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The English Alphabet has: 25 letters 26 letters 20 letters.
One letter may have different sounds. True False It is not mentioned.
In English there are: Long vowels Short vowels Long and short vowels.
Some consonants can be hard or soft. False True it is not mentioned.
As you can see the vowels in Spanish are only five (A, E, I, O, U) and in English we have Ten Twelve Eleven.
Faith also needs to brush up how to name The days of the week, the months of the year, the seasons. the months of the year, the seasons.
Prepositions are a bit difficult at the beginning False True.
The parts of the day are also important because, when you are planning the activities you want to do, you divide the day in Four parts Three parts Five parts.
Faith still has some doubts about which preposition we have to use with them. True False.
Indica la correcta. In At But a.m p.m noon sunset Dawn Sunrise.
Indica cual es la correcta. N S W E.
Indica la correcta. 12+58 23+32 85-13.
Indica la traducción correcta. What Whose who where Why How When.
She _____ 23 years old. Has Have Is.
She is blonde. Rubia Pelirroja Morena.
_______ students are there in your class? How long How much How many.
It 10:30 is _______. Half past ten Thirty past ten Ten o’clock .
A person from Italy is ______. Italo Italian Italic.
My boy has curly hair. Corto Liso Rizado.
For the descriptions we use _____. Nouns Adjectives Adverbs.
____________ do you study? In cartagena. Where Why Who.
Indica la traducción correcta. How are ya? What's going on? What have you been up to? Nice to meet you! Greeting an old friend How are you doing? Long time, no see.
Indica la traducción correcta. Sunrise Plenty of Sunset Review Weekend Purpose Weekdays.
Indica la traducción correcta. Quarter to Quarter past Half past Five to two exactly about O´clock.
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