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modulo 5 Axel

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modulo 5 Axel

mi mundo en otra lengua

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1-Chose the option that completes the sentence by Hilda. Hilda says: I have this book about storms, do you know that _________ There are thunders there is usually lightning? a) what b) when c) where d) who.
2-Chose the verb that correctly completes the sentence. For a moment Francisco is silent. He knows that Hilda________ her homework at five o´ clock. a) Do b) Does c) Doing d) To do.
3-Chose the option that completes the sentence by Hilda. Francisco asks: “What time is your class Hilda?” She answers: “I have a class _______9_______the evening”. a) at- on b) on- at c) at- in d) in- of.
4-Complete the following conversation with the best answer. Hilda asks: Where do you live Francisco? Francisco says: I live in Colima. Hilda: Do you like its weather in the fall? Francisco: Yes, __________ a) I like it. It´s not bad b) Thanks. I like to fall c) I like the fall a lot d) All right. I like it.
5-Hilda asks: “Francisco, excuse me. Is this your pencil?” Francisco: “No, it´s not___________” a) mine's b) me c) my d) mine.
6-Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive adjectives. 1. Guillermo shaves_______beard with an electric razor. 2. Lucia loves _______children very much. 3. The boys win all_______football games. 4. The dog I own is_______favorite pet. A) His—My—Their—Her B) His –Her—Their—My C) My—Her—their—his D) His—their—Her—My.
7-Chose the correct subject pronoun “Thomas is playing basketball._______is at school". a) she b) he c) it d) I.
8-Complete the next sentences with the correct words 1. Hi, my name______John 2. Hi, I______ Susan, nice to meet you A) Is—Am B) Am—Are C) Are—Am D) Is—Are.
9-Chose the correct indefinite article. It´s_____umbrella a) the b) a c) an d) one.
10-Chose an adjective for the sentence. “She is a______actress and lives in Mazatlán. Everybody loves her” A) Popular B) Empty C) Happy D) Grouchy.
11-Read the text: This is a camellia. These are carnation. That is an azalea. Those are roses. Camellias are usually white, carnations are usually red, and azaleas are usually pink. Now, complete the sentence: there are more_______. A) Camellias and azaleas B) Roses and azaleas C) Carnations and roses D) Camellias and roses.
12-Chose the correct possessive adjective to fill in the blank They have two children_____names are Elisa and Diego. A) Your B) Their C) My D) Her.
13-Complete the sentence with the correct indefinite article. “In my purse, there are a watch, a sandwich, a cell, phone and __________identification card.” A) A B) That C) An D) The.
14-Chose the correct adjective and preposition “I´m Italian ______family is______Rome.” A) My—From B) Our—Of C) My—Of D) Our—From.
15-Identify the grammatically correct sentences with the modal CAN. 1. We have an indoor swimming pool at school. We can´t swam even if it´s cold! 2. I can buy my favorite fruit in that grocery store. 3. Can you speak French? No, speak French, but I can speak Korean. 4. He can´t asks questions for more information. A) Only 3 B) Only 2 C) 2 and 3 D) 3 and 4.
16-Fill in the blank with the possessive adjectives. Alejandro can you lend us_______mirror? A) Your B) Hers C) Our D) Mine.
17-Chose the correct verb for the following sentence “We _______movies every Friday night A) Walk B) Watch C) Swim D) Cook.
18-Fill in the blanks with the correct auxiliary. The history teacher_______know a lot about the transmission of diseases, but our science teacher________ A) Don´t—Does B) Doesn´t—Does C) Does—Don´t D) Do—Don´t.
19-What is the correct question for the following answer? Question: __________________? Answer: Mrs Martinez cuts my hair A) Which cuts your hair B) Who cuts your hair C) Where do you cut your hair D) When do you cut your hair?.
20-How do we conjugate verbs in simple present? A) We add “ed” to the simple form of the verb in all the persons. B) We add an “s” or “es” to the simple form of the verb in 3rd person of plural. C) We add an “s” or “es” to the simple form of the verb in 3rd person of singular. D) We add “ing” to the simple form of the verb in all the persons.
21-Fill in the blanks with the correct verbs. Alice_______to play soccer, but she________to play another ball game. A) Hates—Likes B) Hates—Like C) Hate—Like D) Hate—Likes.
22-What is the correct question for the following answer? “I visit my grandmother twice a week” A) What time do you visit your grandmother? B) How do you visit your grandmother? C) How often do you visit your grandmother? D) Why do you visit your grandmother?.
23-Read the following uncompleted sentences and complete them. 1. An English man lives_____Monterrey. 2. I´II meet you_____seven. 3. _____a clear day you can see forever. 4. The band travels_____the road. 5. I´d like to live_____Mexico. A) [1-In] [2-In] [3-At] [4-In] [5-On] B) [1-On] [2-On] [3-At] [4-At] [5-At] C) [1-In] [2-At] [3-On] [4-On] [5-In] D) [1-At] [2-At] [3-On] [4-On] [5-In].
24-Fill in the blank with the correct verb and auxiliary. The students_________the bus A) Doesn´t rides B) Don´t rides C) Doesn´t ride D) Don´t ride.
25-Complete the following text. Everyday I do many things___________I get up_________have breakfast________that I go for a walk________I go to the store to buy my favorite lunch meat when I get home, I make my favorite kind of soup_______I sit down to enjoy my soup. Use the following adverbs of time to fill-in the blanks so that the sentences make sense 1. First 2. After 3. Finally 4. Later 5. Then A) 2—1—5—4—3 B) 1—5—2—4—3 C) 3—2—4—5—1 D) 1—5—2—3—4.
26-Which of these lists includes only vocabulary regarding family members? A) Parents, Son, Cousin, Ant B) Partners, Son, Cousin, Aunt C) Parents, Son, Cousin, Aunt D) Parents, Sun, Cousin, Aunt.
27-Answer the questions according to the information given in the paragraph: My name is Estela, I´m 32 and I have great family. I´m married my husband is Carlos, who is 35. We are both doctors and we have 2 kids, Silvia and Martin. I also have a brother named Luis´s wife, Valeria, is a wonderful nurse and she´s my best friend too. They have a beautiful baby named Lisa. 1. Who is Estela’s best friend? 2. What is Estela’s niece name? 3. How old is Estela’s husband? A) [1-Valeria] [2-Silvia] [3-Thirty-five] B) [1-Silvia] [2-Lisa] [3-Thirty-four] C) [1-Silvia] [2-Valeria] [3-Thirty-four] D) [1-Valeria] [2-Lisa] [3-Thirty-five].
28 -Which of these lists includes only vocabulary regarding family members: A) Niece, Mother, Grandmother, partner B) Nephew, Aunt, cousin, Brother-In-Law C) Grandmother, Son, Cousin, Boss D) Sister, Brother, Friend, Sister-In-Law.
29-Choose a question word for the following question. “_________can I get to the central square?” A) How B) Where C) When D) Who.
30- Frank _____ a doctor A) am B) Is C) Are D) Of.
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