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Lingüística Aplicada a la lengua inglesa

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Lingüística Aplicada a la lengua inglesa

applied linguistics

Davinia Sánchez
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What is the term that refers to the language of thought, that is, thoughts represented in the mind without words?.
Social interactionist theory is an explanation of language development emphasizing the role of social interaction between the developing child and linguistically knowledgeable adults. Verdadero Falso.
Which of the following linguistic morphemes is acquired earlier in children's language development of English? The -ing progressive suffix The auxillary “be” The plural -s.
The ability to recognize, compare and distinguish between distinct and separate language sounds is called sound discrimination sucking rate mean length of utterance (MLU).
What milestone occurred first in the evolution of Applied Linguistics? The term Applied Linguistics was used at the University of Edinburgh as an independent field The emergence of Corpus Linguistics The British Association of Applied Linguistics was created.
Who wrote "Mind in Society"? Noam Chomsky Jerome Bruner Jean Piaget Lev Vygotsky.
Comprehension and production are simultaneous processes in L1 acquisition Verdadero Falso.
Universal perception in linguistics refers to the point (believed to be before the age of one) when an infant can distinguish sounds from any language and reproduce them. True False.
What subfield within Applied Linguistics is concerned with dictionaries, both with the processes of compilation and with the study of the finished products?.
For Piaget child development is determined only by biological maturation with interaction with the environment playing a minor role. True False.
What is the unit of analysis of the mean length utterance measurement system for early L1 acquisition? the meaning the utterance the morpheme.
Imitation and practice are primary process in language development as claimed by Piaget’s framework of logical thinking Behaviourist theory of L1 acquisition Social constructivism.
According to Piaget’s theory, the process of changing cognitive structures in order to accept something from the environment is called Accommodation Generalization Assimilation.
Which of the following negative sentences would be first produced by a child? "He doesn't have no more candy" "Daddy no comb hair" "She don't want cookie".
In L1 acquisition the one-word or holophrastic stage takes place between 18-36 months. True False.
Which of the following is the correct definition of acquisition? the inherited predisposition to language the process of formal instruction that leads to language learning the subconscious process throuh which language is learned.
A mistake results from learner's lack of proper language knowledge (competence) True False.
Semantic overextension refers to the process whereby a learner uses the same noun to refer to different realities with no connection between them. True False.
Which of the following concepts can be defined as “the particular linguistic and paralinguistic (prosodic) adaptations that children learning their L1 are exposed to”? interaction child-directed speech nurture.
The specialization of the two halves of the brain into linguistic and spatial functions is known as lateralization. True False.
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