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81- ¿que motivo utilizas para comprender temas como el uso de los pronombres y adjetivos? leer pausadamente para aprender una mayor cantidad de informacion leer rapidamente para aprender una mayor cantidad de informacion.
82- Read the next sentences: I´m a teacher. You are in class. Now, rephrase the sentences with their verbs in negative I´m not a teacher. You aren´t in class I don´t teacher. You don´t in class.
83- Betty and I _____ best friends. I think Betty ____ my girlfriend. Choose the correct form of the verb "to be" to complete the sentence. are,is are,are.
84- Choose the correct indefinite article. It´s ________ umbrella. an in.
85- complete the following sentences: *The sun is ___ the sky *The car is ___ the house *The tree is ___ the house In, in front of, next to on, in front of, next to.
86- Nice to meet you!. I´m a teacher _____ do you do? what where.
87- What is the right answer for the following question?: "what´s your sister´s name? her name is Vero she is Vero.
88- Arrange the following words to from a complete question: do/ often/ you/ native/ your/ how/ visit/ country? how often do you visit your native country? how do you often visit your native country?.
89- Choose the correct question to the following answer. question:____? how is he like? what´s she like.
90- Supongamos que estas de viaje por Estados Unidos y perdieras tu maleta en una estacion de tren o tu autobuses, ¿como solicitarias ayuda? harias una descripcion breve del objeto que buscas y preguntarias por su ubicacion no hago nada y espero que de la nada llegue mi maleta.
91- Robert:______ we swim today? Amanda: No, we_____ swim today because it´s cold can, can´t can, can.
92- 1. Opportunity 2. Ability 3. Permission 4. Request A) I can speak English B) Susana, can I drive your car while you´re out of town? C) Can you give me a ride to school? D) Hey, my brother is free now, he can help you. (1-d)(2-a)(3-b)(4-c) (1-a)(2-b)(3-c)(5-d).
93- Choose a 3rd person singular pronoun from the following options It We.
94- choose the correct verb for the following sentence. "It´s ilegal and dangerous. She´s only twelve years old and ____ a car!" drives driving.
95- 1. Pele was a great soccer player. 2. The students will be scanning to find names in the article. 3. I eat a lot of vegetables 4. Does Laura like music? 3,4 1,2.
96- I have a very busy family. my twins always____ shopping with their friends. My son ___ with his friends and they ____ soccer after that. My wife____ a lot of appointments because she is a doctor. go/ studies/ play/ has studies/ play/ has/ go.
97- A) My father loves Mexican food. B) I think everybody hates going to the dentist C) We are crazy about playing soccer D) My sister really enjoys walking to school every day. (Like-a,c,d)(Dislike-b) (Like-b,a,c)(Dislike-d).
98- choose the correct punctuation mark that should go after a question ? !.
99- what question word do you use to ask for someone´s name? what who.
100- El asesor del modulo les pide a Hugo y Ana platiquen sobre su programa de actividades para practicar las estructuras de tiempo pero Ana al anotar sus limitantes y las habilidades de Hugo comienza a bajar su participacion. Conforme a los contenidos desarrollados en este programa. ¿que recomendacion le harias a Ana para mejorar su actitud? las capacidades de Hugo y estructurar sus preguntas y respuestas de la mejor manera posible irse.
101- 1- Guillermo shaves ______ beard with an electric razor. 2- Lucia loves ____ children very much 3- The boys win all ____ football games 4- The dog I own is ____ favorite pet his, her, their, my he, she, they, I.
103- ¿como realizas la correccion ortografica de las preguntas con "Wh" en tus trabajos escritos? cotejas contra tu material de apoyo las palabras con las que tienes dudas cotejas contra tu material de apoyo las palabras con las que no tienes dudas.
104- "The mailobox is ______ the corner" at on.
105- read the following group of words: when,where,what and who. Identify the function of the words in the group. We use them to: ask questions ask to the people.
106- "children ___________ lunch. at school" eat eates.
107- 1. She ____ four languages 2. Erica is a teacher. She___ French 3. I always ___ the window at night because it is cold 4. Those shoes___ too much 5. His job is great because he ___ a lot of people speaks,teaches,close,cost,meets tell,teach,near,costs,meet.
108- complete the following sentences: for/ bakes/ occasion/ she/ cakes/every she bakes cakes for every occasion she every occasion cake for bakes.
109- Alice___to play soccer,but she___to play another ball game hates, likes loves, like.
110- read the following conversation: Rocio: Wow, you look really nice today. I like your red jacket. Is it new? Carolina: Thanks. Yes, it is. I like your black earrings. Now, answer the following question: What are they talking about? -They are talking about_____. what Carolina and Rocio like about what each other is wearing what Rocio and Carolina like about what each other ir wearing.
111- 1- I don´t play basketball anymore 2- He doesn´t spends his money wisely 3- Do you study hard enough? 4- My parents doesn´t like my friends 5- does she like to listen to music? 1,3,5 1,2,3.
112- do you live in a house? yes, I do yes I am.
113- 1- We use WHERE to ask about time 2- We use WHEN to talk about place or position 3- We use WHO to ask for what or which person or people is doing the action 4- We use WHY to ask for a reason 5- We use HOW to ask about manner 3,4,5 1,2,3.
114-when we use the words: "first,after,later,that,then" we are using adverbs of: time place.
115- Every day I do many things_____I get up.____ I have breakfast____ that I go a walk.___,I go to the store to buy my favorite lunch meat. When I get home, I make my favorite kind of soup.____ I sit down to enjoy my soup. 1. first 2. after 3. finally 4. later 5. then 1,5,2,3 2,1,3,4.
116- 1. then 2.after that 3. first 4. finally 5. next a) you have to read the recipe b) you have to preheat the oven c) mix the ingredients together and put them in a pan d) let the cake bake for twenty minutes e) take the cake out of the oven and let it get cold (1-c)(2-d)(3-a)(4-e)(5-b) (1-b)(2-a)(3-c)(4-e)(5-d).
117- question: answer: I make the tacos who make the tacos? why make the tacos.
118- they say:"_____ found them in the park" we us.
119- 1- farm children has chickens and goats as pets 2- Humberto has a pet 3- his dog have a long tail 4- people around the world have pets 2,4 1,2.
120- "we are _____ friends" good better.
121- "the boxes are_____ the closet" under fine.
122- "who are ____ boys over there? they are your students" those that.
123- "we___ higher education, digital technology and English for a better future" improve worsen.
124- what is "there´s"? It´s is the contraction for there is in.
125- que haces si des`pues de revisar el tema de "verbos" tienes dudas? revisas tus apuntes o buscas informacion adicional en libros o internet para tratar de entenderlo no haces nada.
126- "Friday night! It´s party time! We ____ very happy" are am.
127- the glasses and nakins are ____ the table on in.
128- "the mailbox is ___ the corner" at on.
129- "_____ are we going to go on vacation? because it´s summer" where why.
130- question ____? answer: He´s friendly what is he like? what is she like?.
131- Guillermo loves to practice several sports. he ____ swim very well can cans.
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