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Ingles V 5o. semestre

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Ingles V 5o. semestre

cuestionario 1 5 sem.

Alejandra Padilla
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Have you ever __________ anything in the lottery? earned gained profited won.
My goodness you're fat! I've _______ a lot of weight! won gained profited earned.
She ______ the contest with little competition. won gained profited earned.
Excuse me, can you _________ me the time? say tell speak talk.
Have I ________ you the latest news? spoke said told talked.
__________ lies is a bad habit of mind. speaking saying telling talking.
The apparatus is the point _____ fallling to pieces. out in of about.
Can you point ______ the way please? out in of about.
They were within two points _______ winning the game. out in of about.
I might have gone, if ____________________. I will have time. I had had the time. I have the time. I have had the time.
If the wind had blown harder ______________________________. It had destroyed the crops. It would have destroyed the crops It would have been saved. It will be saved.
If I had listened to my father, I ___________________ and not business administration. I had been studied. would have been studied would have studied medicine. had studied medicine.
If a cancer vaccine had been discovered in 1600, milions of lives __________________. it will be saved It had saved would have been saved. would have saved.
I'm sorry there's ___________________ for you in the mail today. nobody nothing nowhere anything.
Are you going to the movies tonight? No, I'm going ___________ tonight nowhere nobody anywhere.
That _________ me of a joke I wanted to tell you. reminds remembers memories memory.
I'll be home ______________ earlier today. a few a little many near.
She _________ us to be here early. talked said told sung.
How ______ money do you earn a week? many much a lot various.
I was ______________ what happened to our car. reminding wandering wondering singing.
Ten soldiers were seen _______________ up the hill. creep creeping wondering flying.
I noticed, he keeps _________ his glass. spilling spill to spill eating.
She jealously watched us ______ together. to dance dancing dance boiling.
They _________ us do all difficult things in sports last week. make to make made do.
He _______ them write a page a day. having has had did.
___________ me be quiet. If you can! makes made make done.
She found her lost child ____ the park. to play playing plays play.
He met his wife while ______ in the army. serve to serve serving kissing.
I used to catch moths _____ near the light flying serve to serve throwing.
Don't you remember him ______ glassses to wear wearing wear wears.
he's helping his father ______ the crop. harvesting to harvest harvest robbing.
Do what I told you. ______ away. take right go keep.
Some things are impossible. It is necessary to ______ them away to save. eight keep throw drink.
That chair is still wet _________ away please. take right keep throw.
You had better ____________ away. I don't want to seer you again. go right keep throw.
He ______ away my toys and won't give them back. took take kept throw.
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