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A person who finances or supervises the production of a movie. PRODUCER DIRECTOR ACTOR CREW.
After seeing the _________________ I really want to see the movie. CELEBRITY TRAILER PROFIT GENRES.
These energetic movies are action-filled. Characters go through travels, conquests, explorations and troubles. comedy western adventure horror.
Environmentalists are activists _________________ believe our environment should be protected. where that who whose.
Someone who is curious and loves to analyze is _______________. realistic investigative conventional artistic.
A _______________ gives medical treatment to animals. pediatrician nurse geoligist veterinarian.
Mary dislikes _______________ in the rain. to work worked working works.
You can’t be terrible _______________ math if you want to be an engineer. at in about with.
The expression _______________ means to have natural ability for something. pass with flying color drop out be cut out for fall behind.
In general, teachers have _______________ personality types. artistic social conventional realistic.
Choose the correct sentences. I am good at buliding houses I am good at to build house I am good in building house I am good for building house.
Jason is curious _______________ studying English literature. with about at on.
I suggested _______________ an accountant to help. to hire hiring hires hired.
Unscramble the sentences: people / nurses / enjoy / helping / often people enjoy often helping nurses nurses helping often enjoy people nurses often enjoy helping people people often enjoy helping nurses.
Attentive people have a _______________ personality type. realistic investigative conventional social.
A _______________ represents people in a court of law or advises them on legal matters. social worker lawyer journalist biologist.
I can’t stand _______________ early. to wake up waking up woke up wakes up.
It is important to be interested _______________ what you study. at in on about.
The expression _______________ means to do very well on an exam. pass with flying colors drop out be cut out for fall behind.
Someone who is practical and likes to use his/her hands is _______________. artistic social realistic investigative.
Choose the correct sentences. I am a pediatrician. I specialize at child health. I am a pediatrician. I specialize on child health. I am a pediatrician. I specialize with child health. a. I am a pediatrician. I specialize in child health.
I am serious _______________ my work. with about on for.
I decided _______________ modern languages. to study studying studied studies.
10. Unscramble the sentences: personalities / sociable / teachers / have Teacher have personalities sociable Personalities have sociable teachers Teachers have sociable personalities Sociable Teachers have personalities.
Someone who is very creative has an _______________ personality type. realistic artistic conventional investigative.
A _______________ studies the human mind and behavior. archaeologist biologist psychologist geologist.
I have finally finished _______________. Now I am a qualified architect. to study studying studied studies.
Inventors are _______________ at creating new things that make our lives easier. terrible serious good interested.
When a student is less advanced than other students, he _______________. falls behind drops out passes with flying color cuts out for.
Choose the correct sentences. Tim plans studying journalism, and Katty hopes to study acting. Tim plans studying journalism, and Katty hopes studying acting. Tim plans to studying journalism, and Katty hopes to study acting. Tim plans studying journalism, and Katty hopes studying acting.
If detective work _______________ to you, maybe you could become an investigator. apply appeals interested enjoys.
Musicians need _______________ musically talented as well as very creative. to be being to being be.
Unscramble the sentences: suggested / more / my / doctor / fruit / eating my doctor more suggested eating fruit. my doctor suggested eating fruit more. my doctor suggested eating more fruit. my doctor suggested more eating fruit.
Many people describe this type of movie as terrifying and frightening. comedy western horror adventure.
You will be rolling on the floor with laughter when you watch these funny and amusing movies. adventure horror comedy western.
These movies are very energetic and often take you on conquests and travels. horror comedy adventure western.
These old fashioned movies allow you to appreciate how hard life was in the American Old West. western comedy adventure horror.
Angelina Jolie had finished filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith before she ______________filming The Good Shepherd. had started started has started was starting.
Steven Spielberg ______________ many films over the last 40 years. produced was producing had produced has produced.
Heath Ledger _________________The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus when he died in 2008. filmed has filmed was filming films.
When Burton started Batman in 1989, he ___________ already _____________Beetlejuice. did / make has / made had / make had / made.
Brad Pitt has acted in many movies _______ he became famous for his role in Thelma & Louise. since while by the time until.
When Kristen Stewart turned 22, she had _______ won various MTV Movie Awards. after until since already.
Directly _______ filming the movie, Funny People, Adam Sandler started to film Grown Ups. since by the time after while.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love _______ they were filming the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. until while already by the time.
Stanley Kubrick didn’t direct A Clockwork Orange _______ he had finished 2001: A Space Odyssey. already until while since.
_________ Christopher Nolan wrote The Dark Night Rises in 2012, he had already written The Dark Knight in 2008 and Batman Begins in 2005. until after by the time since.
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