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Write the name of these colors.
Write the name of these colors...
Write the alphabet.
Write in english every members of this family.
Write all commands of this picture, parate, ve al pizarron, escribe tu nombre, borra tu nombre, sientate. abre tu libro, lee, estudia, cierra tu libro, guarda tu libro. escucha, levanta la mano, contesta, trabaja en grupo, ayudense unos a otros.
Write in english the numbers 1 to 20.
Write in english these numbers....
write in english begining up to down the first, third and seventh quantity.
Hello! How do you do? That's Ok, What is your name? I'm Kely, Where are you from? I'm from U.S.A. Where do you live? How old are you? What do you do? I'm a Mathematics Teacher, What's your movile number? See you soon!.
Match the articles a, an or the in the correct sentences She live in _____ north of this city My father has ___ old car She has __ red bike Andy visited ____ Nilo river That is __ big elephant ___ Smiths' has a gread day I'd like __ orange in this moment.
My name ___ Emily, My father ___ a Doctor, my mom ___ a Lawyer, We ___ living in a beautiful house, My grandparents ___ living with us. I have three siblings, Lucy __ ten, Maury __ 5, Karen ___ 18 and I ___ 14. We ___ going to the park on Sunday, Lucy, Maury and I ___ so happy! is, are, is, am. is, are, is, are, are, is is, is, is are, are, is, is, is, am, are, are is, is, is, is, are, is, is, am, is, are, are.
Choose the correct answer vet, farmer, waiter, judge, lawyer, policewoman, firefighter, fly attendant vet, worker, waitress, pumber, lawyer, policeman, firefighter, fly attendant vet, farmer, waitress, judge, lawyer, policeman, firefighter, fly attendant.
Choose the correct answer cook, laywer, fly attendant, plumber, policeman, designer, teacher, firefighter, postman, vet vet, laywer, fly attendant, electrician, policeman, designer, teacher, firefighter, postman, cook cook, laywer, fly attendant, plumber, policeman, engineer, teacher, firefighter, postman, vet.
I put the book in that ______________ box big, square, new new, square, big big, new, square.
My neighbour is a ____________ farmer old, kind, American kind, American, old kind, old, American.
he was wearing a ___________ shirt dirty, old, flannel, large dirty, large, old, flannel old, dirty, flannel, large.
choose the correct Question word ___ is that book? It's mine ___ is the police station? It's infront of the park ____ did he go to Paris? he went last month ___ is this watch made of? ___horses are there in the farm? There are six ___ is your sister's new dress? It's beautiful ____ is it? it's fifty dollars _____is your English Teacher? Helen Davis ____ are you crying? because I'm sad ______do you go to school every days? At half past seven.
What time is it? it's a quarter to five it's twelve o'clock it's twenty five past seven it's five to eleven it's twenty to nine it's half past three.
Ricky and Jim ____ playing football, last evening. I ___ studying French now Carl and Flinn ____ working last night Susi ____ swimming for two hours. ____ my parents watching TV last night? ____ Fany in the school yesterday? ___ Gina eating pears? I _____ sad, I __ happy You ___ a good boy, yesterday We ___ in the park today.
Simple Present and That, This, These, Those Look! Sam ____ ____ big pizza ____ girls _____ the rope We ____ rice and ___ chicken ____ boys ___ in a great race ____ boy ___ a red car Mark ______ -------- vases ____ yellow bus is large, I can't ___ it Why does she ------____ plates? ____ woman _____ a new pair of shoes ____ jacket is new, I want to ____ one.
Simple Present and some, any ______ he have ____good books? Betty ____ have ___momney ____body _____to dance today ___you ____apples and oranges ____people ___excersise in the park Why ____George ____his mother? She _______buy _____milk My dad buys ______old chairs _____she _____spaguetti? I ____need ____thing.
Write in English..... El proximo mes habrá una linda fiesta para mi, estaré muy feliz, habra muchos dulces, Yo jugare con mis amigos juegos de mesa, Nosotros comeremos emparedados, hotdogs, gelatina y palomitas, tambien habrá un delicioso pastel de chocolate y helado de fresa, habra refrescos y jugo de frutas, yo rompere una piñata, mis amigos cantarán las mañanitas (happy birthday), nosotros bailaremos toda la tarde.
Present and Past contionous, days and moths and weather Sandy ___ _______a book, while outside ___ ______ They ___ _____ in the garage on ________ I __ ____ Christmas in ________ In _______is _____all day They ___ ____ chocolates in ________ It is _____in August and we _____cold In Canada ___ ______ in ________ They___ _____ carefully, because it is _______ I __ ______ in the beach it is _____today In _______, they ___ _______their grand parents.
Write in English all parts of body.
Going to, Present, past and clothes I __ ____to buy a new _____ You __ ____ to sell a black _____ Sofi __ ____ to iron a blue ____ Nany __ ____ to keep his ____ My father__ ____ to wear black _____ Ceci __ ___ to wear a pink ____and purple _____ Fer and Vince __ ____to change two pair of _______ Rick is going to give some white T-shirt his brother The students are going to wear coat because it is cold Pame ___ ____ to borrow a pair of ____________.
Write in english these emotions.
Write the emotions.
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