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Methodology and Didactics

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Methodology and Didactics


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1. A person who moved to the united states and needs to succeed in that community. Target-language community interaction General English English for specific purposes Bussines English.
2. A person who learns English because it is an international language and may be useful in the future. English for specific purpose English for academic purposes General English Bussines English.
3. A student who needs to learn English in order to study at an English-Speacking university. Bussines English English for specific purpose General English English for academic purposes.
4. A person who needs to learn legal English. English for especific purpose General English English for academic purposes Target-language community interaction.
5. A student who needs to learn English for business transactions. Bussines English English for specific purpose General English English for academic purposes.
6. Read and choose the correct alternative to complete the following statements. Whereas in ______________ learning can take place with very little technical equipment, __________ relies on good hardware and software, and effective and reliable internet connections. real learning environments / virtual learning virtual environments / one-to-one teaching virtual learning / in-company teaching.
7. ________ Usually respond well to activities that focus on thir lives and experiences. But __________ attention span is often fairly short. adolescents / an adolescent's children / a child's adults / an adult's.
8. ____________ , teachers need to ascertain what students know before deciding what to focus on. At higher levels At all levels At beginner levels.
9. ____________ is the motivation students bring into the classroom for outside. __________ , on the other hand, is the kind of motivation that is generated by what happens inside the classroom; this could be the teacher's methods, the activities that students take part in, or their __________. intrinsic motivation / extrinsic motivation / age and learning style. Extrinsic motivation / intrinsic motivation / perception of their success or failure. intrinsic motivation / external factors / level and educational background.
10. We will help students to ____________ if we show them where they can continue studying outside the classroom. be responsible for their learning avoid the need for learning choose different learning contexts.
11. Effective teacher personality is a blend between who we really are, and who we are as teachers. true false.
12. The way we act when we are controlling a class is simillar to the listening and advising behavior we will exhibit when we are tutoring students or responding to a presentation or a piece of writing. true false.
13. Rapport is established in a part when students become aware of the teacher's professionalism, but it also occurs as a result of the way the teacher listens to and treats the students in the classroom. true false.
14. Treating all students equally not only helps to stablish and maintain rapport, but is also a mark of professionalism. true false.
15. A good teacher has the ability to perform and maintain the same role in the class. This ability helps the teacher fo facilitate the many different stages and facets of learning. true false.
16. Read and choose the correct alternative to complete the following statements. If the teacher always acts as a controller, standing at the frint of the class, dictating everything that happens being the focus of attention, ______________. students will become aware of the teacher's flexibility and professionalism there will be little chance for students to take much responsibility for their own learning. students will have many opportunities to work together cooperatively on a project. .
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