knowledge .
Which of the options best completes the phrase below? "My mum wants me........... the dishes right now!" Washes Wash To washing Washing To wash.
Read the text. Select the THREE (3) instructions that are given in the text when sending a package, STEPS FOR PREPARING A PACKEGE if you are sending an object that could be easily damaged, you should pack it in a box with enough room for cushioning material around the contents. If you are reusing an old box, make sure that you cover all the previous labels and addresses with heavy black pen or sticky labels. Next, place soft material all around the object. You can use old newspaper, packing paper or bubble wrap. Then, seal the box with special packing adhesive tape, which is stronger than regular tape. Using string is not recommended as it can get stuck in the processing machines of the post office. Finally, write the addressee's name and address clearly on the front of the package and your own name and address on the black. Remember to include the correct postal code. Seal the package with special adhesive tape instead of using string Choose a box size that allows the contents to fit tightly Stick the right number of stamps according to the parcel's weight Cushion the contents with enough cushioning material all around Write the addressor's and addressee's information on the package .
Which THREE options include a causative structure? My grandma had the grass cut last weekend The lady got the floor cleaned before the guests arrived The magician gets the guests excited with his tricks I have my hair cut every month by Daniel Students at high school always have the tests in the last semester.
Which of the options presents the correct position of the adverb of frequency "often" in the sentence? The boy plays hockey outdoors often The boy plays outdoors often hockey The boy plays hockey often outdoors The boy plays often hockey outdoors The boy often plays hockey outdoors.
In negative statements, adverbs of frequency go immediately after the NOT. For example, "I don´t often go out on Saturdays" falso verdadero.
In the sentence "It's hot and humid in Miami today" the impersonal IT is used as an empty subject. Falso verdadero.
Select the 4 words that are related to the theatre Curtain Foreigner Orchestra Usher Program.
The expression "to run out of gas" means “to go over the speed limit" Verdadero Falso.
Which option is incorrect when we order sometime at a restaurant? Why don´t you bring some more ice, please? Can we have a couple of beers, please? We like to drink some coke, please Could you bring some napkins, please? We´d like to eat a hamburger, please.
Choose the best alternative to answer the following question: "Would you like to come cross-country skiing with me tomorrow?" my sister would like to go hiking too are you coming home early tomorrow are you going to ice-skate in the mountain I‟ll use my rowboat later I'd love to but I´m planning to go sledding with my sister.
Choose the best way to accept the apology. A: I'm really sorry about crashing the car. B: ........ How could you? Apology accepted How am I going to pay for the repair? It was a mistake I´m sorry. It was an accident .
Choose the option in CAPITALS that is incorrect. The tour GUIDE SHOWN THEM the PAINTING YESTERDAY” Guide Them Shown Yesterday Painting.
A: your brother looks really excited today! B: yes, he a promotion at P&G! . A: really? Let´s celebrate. ´s just gotten ´ve just got Hasn´t gotten yet ´s already gotten Got already.
Choose the option in CAPITALS that is incorrect. “she HAS EAT sea food MANY times. SHE LOVES HAS EAT MANY SHE IT LOVES.
Read about Bertrand. What information is FALSE about him? “My name is Bernard and I´ve in new York doe ten years. I love this city because there's a lot to do. On Sunday mornings. I go to my favorite café. I order coffee and read the newspaper. This Thursday I’m going to go to the museum with my girlfriend. There are many eighteenth-century paintings and sculptures that we like to see. I play guitar in a band with four of my friends and on Fridays, we play at a big restaurant. People order food while they listen to our music. Our music is loud, but everyone likes it. I travel to other cities sometimes, but there´s no place like home” He says that there is a lot to do in new York He plays guitar in a band with four others friends In Fridays , his band plays at a big restaurant On Sunday, he goes to his favorite café He likes seventeenth-century architecture.
What does the “d” stand for in the following sentences? You´d better not be late because the bus leaves exactly at 2:00. Did Should Had Would Could.
Read the following text. What is it about? "Having to say bye-bye to Mommy and Daddy is often the most challenging part of starting preschool. The image of your kid clinging to you, crying, and refusing to enter the classroom may be among your worst first-day fears, too. If you are a working parent, your child has already adjusted to spending some time apart from you. If not, it would be a good idea to arrange to have him stay with a babysitter or another family member while you go out for a couple of hours. This will give him the message that you will always come back at the end of the day". What children experience when their parents get divorced The challenges of working parents in today's world Children's feelings when staying with a babysitter Going back to school after summer vacation Kids' separation from parents when starting preschool.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: We need to look for a new office assistant. B: What are we looking for? A: Well, he or she has to be a college graduate. B: So, a formal education is important. A: Absolutely, and I'd also like to look at the the applicants got in college to assess their ability and commitment. Grades / qualifications Qualifications / grades Degrees / entrance exam Assignments / diploma Requirements / homework.
Choose the correct option for the blank “if they win the game........ they will play I the championship” When Instead Then But So.
Look at the gap in the following sentence and choose the best option to complete it: “These shoes for basketball players by a famous designer around 12 years ago” Was design Were designed Was designed Designed Desing.
Jomo lost everything when his oil company in the late 1990s. Squandered Struck it rich Went personal Went broke Was successful .
Which of the following options indicate responsible behavior in relation to money? Throw money around Lose money at the casino Save money Waste money Squander money.
What does the words in CAPITALS means? He SQUANDERED his money on vacation and nightclubbing: Deposited Wasted Earned Sent Borrowed.
Choose the right option for the blank. He squandered his money on ........................... Parties and fancy clothes His children´s education His health insurance His own company and savings A retirement account and education .
Read the following text and decide which of the following options best completes the 3 gaps: Choose ONE answer. “I was looking for an online.......... that offers college credit and discovered your......... , The Future of Education. I believe that this............. would be perfect for me. I’m currently studying at Colman University, where I’m a full-time student. At Colman, I’m working towards a degree in biology and education, which I hope will help me become a science teacher.” Academy Helpline Forum Applicant Course.
Choose the correct option for the blank "A: How long did the plumber work yesterday? B: .......... " for months at 8:00 am not anymore until 9:00 pm since last year.
A: the pipe is leaking B: I'm going to call the plumber A: no, the plumber. I can repair it B: what about the electrician? Should I call him? A: yes, the electrician. I don’t know how to repair the wire. Call /don't call Not call / do call No call /should call Don't call / call Not calling / calling.
Choose the correct option for the blank? “Last night we locked the keys everywhere, but couldn´t find them” Out Around At Into For.
Which if the following professionals is in charge of dealing with the problem in the following sentence? “A: the pipe is leaking ¿who can we call? B: Let´s call................. ” an electrician a gardener a plumber a carpenter a mechanic.
Choose the correct option for the blank “Her hair black, but now it´s red because she´s dyed it” Had been Has been Would be Used to be Were to be.
Which of the following options is a question expressed in present perfect progressive tense? What do you work in? How long have you been living in New York? When did you live in New York? Where have you lived in New York? What time are you leaving tomorrow?.
Look at the gap in the following sentence and choose the best option to complete it: “ I went to the new movie theater last Sunday (Saturday); I really loved the movie and I there before. It´s very nice" Had never been Have never beed Has never went Have never went Has never gone .
Look at the following adverbs of time and choose the FOUR options that correspond to the Present Perfect Progressive tense So far This year Since The day before yesterday For 6 months.
Read part of conversation. What has just happened? "Dave: Bless you! Lara: thank you" Lara´s getting married Dave´s zipped Lara's dress Lara has just sneezed Lara has a cough Lara is either sick or sad.
Which word is NOT related to being sick? Pot Swollen Fever Itchy Rash.
Read the dialog. What information is NOT implicit in the conversation? “JOHN: Do you prefer the gray shirt of the black shirt? EMl: I prefer the black shirt to the gray one, but did you iron it? JOHN: No. I ironed neither the black nor the gray shirt. I'll wear the red one instead. EMl: I just washed my blue dress. Do you think I should wear it? JOHN: I think you should wear either the blue dress or the brown silk one. EMI: The brown one is at the dry cleaners. Fl wear the one JOHN: Are you going to wear the earrings I gave you? EMI: Yes, those gold earrings are my favorite! I'm also going to wear the silver necklace and mo. silver rings JOHN Have you seen the new leather wallet I bought Yes. It's by the bed. JOHN: I'm going shave perfume and then l' be ready” John and Emi are couple John has sight problems John has traveled to Europe Emi never leaves without makeup John and Emi are going out.
Read the following text about studying abroad and choose the best option to complete the gap: "Whether you want to learn from square one or you are already an advanced speaker of another language, ISEP has an option for your level. With universities all over the world offering language and immersion, ISEP can help you find the right combination of academic and language requirements to fit your needs and desired location." Instructors Speakers Books Instruction Vocabulary.
Which of the following options in a sentence in the passive voice? The children spoken two languages The languages is spoke by the children Two languages are spoken by the children The children speak two languages Two languages spoken by the children .
Which THREE of the following options are verbs in passive voice? is been spoken has been painted were being sold are given have being bought.
The celebration of grace action or thanksgiving is a celebration of the American culture that takes place every year in gratitude to the British people for the possibility of becoming independent from the crown and acquiring their own traditions, mode of government and legislation. Verdadero Falso.
Choose the right option for the blank. "A veterinarian isa doctor................... animals." which he takes care of who takes care of.
En una Relative Clause, el pronombre relativo se puede omitir salvo que funcione como sujeto del verbo de esa relative clause. Por ejemplo, en el ejemplo "She is the student WHO sits next to me", el WHO no se puede omitir. Verdadero Falso.
Which of the following options includes a correct non-defining relative clause? These bikes, that cost a fortune, are made in Japan. These bikes, where in Japan, costs a lot of money. These are the bikes which cost a lot of money These bikes that I like very much. These bikes, whose cost a lot of money, are made in Japan.
Choose the FOUR (4) options that are used to describe the weather. Windy Cloudy Frosty Skinny Cold.
Read the following weather report and decide which of the options below best completes the gap: "It was windy and wild last Thursday in the wake of Wednesday night's storm. Sustained southwest winds of 30 to 35 mph gusted to 57. High then brought great weather for the weekend. A frontal array gave us rain Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, followed by rapid clearing and high temperatures 10 degrees above normal. Precipitation for the month is now at 4.89 inches". Pressure Cold Sun Rains Storms.
Read the following sentence and choose the best way to complete it: "........... that the weather will become hotter in the next 5 years". He say They are said It is said It is says We says.
Read the following descriptions and choose which one describes Art and Entertainment? This month, top results are for the Lake Team from Southern states This month, heavy rains and storms are expected with a few sunny days This month, the drama returns for its third season with a brand new troop of actors This month, politicians are invited to dinner meetings at the National Mall This month, financial reports will be delivered every Monday.
The film............- It............ twenty minutes ago. What a pity!. ´s started yet/ begun Still started /begun ´s already started/ began Already started/ begins Already is started / began.
Read the following dialogue between A and B and decide to which situation it belongs to: "A: Can you tell me why you are interested in changing positions? B: Unfortunately, our company is shutting down due to the economy. A: What would you consider your strengths? B: I am probably best at researching for marketing purposes. A: What is your biggest weakness? B: I tend to get bored easily and sol love to keep myself challenged". Police report TV programme about jobs Job interview Meeting with a lawyer Economy class.
Which of the following options is the correct reported speech structure of the sentence below? "I was happy with the exam results yesterday" Tania Said. Tania told me that she was happy with the exam results yesterday Tania told me that she had been happy with the exam results the day before.
Which of the following terms is a synonym for the word "package"? Postage Box Envelope Parcel Stamp.
Read the following description and decide what it is about: “But otherwise, USPS will be cheaper across the board up to 2 lbs. USPS really shines when your package weight less tan 13 oz and can be mailed via First Class mail. If you don’t care about reliability, USPS is by far the cheapest shipping option for light ítems.” sending presents sending packages receiving letters getting a parcel emailong data.
Read the following passage about sending packages and decide which of the options below best completes the gap: “But otherwise, USPS will be cheaper across the board up to 2 lbs. USPS really shines when your package weighs less tan 13 oz and can be mailed via First Class mail. If you don’t care about reliability, USPS is by far the cheapest option for light Emailing package sending Shipping transporting.
Read the conditional sentence below and decide which of the options determine what type it is: "if you heat ice it melts". Type 0 Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4.
Choose the right option for the blank. “I would like toknow when . Do you know? opens the library the library opens the library are open is the library opens does the library open.
Choose the right option for the blank. “The company decided to decrease the of steel it.................. ” Amount / grows Amount / does Number / produce Amount / manufactures Numbers / raises.
Choose the correct option for the Blank “The of money in the cash register has increased since the morning” Amount Number Bill Size Degree .
Look at the underlined section in the following sentence and choose the function of the subordinate clause. "Because of the heavy rain last week, the streets have been full of water ever since" Contrast Effect Purpose Consequence Reason.
Choose the right option for the blank “She recommended...................... that new movie” Me see I saw That I see Me that I see To me seeing .
Choose the correct option for the blank “we all study English except for Miguel,........................... Portuguese” Is study Who study Which studies Which study Who studies.
Choose the CORRECT option for the blank. There’s too much traffic. She ...................for work earlier today. Will leave Can't have left Is going to leave Should have left Is planning to leave.
Which option does not belong in the group? Bulldozer Elevator Crane Forklift Tractor.
Choose the right option for the blank "The .............lifted the steel into the bulling" Ship Shovel Bulldozer Crane Forklift.
Which of the following word belongs to the area of “mining”. Choose the best option Dothing Lumber Gold Perfume Hammer.
Choose the right option for the blank “There was a lot of water during the , so many houses were damaged” Lumber Harvest Drought Weather Flood .
Choose the correct option for the blank “themen are.............. the truck” Climbing on Taking the couch onto Sitting on the couch Throwing the couch onto Jumping off.
What is the man doing? Burning coal Cutting coal Loading wood Cutting lumber Digging holes.
Complete the blank with the best option "In large warehouses where big boxes are stored, most of the time employees have to use the to move boxes from one place to the ............... other" Crane Shovel Forklift Garbage collector Bulldozer.
As soon as the patient woke up, he........ said that he hungry, so they brought him dinner. May be Is Where Should be Was.
Analyze the graph. Choose the option that presents TRUE information. E-commerce will continue to decrease in 2015 Most stores have a mobile site to attract consumers to shop online The amount of money spent on mobiles is decreasing In 2015, more people will shop using their smartphones In the future, most people will prefer to buy Groupon deals via PCs.
Look at the following sentence and choose the best option to complete the gap: "If it doesn’t rain,.......... soccer tomorrow afternoon" I'll play I played I going to play I play I will going to play.
Choose the one right option for the blanks. “A: Are you going to Susie´s birthday party? B: I................. . I´m not sure. You know have money for a present. A: don´t worry. I´ll lend you some. Hey! Listen, Mandy, Jane and I...................... to a disco after the party. Would you like come?” Might go/ are going ´ll go/are going Go/are going Am going/ will go ´ll go/ am going.
What does the word in CAPITALS mean? After we left the town, the engine started making an ODD noise, and suddenly, it stopped working. Strange Excited Friendly Very pleased Far away.
Choose the best option to complete the blank "A person that acts dishonestly may.................... other in many ways and situations" Swindler Cheat Fraud Violate Escape.
What are these people doing? Watering fruit Harvesting fruit Eating fruit Planting fruit Growing fruit.
If I'm photographer, I'm in the........... industry. Picture Film Cinema Movie Photography.
Although I didn’t do well on the exam, ................. I didn’t cheat Unless Instead Since Despite At least.
Read the following text and answer the question that follows: “Hello, class! Here are the assignments for next week. On Monday, your science presentations are due. You’ll have fifteen minutes to have a math exam that Will be one hour long. Bring two pencils for that exam. For Wednesday, I would like you to bring your books to class.......................... You’ll have time to read two chapters. If you are in the biology class you are in the astronomy class, your assignments about the planets are due on Friday” QUESTION: “When is the assignment on the biology due?” On Thursday On Wednesday On Tuesday On Friday On Monday.
“Florence worked at Princeton university” ................................. - Her mother concluded that Florence will work at Princeton university Her mother explained that Florence had worked at Princeton University Her mother said that Florence worked at Princeton Her mother wanted to know if Florence works at Princeton university Her mother would like Florence to work at Princeton university.
Read the test. What THREE (3) recommendations are given in the test when buying a car? BUYING A NEW CAR buying a new car is a usually the second most expensive purchase marry consumer make, after the purchase of their home. Because a car is such an expensive purchase, you want to make the best decision possible. To help you witch your decision…. Try not to make a decision until you have made several comparisons. Gather information about car features and prices Visit more than one car dealer and compare options Take your favorite car for a test drive before making a decision Hadn´t been warning .
Which option is incorrect in the example? “Last week there was a serious car accident in the highway to Boston. In which many cars were involved. I was there fortunately. I wasn't injured. If I hadn´t been wearing my seat belt, I could have suffer serious” Were involved Wasn´t injured Could have suffer Hadn´t been warning In which.
Choose the option that best expresses the same idea in different words “We can´t eat at this restaurant unless we have reservations” We won´t eat at this restaurant when have reservations If we don´t have reservations, we won´t be able to eat this restaurant We could eat at this restaurant although we don´t have reservations We should have eaten at this restaurant but we didn´t have reservations We might eat at this restaurant despite not having reservations .
Look at the following options and choose the best alternative to answer the question: “Which step is immediately logical after someone has had an accident in the Street and asks you for help?” The doctor prescribes some pills The person is transported to the emergency room The doctor checks the x-rays for broken bones Call the ambulance The patient goes home.
Choose the CORRECT option for the blank. “Sue........................... have gone to the party, but she had to study for her science examine” Will Should Won't Might Wouldn't.
Is my job to save people .......................emergencies while they´re skilling Which they have Who have Who has Which have Who they have.
Choose the CORRECT option for the blank. “To find out how many invitations you still need to write, you should .........................the number of guests from the number of cards you have already done” Divide Calculate Add Subtract Multiply.
Choose the best option to complete the blank. I was driving back home when I saw a very serious accident. I thought to myself: “There might be many injured people.” Fortunately, I was wrong, there was only one boy who had a deep cut and the doctor said the only thing the boy needed to stop bleeding were some................ Stitches Sleeping pills Wounds X-rays New bones.
Choose the best option to described the picture Breath Choke Scream Injure Bleed.
Read the text. Decide whether the sentence at the end is TRUE or FALSE according the text. TO TELL THE TRUTH Lying is part of every life, say psychologist Bella de Paulo who carried out a study in which the asked 147 peoples keep a diary of the lies they told over the course of a week. Here is what their diaries reveled: there wasn´t a day when the participants didn't tell at least one lie. Over the week they decided about 30 percent of the people they ……. The most common lies that people tell are those in which they pretend to like something or avoid hurting others or those in which they make up excuses to get out of trouble. The truth is we all tell lies occasionally, one of the participants in d…. Paulo´s study insisted that he or she could be entirely truthful for three or four weeks. None of them over succeeded. According to the text, most people lie because they secretly enjoy it. FALSE TRUE.
I had been a hot day, however, in the afternoon it began to rain. Soon it was windy. At 11:35 pm last night, a tornado destroyed five houses near my house. I was worried that the tornado would destroy my house, but didn’t. Firefighters come from department to put out a small fire that had started in the park. An ambulance also came and the paramedics transported two people to the hospital. The man had a serious injury. The x-ray showed that he had who broken legs, but the woman only had a minor injury. She had stiches in her hand. It´s too bad that these people were hurt, but it could have been worse. Today there were volunteers who wanted to help. Many of them donated their times and money to help the people who had lost their houses in the tornado. Before the rain began, it was a cold day The woman had a serious injury two homes were destroyed in the fire The firefighters drove two people to the hospital The tornado happened at night.
Choose the correct option for the blank “his flight arrived two hour ago, but his suitcases ....................” Still have arrived Still not arrived Not arrived yet Haven´t arrived anymore Haven´t arrived yet.
We've always explained to our son that it´s important to tell................ the truth, however, the other day he told a lie........................... - To us / his father To us / to his father Us / his father We / to his father Us / to his father.
Choose the right option for the blank "A: Are you going out tonight? B: ................... It´s awfully cold!" Of course not! Sure I can! Of course! Probably No, unless it rain.
Choose the best option to complete the blank "I'm a very sociable person, but to tell you truth I don't ................more than 3 o 4 hours at a party. I have to be sincere; I get bored when I have to talk to the same people over and again" Make Waste Use Do Spend .
Choose the best option to describe the picture. Disappointed Nervous Excited Sad Angry.
Choose the best option to complete the idea “it was a mistake to put.........................” him jumping on their bed as much time with her as possible too much soap in the wising machine a lot of time watching television electricity from coal and other materials.
Read the text below and answers the question. Last night I went Out with some Old friends. They're all married and live in the suburbs. I'm single and still live in the city. They wanted to know why I still live here. It's true; living in a city can be annoying sometimes. We have a problem with dirty Streets. Plus, there's a lack Of affordable housing. Everything is so expensive! The air pollution is pretty bad, too. You have to deal with a lot of hassles every day. On the Other hand the city is pretty great! First Of all, there are a lot Of job opportunities here. I certainly have a well-paying job. The traffic jams can pretty bad, but I avoid them. I take public transportation everywhere. I also Stay active by walking all over the city. ¿WHAT INFORMATION IS NOT PROVIDED IN THE TEXT? Disadvantages of city life The narrator´s working conditions Entertainment The narrator´s preferences Advantages of city life.
Read the text. What lesson did the narrator’s grandchildren learned after the fight over the puzzle? ¿My granddaughter enjoys playing with puzzles, but they are often difficult for her to solve. She gets confused, and if a part of angry; however, she still likes to try to finish it. One day, she asked her brother to help her. It’s nuclear what happened, but they began to fight over the puzzle. I told them to stop. I said Imagine that you are not fighting. You would both ….. granddaughter asked me if they could play with the puzzle again. ‘It depends, I said. If you are nice, you can. Since then, we haven’t had problems anymore. To put back the puzles in the box after playing Not to lose the puzle parts To be nice to their grandparents To solve puzles with their grandparents To play together nicely.
Read the conversation. Select 4 ideas that are true about the situation. Emily: I´m nauseated, I think I´m allergic to something that I ate. John: what did you eat tonight? Emily: I had the vegetarian salad and the...didn´t have the beef. John: I had the vegetarian pizza and the beef. Emily: I like seafood, but there were some spices un it I had never tasted before. John: you´re probably allergic in the seafloor the spices. Emily : my arm is… get a rash, but don´t have a …. John: it looks like your face is sullen, also. I´ll call the doctor. Emily: good idea! Emily doesn´t have a fever, but she has a rash John ate the beef at dinner tonight Emily feels sick and thinks she might have an allergic reaction John had some meat with vegetarian pizza for dinner Emily ate drink after lunch.
Which FOUR of the following options are great tips for solving everyday problems? Have a variety of solutions Save some money Establish short term goals Be realistic Focus on the problem itself.
Which FOUR of the following options are time adverbs that can be used in past perfect tense? By the time Until Before Since once in a while.
Choose the right option for the blank. a: the pipe is........... b: I'm going to call the plumber. a: no, don't call the plumber. I can repair it. Furnaced Bleeding Borrowed Injured Leaking.
What is the best option to complete the conversation? A: I think I made a mistake. B: what happened? A: my computer broke and I can't have access to my file. B: did you make copies of your files in another place? A: no, I didn't am I in trouble? B: you may lose all your files.......... . But you don't have them anymore If you don't make a backup copy of them .
What does this idea mean? "There are some beautiful and deserted beaches in Mexico". The beaches are noisy and nice The beaches are beautiful and dangerous The beaches are quiet and awful There's no one at the beaches The beaches are nice and crowded.
Which of the following options explain the definition of reported speech? It is the exact words that someone said and the exact meaning too It is the exact meaning of what someone said but not the exact words.
Choose the right option for the blank. "the TV has an affordable price and comes with a two year.............. . I think it's really convenient!". Guarantee Bargain Down payment Installment purchase.
Identify the two (2) cases of reported questions in the options below. He wondered when Melissa had started acting The interviewer asked me who i had wored for I didn't know how much a taxi would cost in the city I'm not sure how these new vending machines work Do you know if there's public phone in the building?.
Which of the following 1 options is the correct reported speech adverb for the word "tomorrow"? The day before The day after The following week The next day The night before.
The expression “The vote is in” means that the voting has just started…. Falso Verdadero.
Which FOUR of the following options describe political issues? immigration restrictions taxes school programmes abortion climate change.
Read the list below and decide the function of the verb in bold letters: 1. Read all of these steps before doing anything. 2. Use the crayón to make a large X in the top right-hand corner of the paper. 3. Rip off a small piece of the lower left-hand corner of this paper. 4. Put your head down on your desk and count to ten out loud. 5. Stand up and wave to the person closest to you. Giving advice Giving suggestions Giving instrucions Giving materials Giving news.
Which TWO options below are past forms of modal verbs? could go Could have driven Should have come would be angry should went.
The new product..................... using the most rigorous standards Has being tested Has been tested Tested Be tested Had tested.
There are only about 700 mountain gorillas ....................... Remaining Extinct Illegal Setting up Mascot.
Flexibility in love relationships without constraints and change without stability are damaging. At the present, the wet dram of all lovers; having whatever you want, whenever you want, whenever you want it. However, a closer look indicates that something is rotten in the state of romance. According to the text, constraints mean ................... Restrictions Borderless Stability Openness Tolerance.
Which of the following structures is appropriate to describe actions that have 0% or no possibilities to happen? Conditional sentence type III Conditional sentence type II Conditional sentence type I Conditional sentence type IV Conditional sentence type 0.
Which of the following options best completes the conditional sentence below? "If the network expanded…" …the system is more complex too …the system will be more complex too …the system can be more complex too …the systems would be more complex too …the system would have more complex too.
Read the text and then choose the right option for the blank. "at certain subway stations in London, there has been a problem with gang members hanging around and causing trouble. the government has solved the problem with a creative idea. they play loud classical music at the stations, and the troublemakers go away. now passengers feel safer and the city saves money." if the government hadn't played classical music at subway stations, they............... the problem. Wouldn't have solved Will not solve Hadn't solved Won't be solving Aren't going to solve .
Which of the options below explains the use of non-restrictive relative clauses? This clause refers to non-countable nouns This clause gives extra information which is not essential for the meaning This clause gives essential information to get the meaning of the sentence This clause explains the subject and modifies the verb This clause connects information between 2 ideas.
The relative clause placed between commas in "my sister, whose husband is unemployed, has just found a job as a secretary" provides extra information about "sister" Verdadero Falso.
Read the text and identify the three (3) ideas that are expressed about telecommuting. "today fewer people in the united states drive to work, instead, they work from home. They are a new type of employee: the telecommuter. with our current system of communications, many people can work anywhere. An individual only needs a supportive boss and a well-equipped office. researchers predict that, in just a few years, about 50% of workers in the us will telecommute. driving to work may soon become something from the past" More and more people in the us are telecommuting New technology makes it easy to work from home Because telecommuting is increasing, the car industry may collapse If managers cooperate, it is not difficult to move the office home.
Choose the right option for the blank. "on our way to the city, we passed shops windows were decorated for Christmas." that whose.
Read the passage below and choose the option that best completes the gap: "California has a staggering number of people compared with the rest of the country. California's population last year was almost 130,000 nearly a quarter of the national total, federal data showed." Homeless Homelessness Homesick Homeseaker Homely.
The expression "To make a difference" means "to cause a change” or “to do something important that has a noticeable effect" Verdadero Falso.
The sentence "perhaps you left your keys in the office," can alternatively be expressed as "you your keys in the office." Might have left Will have left Would have left Can't have left Must have left.
Read the passage, why do people who exercise have a better social life, according to the text? "apart from physical benefits. doing exercise brings clear psychological benefits. achieving fitness goals leads to self-confidence and improved body image, self-awareness and self-esteem. there is also the discipline that comes with regular exercise, which seems to have a positive effect on your professional career. it also seems to have an impact socially. people involved in activities they enjoy and who have a positive self-image often show an ease in social situations. ultimately, it's the growth in confidence, rather than a slimmer waistline, that leads to an improved social life." Discipline helps them communicate better Because they feel slimmer As a result of feeling more self-confident .
Which of the options below are conjunctions? next to however.
Choose the right option for the blanks. "I have two older sisters, but I don't look like..................... of them. They are both extremely tall. In fact, they work as models." Either Nor Both Neither Not only.
Choose the right option for the blanks. A: is Bob buying a new house? B: he thinks so. A: what´s he going to do with his apartment? B: he´ll rent it sell it. Or / also Either / or Not only / but also Neither / not Nor / or.
Read the definition below and decide which of the following options best describes it: "a short outward and return journey, trip, excursion". Commuters Nightlife Expedition Day activity Outing.
Choose the option that best expresses the following idea in different words: “If i had gone to my usual hairdresser, my hair wouldn’t look this terrible.” I didn't go to my usual hairdresser, therefore, my hair looks terrible. I shouldn't have gone to my usual hairdresser, now my hair looks terrible. A tought i went to my usual hairdresser, my hair looks terrible. My hair looks terrible, however, i went to my usual hairdresser. I might have gone to my usual hairdresser, but fortunately i didn‟t. .
Choose the best option to complete the blanks: a: someone forgot to lock the front door last night. b: well, it been me. I definitely remember locking it, so it been someone who came home after me. Could have / should have Can't have / must have Could have / might have Can't have / may have Mustn't have / must have.
A: ............ B: its's sunny. How is the day? What day is is today? What is the weather like? Is it the weather? Does the weather like?.
Did you understand what I said? B: ................. No, Can you say it again please? Sorry I can I could Yes! That is me.
where is Nick? He’s not in. B: I don’t know; he in the backyard Is instead Might be Is going to be Hast to be Would be.
Although I............. this book, I'm going to return it to the library.......... It´s does. Haven´t read /still Haven't finished reading /anyway Don't read /already Haven't finished reading /instead Didn't finish reading /until .
please get on the scale. B:........... . A: one hundred twenty-four pounds. How much is it? How tall am I? How wide is it? How much do I weight? What are you measuring?.
do you really want to buy........ sunglasses. They look old fashioned! B: I love.......... , they’re vintage a/you that/it this/them these/it those/them.
I’ve mixed the sugar and the butter and added the egg. What’s next? B: now add two cups of flour, a .............of salt and a little milk. Then bake the cake in the oven for an hour. Tea Spoon Tablecloths Cup Teaspoon.
happy birthday Claire! B: Is.............. for me? Thank you so much! Come on in. the party is just............ This/ending That/ending Those/begin That/beginning This/begun.
Choose the right option for the bank. A: How old is your daughter? B:........... five years old. She's Is It's She He's .
Choose the right option for the blank: A: Can you assemble the parts? B: I guess so. The instructions are easy ................ That I understand To understanding Understand To understand understanding .
Choose the right option for the blank. "The best thing about my job is............. with a lot of people I like!" Working Work The work To working I working.
Choose the right option for the blank. "My parents this country thirty years ago." Did arrived Arrived Arrive Were arrive Didn't arrived.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: Do you have a knife? B: No, we need two more here, please. Knives Knifess Knifez Knifies Knifes .
Choose the right option for the blank. "I'm not running today............... weather is too cold." The There It A An.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “My mother and I love animals so much! But we can say that dogs have always been ............favorite type of animals.” Her Ours Our My Us.
Choose the right option for the blank. "Look! Jane and Alex are walking new dog. They seem so happy!" Your Theirs Hers Their Her.
Choose the right option for the blank. "A is a competition in which all the competitors try to be the fastest and finish first." Game Race Stadium Exercise Champion.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: Are there any paper clips here? B: Sorry, but there aren't Why................ don't you check on John's desk? A: Good idea. A little Any Few Some Much.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: Hey, Marian. I called you last night. Where were you? B: I .............that show "Lonely Hearts". I guess I didn't hear the phone Watched Watching Was watching Must watch Watch .
Choose the option the best described the picture She had a minor injury, so her father treated in with a bandage If she been warning tennis shoes, she wouldn´t have hurt herself The girl had an accident and had to be taken to hospital It´s unfortunate that their windshield broke during the accident The paramedic are treating a girl with a serious injury .
Choose the right option for the blank "The is pushing dirt to make May for the new road" Forklift Crane Shovel Truck Bulldozer.
Choose the correct option for the blank. "There´s too much traffic. She............ for work earlier today" Should have left Can´t have left Is planning to leave Is going to leave Will leave.
Choose the correct option for the blank "A: ...............; B: Yes. First measure 2 ½ cups of flour and 2 coups of sugar. Next, add one cup of milk and 2 eggs. Then, add 1 cup of butter and 1 teaspoon of salt. Finally, bake the cake in the over for one hour." Can you teach me how to make a cake? Is the cake baking in the over? When was this cake made? Have you had enough cake or would you like some more? What are we celebrating? .
Choose the right option for the blank. “mmmm that looks delicious. I............. order some but since I´m allergic to seafood. I ..........” Might / may could / don´t Would / can´t Can / will May / didn´t.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: ...................; B: They are hers” Where are these dogs form? Who´s dogs are these? Who are these dogs of? Whose dogs are those? Who are those dogs?.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “Sara’s baby ...................soon.” Has to born Will be born Has been born Is born Is going to be born .
Choose the correct option: She is Reading a book: by the fireplace next to the fireplace behind the fireplace in front of the fireplace in the fireplace.
Choose the TWO options that are TRUE about the text :“my name is Pierre, and I work in a kitchen store. We sell spoons , knives, pots and frying pans. We also sell spices and nuts. We have books about how to cook your food. Many people like to grill pork, chicken, or beef on an outside grill in the summer. I prefer grilling to frying, but I don’t grill at. I grill vegetables because I’m a vegetarian. I like to cook, but I don’t cook very well. I also eat fruit, bread, and cheese. I’ve been a vegetarian for fifteen years. I think being a vegetarian is a good idea.” They sell knives, spoons, and cheese at the store Pierre has not eaten meat for fifteen years You can buy books at the store Pierre wants everyone to be a vegetarian Pierre has worked at the store for fifteen years. .
Choose the correct option for the blanks. A: Hi, Tim. Do you think I can borrow $10 from you? I want to ask Meg out this evening. B: Don’t you have any money? A: No. if I .............from you, I............... by next week. Borrowed – can pay U borrow – could pay Borrow- would pay U borrow – „ll pay Borrow- „ll pay.
Choose the option is related to TRAVELLING ABROAD Check the leaks inspect the roof get stuck in the highway look for some replacement go through customs.
Choose the two corrects options. Martha, Norway This is AMAZING and thank you SOOOOOO much to all those involved in sending my order home! Thank you thank you thank you!!! You have me as costumer for a VERY long time and I´ll spread the word to all my frustrated friends over here. According to the text, Martha ............. Is a costumer form Norway Is angry with the people in charge of the service Feels really upset about her friend´s recommendation Is happily surprised about the delivery Will never be a costumer anymore! .
Chose the four CORRECT. Fast Casual Chain Eateries Inspired by the Dirty Dozen. From Flower Child to Sweetgreen, trendy restaurants are committing to selling only organic version of foods. In this text the expression are committing means are................................. - Giving loyalty to Abstaining Supporting Backing up Promising .
Chose the four CORRECT. Fast Casual Chain Eateries Inspired by the Dirty Dozen. From Flower Child to Sweetgreen, trendy restaurants are committing to selling only organic version of foods. In this text the expression are committing means are......................... - Giving loyalty to Abstaining Supporting Backing up Promising.
Choose the correct option for the blank. A: where´s Joe? B: he´s cleaning his room A: how did you get him............. to do it? B: I told him.............. it, of course. And he obeyed! I couldn´t believe my eyes! Cleaning / doing To clean / to do Cleaning / to do Not no clean / not doing Clean / do.
Choose the two corrects options. Do you hate the thought of buying a new car because of the struggle you have to go through negotiating? There are some aspects to consider that you will help you to make the process easy, comfortable and financially rewarding. If you use the resources and approaches outlined below, you can turn buying that car into the pleasurable experience that it should be! Here´s what you must focus: Planning the negotiation for your new car – starting the negotiation from home – negotiating at the dealership- financing – selling your used car – how to negotiate if you are leasing according to the text, the process will be financially rewarding means. Advantageous Unstable Hard Vulnerable Profitable.
Choose the four corrects options. Can´t get that girl or guy out of your head? Daydreaming about the person when you should be working? Imagining your futures together? There dizzying thoughts may be sings of love. In fact, scientists have pinned down exactly what it means to “fall in love”. Researchers have found that an in-love brain look different form one experiencing mere lust. According to the text when you´re in love..................................... - You mainly have a strong sexual desire for your partner You can´t stop thinking about the person all the time You can be daydreaming instead of working You image your future life together Your brain´s appearance is different.
Choose the TWO answer that are TRUE. My name is Isabella and I enjoy spending time with my friend Bobby. Almost every Saturday we go to the park. However last Saturday it was very hot, so we went to the beach instead. We also have a group of friends, and we enjoy spending time with them. Sometimes we go to a movie, a concert, or a soccer game, but we rarely play soccer together. Although we like soccer, we´re not very good players. It´s unclear to me why some people are good soccer players and other people are not. Las month we watched a program about famous soccer players. There was an interesting story about each player. The group of friends will play soccer next week Bobby and Isabella will go to the beach next Saturday They enjoyed the program about famous soccer players Bobby and Isabella often go to the park Isabella and her friends like to play soccer together.
Choose the correct option for the blanks. “Liam................ his biology test, so he has to retake it next week.” Applied Learned Failed Trained Passed .
Choose the FOUR options that are TRUE. “Joss & Main Department Store is 20 km. from Miami Beach. It has everything you want in one place, the parking is free, and there are special discounts for foreign tourist. You can always find sales, so you can save a lot of money! Joss & Main has a discount card and an excellent Customer Care department in case you are not pleased with the shop assistant’s service or if any product your purchase there does not fulfil their promise. Our can call for free and they solve the problem or give your money back within 24 hours from your call!” If you are from another country, you can have extra discounts You can only solve your problems at J&M if you talk to the store manager. You don't have to pay for a parking space at Joss & Main J&M provides a tall free line in case you have a problem with an item Joss & Main always offer some items on sale.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: are Tim and Sam talking on the phone ? B: no,......... . They're not Are no They not He isn't Aren't.
Choose the BEST TITLE for this text. The result of our actions is determined by what we conceive in our minds. If we have strong desire this success and visualize this success in our minds, then we achieve it. On the other hand, if we think, Maybe we can´t, or Maybe we will fail, then we are likely to fail. I believe nothing comes to us that our mind has not summoned. Thus, the reality that surrounds us is a reflection of our own minds has not summoned. The reality that surrounds us is a reflection of our own minds. strong desire, best results your life, an expression of your mind. Visualize it and it is real Our mind i our pilot Reality, a reflecting attitude.
Choose the best option to fill in the blank..................... are black. This sunglasses That sunglasses These sunglasses There are sunglasses There were sunglasses.
Choose the odd one out You can open and close: A book A window A door An envelope A screen.
Choose the best FOUR options that can complete the gap in the following sentence: “.......................... makes me feel nervous.” A presentation in a class A job interview A final exam A class A relative´s accident.
Choose the four choices that best answer the following question: “what will you do after you eat?................... I had a cake for dessert Nothing, I guess I´ll take a nap I´m going to study English I´m visiting my friends.
Choose the option that can complete the gap in the sentence: If I divide the pizza in three equal parts, and I eat one of those parts, I’m eating of the pizza. Two halves A slice One third Half of Whole.
Choose the correct options for the blank. A good morning. Why would you like to order Miss? B. I'm hungry! Can I have........ big tomato and ham sandwich and................ ice, please? One a water Two some water An water bottle A water Someone water.
Choose the ONE correct options that in passive voice. I´d like to send this package airmail to Lisbon, Sure, let's see. It.............. sorry. How much did you say? $15, miss how will it take to get there? It´ll be there in about a week. Weighs - long Heavy-long Weights-far Heavies-much Weight-many.
Choose the correct option for the blank. Here is a picture of my daughter´s son. He looks like her,.................... he? Doesn´t he He does Do he Isn't he Don't they.
Choose the correct option for the blanks. Our neighbor, Jack works in a car factory. He works really ..............from Monday to Friday. The factory doesn´t pay well but he has stable salary there. Workers can't take long................ there. I have a good summer job, I always have a great time there and I get a lot of tips, I´m cafeteria on the beach. Hard breaks waiter Every day time bar tender A little break cleaner A lot recess assistant Much stops receptionist.
Choose the best option. “However” can be replaced by: Or And Since Because But.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: which shoes do you like more. B: ................. I like blue The blue ones I´m size 13 The shoes blue The blue one .
Do you have any.............. ? I’d like to put in my coffee. Lemon Butter Tea Sugar Bread.
Fast casual chain eateries inspired by the Dirty Dozen. From flower child to Sweetgreen, trendy restaurants are committing to selling only organic versions of foods. The foods that made 2017´s list are hot peppers, potatoes, sweets bells peppers, tomatoes, celery grapes, cherries, pears, peaches, apples, nectarines, spinach and strawberries. Fast Casual Chain Eateries are............................... - Sell food only to children Make sweet dishes made with fruit Make their food with flowers Restaurants that sell organic food Make exotic type of meals .
He’s using repair the couch A tool A screwdriver A pencil A hammer A bulldozer.
“he has just had an accident. Now we can’t talk because he’s, ..................... ” Breathing Helping Colliding Bleeding Choking.
Ho! If I wanted to quit your job, I......... this vacation for next month!. Knew – wouldn't have planned Know – will plan Hadn't known – wouldn't have planned Had known – wouldn´t have planned. Know – would plan .
I didn’t have time to finish all my assignments and they are today. Anyway. I’ll hand in those that I ‘ve already finished. Ended Announced Expired Closed Due .
If the bus doesn’t arrive” I will be late for classes at university I won't travel I would be late for classes I must be late I would stay home.
In the past, parents home was the...................... ´s home and they stayed until they got married or even sometimes parents´ home was the family home where all.............................. together; children moving out in their teenage as changed the family patterns and the concept of family a lot. Neighbors´ lived Friends´ shared Relatives´ moved Children´s lived Grandparents‟ moved.
IKEA´s,....................... sells really high-quality products. Where I bought my living-room furniture set, That I bought my living room furniture set. Where I shop my living room furniture set,. Which I shopped my living room furniture set. Where I bought, my living room furniture set.
I used to play with video games when I was younger, but I don’t play with them...................... . Someday Sometimes Anymore Anything Moreover.
Look at the picture. Which false about it? A coffee table is between the two sofas There are two grey sofas facing each other There is a reading lamp on the sofas These are green pillows on the sofas There are two pictures hanging on the wall.
Look at the picture. Which idea is right? These clothes are the same size but different colors These are inexpensive men´s clothes All the options are offered with jewelry accessories The first outfit has more colors that third None of these clothes are casual.
Many people love taking actions to help the community, specially the homeless and orphan children. That’s why they............. to gather ....................from important citizens and companies in their district Volunteer-donations Donate-unusual things Guarantee-useful things Volunteers-donate Feel-products.
My name is Jill and I'm a chemist and I work in a laboratory. For my chemistry experiment, I wanted to discover if the chemicals in coffee and tea are different. I put paper in coffee and tea and then looked at the chemicals on the paper with a microscope. I discovered that tea and coffee have many of the same chemicals, but also some different ones. I’m Vladimir and some time ago, I did a biology experiment to discover if music helps pant grow. I have two plants, and I gave them the same amount of water and light. I didn't play my violin for one plant, but I I did play for the other plant. I discovered that the plant that I played my violin for grew two inches in two weeks. The other plant grew one ich. QUESTIONS: which of the following statement is TRUE about the texts? Vladimir used plants and animals in his experiments Coffee and tea have different chemical Jill used two different microscope in the experiment The plants grew the same amount Jill and Vladimir are friends.
Mrs. Robbins will be available to talk to tour in a few minutes, please wait for him in the............... , which is on the............... floor. Thank you. lobby / six lobby / ten lobby / tenth stairs / tenth couch / second .
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