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past progressive, simple past, present perfect, etc


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chris_____ (fall) off the ladder while he _______ (paint) the celling falling / painting was falling / was painting were falling / were painting.
you ____ (study) when I _____ (call) you last night? were studying / called was studying / call studying / called.
they ______ (drive) very fast when the policeman _____ (stop) them were driving / were stopped was driving / was stopped were driving / stopped.
while i ________ (drive) to work yesterday, I ________ (see) an accident were driving / sew was driving / saw driving / saw.
I ______ (read) a great book last week read reading.
my friends _______ (drop in) for a visit while I _______ (watch) TV last night were dropping / was watching was dropping / was watching was dropping / were watching.
when sue _____ (arrive) at the theater, her friends ____ (wait) or her inside arrived / were waited arrived / waited.
i was watching FMS while my brother was working parallel actions interrumpted actions.
it's a great movie. I have _____ that movie many times seen saw see.
have you ____ really strange or interesting food? ate never eaten ever eaten.
i'm sorry, but I _____ finished my homework yet have hasn't haven't.
Eva, Thomas and Robert ____ hong kong many times have been to been to have been.
have you finished answering all the questions...? yet ever never.
she has a car, so she _____ there many times have drive has driven has drove.
used for situations that are 100% real conditional zero 1st conditional.
andy _____ (wash) the family car wash washes washed.
mr. smith ____ (write) e-mails writes write.
she____ (fix) my computer fixed fixes.
the girls ___ (do) the shopping do does.
used for possibilities in the future "will" 1st conditional conditional zero.
if the sum ____ (rise) high, it _____ (become) very hot rises / becomes rises/ become.
Unless you ___ (call) your mother called calls call.
tha ___ (prefer) ________ (watch) drama movies ___ _______ (watch) action movies prefers / watching / to / watching prefer / watch .
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