Mi mundo en otra lengua #21 al 40

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Mi mundo en otra lengua #21 al 40

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21. Identify the correct possessive pronoun. The book on the table belongs to Sarah it's ___________, Hers Her His She's.
22. Relate the adverbs of time to bake a cake. 1. Then 2. After that 3. First 4. Finally 5. Next a. _____, You have to read the recipe. b. _____, You have to preheat the oven. c. _____, Mix the ingredients together and put them in a pam. d. _____, Let the cake bake twenty minutes. e. _____, Take the cake out of the and let it get cold. 1a 1e 3c 4d 5b 1b 1c 3d 4e 5a 1c 1d 3a 4e 5b 1d 1d 3a 4b 5e.
23. Que aplicabilidad tiene el ingles para expresar ideas acerca de tu vida cotidiana? Lo usas en la escuela o casa cuando realizas actividades referentes al modulo. Tratas de aplicarlo en todas las areas de tu entorno donde su uso sea posible. Lo usas solo en cuestiones personales o cuando te ves obligado a hacerlo. La menor aplicacion posible, orque no es un area que te guste o se te facilite.
24. Chose the correct combination of question and answers that are correct. 1. When do you? I live in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 2. What time does you make up on weekdays? At 6 a.m. 3. How do your friends travel? They travel by car 4. Why does your sister want to learn English? To get a better job. 5. What are you come to Mexico? Next week. 2,5 3,4 1,2,4 1,3,5.
25. Look at drawing and choose the correct combination to complete the following sentences. The sun is ______ the sky. The car is ______ the house. The treee is _______ the house Under - behind - above In - in front of - beside Across - adove - Under Around - In - before.
26. Label C (correct) or I (incorrect) for each of the following sentences depending on their grammatical correctness. 1. My sister don't loves football. 2. I believe everybody hates going to the Olympic Games. 3. We are crazy about visiting the municipal museum. 4. My mother really enjoy buying food everyday. 1C 2I 3C 4I 1C 2I 3I 4C 1I 2I 3C 4C 1I 2C 3C 4I.
27. Wich of the following statements are correct? 1. Farm children has chickens and goats as pets. 2. Humberto has a pet. 3. His dog have a long tail. 4. People around the world have pets. 2,3,4 2,4 1,2,4 1,4.
28. Use the verbs in the correct form in a simple present for each sentence. 1. Agustin Trevino _______ in Guadalajara with his family. 2. He ___________ three daughters. 3. They ______ famous, too. 4. His youngest daughter ______TV everiday. 1 lives 2 has 3 are 4 watches 1 lives 2 has 3 are 4 Watches 1 lives 2 has 3 are 4 watches 1 lives 2 has 3 are 4 watches.
29. Math each question word with their correct meaning in the following questions. Questions: 1. Where did you buy this lovely jacket? 2. Why are you late? 3. Why are you taking the bus? Meaning: a. To what place b. In what way. c. For what reason d. In greatings e. In what place f. For what purpose g. By what means 1b 2d 3f 1a 2c 3b 1e 2g 3c 1e 2dc 3f.
30. Choose the correct question to the following answer. Question: ____________________ ? Answer: He's friendly When is he like? How is he like? What is he like? What is he likes?.
31. Complete the sentences with the correct demonstrative pronoun. _______ is my head and _______ are my hands. That - This These - This This - These This - That.
32. Read the following conversation: Rocio: Wow, you look really nice today. I like your red jacket. Is it new? Carolina: Thanks. Yes, it is. I like you black earrings. Now, answer the following question: What are talking about? They are talking about ___________. What Carolina and Rocio like about what each other ir wearing. That Carolina and Rocio dislike Rocio's earrings and clothes. What Carolina dislike about her jacket and her earrings too. That Carolina likes all of Rocio's clothes except her earrings. .
33. Correctly complete the following question. My name is John. _________ is your name? Who What When Where.
34. Choose the verbs that best the following sentence. I ______ coffee, but I _______ a cup of hot tea in the morning. Likes - Love Likes - Likes Like - Love Love - Loves .
35. Si conocieras a una persona de habla inglesa a traves de la red social Como intercambiarias informacion con ella sobre sus gastos y pasatiempos usando oraciones con like y dislike?. Darias respuestas cortas y directas sin estructuras gramaticales complejas, que te eviten conversar. No harias ninguna pregunta. Expresarias de manera autonoma tus ideas utilizando las nociones gramaticales y vocabulario propias para su formulacion. Consultarias todas las expresiones gramaticales y todo el vocabulario en un diccionario o traductor para poder expresar tus ideas. Usarias tus nociones gramaticales para expresar tus ideas apoyandote de un diccionario o traductor para consultar vocabulario. .
36. Look at the image below and determine which preposition corresponds to each statement. 1. Behind 2. Next to 3. Between a. Ramon is _______ Lalo. b. Lalo is __________ Julio and Ramon c. Lalo is _______ Ramon. 1b 2a 3c 1a 2c 3b 1c 2a 3b 1c 2b 3a.
37. What question word do you ask about someone's identity? Who When What Where.
38. Arrange the following words to form a complete sentence: for / bakes / occasion / she / cakes / every. She bakes cakes for every occasion Bakes she cakes for every occasion She for every occasion bakes cakes Cakes bakes she for every occasion.
39. Match the sentences according to like or dislike feelings. a. My father loves Mexican food b. I think everybody hates going to the dentist c. We are crazy about playing soccer d. My sister really enjoys walking to school everyday like ab Dislike cd Like a,c,d Dislike b Like b Dislike a,c,d Like c,d Dislike a,d .
40. Llena los espacios con los adjetivos posesivos para los sujetos subrayados. 1. Guillermo shaves ________ beard with an electric razor. 2. Lucia loves ________ children every much. 3. The boys win all _______ football games. 4. The dog I own is ________ favorite pet His - My - Their - Her His - Her - Their - My My - Her - Their - His His - Their - Her - My .
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