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COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: Hello, my ______ is Jack nationality name ocupation.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: How do you spell KEYBOARD? wai-i-kei-bi-ou-ei-ar-di kei-ei-wai-bi-iu-ei-ar-bi kei-i-wai-bi-ou-ei-ar-di.
How do you say the number 5 in english? faiv five fai.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT NUMBER: 476 Four hundred and seventy seven Five hundred and sixty six Four hundred and seventy six.
Choose a 3rd person singular pronoun from the following options: WE YOU SHE THEY.
Choose the correct personal pronoun: “Paco is playing basketball. ___ is at school” she he you we.
Fill in the blank with a personal pronoun for the following sentence. They say: "______are in the park." IT WE THEY YOU.
Fill the blank in the sentence using the correct pronoun: Lee and Li are foreign students, ______ are from Hong Kong THEY SHE WE HE.
Choose the correct personal pronoun for the word(s) in brackets in each sentence: 1.____ are beautiful (the flowers) 2.____ has two brothers (my wife) 3.____ are in the same class (your brother and my sister) 4.____ is playing cards in the garden (my father) [1-he] [2-she] [3-they] [4-she] [1-they] [2-she] [3-they] [4-he] [1-they] [2-he] [3-we] [4-he].
What kind of pronouns are all of the following? Me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them Personal pronouns Possessive pronouns Object pronouns.
Choose the correct indefinite article. It's_______umbrella. THE A AN.
What article best corresponds with the following statement? My father in law has _____ evil laugh. AN THE A.
Choose the correct article for the following sentence. "The restaurant in front of the school has ______ best food in the area” A THE AN.
Decide whether to use the definite article THE or not. If not, use an X. 1.My dad likes_____ bananas. 2.I love_____flowers on your table. 3.See you next_____week. 4.Wow, you play_____violin really well! [1-the] [2-the] [3-X] [4-the] [1-X] [2-X] [3-the] [4-the] [1-X] [2-the] [3-X] [4-the].
Choose the correct form of the verb “to be” for the following sentence: “Eduardo ____ a hardworking person” AM IS ARE.
Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb to be. “Friday night! It’s a party time! We ____ very happy” IS AM ARE.
Which of the following sentences is wrong: Gladys are an actress Gladys is an actress.
Which of the following sentences is correct? They isn't my friend. He isn't my friend.
What is the correct answer for the following question? "Where are you from?" I’m from Japan I’m japanese.
ANSWER THE QUESTION: "Hello, my name is Jhon Adams. I am american." Where is Jhon from? He is from Thailand He is from France He is from The USA.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT QUESTION FOR THIS ANSWER: I'm 29 years old How are you? What is your name? How old are you?.
Select the correct verb for each blank. I_____21 years old. Gentlemen____kind to others. People___ responsibilities. Orange juice____good to drink. am / are / have / is is / have / are / am am / are / is / have.
Read the next sentences: I'm a teacher. You are in class. Now, rephrase the sentences with their verbs in negative. I'm not isn't a teacher. You aren't in class. I'm not a teacher. You aren't in class. I'm not isn't a teacher. You aren't not in class.
Read the following sentences: Betty and I____best friends. I think Betty____my girlfriend. Choose the correct form of the verb "to be" to complete the sentence. am / are are / is is / are am / is.
Complete the sentence with the correct demonstrative pronoun. ______is my head (cabeza) and ______ are my hands (manos). This / these Those / This These / That.
Complete the sentence with the correct demonstrative pronoun: “Who are ______ boys over there?” They are your students This That Those These.
Choose the correct adjective for the sentence: “We are ______ friends.” my good your.
Choose an adjective for the sentence. “She is a _____ actress and lives in Mazatlan. Everybody loves her.” bad ugly popular.
Choose an adjective for the sentence: “I’m a _______ singer. I sing in concerts all over the world.” bad power professional.
Look at the picture below. Which of the following statements are correct? 1.Her hair is straight. 2.She has black hair. 3.Her hair is curly. 4.She has short hair. 1, 4 2, 4 2, 3.
Read the word list: 1. woman 2. tall 3. under 4. thin 5. young 6. president Answer the question: What are the qualifying adjectives? 1, 2, 4 2, 4, 5 3, 4, 6.
Which of the following sentences are correct? 1. I have one car. 2. He have two brothers. 3. They have a pet. 4. She has a long hair. 5. We has four cats. 1, 3, 5 2, 3, 5 1, 3, 4.
Choose the correct preposition for the following sentence: “The shoes are ______ the bed” above under aside.
Choose the correct preposition of place: The circle is _________ the two cubes under between in front.
Choose the correct preposition of place: The circle is ____ the cube under between beside.
The flower in _____ the table at in on.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER "the milk is _______ the fridge" in at on.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT PREPOSITION: We live _____ 927 Lincoln street. in at into.
Fill in the blank with the correct answer Tomas has ____ English classes on Thursday. her its his.
Which of the following is not a possessive pronoun? Mine, yours, he, his, hers, its, ours, theirs hers he his.
Complete the sentence with the possessive pronoun. "We are an international school. _______students are from different countries." yours mine our hers.
Identify the correct possessive pronoun The book on the table is to Sarah; it is _____ hers his its.
Llena los espacios con los adjetivos posesivos para los sujetos subrayados. 1.Guillermo shaves _______ beard with an electric razor. 2.Lucia loves ____ children very much. 3. The boys win all _____ football games. 4.The dog is _____ favorite pet. her, their, my, his my, her, his, their his, her, their, my.
Choose which of the following verbs best complete each sentence: SENTENCES 1. He_____ two languages. 2. Josue is a teacher. He _____ Spanish. 3. I always _____ the door at night. 4.These gloves _____ too much VERBS a. teaches b. cost c. speaks d. meets e. close f. opens [1-a] [2-b] [3-e] [4-b] [1-c] [2-a] [3-e] [4-b] [1-c] [2-e] [3-f] [4-d].
Choose the correct simple present tense form of the verb from the following sentences. I have a very busy family. My twins always____shopping with their friends. My son____with his friends and they_____soccer after that. My wife_____a lot of appointments because she is a doctor. go / studies / play / has go / study / plays / has goes / studies / play / have.
To ask somebody about his occupation we say: What do you? What do you does? What do you do?.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: What does your father do? My father is mexican My father is tall My father is an arquitect.
Choose the correct answer for the following question. "Do you live in a house?" Yes, I do. Yes, I doesn't No, I am not.
COMPLETE THE WORDS -Do you_________in the morning? - Yes I _____. I work in the morning. - ______ you ______ at 3 pm? -No I _______ I eat at 2pm Do, work, don't, eat, do work, do, Do, don't, eat work, do, Do, eat, don't.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT WORD: ______ do you do? When What Where.
Find the sentences that are correct. 1. I don't play basketball anymore. 2. He doesn't spends his money wisely. 3. Do you study hard enough? 4. My parents doesn't like my friends. 5. Does she like to listen to music? 1,2,5 1,3,5 2,3,4,.
Complete the conversation with the correct words: 1.Robert: _____we swim today? 2.Amanda: No, we_____swim today because it's cold. [1-Can] [2-can't] [1-can't] [2-can].
Fill in the blank with the correct auxiliary: Guillermo loves to practice several sports. He ____ swim very well Do Can Have.
Choose the correct option of the modal can or can’t to complete the sentences 1. Laura ____ teach English; she’s not a teacher 2. Elena ____ run very fast; she likes to practice athletics 3. David ____ speak four languages! It’s so easy for him! 4. Daniel _____ cook anything good. Nobody likes his food! can’t, can, can, can’t can, can't, can't can can, can, can't, can't.
Read the following group of words: when, where, what and who. Identify the function of the words in the group. We use them to: ask answers ask questions ask words.
COMPLETE THE CORRECT WORD: _______ is your name? _______ are you from? _______ do you work? _______ old are you? what, where, when, how where, how, when, what what, where, how, when.
Which of them are questions? 1. How old are you 2. Wow those nice boots 3. Which books do you like 4. What a pretty dress 5. Where the flowers are 1, 3 1, 2 3, 4 1,5.
What is the correct question to the following answer? -_____ is your birthday? -_____ make the pizza? -_____ you don't like it? why, when, who who, when, why when, who, why.
All of the following words can be used at the beginning of aquestion EXCEPT: Set 1= What, When How Set 2= Do, Is, Are Set 3= Live, Talk, Eat Set 4= Does, Am, Are 1 2 3 4.
Substitute the nouns with possessive adjectives. 1. My sister's name is Maria. _____ name is Maria. 2. My parent's jobs are interesting. _____jobs are interesting. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Moran's eyes are blue. _____eyes are blue. 4. Ms. Barron's child is very funny. _____child is very funny. 5. My pet's house is very big. ______house is very big. 6. I have a beautiful wife. ____wife is beautiful. Her, Their, Their, Her, Its, My Their, Their, Her, Its, My, Her Her, Her, Their, Its, Their, My.
Match the sentences according to like or dislike feelings. a.My father loves Mexican food. b.I think everybody hates going to the dentist. c.We are crazy about playing soccer. d.My sister really enjoys walking to school everyday. [Like-a,c,b] [Dislike-d] [Like-a,c,d] [Dislike-b] [Like-a,b,d] [Dislike-c].
Fill in the blanks with the correct verbs. Alice_____to play soccer, but she______to play baketball do / doesn't have / haven't hates/ likes.
Look at the image below and determine which preposition corresponds to each statement a. Ramón is ______ lalo b. Lalo is _______ Julio and Ramon c. Lalo is _______ Ramon 1. behind 2. next to 3. between [1-b] [2-a] [3-c] [1-c] [2-a] [3-b] [1-a] [2-b] [3-c].
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