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1. Where ______ your friends going while you were taking the tests? a. were b. are c. is.
2. We _______ my parents about next vacation date. a. talk b. are talking c. talked to.
3. My students _____ some important tenses some levels ago. a. learned b. learnt c. were learn.
4. The driver was going really fast when he _________ into that post. a. crashed b. crashing c. crash.
5. Does your country give ________ job sources to people? a. mars b. much c. a lot of.
6. How ______mice are there in that old house? a. much b. a few c. many.
7. ___ ______ has come to visit you today. a. some b. any c. someone.
8. There isn‟t _______ applying for that job. a. somebody b. someone c. anyone.
9. My parents _________ different kinds of grains last week. a. cooks b. cook c. cooked.
10. Did your sister _______ a lot when she was a child? a. ate b. to ate c. eat.
11. Authorities are discussing _______________ the dates for the level. a. changing b. to change c. change.
12. My father agrees __________ freedom to all his children. a. giving b. give c. to give.
13. Your couple seems ________ a big problem. a. to have b. has c. have.
14. Sometimes, I get bored _________ Mexican movies. a. in b. at c. of.
15. I am tired _________ working so hard. a. at b. in c. of.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT SENTENCE STRUCTURE 16. a. My brother is interested in taking another career. b. My brother is interested about taking another career c. My brother is interested of taking another career.
17. a. My sister‟s terrified of spiders. b. My sister‟s terrified about spiders. c. My sister‟s terrified for spiders.
18. a. Students sometimes apologize not to do homework. b. Students sometimes apologize for not doing homework. c. Students sometimes apologize not for doing homework.
19. a. the telephone was creating by Graham Bell. b. the telephone was created for Graham Bell. c. the telephone was created by Graham Bell.
20. a. Our political situation is being changed nowadays. b. Our political situation is changed nowadays. c. Our political situation is being changing nowadays.
CHOOSE THE WORD THAT BEST COMPLETES THE STATEMENTS. 21.Some theories about evolutions are based ________Darwin‟s a. on b. of c. in.
22. I usually care___________what my brother does. a. at b. in c. of.
23. My family loves to cook. ______ food is delicious. a. ours b. its c. her.
24. If our president ____________ working well, he __________ be reelected a. Kept-will b. keep-is c. keeps-will.
25. Ecuador_______ in some international organizations. a. participates b. to participate c. participating.
26. __________ has called my brother several times today. a. Anything b. Anybody c. Someone.
27. Women don‟t drink ______________ men. a. as much liquor as b. as many as c. as many liquor as.
28. Did you ________ a lot last year? a. to traveling b. travel c. to travel.
29. Parents should enjoy __________ with their children. a. spend time b. spending time c. to spend.
30. My sister is angry ________me a. at b. to c. about.
CHOOSE A SYNONYM TO THE FOLLOWING WORDS NUMBERED: 31. take it easy a. relax b. hello c. hi.
32. mother in law a. your mother‟s mother b. your wife‟s mother c. your mother.
33. twins a. two identical brothers or sisters b. two different brothers c. two different sisters.
34. widowed a. married b. his or her couple died c. only one child.
35. alike a. equal b. similar c. different.
36. both a. men b. women c. two.
37. awesome a. amazing b. bad c. terrible.
38. scenic a. with beautiful views all around b. with a lots of scenes c. with a scene.
39. comfortable a. agreeable b. with bumps c. regular surface.
40. seasick a. sea b. dizzy c. tired.
41. to explore a. to travel b. to work c. to eat.
42. foolish a. unintelligent b. sick c. drill.
43. boob tube a. a tube b. a boob c. a tv.
44. mysterious a. funny b. romantic c. strange.
45. attractive a. nice b. awesome c. terrific.
46. soil a. earth b. to lay c. something liquid.
47. important a. refuse b. claim c. main.
48. bald a. hair b. hairless c. ball.
49. nail file a. nails b. file c. something to care your nails.
50. wet a. sleepy b. humid c. dry .
CHOOSE THE WORD THAT BEST COMPLETES THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES: 51. How old ____ your mother? a. is b. are c. am.
52. What _______ your best friend study at the university? a. do b. is c. does.
53. My family ________ to the beach every vacation a. travels b. travel c. traveling.
54. We ____ _______ English well. a. are speak b. can speak c. do speaking.
55. My siblings and I have an apartment; ______ apartment is in the south of Quito a. my b. your c. our.
56. My boyfriend cooks very well, ______ food is delicious. a. her b. his c. my.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT STRUCTURE WRITTEN. 57. a. Who our parents usually talk to about our grades every school year? b. Who does our parents usually talk to about our grades every school year? c. Who do our parents usually talk to about our grades every school year?.
58. a. CCI Mall is next to The Unicorn mall. b. CCI Mall is in front of The Unicorn mall. c. CCI Mall is across from The Unicorn mall.
59. a. The English Department Coordination in the south is in the second floor. b. The English Department Coordination in the south is on the second floor. c. The English Department Coordination in the south is at the second floor.
60. a. I celebrate my birthday in April 30th. b. I celebrate my birthday on April 30th c. I celebrate my birthday at April 30th.
CHOOSE THE CORRECT OPTION FROM THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES. 61. How ……… politicians are there in our country? a. much b. many c. far.
62. How many farms of sheep …… there in your town? a. are b. is c. be .
63. There …... a lot of mice in the old houses. a. are b. is c. be .
64. There …...a pencil on the desk. a. are b. is c. be.
65. you ……………..eat in the morning. a. always b. never c. rarely.
66. My older brother ……………an efficient student a. were always b. is usually c. occasionally.
67. Teenagers …………….at home a. is always b. was usually c. are sometimes.
68. My dad …………… angry a. does always b. are usually c. is never.
69. Police ………………….protect citizens a. are always b. always c. were always .
70. My friend ………………talking to my sister and me. a. They-us b. is always c. She-we.
71. ………..your friends and you throwing a party soon? a. are b. they c. is.
72. What ……………..your family do on Christmas? a. does b. do c. is.
73. Are you a careful student?................ a. Yes, I do b. Yes, I am c. No, I am.
74. Whose English student are you? a. I am her student b. I am c. I like English.
75. What is Quito like? a. I like Quito b. It‟s nice and big c. I don‟t like it.
TOPIC: WEATHER MATCH WORDS AT YOUR LEFT ACCORDING THEIR DEFINITIONS: Part 1 1.sun 2.cloud 3.temperature 4.thunderstorm .
Part 2 1.rain 2.wind 3.umbrella 4.tornado .
Part 3 1.heater 2.season 3.sunglasses 4.thermometer .
Part 4 1.air conditioner 2.rainbow 3.clear 4.partly cloudy .
Part 5 1.ice 2.lightning 3.car 4.bus .
Part 6 1. bank 2. restaurant 3. gas station 4. pharmacy .
Part 7 1.salon/barber 2.laboratory 3.florist 4.mall .
MATCH WITH THE OPPOSITE ADJECTIVES Part 1 1. hot 2.white 3.quiet 4.new.
Part 2 1.cheap 2.alive 3.right 4.clean.
Part 3 1.lazy 2.young 3.big 4.fat.
MATCH WITH THE SYNONYM ADJECTIVES Part 1 1. angry 2. glad 3. beautiful 4. fast 5. tired.
Part 2 1. great 2. rich 3. sad 4. huge 5. delicious .
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