Mi mundo en otra lengua #05 01 al 20

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Mi mundo en otra lengua #05 01 al 20


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1. Match the type of with the right possessive adjectives. 1.- Singular 2.- Plural a. Hers b. His c. Yours d. My e. Our 1 ab 2e 1bd 2c 1bd 2e 1bc 2e.
2.- Match the sentences with their corresponding use of the auxiliary "can" 1.- Opportunity 2.- Ability 3.- Permission 4.- Request a. Ican Speak English b. Susana, can Idrive your car while you´re out of town c. Can you give me a ride to school? d. hey, my brother is free now, he can help you 1a 2d 3b 4c 1d 2a 3c 4b 1d 2b 3a 4c 1d 2a 3b 4c.
Complete the following text: Everyday I do many things __________. I get up _______. I have breakfast, ___________ that I go for a walk. _________, I go to the store to buy my favorite luch meat. When I get home, I make my favorite Kind of soup. _________, I sit down to enjoy my soup. Use the following adverbs of time to fill-in the blanks so that the sentences make sense. 1.- First 2.- after 3.- finally 4.- then Use the following adverbs of time to fill-in the blanks so that the sentences make sense. 1.- First 2.- after 3.- finally 4.- then 1,5,2,3,4 3,2,4,5,1 2,1,5,4,3 1,5,2,4,3.
4.- Que metodo utilizas para comprender temas como el uso de pronombres y adjetivos? Leer repetidamente el texto hasta memorizar la informacion relevante. Hacer pausas durante la lectura y memorizar la lista de pronombres. Buscar datos que te remitan a la informacion relevante para aprenderla Leer pausadamente para aprender una mayo cantidad de informacion. .
5.- Find the sentences that are correct 1.- I don´t play basketball anymore. 2.- He doesn´t spends his money wisely 3.- Do you study hard enought? 4.- My parents doesn´t like my friens 5.- Does she like to listen to music 2,3,5 1,4,5 1,2,4 1,3,5.
6.- Si te encontraras en una reunion con personas de habla inglesa que no conoces y quieres entrar en comunicacion con ellos podrias: Quedar sin entender ni dar respuestas Entender todo lo que hablan, pero evitar responder Pronunciar tus datos, pero no solicitar respuestas Presentarte e intercambiar informacion personal. .
7.- Puntuation marks are intencionally omitted in the following sentences. Which of them are question? 1.- How old are you 2.- Wow those nice boots 3..- Which books do you like 4.- What a pretty dress 5.- Where the flowers are 1 and 3 3 and 5 2 and 4 4 and 5.
8.- Substitute the nouns whit possessive adjetives. 1.- My sister´s name is Maria ____________ name is Maria. 2.- My parent´s jobs are interesting. ___________Jobs are interesting 3.- Mr. and Mrs. Moran´s eyes are blue. _________ eyes area blue. 4.- Mr. Baron´s child is very fanny. _________ Child is very funny. 5.- My pet´s house is very big. ________ House is very big. 6.- I have beautiful wife.____________ Wife is beautiful. Its My their her their her Her their their her its my their her its her their My her their their her its .
9.- At, on, in and under are examples of preposition of: Place and movement Movement and time place and time time and nationality.
10.- Which of the following formsn may express a genuine request for information in a correct manner?. Do you think ____________ to play? If you has if you has You have Do you have.
11.- Read the following questions and fill in the blank whit the correct question word. ___________ Do you like on your taco? Sala or cream? Where When Who What.
12.- Fill in the blanks with the correct auxiliary. The history teacher __________ Know a lot about the transmission of diseases, but our science teacher ________. Do don´t Does don´t Don´t does Doesn´t does.
13.- Complete the sentences with the appropriate question word. 1.- Where / When is your brother running ? In the garden. 2.- Who / Why is crying? The Boy. 3.- When / How old are you ? Forty 4.- Why / Who is thirsty? My mother 1 When 2 Why 3 How 4 Who 1 Where 2 Who 3 How 4 Who.
14. Read and complete the sentence. Ben and Mary won the race._____________ the fastest __________. They're have - horse They had - horses They has - horse Theirs - horses.
15. What is the correct question to the following answer? Question: _______________ Answer: I make the tacos? Who make the tacos? What do make the tacos? What do makes the tacos? Who makes the tacos?.
16. Decide whether to use definite article THE or not, if not, use an X. 1. My dad likes _______ bananas. 2. I love ______ flowers on your table. 3. See you next _________ week. 4. I don't always go by ________ train to Guanajuato. 5. Wow, you play ____________ violin really well! 1 The 2 X 3 The 4 X 5The 1 X 2The 3The 4The 5X 1X 2The 3X 4X 5The 1The 2X 3X 4The 5The.
17. Choose which of the following statements are and correct in grammar. 1. We use WHERE to ask about time. 2. We use When to talk about place or position. 3. We use WHO to ask for what o which person or people is doing the action. 4. We use WHY to ask for a reason. 5. We use HOW to ask about manner. 3,4,5 1,3,5 2,4 1,2.
18. Read the following statements. 1. Emma's gift is at the left of Susan's. 2. Marianas gift is below Susan's. 3. Susan's gift is next to Emma's. 4. Susan's gift is below Mariana's. 1 and 4 2 and 3 2,3 and 4 1,2 and 3 .
19. Choose which form of the verb best completes the following sentences. 1. She ______ four languages. 2. Erica is a teacher. She _______ French. 3. I always _______ the window at the nigh because it si cold. 4. Those shoes _______ too much. 5. His job great because he ______ a lot of people. 1 Speak 2 Teaching 3 Close 4 Costs 5 Meet 1 Speak 2 Taught 3 Closes 4 Costs 5 Meet 1 Speaks 2 Teaches 3 Close 4 Cost 5 Meets 1 Spoke 2 Teach 3 Close 4 Costing 5 Meets.
20. Read the word list: 1. Above 2. White 3. Under 4. Messy 5. Young 6. President Answer the question: What are the qualifyng adjectives? 2,3,5 2,4,6 2,4,5 1,3,4.
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