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INGLÉS TEMAS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Y 9 ITEP

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INGLÉS TEMAS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Y 9 ITEP



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Which do you find more ___________, speaking English or listening to English? tird tired tirng tiring.
Which adjective chain sounds more natural? She is selling her flashy 15 year-old red Italian car. She is selling her Italian 15 year-old red flashy car. She is selling her Italian red 15 year-old flashy car. She is selling her red 15 year-old flashy Italian car.
The date of the exam __________ announced yesterday. had was was been has.
I _______________________ money for my last birthday. was given am given will be given will had be given.
My mother ________________________ in a small village in France. was brought up was brought on was brought in was brought down.
Advertising belongs to the ________________ sector. primary secondary service quaternary.
Yesterday I got a parking ______________ in my car. rank fine lane crash.
The steel production in France belongs to the __________________________ sector. primary secondary service tertiary.
The supervisor decided that the meeting ________________ next Wednesday. will held was held will be held is going to be hold.
The _____________________ sector manufactures finished products. primary quaternary tertiary secondary.
They hacked _________ the bank and stole millions of euros. up on in into.
If you ________________ (not/be) late, we ______________________(not/miss) the bus. haven't been / wouldn't have missed wouldn't have missed / hadn't been weren't / will not miss hadn't been / wouldn't have missed.
I wish this car _________________ go faster. might would should must.
I wish I __________________ give you an answer to that, but I can't. would can could am able to.
A fashion designer... buys clothes for fashion stores. conceives clothes and/or accesories. creates a look for the company. makes and distributes fashion products.
__________ I save more money, I'm afraid I won't be able to go on holidays with you this year. Whether Unless if Even if.
She didn't come to work all last week. She _____________ ill. can't have got must not have got couldn't have got must have got.
I have guests visiting tonight so I should start ________________ the housework now. do making doing make.
The phone is ringing. It ____________be Charlotte; she said she would call this morning for sure. can't can must might not.
Have you _____________ the dishes yet? done make made did.
Nobody came to the meeting, _______________? didn't they haven't they don't they hadn't they.
"He will come tomorrow". She told me that he __________________ the day after. is coming will come would come comes.
Don't jump ______ conclusions, John. You might be wrong. to into for up.
He was given a more important job, so he ______________________. got promoted retired resigned was fired.
"I have already seen that movie". He told me that he __________________ that movie. had already seen will have already seen is already seen has already seen.
The seller makes the goods available to be collected at their premises and the buyer is responsible for all other risks, transportation costs, taxes and duties from that point onwards. This term is commonly used when quoting a price. Example: Goods are being picked up by the buyer from the seller’s premises in Birmingham. CPT (‘Carriage Paid To’) FCA (‘Free Carrier’) EXW (‘Ex Works’) DAT (‘Delivered at Terminal’).
A firm / person that makes or assists in the making of shipping arrangements. Freight forwarder Customer service representative Carrier Dockworker.
Let's start this meeting, _____________? do we have we would we shall we.
He _____________ me if I loved him. speak said told asked.
In Catalonia, the _______________________ rate now is 11.4%. unemploy unemployed unemployment unemploying.
Trades in _________________________ is called 'visible trade' in the UK and 'merchandise trade' in the USA. factors of production quotas economies of scale commodities.
The policeman _________________ the teenagers pick up the litter they had dropped. asked let made ordered.
The difference between total earnings from merchandise trade and total expenditures from merchandise trade is called _____________________________. Balance Of Trade Tariffs Balance of Payments Protectionism.
My father, ___________ I helped to install his computer, always forgets his password. which whom that no pronoun (-).
The ____________________________ is the method countries use to monitor all international monetary transactions at a specific period of time. Balance of Trade (BOT) Balance of Payment (BOP) surplus Gross National Product (GNP).
In the SWOT analysis, the question 'What obstacles do you face' belongs to the... Strenghts Weaknesses Threats Opportunities.
There are several reasons why governments try to control the ________________________ of a country. One reason is that a country enjoys an advantage if it exports more than it imports. quotas imports and exports dumpin specific and ad valorem.
The favoring of domestic industry against foreign industry is called ____________________________. barter-trade protectionism counter-trade commodities.
Sorry but I can't remember the reason __________ he wanted us to leave. when what why that.
My current job ____________ me work wherever I want. permits lets makes allows.
Logistics means that you manage the procurement and movement of goods and the ______________ of inventory. storage supply purchasing container.
How do we call this in English? Swap-body Grappler lift Road-railer trailer Container ship.
Person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been shipped or turned over for care. Consignee Carrier Supplier Freight forwarder.
Person or company that arranges documentation and travel facilities for companies dispatching goods to customers. consignee haulier freight forwarder carrier.
From these four, which is considered 'perishable cargo'? Harmful chemicals Dairy products Steel pipes Tractors.
Replace the underlined verb in this sentence: 'I work for a company instructing staff in warehousing.' supplying advising training informing.
How do you call this in English? LGV River barge Grappler lift Swap body.
From these four options, which is non-perishable cargo? Meat Fresh produce Seafood Crude oil.
'Break-bulk' means... packing goods in small, separable units. picking up goods at a named place. collecting damaged goods. receiving and storing goods.
A haulier is ... a company who specializes in the speedy and secure delivery of small goods and packages. a company which supplies parts or services to other companies (also called vendor) a person that arranges documentation and travel facilities for companies dispatching goods to costumers. a firm or person that carries goods by road and lorry/truck.
_________________ being well secured, the load was damaged on arrival. As a result In spite of So Due.
What does this marking represent? Keep dry This side up Do not stack Fragile.
'_____________________ vehicle carefully.' Overhanging Place Examine Diagonally.
What does this marking represent? Use no hooks Do not stack This side up Store away from heat.
What does this marking represent? Fragile Use no hooks This side up Store away from heat.
Our customer wants to ship valuable freight, _________________ we need to think about insurance. in spite of because due so.
What does this marking represent? Do not stack Store away from heat Fragile This side up.
How do you call this in English? Tote bin Euro pallet Trolley Hand pallet truck.
How do you call this in English? Forklift truck Tote bin Hand pallet truck Roll cage pallet.
Where the goods are kept until required. Collation Wrap Order picking and sortation Reserve storage.
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