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when crossing a taxiway on a service road, a vehicle must give the way to______. Aircraft city vehicles enroute to an emergency emergency vehicles all of the above.
you DO NOT need to use caution when working near running aircraft engines. true false.
the visibility during the night hours is the same as during the day. true false.
a steady red light gun signal from the air traffic control tower vehicle on the airfield is an indication to______. exercise caution stop go go back to start.
all carts or pieces of equipment being towed must have reflectors or fluorescent tape on what part of the equipment____. not necessary on both sides of the vehicle both sides and rear of the vehicle on the rear of the vehicle.
the MOVEMENT AREA is any area of the airport, which is under the control of the air traffic control tower (ATCT) true false.
no person will operate a slow moving vehicle unless the rear of such vehicle is clearly marked with fluorescent tape containing the company name and a slow-moving vehicle sign in fluorescent safety paint true false.
the zipper markings that are painted on the service road mean____. call the tower the boundary of the service road stop caution.
a structural clearance advisory means you must use extreme caution when operating any equipment in the terminal area. special attention should be taken to watch the height and width clearances of your equipment. true false.
aircraft DO NOT have the right-of-way over ground vehicles. true false.
runway incursions are any occurrence at an aerodrome involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle, or person on the protected area of surface designated for the landing and take-off of aircraft true false.
the color of taxiway lights where a service road crosses are what color? red blue white amber.
´´´FOD´´ stands for foreign object debris or damage. FOD can be ANYTHING that causes damage to jet engines/ property or injury to people / employees. what must be done on everyone's part to help eliminate the possibility of damage or injury in both the movement and non-movement areas? if FOD is observed, a ground motor vehicle operator should remove it, if able check the wheels and tires are free of FOD before entering the airside, and make sure that items on or in a ground motor vehicle cannot blow out onto the airfield both of the above none of the above.
choose the txiway location sign. (select one sign) A //////////// ( - ) 22.
A ground vehicle operator may allow any person to ride in the vehicle other than those authorized to enter within the airport security perimeter. true false.
no person will operate any ground vehicle on a SERVICE ROAD, other than fire and police emergency vehicle responding to an emergency, at a speed in excess of _____ miles per hour. 50 30 10 15.
no person will park a ground vehicle or other equipment within_____ feet from any fire hydrant. 50 15 125 2.
the air traffic control tower (ATCT) light gun signal is used______. in addition to radio communication for emergency communication signal to a ground vehicle's driver to communicate with aircraft all of the above.
choose the holding position sign for runway/taxiway intersection. (select one sign) ILS 22 U2 14L-32R <- B.
''FOD'' or foreign object debris can be_____. a piece of cardboard in the movement area an empty coffee cup on a ramp an unidentified piece of metal on the taxiway all of the above.
improper release or disposal of hazardous matearials or fuel on airport property is permitted. true false.
______can park in the gate area at night with the vehicle headlights on and facing inbound aircraft. any person possessin a valid illinois drivers license authorized personnel ONLY airport employees only no one.
all parked vehicles left unattended in the non-movement area must____. leave keys in ignition leave headlights on engage parking brake receive prior approval from ATCT.
when PARKING a vehicle, all vehicles on the airfield must_____. honk horn to alert nearby planes park only on taxiways back into designated parking areas leave doors open.
a ground vehicle who is involved in an written report of such accident to the departmen safety office___. within twenty-four(24) hours after the accident within thirty (30) days after the accident never within one (1) week after the accident.
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