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language testing 2 bim

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language testing 2 bim

utpl 2 bim

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The guide that specifies the content and format of an assessment is called _________.  blueprint  content  task.
The following activity “Provide an encouraging testing environment” is an example of _____________.  Administrative procedures  assessment instructions  students’ performances .
The following task is an example of ___________. Test-taker hears: Hello, my name is Keiko. I come from Japan. Test-taker reads: A: Keiko is comfortable in Japan. B: Keiko wants to come to Japan. C: Keiko is Japanese. D: Keiko likes Japan  dialogue paraphrase  sentence paraphrase  one-word stimulus .
Which of the following tasks can be used to assess speaking?  Picture-cued story-telling tasks  Matching tasks  Editing tasks.
A device used to evaluate open-ended oral and written responses of learners is called:  scoring  grading  rubrics .
The following task is an example of ___________. Test-taker hears: Tell me we went home. Tell me that you like rock music. Tell me that you aren’t interested in tennis.  Read aloud tasks  Directed response tasks  Picture-cued tasks .
Which of the following options is true about instructions?  need to be long and complex  are simple enough for students to understand.  are extensive not to take too much time.
Which of the following is not a strategy for reading?  Identify your purpose in reading a text.  Apply phonetic rules when pronouncing words.  Use lexical analysis (prefixes, roots, suffixes, etc.) to determine meaning. .
Extensive reading involves somewhat longer texts such as _____ that fall into this category. The reason for placing such reading into a separate category is that reading this type of discourse almost always involves a focus on meaning using mostly top-down processing, with only occasional use of a targeted bottom-up strategy.  short essays, isolated sentences, main ideas  journal articles, longer essays, short stories, etc.  words in context and single ideas in a real context .
A good example of academic reading is _____.  reading memos  reading personal emails.  reading theses. .
Analyze the following example and decide to which category of speaking performance it belongs. The task includes interaction and test comprehension but at the limited level of short conversations, standard greetings, small talks, requests, and comments.  Intensive  Responsive  Interactive.
A test in which you include an activity where the students are evaluated small talk, is said to be a _________ speaking task.  imitative  intensive  responsive.
A good example of the use of a single skill would be when we _____.  Watch a video and answer some questions in a written form.  Listen to a song.  Read a text and tell our classmates what the text is about.
__________ specifies how the teacher will arrive at a score on the basis of students’ performances. It consists of the criteria for evaluating the correctness or quality of the students’ responses, the score to be reported, and the procedures to be followed in arriving at a score.  A scoring method  A scoring task  A selected response.
The following task is an example of ___________. Test-taker hears: How much time did you take to do your homework? Test-taker writes or speaks: ____________________.  Open-ended response to a question  Listening cloze  Sentence repetition .
Look at the following image and then decide which task it is.  Multiple-choice cloze vocabulary/grammar task  Matching task  Gap-filling task.
____________ are aspects of language use tasks that help describe the task with more precision than just giving it a label.  Task characteristics Writing prompts  Instructions .
_____ is a strategy used by all readers to find relevant and specific information in a text.  Scanning  Skimming  The main idea.
Which task does not belong to imitative speaking?  Repeat after me: beat (pause); bit (pause)  Listen to the verb past ending –ed in the following sentence then repeat: I worked at home yesterday. (students repeat)  Listen to the following personal questions and then provide your own answers. What´s your name? Where do you live? How old are you?.
Which of the following options is an example of a Short descriptive label for TLU task?  Use accurate grammar; vocabulary, and pronunciation in speaking.  Describe animals orally in groups in the language classroom.  Guide the process of creating multiple assessment tasks.
____________ uses numbers to express students’ level of achievement.  A grade  A mark  A scoring key.
Within Receptive Vocabulary Tasks, a teacher may ask students to______:  choose the letter of the word that indicate the same meaning of the word underlined a sentence fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete a sentence or sentences.  make a summary a brief summary after reading a story.
Extensive oral production tasks include _____ during which the opportunity for oral interaction from listeners is either highly limited (perhaps to nonverbal responses) or ruled out altogether.  speeches, letter writing and reading aloud  oral presentations and story writing  speeches, oral presentations and storytelling .
A popular alternative to multiple-choice questions following reading passages is the age-old short-answer format. A reading passage is presented, and the test-taker ______, usually in written form, in a sentence or two.  reads questions that must be answered  writes a different sheet of paper  omits the answers and the questions.
Spelling tests are among the kind of writing tests grouped under the category of ______ writing.  intensive  imitative  responsive.
If a teacher plans to assess recognition of phonological and morphological elements, which of the following tasks should be used?  Phonemic pair, consonants: Test-taker hears: He’s from California. Test-taker reads: A: He’s from California. B: She’s from California  Appropriate response to a question: Test-taker hears: How much time did you take to do your homework? Test-taker reads: A: In about an hour B: About an hour C: About $10 D: Yes, I did.  Open ended response to a question: Test-taker hears: How much time did you take to do your homework? Test-taker writes or speaks: ____________________.
1. _______ can be considered a gap filling task.  Complete the sentence with the appropriate verb form.  Answer the following question.  Identify the following statements as True or False as corresponds.
As an interactive speaking task, a teacher may use ___________.  interviews or discussions  storytelling or translations  description of something or reading aloud.
Grammar assessment tasks should __________:  test student´s creativity and thinking ability  reflect real - life uses of grammar in context  be presented in a test with a more numerous number of items.
Which of the following options help assure consistency of assessment records?  Develop procedures for administering the assessment tasks and for scoring students’ responses.  Develop assessment tasks that correspond to target language use (TLU) to minimize sources of inconsistency.  Identify which resources may be required to administer and use the tasks. .
Which of the following options correspond to the scale that provides a single rating or score for a student’s assessment performance?  A global scale  A rating scale  An analytic scale.
Within the Extensive Listening tasks, a teacher may ask the students to ____________.  answer questions  listen to a sentence and repeat it  listen to a story and retell it .
For scoring extended production responses, the criteria for evaluating the quality of students’ responses are defined as several levels on one or more _________ of language ability.  scoring keys  rating scales  scoring .
More than one assessment task assures ________.  scores that lack consistency in students’ performance.  performances that may not sample the different tasks in the TLU domain.  consistent scores and meaningful and generalizable interpretations. .
Reading letters is a good example of _____.  personal reading  academic reading  job-related reading.
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