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UD1. 1. Which expression goes with AT? January Sunday Midnight Spring.
UD1. 2. Have you got a copy of ... newspaper? Yesterdays's Yesterdays' Yesterday Yesterday's.
UD1. 3. Thanks for a lovely evening. I really enjoyed ... very much -- its me myself.
UD1. 4. Which noun is uncountable? People Mountain Sugar Friend.
UD1. 5. My old jacket doesn't fit ... anymore me my mine I.
UD1. 6. He isn't as ... his brother bigger as bigger than big than big as.
Is this .... coat? No, mine is the read one your its yours our.
UD1. 8. ... are my children These This Its That.
UD1. 9. The African elephant is ... land mammal in the world as larger the largest the larger one largest.
UD4. 10. You have ... message today no some any not.
UD1. 11. Is ... your car at the end of the street? this those these that.
UD1. 12. I've just bought ... new trousers any some a this.
UD1. 13. Let's have ... with our dinner an wine wines a wine some wine.
UD1. 14. Maria has lost ... purse her his its hers.
UD1. 15. Which is the superlative form of GOOD? The goodest The most good The best The most best.
UD1. 16. We've never made ... money many a few few much.
UD1. 17. I had ... toast for breakfast today some an any a.
UD1. 18. Which sentence is correct? Has she got some friends? I haven't got much friends We have a lot of friends She has got much friends.
UD1. 19. The Sears Tower is ... the Eiffel Tower taller than tallest than as taller than taller as.
UD1. 20. Which of the following plurals is not correct? Parties Mens Fish Women.
UD1. 21. Which sentence is correct? They have two fantastic big red cars They have two cars red fantastic big They have two red fantastic big cars They have two reds fantastics bigs cars.
UD1. 22. Which article is correct in this sentence: I like living on ... moon? an the a.
UD1. 23. Which sentence is correct? This is the my This is my This is mine This is the mine.
UD1. 24. I really liked the concert, it was... Greately Grate Great Greatly.
UD1. 25. Pedro speaks English... well welly good goodly.
UD1. 26. Which comparative sentence is not correct? She is prettier than her sister They are worse than us You are better that me I work faster than you.
UD1. 27. Rio de Janeiro is famous for ... carnival her it's his Its.
UD1. 28. He didn't sell ... books Many Much A little of A lot.
UD1. 29. His brother sings... biutiful beautifully biutifuly beautiful.
UD1. 30. Don't forget to brush your... Tooth Tooths Teeths Teeth.
UD1. 31. Daily is... An adjective An adverb of frequency A demonstrative An adverb of manner.
UD2. 32. I ... living in this city does likes like do likes like.
UD2. 33. Does she ... near here? live in living living lives.
UD2. 34. I am going ... smoking after holidays stopping stopped to stop stop.
UD2. 35. I was sleeping when the fire... was to start was started were starting stared.
Did you ... your friends at the party last nigth? see saw sees seen.
UD2. 37. My sister ... to be a pilot but she is working as a flight attendant at the moment wants want is waiting wanted.
UD2. 38. What do you ... to do? wanted wanting to want want.
UD2. 39. Which sentence is correct? She did lived in a house She have lived in a house She has lived in a house She living in a house.
UD2. 40. What ... ? I'm watching TV do you do you doing you are doing are you doing.
UD2. 41. Which sentence is correct? This car belong to me This car do belong to me This car does belongs to me This car belongs to me.
UD2. 42. Excuse me, ... you tell me the time, please? do could to going should.
UD2. 43. Which past sentence is not correct? She was with me You went to the party I worket yesterday They slept in a tent.
UD2. 44. Jane and her friends ... like fast food aren't don't doesn't isn't.
UD2. 45. ... you got married, you look so happy Since So Because of Until.
UD2. 46. This year we ... French are studying studied are study study.
UD2. 47. Turn off the lights before ... to bed to go going to going of going.
UD2. 48. Which is the ING form of PLAY? Plaiing Plaing Playying Playing.
UD2. 49. I ... to open this booj but I can't had tried have tried trying tried.
UD2 50. Which expression goes with SINCE? Two days A long time Chrismas day Seven weeks.
UD2. 51. We ... lunch at home never have have never are never having are having never.
UD2. 52. Which of the following verbs in the 3rd person singular is correct? Goes Goe Gos Go.
UD2. 53. Yesterday we ... for the bus for twenty minutes was waiting waited have waited were waited.
UD2. 54. I ... what to do tonight not know 'm not know not knowing don't know.
UD2. 55. While my mother ..., my father was reading cooked was cooked was cooking is cooking.
UD2. 56. Which sentence is correct? She will have live in Mars in 2070 She is going live in Mars in 2070 She will be lived in Mars in 2070 I will live in Mars in 2070.
UD2. 57. The inspector arrived while we ... breakfast are having was having had were having.
UD2. 58. They can't ... to the wedding to come come coming came.
UD2. 59. I'd like ... in a good restaurant eating for eating eat to eat.
UD3. 60. Romeo and Juliet was written ... William Shakespeare on by for with.
UD3. 61. You ... talk quietly in a job interview should ought could recommend.
UD3. 62. Jonathan asked Patricia ... the library ... when / open where / was whether / was where / were.
UD3. 63. I enjoy ... in bed in the morning reading read reads readed.
UD3. 64. I'd rather .. about this with her talked to talk talk talking.
UD3. 65. She would ... if she had enough money have travelled travelled had travelled be travelled.
UD3. 66. I wish they ... to the party last week could go have gone had gone go.
UD3. 67. It you'd travelled in December, you ... a lot of money would have save would have saved saved 'll save.
UD3. 68. You don't have to bring anything Obligation Prohibition Lack of obligation Advice.
UD3. 69. She told me ... cry not to not don't not to.
UD3. 70. He told us ... tell anybody not to to not that we didn't to don't.
UD3. 71. They asked where ... did we live did we lived we lived lived we.
UD3. 72. They'd enjoy ... with their cousins playing they would played they to play to play.
UD3. 73. You have to switch off your mobile phone when you are in a hospital Lack of obligation Obligation Prohibition Advice.
UD3. 74. I ... call you if I need some help would wills could will.
UD3. 75. Trees and animals ... if a fire stars in a forest must burn will die are burn burned.
UD3. 76. You ... study English every day (advice) could better should.
UD3. 77. If I ... the lottery, I'd buy a bigger house! win will win won don't win.
UD3. 78. If you come for a visit, I ... show you the best pubs in town am would will 'll be.
UD3. 79. Does water boil if it reaches 90º? No, water almost ... if it ... 90º will boil / reach boils / will reach boils / reaches will boil / reaches.
UD3. 80. I wish ... the exam I can pass to pass passing I could pass.
UD3. 81. You mustn't smoke in bars in Spain Advice Lack of obligation Prohibition Obligation.
UD3. 82. We stopped ... attention when she was talking for paingy to paying of paying paying.
UD3 83. If she ... full board, she'll have the three meals at the hotel will book won't book doesn't book books.
UD3. 84. I would like ... on a holiday before the summer go that I went going to go.
UD3. 85. The woman asked the robber ... her passport to not take not to take to take that he didn't take.
UD3. 86. If I ... you, Iwould call the doctor should be were would be am.
UD3. 87. You ... leave the bar to smoke! It's forbidden! must should can ought to.
UD3. 88. You ... practice every day should shall.
UD3. 89. He ... that he wasn't angry said me said I told to me told me.
UD3. 90. You ... smoke inside public places have to must not to must mustn't.
UD3. 91. ... open the window? We nedd some fres air! Do Should Why don't you Why do you.
UD3. 92. You ... speak slang in a job interview ought to can mustn't should.
UD3. 93. They told ... to shut up we our us to us.
UD3. 94. You ... leave the bar to smoke! It's forbidden! ought to can must should.
UD3. 95. They are learning English ... their parents for please to please to pleasing pleasing.
UD3. 96. If you heat water, it ... is boiling boiled would boil boils.
UD3. 97. This is a machine ... cows for milk for milking to milk to milking.
UD3. 98. I wish you ... here was were will be are.
UD3. 99. You should switch off your mobile phone when you are in a hospital Obligation Lack of obligation Advice Prohibition.
UD4. 100. My favorite ... is English assignment subject signature matter.
UD4. 101. She is ... ! She is so happy embarrassing sellfish pregnant embarressed.
UD4. 102. I went on holiday to the Caribbean ... having a rest to so that on for.
UD4. 103. He is ... popular singer that he sells thousands of CD's so a such a such so.
UD4. 104. This is the student ... mother wanted to talk to you who his that his whose which.
UD4. 105. ... it was very hot, he didn't take his coat off Despite Although In spite of Despite of.
UD4. 106. You are ... nice children so so a such such a.
UD4. 107. I went shopping with my ... and she had a lot fo fun brother niece uncle nephew.
UD4. 108. It was ... big sandwich that we couldn't eat it all such such a so so a.
UD4. 109. I like books ... have romance and adventure who which they who they which.
UD4. 110. I keep all my documents in a ... sheet carpet file folder.
UD4. 111. A waiter is a person ... works in a restaurant which whose who he who.
UD4. 112. She is ... incredible so so an such an such.
UD4. 113. Helen is going to be on a diet ... lose weight for to enough about.
UD4. 114. Paris is ... my parents went for their honeymoon that when where which.
UD4. 115. Sunday afternoons are ... boring that we never know what to do so what so much such.
UD4. 116. We decided to go camping ... the rain in spite however despite although.
UD4. 117. He arrived at the station ... late to say goodbye to his girlfriend enough such too much.
UD4. 118. This is the cinema ... I saw my first film which where when that.
UD4. 119. He was ... happy that he invited us for a drink such so so much too.
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