Network Fundamentals

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Network Fundamentals

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Refer to the exhibit. Which type of route does R1 use to reach host default route network route host route floating static route.
Refer to the exhibit. Which prefix does Router1 use for traffic to Host A?
Drag and drop the descriptions of file-transfer protocols from the left onto the correct protocols on the right. Provides realiability when loading an IOS image up on boot up Does not require user authentication Use Port 69 Uses Ports 20 and 21 Uses TCP Uses UDP.
A frame that enters a switch fails the Frame Check Sequence. Which two interface counters are incremented? (Choose two.) input errors frame giants CRC runts.
Drag and drop the IPv4 network subnets from the left onto the correct usable host ranges on the right.
How do TCP and UDP differ in the way that they establish a connection between two endpoints? TCP uses the three-way handshake, and UDP does not guarantee message delivery. TCP uses synchronization packets, and UDP uses acknowledgment packets. UDP provides reliable message transfer, and TCP is a connectionless protocol. UDP uses SYN, SYN ACK, and FIN bits in the frame header while TCP uses SYN, SYN ACK, and ACK bits.
Which 802.11 frame type is Association Response? management protected frame action control.
In which way does a spine-and-leaf architecture allow for scalability in a network when additional access ports are required? A spine switch and a leaf switch can be added with redundant connections between them. A spine switch can be added with at least 40 GB uplinks. A leaf switch can be added with connections to every spine switch. A leaf switch can be added with a single connection to a core spine switch.
Which statement identifies the functionality of virtual machines? The hypervisor communicates on Layer 3 without the need for additional resources. Each hypervisor can support a single virtual machine and a single software switch. The hypervisor can virtualize physical components including CPU, memory, and storage. Virtualized servers run most efficiently when they are physically connected to a switch that is separate from the hypervisor.
Which command automatically generates an IPv6 address from a specified IPv6 prefix and MAC address of an interface? ipv6 address dhcp ipv6 address 2001:DB8:5:112::/64 eui-64 ipv6 address autoconfig ipv6 address 2001:DB8:5:112::2/64 link-local.
When configuring IPv6 on an interface, which two IPv6 multicast groups are joined? (Choose two.) 2000::/3 2002::5 FC00::/7 FF02::1 FF02::2.
Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the networking parameters from the left onto the correct values on the right. Default Gateway Host IP address NIC MAC address NIC vendor OUI Subnet mask.
What is the default behavior of a Layer 2 switch when a frame with an unknown destination MAC address is received? The Layer 2 switch forwards the packet and adds the destination MAC address to its MAC address table. The Layer 2 switch sends a copy of a packet to CPU for destination MAC address learning. The Layer 2 switch floods packets to all ports except the receiving port in the given VLAN. The Layer 2 switch drops the received frame.
An engineer must configure a /30 subnet between two routes. Which usable IP address and subnet mask combination meets this criteria? interface e0/0 description to XX-AXXX:XXXXX ip address interface e0/0 description to XX-AXXX:XXXXX ip address interface e0/0 description to XX-AXXX:XXXXX ip address interface e0/0 description to XX-AXXX:XXXXX ip address
Which network allows devices to communicate without the need to access the Internet?
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement explains the configuration error message that is received? It belongs to a private IP address range. The router does not support /28 mask. It is a network IP address. It is a broadcast IP address.
Which IPv6 address type provides communication between subnets and cannot route on the Internet? link-local unique local multicast global unicast.
Which IPv6 address block sends packets to a group address rather than a single address? 2000::/3 FC00::/7 FE80::/10 FF00::/8.
What are two reasons that cause late collisions to increment on an Ethernet interface? (Choose two.) when Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection is used when one side of the connection is configured for half-duplex when the sending device waits 15 seconds before sending the frame again when a collision occurs after the 32nd byte of a frame has been transmitted when the cable length limits are exceeded.
What is a benefit of using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller? It eliminates the need to configure each access point individually. Central AP management requires more complex configurations. Unique SSIDs cannot use the same authentication method. It supports autonomous and lightweight APs.
Which action is taken by switch port enabled for PoE power classification override? If a monitored port exceeds the maximum administrative value for power, the port is shutdown and err- disabled. When a powered device begins drawing power from a PoE switch port, a syslog message is generated. As power usage on a PoE switch port is checked, data flow to the connected device is temporarily paused. If a switch determines that a device is using less than the minimum configured power, it assumes the device has failed and disconnects it.
What occurs to frames during the process of frame flooding? Frames are sent to all ports, including those that are assigned to other VLANs Frames are sent to every port on the switch that has a matching entry in MAC address table. Frames are sent to every port on the switch in the same VLAN except from the originating port. Frames are sent to every port on the switch in the same VLAN.
Which function does the range of private IPv4 addresses perform? allows multiple companies to each use the same addresses without conflicts provides a direct connection for hosts from outside of the enterprise network ensures that NAT is not required to reach the Internet with private range addressing enables secure communications to the Internet for all external hosts.
Which action must be taken to assign a global unicast IPv6 address on an interface that is derived from the MAC address of that interface? Explicitly assign a link-local address Disable the EUI-64 bit process Enable SLAAC on an interface Configure a stateful DHCPv6 server on the network.
Several new coverage cells are required to improve the Wi-Fi network of an organization. Which two standard designs are recommended? (Choose two.) 5GHz provides increased network capacity with up to 23 nonoverlapping channels. 5GHz channel selection requires an autonomous access point. Cells that overlap one another are configured to use nonoverlapping channels. Adjacent cells with overlapping channels use a repeater access point. For maximum throughput, the WLC is configured to dynamically set adjacent access points to the channel.
How do TCP and UDP differ in the way they provide reliability for delivery of packets? TCP does not guarantee delivery or error checking to ensure that there is no corruption of data, UDP provides message acknowledgement and retransmits data if lost. TCP provides flow control to avoid overwhelming a receiver by sending too many packets at once, UDP sends packets to the receiver in a continuous stream without checking. TCP is a connectionless protocol that does not provide reliable delivery of data; UDP is a connection- oriented protocol that uses sequencing to provide reliable delivery. TCP uses windowing to deliver packets reliably; UDP provides reliable message transfer between hosts by establishing a three-way handshake.
What are two differences between optical-fiber cabling and copper cabling? (Choose two.) A BNC connector is used for fiber connections The glass core component is encased in a cladding The data can pass through the cladding Light is transmitted through the core of the fiber Fiber connects to physical interfaces using RJ-45 connections.
How does CAPWAP communicate between an access point in local mode and a WLC? The access point must not be connected to the wired network, as it would create a loop The access point must be connected to the same switch as the WLC The access point must directly connect to the WLC using a copper cable The access point has the ability to link to any switch in the network, assuming connectivity to the WLC.
Which IPv6 address block forwards packets to a multicast address rather than a unicast address? 2000::/3 FC00::/7 FE80::/10 FF00::/12.
What is the difference regarding reliability and communication type between TCP and UDP? TCP is reliable and is a connectionless protocol; UDP is not reliable and is a connection-oriented protocol. TCP is not reliable and is a connectionless protocol; UDP is reliable and is a connection-oriented protocol. TCP is not reliable and is a connection-oriented protocol; UDP is reliable and is a connectionless protocol. TCP is reliable and is a connection-oriented protocol; UDP is not reliable and is a connectionless protocol.
What are two descriptions of three-tier network topologies? (Choose two.) The distribution layer runs Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies The network core is designed to maintain continuous connectivity when devices fail The access layer manages routing between devices in different domains The core layer maintains wired connections for each host The core and distribution layers perform the same functions.
Which type of IPv6 address is publicly routable in the same way as IPv4 public addresses? multicast unique local link-local global unicast.
What is the expected outcome when an EUI-64 address is generated? The interface ID is configured as a random 64-bit value The characters FE80 are inserted at the beginning of the MAC address of the interface The seventh bit of the original MAC address of the interface is inverted The MAC address of the interface is used as the interface ID without modification.
A corporate office uses four floors in a building. Floor 1 has 24 users. Floor 2 has 29 users. Floor 3 has 28 users. Floor 4 has 22 users. Which subnet summarizes and gives the most efficient distribution of IP addresses for the router configuration? as summary and for each floor as summary and for each floor as summary and for each floor as summary and for each floor.
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must add a subnet for a new office that will add 20 users to the network. Which IPv4 network and subnet mask combination does the engineer assign to minimize wasting addresses?
What is a characteristic of spine-and-leaf architecture? Each link between leaf switches allows for higher bandwidth. It provides greater predictability on STP blocked ports. It provides variable latency. Each device is separated by the same number of hops.
An office has 8 floors with approximately 30-40 users per floor. What command must be configured on the router Switched Virtual Interface to use address space efficiently? ip address ip address ip address ip address
Drag and drop the descriptions of IP protocol transmissions from the left onto the IP traffic types on the right. Sends transmissions in sequence transmissions include an 8-byte header transmits packets as a stream transmits packets individually uses a higher transmission rate to support latency-sensitive applications uses a lower transmission rate to ensure reliability.
A device detects two stations transmitting frames at the same time. This condition occurs after the first 64 bytes of the frame is received. Which interface counter increments? runt collision Late collision CRC.
Refer to the exhibit. Which outcome is expected when PC_A sends data to PC_B? The source MAC address is changed. The destination MAC address is replaced with ffff.ffff.ffff. The source and destination MAC addresses remain the same. The switch rewrites the source and destination MAC addresses with its own.
Using direct sequence spread spectrum, which three 2.4-GHz channels are used to limit collisions? 5,6,7 1,2,3 1,6,11 1,5,10.
How do TCP and UDP differ in the way they guarantee packet delivery? TCP uses retransmissions, acknowledgment, and parity checks, and UDP uses cyclic redundancy checks only TCP uses two-dimensional parity checks, checksums, and cyclic redundancy checks, and UDP uses retransmissions only TCP uses checksum, acknowledgements, and retransmissions, and UDP uses checksums only TCP uses checksum, parity checks, and retransmissions, and UDP uses acknowledgements only.
A wireless administrator has configured a WLAN; however, the clients need access to a less congested 5-GHz network for their voice quality. What action must be taken to meet the requirement? enable Band Select enable DTIM enable RX-SOP enable AAA override.
Drag and drop the application protocols from the left onto the transport protocols that is uses on the right. DHCP FTP SMTP SSH SNMP TFTP.
What is the destination MAC address of a broadcast frame? 00:00:0c:07:ac:01 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 43:2e:08:00:00:0c 00:00:0c:43:2e:08 00:00:0c:ff:ff:ff.
For what two purposes does the Ethernet protocol use physical addresses? (choose two) to uniquely identify devices at Layer 2 to allow communication with devices on a different network to differentiate a Layer 2 frame from a Layer 3 packet to establish a priority system to determine which device gets to transmit first to allow communication between different devices on the same network to allow detection of a remote device when its physical address is unknown.
Drag and drop the networking parameters from the left on to the correct values on the right. SMTP SNMP TFTP VOIP SSH FTP.
Which component of an Ethernet frame is used to notify a host that traffic is coming? start of frame delimiter Type field preamble Data field.
You are configuring your edge routers interface with a public IP address for Internet connectivity. The router needs to obtain the IP address from the service provider dynamically. Which command is needed on interface FastEthernet 0/0 to accomplish this? ip default-gateway ip route ip default-network ip address dhcp ip address dynamic.
Which two statements about the purpose of the OSI model are accurate? (Choose two.) Defines the network functions that occur at each layer Facilitates an understanding of how information travels throughout a network Changes in one layer do not impact other layer Ensures reliable data delivery through its layered approach.
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