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Question 1 (Select the correct answer) Who is NOT required to sign the JSA form? A) The employee B) The employer C) A company inventory Clerk D) The employee´ s supervisor.
Question 2 (Select the correct answer) Lead can enter the body through: A)Protective gloves B)Showering at work C)Inhalation and ingestión D)PPE.
Question 3 (Select the correct answer) A personal fall protection system can only be used again after arresting a fall: A) if a new fall protection system is not available B) if a competent person inspects the system and determines that it is safe to use C) if new clips are used with the harness D) if the previously arrested fall was less tan six feet.
Question 4 (Select the correct answer) When must a work permit be issued? A) Once a year B) Affter an accident has ocurred C) After you are hired and trained on a specific job D) Before you begin work.
Question 5 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following ítems are NOT allowed on company property? A) Changes of clothing B) Magazines and newspapers C) Tools and equipment D) Firearms ammunition and weapons.
Question 6 (Select the correct answer) OSHA requires that employers provide a training program for each employee who might: A) Work in a cold environment B) Be exposed to fall hazards C) Assemble ladders D) Use ball-point pens.
Question 7 (Select the correct answer) Whose responsibility is it to read and understand the Emergency Action Plan at the workplace? A) The supervisor´s B) Everyone working in the facility C) Family D) The employer´s.
Question 8 (Select the correct answer) What is the method of forming the sides of an excavation using a specific angle to prevent cave-ins called? A) Trenching B) Shielding C) Sloping D) Packing.
Question 9 (Select the correct answer) Your PPE must be: A) Used properly, maintained, kept sanitary B) The correct color C) Unable to fit you D) Improper type for the job.
Question 10 (Select the correct answer) Health hazards enter the body through: A) Inhalation only B) Ingestión only C) Osmosis D) Inhalation, skin, absorption, and ingestion.
Question 11 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following are the two categories of hearing protection? A) Earmuffs and wax plugs B) Earplugs and earmuffs C) Amplifiers and close captioning D) Amplifiers.
Question 12 (Select the correct answer) What is one way to prevent many accidents from occurring when performing elevated work? A) Use various restraint devices B) Adopt good housekeeping practices C) Sweep all debris into a few piles to keep it from scattering D) Pile all materials in the center of the work space .
Question 13 (Select the correct answer) To prevent excavated or other material or equipment from falling into the excavation, all material or equipment must be: A) Kept at leas 2 feet from the excavation or retaining device should be used B) Kept at least 4 feet from the excavation C) Kept at leas 30 feet from the excavation or retaining device should be used D) Kept at least 12 feet from the excavation.
Question 14 (Select the correct answer) What three pieces of information must you provide when reporting an accident? A) Your name, social security number and blood type B) Your name, address and phone number C) Your name, coworkers name and supervisor´s pone number D) Your name, Location, and nature of the emergency.
Question 15 (Select the correct answer) What should you be familiar with at the facility in terms of the emergency action plan? A) Fire insurance information B) Location of the restrooms C) Where the nearest hospital is located D) Emergency alarms, evacuation routes, and the primary and secondary escape routes.
Question 16 (Select the correct answer) Hearing can be damaged over a period of time regularly exposed to which decibel levelof intensity? A) 25-50 dB B) 85-120 dB C) 55-75 dB D) 45-65 dB.
Question 17 (Select the correct answer) Which of he following statements about PSM is true? A) PSM does not address operating procedures B) PSM addresses the requirements for preventing and minimizing the consequences of a catastrophic reléase of chemicals C) PSM is an extensión of OSHA D) PSM is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping construction sites.
Question 18 (Select the correct answer) How often must PHAs be completed after the initial process hazard analysis has been conducted? A) Every five years B) Every month C) Every other year D) Twice per year.
Question 19 (Select the correct answer) To use a tag without a lock, the tag must: A) Not be attached to the energy isolation device B) Be used with a second tag C) Be attached to the point where the lock would have been D) Be Green in color.
Question 20 (Select the correct answer) What is obtained at an evacuation location during an emergency? A) Transportation B) An accurate headcount C) Food and drink D) A safety manual.
Question 21 (Select the correct answer) How often must a fit test be conducted? A) Monthly B) Daily C) Annually D) Weekly.
Question 22 (Select the correct answer) The intensity of sound is measured in: A) Amps B) Decibels (dBA) C) Watts (W) D) Volumen (V).
Question 23 (Select the correct answer) In the event of a gas leak, you may have to: A) Locate the source of the leak and s top it B) Call the fire department C) Evacuate the área D) Call the gas department.
Question 24 (Select the correct answer) If you are NOT trained to clean up blood or body fluids, you should: A) Walk away and leave the área alone B) Wash the área with wáter C) Use a disinfecting solution to clean área D) Report the situation to your supervisor immediately.
Question 25 (Select the correct answer) Lanyards and vertical lifelines must have a mínimum breaking strength of ___________. A) 5,000 pounds B) 3,000 pounds C) 1000 pounds D) 7,000 pounds.
Question 26 (Select the correct answer) If you are required to wear a respirator on your job, your employer must do which of the following? A) Have a written respirator program in place and ensure you are regularly evaluated B) Provide earplugs C) Obtain written consent from your nearest relative D) Pay the annual physician bill for your evaluation.
Question 27 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following statements is true? A) The JSA identifies the information associated with the company´s products B) The JSA provides information on equipment cost C) The JSA focuses on the relationships between employees D) The JSA breaks down the job procedures into steps or tasks.
Question 28 (Select the correct answer) The atmosphere in the excavation must be tested if it is more tan__________feet deep to ensure that employees are not exposed to oxigen-deficient atmospheres. A) 16 B) 4 C) 8 D) 12.
Question 29 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following are used to warn workers of hazards at the work site? A) Signals, tags, barriers and barricades B) Lucnh boxes C) Parking lots D) Restrooms.
Question 30 (Select the correct answer) What is a GFCI? A) Ground fault complete indicator B) Ground fault circuit included C) Ground fault circuit interrupter D) Grounds for circuit incompatibility.
Question 31 (Select the correct answer) Reusable earplug must be washed with___and___ A) Bleach, wáter B) Soad, wáter C) Vinegar, wáter D) Hand cleaner, wáter.
Question 32 (Select the correct answer) What is used to support a worer on an elevated surface so that they have both hands free to work? A) Body harness B) Lanyard C) Guardrails and toe-boards D) Positioning device system with a body harness.
Question 33 (Select the correct answer) What two things will result in fewer injuries and illnesses in the workplace? A) An on-site quality control specialist and more control policies. B) Eliminating and preventing hazards in the workplace C) Paying employees more and taxing the less D) A security truck and security personnel.
Question 34 (Select the correct answer) Where can lead be found in the workplace? A) In the forklift and other types of machinery B) In some paint or primed surfaces C) In the break room D) In the restrooms.
Question 35 (Select the correct answer) FRC must cover your: A) Trunk, arm, and waist only B) Trunk, arms, waist, and legs C) Chest and arms only D) Eyes and trunk only.
Question 36 (Select the correct answer) A) Energized equipment B) Stationary equipment C) De energized equipment D) Mobile equipment.
Question 37 (Select the correct answer) What other names are JSA sometimes called? A) Safety training employee class (STEC) B) Employe hand Safety Program (EHSP) C) Employee safety help program (ESHP) D) STAC,TST, and Stop.
Question 38 (Select the correct answer) What type of accidents must be reported? A) Just those needing medical attention B) Chemical and fire accidents C) Large accidents involving expensiv property D) All accidents, including minor ones.
Question 39 (Select the correct answer) Asbestos fibers are most dangerous to your health when: A) The are left undisturbed B) The are released into the air C) They are left intact D) They are labeled and packaged.
Question 40 (Select the correct answer) To obtain the máximum protection from falls, you must know how to: A) Properly use fall protection equipment and tolos B) How to work only in the middle of the work are C) Use string to desgnate hazardous fall áreas D) Tie-off only to top rail sor mid rails.
Question 41 (Select the correct answer) Controls that remove employees from exposure to the potencial hazard by changing the way they do their Jobs are called: A) Machine controls B) PEE controls C) Engineering controls D) Administrative controls.
Question 42 (Select the correct answer) What must be before a lock and tag can be removed? A) Obtain consent from three people B) Inspect work área completely C) Turn off equipment and unplug from power source D) Disassemble the equipment.
Question 43 (Select the correct answer) In order to enteria facility, you may be required to wear: A) Sunglasses B) A badge C) A jacket D) A hat.
Question 44 (Select the correct answer) When working in an IDLH atmosphere, how is comunication maintained? A) There are no rules to maintaining communication in this situation B) Two workers must remain outside of the IDLH área while one is in the área C) All workers must remain inside the IDLH área D) One worker must remain outside of the IDLH área while one is in the area.
Question 45 (Select the correct answer) Changing the way employees do their Jobs through the use of write operating procedures, work permits and safe work practices is known as: A) Practical application controls B) PEE C) Administrative controls D) Electrical control.
Question 46 (Select the correct answer) Of the following, which is not an engineering control used to reduce or eliminate the effects of noise in the workplace: A) Emergencyalarm B) Carpet C) Sound dampening walls.
Question 47 (Select the correct answer) Who is allowed te opérate forklifts, creanes nd back hoes? A) Only those with extensive experience B) Only those who possess a hard and Steel toed shoes C) Only qualified personnel.
Question 48 (Select the correct answer) One of the factors for employees to consider when determinig which processe should be evaluted first incude: A) The number of employees affected by a chemical reléase B) Will the evaluation be cost effective C) How many employees will be at work D) How long it will take to evaluate the process.
Question 49 (Select the correct answer) An assured equipment grounding (AEG) program A) Ensure that portable electrical equipment does not leak electricity B) Is an insurance company for small business owners C) Make sure that workers use appropriate PEE D) Provides free training for new employees onjob sites.
Question 50 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following are designe to withstand a cave in? A) Bars B) Shield shield systems C) Lanyards D) Egresses.
Question 51 (Select the correct answer) To protect against hand injuries, you should: A) Not repair damaged tolos and use them daiy B) Not wear gloves when operating saws and other types of machinery C) Store all tools in a closed container D) Inspect tools and use the wrong one for each job.
Question 52 (Select the correct answer) When selecting a respirator, it is important the respirator is: A) Certified by OSHA and fits snuggly B) Certified by your supervisor C) Certified by NIOSH and fitscorrectly D) Certified by the dot.
Question 53 (Select the correct answer) When should employees be provided with asbestos triaining by their employer? A) When exposed to asbestos at or above the PEL B) When the employee request training C) After completing lead trining D) After being exposed to asbestos.
Question 54 (Select the correct answer) The label. Used to show the fire, health, reactivity and other hazards of a chemical is the: A) NFPA label B) DOT label C) GHS label D) PPE label.
Question 55 (Select the correct answer) In order for a respirator to fit properly, it is best practrice to: A) Shave all facial hair that would interdere with a respirator B) Pull hair into a pony tail C) Brish your teeth D) Stop wearing glasses.
Question 56 (Select the correct answer) What must be done when a plant-owned vehicle is to be left unattended? A) Turn it off, par kit in a designated área, set the brake, and leave the keys in the ignition B) Pullo ver to the side of the road C) Leave the vehicle in park and running D) Roll Windows down.
Question 57 (Select the correct answer) All scaffolds must be capable of supporting______times their intended maximun load. A) 8 B) 5 C) 6 D) 4.
Question 58 (Select the correct answer) When an unqualified worker is working near overhead lines, show far must the person (on an elevated platform) and conductive objects stay from lines with 50kV or less? A) 15 feet B) 10 feet C) 20 feet D) 25 feet.
Question 59 (Select the correct answer) The opposition of a body or substance to the electrical current passing throughout is: A) Forcé B) GFCI C) Velocity D) Resistance.
Question 60 (Select the correct answer) Equipment can be re-energized and affected employees notified that equipment is ready for use AFTER: A) Employer inspects equipment and work área B) OSHA inspects equipment and provides witten consent for the use of equipment C) Locks and/or tags have been installed D) Locks and/ or tags have been removed.
Question 61 (Select the correct answer) What are the four key áreas of safety? A) Apparel, attitude, confidence, knowledge B) PPE, skills training, safety meeting and participation C) What are the four key áreas of safety? D) Attention, participation, enthusiasm, dedication.
Question 62 (Select the correct answer) Why are toe board use on scaffolds A) To protect workers from falling debris B) To hold the tools on the scaffold C) To give workers extra height D) To protect the workers toes.
Question 63 (Select the correct answer) Which statement is false about ladders? A) Ladders should be inspected before each use B) Ladders are made from different materials C) All ladders are desinged for specific types of work D) Ladder should be used horizontally if scaffold are not available.
Question 64 (Select the correct answer) Who is responsible for maintaining training records? A) OSHA B) Employees C) Employers D) NIOSH.
Question 65 (Select the correct answer) What type of system can be used for the top and mid rail? A) Type system B) Wire rope system C) Ladder system D) Pain system.
Question 66 (Select the correct answer) Air purifying respirators are not suitable for which of the following? A) Atmospheres that have normal oxigen content B) Atmospheres that are not hazardous C) Atmosphere that are immediately dangerous to life or health D) Atmosphere that are not immediately dangerous to life or health.
Question 67 (Select the correct answer) What must employers when constructing new processes? A) Equipment untested for the process design B) Unsuitable equipment C) Suitable equipment D) Damaged equipment.
Question 68 (Select the correct answer) If you must remove your hearing protection, it is recommended that you do so A) In a quiet área B) In the restroom C) In the noisy work área D) In your car.
Question 69 (Select the correct answer) When referring to asbestos, PEL means: A) Probably excludes lead B) Personal experience limit C) Permisible exposure limit D) Pie eating liability.
Question 70 (Select the correct answer) What is one of the most effetive ways to identify job hazards? A) Perform a job safety analysis or job hazard analysis B) Watch a safety video C) Ask your supervisor D) Read your safety manual.
Question 71 (Select the correct answer) What information does a work permit contain? A) Your emergency information B) Name, address and pone number of plant manager C) Your hobbies, favorite books and movies D) Posible hazardous materials, appropriate PPE and the scope of the work to be performaed.
Question 72 (Select the correct answer) Whicht of the following statements is TRUE with regard to excavations? A) Employees should never work on hard, stable rock B) Employees can work in any excavation regardless of the environment C) Employees should keep all material sor equipment at least 10 feet from the adge of the excavation to prevent the materials from falling into the excavation D) Employees should not work in an excavation where there is wáter or water accumulating, unless approved measures have taken place to protect th employee.
Question 73 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following is used when an immediate non-life threatening exists? A) Danger sign B) Barricade C) Hand written poster D) Warning sign.
Question 74 (Select the correct answer) Keeping storage and working áreas clean, free of debris and trash, and covering oily rags in a container will help prevent: A) Class A fire B) Class b fire C) Class C fire D) Class D fire.
Question 75 (Select the correct answer) What three elements are required for a dire to occur? A) Wood, head, sparks B) Fuel, oxygen, heat C) Fuel, water, heat D) Osygen, carbón monoxide, fuel.
Question 76 (Select the correct answer) Before using PPE you must: A) Be fitted for the right size and color B) Have a driver´s license C) Label it with warning tags D) Be trained on proper care and know its limitations.
Question 77 (Select the correct answer) Energized equipment is: A) Equipment that has not been locked, tagged or tested B) Equip,emt that has been locked, tagged and tested C) Generally safe D) Equipment that need repairs in order to opérate.
Question 78 (Select the correct answer) A hearing conservation program is required at which noise level? A) 80 decibels (dB) B) 65 decibels (dB) C) 60 decibels (dB) D) 85 decibels (dB).
Question 79 (Select the correct answer) Selection of hearing protection depends on: A) The respiratory hazards B) The color of the earplugs C) The noise level in the área in which you will be working D) The time of day.
Question 80 (Select the correct answer) Which classification of fire can be prevented by storing combustibe metals in proper containers and áreas? A) Class A B) Class D C) Class C D) Class B.
Question 81 (Select the correct answer) Any man-made cut, cavity, trench or depression in an earth surface is know as a: A) Lake B) Crater C) Shore D) Excavation.
Question 82 (Select the correct answer) How do you make sure that all members of the group are accounted for? A) Look for people still working B) Have the sign in C) Take a head count D) Wait for emergency to be over.
Question 83 (Select the correct answer) When proceeding to your assembly área in the event of an evacuation, what factors must you consider? A) The win direction and exiting crosswing and upwind from any reléase B) How many people will be there C) The shortest distance to the assembly are D) How your co-workers will arrive to the área.
Question 84 (Select the correct answer) Which part pf the ladder must be made with nonconductive materials when using theladder for electrical work? A) Leg caps B) Feet C) Side rails D) Rungs.
Question 85 (Select the correct answer) What are the two categories or types of respirators? A) Air-purifying and nitorgen-supplying B) Atmosphere-contaminating and atmosphere-supplying C) Air and atmosphere purifying D) Air-sypplying and air-purifying.
Question 86 (Select the correct answer) Which OSHA standard states, ¨You have a right to know about the chemicals you work with, their potencial hazards and the protective measures necessary to safety work around them¨ A) The FEMA standard B) The NFPA Standard C) The Hazard Communication Standard D) The AAA Standard.
Question 87 (Select the correct answer) What are some factors to consider when selecting a respirator? A) Physial weight of the respirator B) The day of the week C) Hazards in the workplace D) The electrical hazards presents.
Question 88 (Select the correct answer) Every flight of stair equipped with four or more risers must be equipped with: A) Iron railings and withstand 500 pounds of forcé B) Toe boards and withstand 150 pounds of forcé C) Rope railings and withstand 200 pounds of forcé D) Standard stair railings and withstand 200 pounds of forcé applied in any direction.
Question 89 (Select the correct answer) S method used to review tasks associated with a procedure to identify potencial job hazards beforre the occurs is called: A) company interest inventory B) Personal Hazard Inspection C) Job Safety Analysis D) Logistical Survey.
Question 90 (Select the correct answer) OSHA´s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard addresses the requirements for: A) Personal Protective Equipment B) Proff that the new process will improve an older process C) Electrtical equipment D) Preventing and minimizing the consequences of a catastrophic reléase.
Question 91 (Select the correct answer) Audiograms, or hearing test, are required by OSHA´s hearing conservation program: A) Monthly B) Every two years C) As needed D) Anhually.
Question 92 (Select the correct answer) What do the letters NIHL stand for? A) Negative internal hering loss B) No inner Hearing loss C) New indian hockey league D) Noise-induce hearing loss.
Question 93 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following ARE ergonomic activities? A) Lifting over your head B) Using gloves C) Using comfortable handles and grips D) Using SCBA.
Question 94 (Select the correct answer) You must have special permission to carry____________unto company property: A) Your tools B) Your cell phone, camera phone or pager C) Your PPE D) Your lunch.
Question 95 (Select the correct answer) To property care for your PEE, you must: A) Inspect it before each use and clean it after each use B) Expose it to sunlight C) Mistreat it D) Drill holes in it.
Question 96 (Select the correct answer) What does PASS stand for? A) Pull the trigger, Aim at the fire, Scream, Stand back B) The fire and Stand back C) Pull the extinguisher out of the case, Arm the extinguisher hose at the área, Shoot D) Put the extinguisher in your hand, Aim t the ceiling Squeeze the container, and Seak the fire.
Question 97 (Select the correct answer) A person who has received training in and has proven skills and knowledge in the contruccion and operation of electric equipment is an. A) Apprentice B) Evacuate the área C) Fin the nearest water source and try top ut out the fire D) Stay behind to help the firemen.
Question 98 (Select the correct answer) What should you do in the event of a fire t the work place? A) Geta ll of your co-workers to safety B) Evacuate the área C) Fin the nearest water source and try top ut out the fire D) Stay behind to help the firemen.
Question 99 (Select the correct answer) Who should test electrical circuits and equipment? A) Only qualified persons B) Ony employers C) Only OSHA D) Only unauthorized persons.
Question 100 (Select the correct answer) What type of excavation in lessthan 15 feet wide nd has a depth greater that its width? A) Shore B) Hole C) Cave D) Trench.
Question 101 (Select the correct answer) OSHA states that free fall must not exceed a distance of _______ feet. A) 12 B) 6 C) 20 D) 9.
Question 102 (Select the correct answer) When selecting a ladder, you should select one that will hold_____ times the máximum intended load A) 8 B) 2 C) 6 D) 4.
Question 103 (Select the correct answer) Emergency Action Plans are found: A) At every workplace B) In the supervisor´ office C) At the corporate offices D) At the local fire department.
Question 104 (Select the correct answer) All labels on containers of Hazardous Material must be: A) Used sparingly B) Removed from the container as son as posible C) Legible, displayed and in english D) Defaced and faded.
Question 105 (Select the correct answer) Persons with Little or no training in identifying electrical hazardds: A) Unqualified workers B) Qualified workers C) Apprentices D) Electricians.
Question 106 (Select the correct answer) Fall protection must be used when a worker is ________feet or more above grade and there is no approved work platform, guardrail system, scaffolding, etc. A) 9 B) 3 C) 12 D) 6.
Question 107 (Select the correct answer) Fire retardant clthing (FRC) is required when working in: A) Home environments B) All fields of work C) Potentially flammable environments D) Elevated work environments.
Question 108 (Select the correct answer) Hazard that cause illness are known as: A) Physical hazards B) Health hazards C) Fire hazards D) Chemical hazards.
Question 109 (Select the correct answer) Gloves should be chosen base on wich of the following? A) Personal preference B) Best looking type C) The noise levels D) Recommendations made in the MSDS.
Question 110 (Select the correct answer) Physically changing a machine or work enviroment to prevent a potential exposure is known as: A) Engineering controls B) Employee controls C) PEE D) Active controls.
Question 111 (Select the correct answer) The effects of acute health hazards occur: A) Immediately after coming into contact with a subtance B) Only after many exposures to the substance C) Usually take years after coming into contaact with a substance D) Within days after coming into contact with a subtance.
Question 112 (Select the correct answer) A standard thresshold shift (STS) is defined as a change of ______ decibels in the hearing ability A) 6 B) 4 C) 5 D) 10.
Question 113 (Select the correct answer) What protective devices must be used to protect an employee falling if a scaffold is more than ten feet high? A) Signs and labels B) Guardrails, mid-rails, and toe-boards C) Safety banners D) Rubber mats under the scaffold.
Question 114 (Select the correct answer) Reusable earplugs must be replaced when the are no longer_____and_____ A) Soft, pliable B) Cracked, unusable C) Dirty, worn-out D) Hard, cracked.
Question 115 (Select the correct answer) In roder to easily identify respirator cartridges, they are coded by which method: A) Color code B) Bar code C) Symbol code D) Number code.
Question 116 (Select the correct answer) Which classification of fire involves energized electrical equipment, such as appliances, switches, panel boxes, electric motors and power tools? A) Class b B) Class c C) Class d D) Class a .
Question 117 (Select the correct answer) When is it safe to go through radiation barricades? A) Never B) Before beginning a work shift C) When a guard is on-site D) When no sign is posted.
Question 118 (Select the correct answer) If you hear an emergency evacuation signal, you must: A) Locate the signal and silence it B) Call the emergency response team C) Stop all work and leave an foot D) Find your co-workers and lead them to safety.
Question 119 (Select the correct answer) The hot work permit must contain: A) The date of the hot work B) The roster from the last safety meeting C) The supervisor´s brith date D) The location of the brekroom.
Question 120 (Select the correct answer) What do the letters ¨OSHA¨ stand for? A) On site hazard allowance B) On site health agency C) Occupational safety and health administration D) Optical safety and hand association .
Question 121 (Select the correct answer) What should you do when you have questions or doubt what to do on a job? A) Call an OSHA representative B) Ask your supervisor C) Call home D) Ask a co-worker.
Question 122 (Select the correct answer) The system which uses colored bars to indiate levels of hazards as well as a letter designation system to indicate required PPE is the: A) OSHA label B) HMIS label C) NFPA label D) GHS label.
Question 123 (Select the correct answer) The universal precautions approach states that: A) Human blood and certain body fluisds must be treated as if they are known to be infected with HIV, HBV or other blood-bone Pathogens B) Human blood and certain body fluisds must be treated by emergency response teams only C) All containers must be labeled D) Human blood and body fluis should be treated as if they are not contaminated.
Question 124 (Select the correct answer) Under what circumstances is an excavation protective system required? A) When the excavation is less than 5 feet deep B) When the enspection of the ground conducted by a competent person indicates that no cave-in hazard exists C) When the excavation is made entirely of stable rock D) When an excavation is in loose soil and more than 5 feet deep.
Question 125 (Select the correct answer) Who may perform scaffold alterations? A) Anyone the supervisor designates B) Trained personnel under the direction of a competent person C) Quality control personnel D) Scaffold workers.
Question 126 (Select the correct answer) Fire, explosión and chemical reactivity are the most common type of: A) Environmental hazards B) Physical hazards C) Negligent behavior D) Hand hazards.
Question 127 (Select the correct answer) What should ou do if there is a chemical spill? A) Call home B) Cover it up with scrap material C) Clean it up immediately D) Report it to your supervisor immediately.
Question 128 (Select the correct answer) Controls that physically change a machine or work environment to prevent employee exposure to a potential hazard are called: A) Engineering controls B) PEE controls C) Work controls D) Machine controls.
Question 129 (Select the correct answer) PEE can only protect you when: A) It is used improperly B) When it is worn out C) It fits properly and is comfortable D) It provides protección that is less than necessary.
Question 130 (Select the correct answer) What types of warning devices are used to indicate that an emergency is taking place? A) Alarms and signals B) Weather C) Windsocks D) Your truck backup alarm.
Question 131 (Select the correct answer) A Wall opening must be guarded with standard railing system that consists a: A) Two top rails and a mid rail B) Toe board only C) Top rail, midrail, and toe board.
Question 132 (Select the correct answer) Before using a portable fire extinguisher, you must make sure that: A) It reach the área you are extinguishing B) It is approved for all type o fire C) It is approved for thr type of fire you will be extinguishing D) It contains enough solution to put out the fire.
Question 133 (Select the correct answer) Example of administrative controls include: A) Using carpeting or resilient flooring in noisy machinery B) Installing sound adsorbent pads under noisy machinery C) Operating noisy machinery on shifts when the most people are present D) Rotating employees out of noisy áreas for part of a shift.
Question 134 (Select the correct answer) In order to prevent the unexpect reléase of energy what must be done? A) Conduct lockout/Tagout B) Ask your supervisor C) Hire a profesional electrician D) Install a GFCI.
Question 135 (Select the correct answer) If your skin or eyescome into contact with chemicals, you should: A) Go home immediately B) Call your supervisor C) Remove clothing and rinse affected área eyes for 15 minutes D) File an accident report.
Question 136 (Select the correct answer) When should PPE be used? A) Whenever you just want to wear PPE B) If you might have to work overtime C) When engineering c.
Question 137 (Select the correct answer) When is hot work permit Issued? A) When you willbe working outside B) For all Jobs C) when you will working in a hot location D) when you will be working around heat, sparks or flame.
Question 138 (Select the correct answer) When can you share your hearing protection with other? A) There is no regulation on sharing protection B) Always C) Never D) Sometimes.
Question 139 (Select the correct answer) Who is respondible for evaluating the contrator´s safety programs, informing the contrators of potential fire, explosión or toxic reléase hazards related tothe contractor´ s work, and, explaining th the contract employer the emergency action plan? A) Employees B) OSHA C) Facilities D) Family.
Question 140 (Select the correct answer) What is the next step, in a JSA after identifying the hazards? A) Correct the hazards without notifying your supervisor B) Notify OSHA C) Facilities D) Family.
Question 141 (Select the correct answer) What type of ladder should be sued when working electricity? A) Metal B) Wet and dirty ladders C) Han buit oil treated D) Wooden or riberglss ladder.
Question 142 (Select the correct answer) Foot protection must be approved by: A) Fema B) ANSI Z41 C) MSDS D) OSHA.
Question 143 (Select the correct answer) To protect against exposure to vehicular traffic, workers must: A) Identify the excavation depth B) Not work underneath elevate loads C) Wear flame resistant D) Wear warning ves or other suitable reflective garments.
Question 144 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following is NOT a precaution used to ensure that contact with electricity will not occur? A) Dim lighting B) Insulation C) Barricades D) Protective shields.
Question 145 (Select the correct answer) One of the most important parts of the PSM program is the: A) Process hazard Analysis B) OSHA standard C) Arriving at work on time D) DOT Standard.
Question 146 (Select the correct answer) Two types of health hazards are: A) Compressed and combustibe B) BBP and PPE C) Explosive and reactive D) Chronic and acute.
(Select the correct answer) Any enclosure large enough for an individual to bodily enter and perform assigned work, but that has limited or restricted means of entry and exit, and is not designed for continuous eployee occupancy is called a: A) Meeting room B) Office C) Confined space D) Breack room.
Question 148 (Select the correct answer) What should you do i fan emergency situation arises at the excavation site? A) Call a friend Ford help B) Call emergency response and give detailed information C) Call your family D) Call your office for instructions.
Question 149 (Select the correct answer) At any given time, equipment may contain: A) Only suppliet energy B) Non-hazardous energy C) More tan one type of hazardous energy.
Question 150 (Select the correct answer) Who is responsible for inspecting the excvation, adjacent áreas, and protective systems prior to the start of work or as needed throughout the shift? A) A competent person B) An OSHA representative C) You D) Anyone who has been trained in excavating.
Question 151 (Select the correct answer) What must be done to each container of hazardous chemical leaving a work place? A) Must be inspected by quality control B) Must be reported to the health department C) Must be labeled tagged or marker.
Question 152 (Select the correct answer) When can passenger sit on the side of a truck bed or taigate? A) When there isn´t enough room insidethe cab B) When you are in a hurry to get from place to place C) Never D) Only in an emergency situation.
Question 153 (Select the correct answer) A hazard which can cause injury or property damage is known as a: A) Environmental hazard B) Health hazard C) Physical hazard D) Chemical.
Question 154 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following PPE must be ANSI (America National Standards Institute) A) Gloves B) FRC´s C) Eves protection, hard hats, footwear, and face protection D) Hearing protection.
Question 155 (Select the correct answer) The best ways to event lead exposure are: A) Use appropriate PEE and practice good hygiene B) Ignore warning signs about lead C) Treat all pained or primed surfaces as lead free D) Eat in contaminated áreas.
Question 156 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following is a pathogen that can be found in the human blood? A) HMIS B) HIV and HBV C) MRS.
Question 157 (Select the correct answer) The term PHA stands for: A) Process Hazard Analysis B) Personal hazard Assessment C) Personal hearing ability D) Personnelhot área.
Question 158 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following is a responsibility of the owner/plant? A) To provide life and health insurance coverage at reduced cost B) To tell the contractor of any know safety and health hazards on the job site C) To provide a To provide a 30 minute breack after every five hours of work D) To provide clothing, tools and equipment at no charge.
Question 159 (Select the correct answer) Hearing protections needed if you have to raiseyour voice to communicate with someone: A) 12 c feet away B) 1foot away C) 9 to 10 feet away D) 2 or 3 feet away.
Question 160 (Select the correct answer) Before a worker can wear a respirator, he/She must: A) Obtain medical clearance,be fit-tested, and trained B) Be trained in HAZMAT C) Sign a waiver, pay a fee, and undergo medical testing D) Obtain employer approval and sign a waiver.
Question 161 (Select the correct answer) Which classification of fire involves Wood, paper, cloth, rubber and some plastics? A) Classs C B) Class B C) Class D D) Class A.
Question 162 (Select the correct answer) Which classification of fire involves certain combustible metals, such as magnesium, titanium, potassium and sodium? A) Class B B) Class A C) Class C D) Class D.
Question 163 (Select the correct answer) According to OSHA standards, a non self-supporting ladder should extend______ feet adove the point of support or landing surface at a 4:1 ratio. A) 4 B) 2 C) 3 D) 5.
Question 164 (Select the correct answer) A very strong, naturally accorring fibrous mineral that is resistant to heat and chemicals is: A) Asbestos B) Radiation C) Heavy metals D) Lead.
Question 165 (Select the correct answer) The urinary, reproductive and nervous systems can be severely affected by: A) Exposure to lead B) Insulation C) MSDS D) OSHA.
Question 166 (Select the correct answer) Whichtopic listed below is NOT addressed in the HAZCOM program? A) Emergency exit routes B) Labels and other forms of warning C) Employee information and training D) Material safety data sheets.
Question 167 (Select the correct answer) In the event of hazardous spill, you may have to: A) Clean it up B) Leave the área and seal it off C) Call HAZMAT D) Evacuate the área.
Question 168 (Select the correct answer) Who can remove a lock and tag? A) Nobody B) Anyone C) An unqualified person D) The employee who applied ir or a qualified person.
Question 169 (Select the correct answer) Employers should________employees who observed using ladders improperly A) Reprimand send home fire B) Send home C) Fire D) Retrain.
Question 170 (Select the correct answer) What determine the severity of electrical shock?, A) GFCI, open currents, and voltaje B) Force, velocity and speed C) Age, gender, and occupation D) Current, voltaje, and resistancce.
Question 171 (Select the correct answer) What do the letters PPE stand for? A) Personal Protective Equipment B) Positive People Environment C) Participant Productivity Evaluation D) Particular protective essential.
Question 172 (Select the correct answer) You must properly discard and replace the PPE when: A) It becomes out of style B) It is found to be damaged, contaminated or defective C) It is in good condition D) Its colors fade.
Question 173 (Select the correct answer) Why are JSAs reviewed? A) To determine if PPE is being used B) To determine if job procedures should be changed to prevent hazardous occurrences in the future C) To deterine if employers are providing training D) To determine if employees are doing their Jobs.
Question 174 (Select the correct answer) What should you do if you or your clothing should catch on fire? A) Remove your clothing and shower B) Run as fast as you can C) Fan the flames with your hands D) Stop, drop and roll.
Question 175 (Select the correct answer) Which classification of fire can be prevented by making sure that light bulbs have protective covers and old or worn wiring with broken insulation is reported? A) Class D B) Class B C) Class A D) Class C.
Question 176 (Select the correct answer) How-long should Hot Work Permits be kept on file? A) As long as the employer choose to keep it B) 6 months to one year C) until the ho work operation is completed D) 3-6 months.
Question 177 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following statements is true? A) Employees are not expected to read or undertand the MSDS for the chemicals they work with B) Employees should ony be trained if the volunteer for the training C) Employees are not held accountable for their knowledge about the chemicals with which the work D) Each employee involved in working with highly hazardous chemicals must be trained.
Question 178 (Select the correct answer) Security precautions such as barricades, hand signals, and stop logs must be used: A) To protect the excavation´s soil types B) When security personnel are present C) When no ladder is used for egress D) When operating mobile equipment nearan excavation.
Question 179 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following safe work practices should be used when wording with electricity? A) Grounding, bonding, and GFCT B) Shoring C) Sloping D) Benching.
Question 180 (Select the correct answer) Who is allowed to opérate plant-owned equipment? A) Anyone employed at the plant B) Anyone with a driver´s license C) Qualified and authorized employees ony D) Plant supervisors only.
Question 181 (Select the correct answer) If the JSA is updated, wht must take place? A) The employees must be retained B) The employer must submit the new JSA to OSHA C) The facility owner must change the process D) OSHA must be notified.
Question 182 (Select the correct answer) The number 4, in any colored diamond, on a NFPA warning label indicates: A) No hazard at all B) The least severe hazard C) The dimensions of th label D) The most severe hazard.
Question 183 (Select the correct answer) Any condition or activity that, if left uncontrolled, can resut in illness or injury is called: A) A hazard B) A tragedy C) A mishap D) An accident.
Question 184 (Select the correct answer) Which of the following is NOT fire prevention or fire-fighthing techniques? A) Eliminating the fuel B) Removing the oxigen C) Cooling the heat D) Using fans to blow out the fire.
Question 185 (Select the correct answer) Which three actions are NOT allowed on company property? A) Harassment, horeplay, theft B) Using permits, PEE and tools C) Taking breaks, eating lunch, using the restroom D) Changing clothing, inspecting equipment, seeking help.
Question 186 (Select the correct answer) What improves job planning, helps employees to recognize potential hazards, and involves all employees in determining the necessary safety precautions? A) The employer B) You C) A competent person D) JSAs.
Question 187 (Select the correct answer) The effects of chronic health hazards occur: A) Within days after coming into contact with a substance B) Immediately after coming into contac with a subtance C) Years after many exposures to the substance D) A few months after coming into contact with a substance.
Question 188 (Select the correct answer) You can help save someone else from having a major accident by: A) Taking your co-workers to their local doctor B) Staying behind to help others C) Reporting all accidents, no matter how minor D) Providing food and drinks in an emergency.
Question 189 (Select the correct answer) Which classification of fire involves flammable liquids such as gasolina, kerosene, paint, paint thinners, propane and butane? A) Class A B) Class B C) Class D D) Class C.
Question 190 (Select the correct answer) A person who is given permission, by the employer, to lock or tag out machines and equipment to perform service or maintenance activities is a/an: A) Contract laborer B) Service technician C) Authorized employee D) Afftected employee.
Question 191 (Select the correct answer) At What excavation depth should there be no more than 25 feet of lateral travel between egress points for workers? A) 10 feet B) 4 feet C) 8 feet D) 3 feet.
Question 192 (Select the correct answer) Which classification of fire can be prevented by not refueling gasolina powered equipment while the equiment is hot? A) Class B B) Class D C) Class A D) Class C.
Question 193 (Select the correct answer) A swing fall hazard exists when: A) The worker is not tied off on the side rails B) The worker is using a Jack swing C) The worker is not tied off directly overhead D) The worker free falls six or more feet.
Question 194 (Select the correct answer) When must the excavation site be inspected? A) Affeter every rainsorm orany other occurrence that could potentially increase the hazards associated with the excavation B) Every morning and night C) During your break D) Whenever time permits.
Question 195 (Select the correct answer) Which are the correct color codeso n a HMIS label? A) Blue=health hazards, yellow=fire hazard, red=reactivity hazards B) Blue=physical hazards, yellow=health hazards, red=air quality C) Blue=air quality, red=reactivity hazards, yellow=health hazards D) Blue=health hazards, red=flammability hazards, yellow=reactivity hazards.
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