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He struggled desperately and survived ________ his age. invoice beneath despite distress.
The plane's ________ has been delayed because of weather conditions. arrival disgrace platform timetable.
Joan succeeded in life because she was always a very ________. undergone researched white - washed self - reliant.
I _____agree with all your points of view. in dis mis un.
I always ________ to finish my homework as soon as possible. try think believe propose.
After the war ________ came to our country in great numbers. famine incomes disgust immigrants.
Betty was ________ with medicine. drilled searched provided embarrased.
African life has not been well ________ by western writers. labeled menaced refined portrayed.
________ your bags. Someone may steal them. Keep an eye on Don't carry out Don't let alone Keep in touch with.
Attending Dr. Miller's lecture is ________ for the whole class. interfered compulsory advertised outstanding.
Mother ________ on the light as soon as she heard me crying. set kept turned brought.
Instead of fighting. John ________. gave up blew out put away called by.
Atomic energy is perhaps the most ________ discovery of our century. weapon disgust accurate remarkable.
I'm ________ a letter from Barbara these days. hoping waiting expecting thinking.
I was ________ to leave when the phone rang. over about in order by way of.
Will you be home this evening? I'll ________ by about seven. lay get call drop.
Only two members of the ________ survived the accident. crop dinning car crew reserved seat.
The boy scattered his clothes all ________ the room. set over in all at once.
The end doesn't always justify the ________. means goods profits sources.
You shouldn't be destruct_____ when you criticize other people. ive ous ing ise.
Jane was shocked by the ________ love story of Buñuel's film. hurey bitter status thrifty.
Due to scientific ________ modern societies are living better. resorts advantage development enterprises.
First I wished to marry her, but now I have ________. made a deal talked over seen her off changed my mind.
The teacher ________ all the mistakes we committed. broke in caught up pointed out named after.
I didn't remember __________. you to phone her what did she want what she told me Anne about the milk.
It is dangerous for any industry to run out of ________. raw materials foreign trade subject matter natural resources.
We have to look at history to understand the ________ of our heritage. roots goals fields ranges.
Most of Brazil's coffee is ________ to the United States. packed mingled grasped exported.
Mr. Joyce's guid_____ is still necessary for his two sons. ion ance ment ence.
Anne falled because she didn't ________ with all her strength. pursue achieve struggle encourage.
People should always be prepared to ________ all kinds of difficulty on their way to arquiring knowledge. face hire reach breed.
Alcohol Made Tom leave his job and his town. He became a ________. crew tramp weapon settler.
Only children who prove ________ will be allowed to practice water sports. major spare harmless healthful.
I ________ two rabbits and a fox with the new instrument. grabbed trapped mingled collected.
We observed her walk away until she ________ in the mist. vanished realized diminished reasearched.
The company's main ________, should be to meet our customers demands. branch market purpose merchandise.
Do you think Frank will ________ my advice into account? put look keep take.
Bob ________, and he couldn't visit his mother for Christmas. kept up died down worked out caught cold.
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