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Test prepa abierta modulo 5

Clarisa Rodriguez ZJ
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Maggie -> _____________ Would you like to meet my sister? Paul -> Yes, please Hey, Maggie! Who's that? Hi, Paul!.
Adam -> I'm a student. _________ Eric -> I'm a student, too. How about you? How are things? How's it going?.
She's __________. She works in a hospital. a singer a doctor a soccer player.
He's ____________. He works in a school. a chef a zookeeper a teacher.
What _____________? do you do does they do do he does.
How old __________? does she is are you do you do.
Gloria ________________ bicycling. loves to go love to go to go.
I take ___________ every morning. a nap magazine TV.
I send __________ after school. a magazine a game text messages.
Sneakers are ____________ shoes. comfortable more comfortable more comfortable than comfortable as.
Suits are ___________ jeans. Stylisher than more stylisher more stylish than stylish as.
______________________ any one interesting? Did you meet Do you met Did you me.
How _________ to Paris? You did got Did you got Did you get.
Among, behind, in front of and between are examples of prepositions of: Place Time Person.
Fill with the correct auxiliary: The history teacher __________ know a lot about the transmission of diseases, but our science teacher _________. doesn't, doesn't does, does doesn't, does did, don't.
Lee and Li are foreign sutdents, ____________ are from Hong Kong. She They Them Their.
Agustin Treviño ___________ in Guadalajara with his family. He __________ three daughters. They __________ famous, too. His youngest daughter _____________ TV every day. live - have - are - see lives - has - are - watches lively - are - is - watch.
Cual de los siguientes numeros corresponde al numero sixty? 6 16 60 600.
Cual de los siguientes numeros corresponde al seventy-eight? 78 17 708 718.
Encuentra la serie que contenga la palabra que no corresponde: orange, pink, red pen, pencil, back pack apple, pen, bannana.
Which of the following sentences is correct? He is my friends He isn't my friend He are my friend.
What do you like to do? I like pizza I play soccer I do Karate I like reading and swimming.
When is your birthday? next year Next to the house I birth in USA My birthday is in July.
We rarely ___________ tea in the afternoon. has have runs haves.
I ________ have breakfast at home seldomms seldoms seldom seldomming.
Peter and Paul __________ French on Monday. studies study studdies studys.
Today is Nancy's birthday, ___________ is fifteen. Her Hers She.
The book on the table belongs to Sarah; it's____________. her she mine hers.
Betty and I __________ best friends. I think Betty _________ my girlfriend. Choose the correct form in the verb to be. are, are are, is is, is is, are.
Choose the correct indefinite article: It's __________ umbrella. a an the in.
What's the correct answer for the following question? What's your sister's name? Her name is Vero Hers name is Vero She is Vero.
Punctuation marks are intentionally omitted in the following sentences. Which of them are questions? 1) How old are you 2) Wow those nice boots 3) Which books do you like 4) What a pretty dress 1,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,3.
The restaurant in front of the school has _________ tastiest food in the area. a the an.
All of the following words can be used at the beginning of a question EXCEPT: What, when , how live, talk, eat do, is, are does, am, are.
Choose the correct personal pronoun for the words in brackets in the following sentence: ________ are beautiful (the flowers) them she they he.
Choose the correct personal pronoun for the words in brackets in the following sentence: ________ has two brothers (my wife) them she they he.
Choose the correct personal pronoun for the words in brackets in the following sentence: ________ are in the same class (your brother and my sister) them she they he.
Choose the correct personal pronoun for the words in brackets in the following sentence: ______________ is playing cards in the garden (my English teacher's father). them she they he.
Guillermo loves to practice several sports. He __________ swim very well. can cans canes.
What kind of pronouns are all of the following? Me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them, Personal pronouns possessive pronouns object pronouns.
Choose the correct preposition for location: "the mailbox is ______ the corner." at am on there.
Friday night! It's a party time! We ________ very happy. am are do is.
The glasses and napkins are ______ the table. on in doesn't.
The boxes are ________ the closet. Fine under these.
Choose the correct question to the answer: Question: _______________ Answer: I made the tacos Why make the tacos? What makes the tacos? Who make the tacos?.
Do you live in a house? Yes, I am Yes, I do Yes, I does.
When we use the worlds: "first, after, later, than, then", we are using adverbs of: Preposition Place Adjective Time.
Arrange the words to complete sentence: for / bakes / occasion / she / cakes / every She every occasion cake for bakes She cakes bake for every occasion She bakes cakes for every occasion.
What question word do you use to ask for someone's name? Which When What Who.
What is the correct punctuation mark that should go after a question? ? ! ... .
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