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Choose the right option for the blank. A: Is your presentation this Friday morning? B: Yes, It is It does .
Choose the right option for the blank: A: ? B: Yes, they are. Jimmy and Fred brothers are Are Jimmy and Fred brothers Jimmy and Fred are brothers Brothers are Jimmy and Fred.
Which of the following options refer to the use of simple present tense? Habits and repeated actions Order and repeated actions.
Which option shows the correct time markers of the present simple tense? While - as - if Last year - yesterday - ago Since - for - yet Now - at the moments - this year Every day - always - on Mondays.
Which of the following options best completes this question? "What time ___ Sheila go to work every morning" Does Did Do Is.
Choose the right option for the blank: Are you and John American? B: No, ___ Canadian We're We does Are we.
Choose the correct option for the blank. "A: What are you doing? ; B: _____dinner." Am cooking Are cooking I´m cooking I cooking.
Choose the correct option for the blank: “The children are eating ____ rice” A opción nula The.
Which of the following words in plural is correct? Them Men Womans Shes.
Choose the correct option for the blank " _____ men are running" One This A The.
Choose the right option for the blank: “the woman is eating _____ apple” Two An A And.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: What ….and the man woman eating. B ___ rice” Are eating Is eating They´re eating They eat.
Which option is INCORRECT? "The ___ is running" men man.
The ____ are running men man.
Which option is INCORRECT? "The ___ are drinking orange juice" Girls Men People Woman.
Which of the flowing options is an example of food? Bread Coffee Water.
Which word does not belong in the group? Seven Two One Tree.
Which word does NOT belong in the group? egg bowl glass cup.
Which of the following sentences is POSSIBLE in English? I feels a headache I am a stomachache I have high blood pressure.
Read the following text and answer the question that follows: “Then my husband gets home al half past five in the evening and I cook dinner. We stay at home in the evening. We don´t go out because i go to bed very early. We usually watch television and then i go to bed at half past eight. I'm usually asleep by nine o ´clock. I think my job is very interesting but i don´t like getting up very early” QUESTION: Which of the following options is true according to the text? After a day of work, she prefers to eat at home and go to sleep very early. After a day of work, she prefers to eat out and go party with friends.
Choose the right option for the blank. "Every morning. I usually read ___ online. I like to be informed." The newspaper The bingo.
Choose the option that best completes the definition below: “A/an is a person who performs in a play, movie or on televisión”. Actor / actress Presenter.
Choose the correct option for the blank “Look over there! _____ is the biggest pumpkin I´ve ever seen” That´s This These That.
Choose the correct option for the blank "hello. My name is Isabella. And this is my brother. ___ name is Enzo." Her Your His.
Choose the RIGHT option for the blank. A: ____ are you from? B: I’m from Colombia How What Where.
I feel lightheaded. I think I'm about to ___: Shiver Sweat Faint Fall.
What´s the answer to this equation? “28+32” Six under zero Sixteen Sixty.
Read the text. What does Kim do for a living? Hi, my name is Kim, i live with my family in Korea. I´m an actor. I like sport and healthy food. Hi is a soccer player He‟s an actor.
Read the following text. What does IT (in the text) refer to?. "Ana Netrebko is an opera start. She is an incredible soprano with a beautiful voice. The magazine "Musical America” loves her. It say she is “a genuine superstar for the 21st century": Anna The magazine Her voice.
Choose the correct preposition to complete the blank in the following sentence: “The doctor usually works the hospital” at in on.
Choose the correct option for the blank "A: why are you washing your hands? B: They ____ bad" Are smell Are smelling Smells.
Choose the correct option to answer the question. Who is your teacher? In the classroom Not very well Mr. Jameson.
Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: Do you speak Russian B:__ Yes, I am Yes I speak Yes I‟m speaking Russian.
Which of the following part of the body is found in the face? Knee Eye Foot.
Read the conversation. Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: Hello, I need a new ladder. B: We sell a metal ladder and a wooden ladder. ____ A: The metal ladder. It´s lighter. B: and it´s less expensive. A: How much does it cost? B: thirty-five Euros. A: OK I’ll take the metal ladder” What do you need a ladder for? Which one do you like more Do you want to pay with cash?.
Which is the CORRECT question for the blank? A: Do you buy at Macy's? ______ B: No, I never do. It's really costly That's store expensive? That store isn't expensive? Is that store expensive?.
Choose the right option for the blank. A: Oh, no! It's late. The plane leaves in an hour. B: Stop ___taxi. It's free!. These Its. That.
Which of the following options do people usually buy when they go to a supermarket? Some cookies Some wood A car.
Where are the people having this conversation? “A: my bicycle is broken. I need a tool repair it. B: is this what you need? A: yes. How much is it? B: it costs fourteen dollars. How do you want to pay? A: Cash” At a bookstore At a hardware store At a pharmacy.
Choose the True option. Meet me! I´m jack Jones. I am a professional runner. I like jazz, Italian food, and good friends. I don’t like rock, I prefer jazz. I´m looking for a new house in the suburbs now. Write PO Box 321, Sydney 5003, Australia Jack enjoy being alone Jack lives in new york Jack likes healthy lifestyle.
Which of the following options best completes the sentence below? "in my office, some engineers and just one designer." There are There be Are there.
Which of the words in the options is an indefinite article? the an .
Which of the options is the plural of the noun CHILD? childrens children.
Which of the options best completes the following sentence at a restaurant?: “I’m going to have a/an ___ before my main dish, please" dessert appetizer.
Yesterday Timmy threw his baby bottle and spilled milk on the floor: I tried cleaning but it was very difficult until I replaced my old mop boom roof.
Which of the following sentences expresses an action that did not happen and will never happen in the future? Choose the best option If I had worked harder, I would have passed the exam If I work harder, I can pass the exam If I worked harder, I could pass the exam.
Which option is incorrect? “You can´t _____ in any important museum of the world” Use the lockers Take photos Eat or drink.
Which is the use of the relative pronoun whose? People Times Possession.
Which option best describes the function of the phrase in bold letters?: “Rafting is as dangerous as rock climbing” Superlative Comparative Equality.
Which of the options below is the present form of the modal in bold letters? "You needn't have told Mary the truth about Jeremy." Didn't have to tell Didn't need to tell Don't need to told.
Which of the following options describes the emphasis of the present perfect progressive tense? On the results of the action On the duration of the action On the future consequences.
Which is the function of the modal verb in bold letters in the following sentence?: "Teachers have to hand in exams before the end of the term." Possibility Obligation.
When are you going to the beach? B: we’re going ____ January. It’s summer time ___ Brazil, you know? on/at at/at at/in.
What’s answer to this equation? 22+1=23 Three and seven Thirty-seven.
What is the function of the modal verb in bold letters in the sentence below?: “When I was 8 I was able to stretch my body in the gym class.” possibility ability permission.
What is A doing? A: hello, I think you have a package for me. B: ok, what’s your last name? A: it’s Roberts B: and your first name? A: Mike. B: here you go MR Roberts Returning a package sending a package picking up a package.
The movie directors wanted __- to win -__ to receive recognition for their work Either / or Both / but Both / and.
The book ___(write) Wrote Was wrote Was written.
Read the text and choose ONE that are correct. We keep our bread in the fridge ___ it doesn´t .go bad. So that Since Because.
Read the description. How many forms of transportation did the tourist use? "Our flight departed from Colombia on Friday night and arrived in Italy the next day. Then we look a train to France, where we stayed for two days. Then we drove east to Belgium. And finally, we went to Germany by bus" 2 4 6 5.
Read the following sentence and decide which of the options describes the grammar pattern of the phrase in bold Etters?: "I am glad to know that our new manager is from our city." Adverb + infinitive Adjective + infinitive Infinitive + adjective.
Mrs. Robbins will be available to talk to tour in a few minutes, please wait for him in the____ , which is on the ____floor. Thank you. lobby / six stairs / tenth lobby / tenth.
My brother ____to cook very well. He is a chef in a French restaurant. Can Is able Could.
Many people love taking actions to help the community, specially the homeless and orphan children. That’s why they____ to gather ___from important citizens and companies in their district Volunteer-donations Guarantee-useful things Volunteers-donate.
Look at the following sentence and choose the best option to complete it. The ____ of books this factory manufactures has decreased since last year. Amount Deal of Numbers.
I used to play with video games when I was younger, but I don’t play with them ___ Someday Anymore Anything.
IKEA´s, _____sells really high-quality products Where I bought my living-room furniture set, Which I shopped my living room furniture set. Where I shop my living room furniture set,.
If the bus doesn’t arrive” I will be late for classes at university I would be late for classes I would stay home.
I didn’t have time to finish all my assignments and they are ____today. Anyway. I’ll hand in those that I ‘ve already finished. Ended Expired Due.
“he has just had an accident. Now we can’t talk because he’s ____ Breathing Bleeding Choking.
Do you have any ____? I’d like to put in my coffee sugar tea bread.
Choose the right option for the blank. “Tom arrives at 4 today. Are you meeting ____at the station? He‟s Him.
Choose the CORRECT option for blank: “as they had closed the roads due to the heavy snow, Melany suggested ____the night at a hotel. To spend Spending.
Choose the best option. “However” can be replaced by: Or since but.
Choose the correct option for the blanks. “Liam___ his biology test, so he has to retake it next week.” failed trained passed.
Choose the correct option for the blank. A: where´s Joe? B: he´s cleaning his room A: how did you get him___ to do it? B: I told him ___it, of course. And he obeyed! I couldn´t believe my eyes! To clean / to do Not no clean / not doing Cleaning / to do.
Choose the option is related to TRAVELLING ABROAD. inspect the roof look for some replacement go through customs.
Choose the correct option for the blank "A:___ ; B: Yes. First measure 2 ½ cups of flour and 2 coups of sugar. Next, add one cup of milk and 2 eggs. Then, add 1 cup of butter and 1 teaspoon of salt. Finally, bake the cake in the over for one hour." Have you had enough cake or would you like some more? Can you teach me how to make a cake? Is the cake baking in the over?.
Which of the following time adverbials is typically used in past progressive tense? Usually When While Last week.
Choose the 3 (three) options that describe emotions and feeling. sadness worry wealth excitement knowledge.
What is the role of the verb ING in the following sentence?: “Smoking is an unhealthy habit.” noun adjective.
Which THREE options include a causative structure? My grandma had the grass cut last weekend The lady got the floor cleaned before the guests arrived The magician gets the guests excited with his tricks I have my hair cut every month by Daniel Students at high school always have the tests in the last semester.
Which of the options presents the correct position of the adverb of frequency "often" in the sentence? The boy often plays hockey outdoors The boy plays hockey often outdoors The boy plays hockey outdoors often.
In negative statements, adverbs of frequency go immediately after the NOT. For example, "I don´t often go out on Saturdays" verdarero falso.
In the sentence "It's hot and humid in Miami today" the impersonal IT is used as an empty subject. verdarero falso.
Select the 4 words that are related to the theatre usher curtain orchestra program foreigner.
Choose the option in CAPITALS that is incorrect. The tour GUIDE SHOWN THEM the PAINTING YESTERDAY” guide shown yesterday them.
A: your brother looks really excited today! B: yes, he ____a promotion at P&G!. A: really? Let´s celebrate!. ´s just gotten ´ve just got ´s already gotten.
What does the “d” stand for in the following sentences? You´d better not be late because the bus leaves exactly at 2:00. Should Had Would.
Choose the correct option for the blank “if they win the game they will play I the championship” then so instead.
Which of the following options is the correct reported speech structure of the sentence below? "I was happy with the exam results yesterday" Tania Said. Tania told me that she was happy with the exam results yesterday Tania told me that she had been happy with the exam results the day before.
Which of the following terms is a synonym for the word "package"? Postage Box Parcel.
Read the conditional sentence below and decide which of the options determine what type it is: "if you heat ice it melts". type 1 type 2 type 3 type 0 .
Which of the following structures is appropriate to describe actions that have 0% or no possibilities to happen? type 1 type 2 type 3.
Which of the following options best completes the conditional sentence below? "If the network expanded…" …the system will be more complex too …the system would have more complex too ...the systems would be more complex too.
Read the text and then choose the right option for the blank. "at certain subway stations in London, there has been a problem with gang members hanging around and causing trouble. the government has solved the problem with a creative idea. they play loud classical music at the stations, and the troublemakers go away. now passengers feel safer and the city saves money." if the government hadn't played classical music at subway stations, they the problem. Will not solve Hadn't solved Wouldn't have solved.
Read the mixed conditional sentence below and choose the option that best explains its use: “If I were more diligent, I would’ve finished my degree at university.” Present condition-past result Past condition-present result.
Which of the options below explains the use of non-restrictive relative clauses? This clause refers to non-countable nouns This clause gives extra information which is not essential for the meaning This clause explains the subject and modifies the verb.
Choose the right option for the blank. "on our way to the city, we passed shops windows were decorated for Christmas." whose that.
The sentence "perhaps you left your keys in the office," can alternatively be expressed as "you _____your keys in the office." Might have left Must have left Would have left.
Which of the options below are conjunctions? next to however.
Read the definition below and decide which of the following options best describes it: "a short outward and return journey, trip, excursion". Expedition Day activity Outing.
Choose the option that best expresses the following idea in different words: “If i had gone to my usual hairdresser, my hair wouldn’t look this terrible.” I didn‟t go to my usual hairdresser, therefore, my hair looks terrible. A tought i went to my usual hairdresser, my hair looks terrible. I might have gone to my usual hairdresser, but fortunately i didn‟t.
Choose the best option to complete the blanks: a: someone forgot to lock the front door last night. b: well, it ____been me. I definitely remember locking it, so it ____ been someone who came home after me. Could have / should have Can't have / must have Mustn't have / must have.
Which of the following options in a sentence in the passive voice? The languages is spoke by the children Two languages are spoken by the children Two languages spoken by the children.
Which THREE of the following options are verbs in passive voice? is been spoken has been painted were being sold are given have being bought.
Which of the following options best completes the passive structure in this sentence? "The report was as soon as the meeting was over" written wrote.
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