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1. Vicky ____________ with strangers at parties. Dkdjksks mingles.
2. Mr. Joyce’s guid ___________ is still necessary for his two sons. ance Tkkrke.
3. Dan had always ___________ for power and fortune. Finally, he has succeeded in his efforts. Sndnsnskks Struggled.
4. It is dangerous for any industry to run out of____________ A) raw materials B) foreign trade C) subject matter D) natural resources A B C D.
5. The town was evacuated because of the __________ caused by the heavy rain. A) wax B) goal C) crop D) flood A B C D.
6. Don’t cry after my ___________. I’ll come back soon. A) departure B) shipping C) distress D) arrival A B C D.
7. We must leave at once. Everything’s ________ for the trip. A) way of B) all set C) backup D) let alone A B C D.
8. She will help us with the plan, if she doesn’t _______ A) see us off B) come in handy C) have time off D) change her mind A B C D.
9. Jennifer was punished because of her __________ behavior. A) un B) in C) dis D) mis A B C D.
10. First I wished to marry her, but now 1 have _____________ A) made a deal B) talked over C) seen her off D) changed my mind A B C D.
11. Cindy should ________ out _________ strangers when she goes out at night. A) run / for B) look / for C) look / to D) run / to A B C D.
12. She should study harder__________ to get a good mark in the exam. A) as yet B) by way C) all over D) in order A B C D.
13. You shouldn’t be destruct ________ when you criticize other people. A) ive B) ous C) ing D) ise A B C D.
14. Will you remember _________________________? A) to your friends B) me when you’re away C) me to finish the report D) your father about the gas bill A B C D.
15. I _____________ my best __________ make her understand but failed. A) tried / to B) wished/ to C) planned /on D) intended / on A B C D.
16. I will remind you _______________ A) about our date. B) to your brother. C) a little everyday. D) when I listen to this song. A B C D.
17. Bob should have ___________ harder to finish his projects. A) tried B) desired C) planned D) intended A B C D.
18. Our product was sold on the foreign ___________ last year. A) range B) market C) income D) sample A B C D.
19. I’m __________ a letter from Barbara these days. A) hoping B) waiting C) expecting D) thinking A B C D.
20. Please, sharp _________ all my colored pencils. A) en B) al C) ive D) ise A B C D.
21. Liz was shocked at John’s refus _______________ to divorce her. A) ance B) ion C) ing D) al A B C D.
22. They discussed the plans for more than four hours. At last they come to an agree_______. A) al B) ance C) fy D) ment A B C D.
23. The fruit must be ______________ before it ripens. A) bred B) shipped C) searched D) diminished A B C D.
24. We have to ___________ the goods by train. A) hire B) pack C) ship D) source A B C D.
25. Were you ____________ leave when Karen arrived? A) about to B) by way of C) In order to D) all at once A B C D.
26. National__________ oil will increase this year. A) output B) tonnage C) compound D) merchandise A B C D.
27. The teacher _____ liked your son´s behavior. a) in b) un c) dis d) mis A B C D.
28. I kept on ________ for Jack till midnight, but he didn´t show up. a) hoping b) waiting c) wishing d) expecting A B C D.
29. You must always __________ that you are a soldier. a) remember b) recall c) remind d) record A B C D.
30. Bob should have _________ harder to finish his proyects a) tried b) desired c) planned d) intended A B C D.
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