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past simple, past continuous, present perfect uned +25

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past simple, past continuous, present perfect uned +25

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(complete la oración con las formas verbales correctas:) The Johnsons___their hous in Seattle before the Smiths___theirs. sold/bought have sold/bought sold/have bought.
I liked___ to pop music when I___ in Britain in the 1980s. listening / have lived listen / lived listening / lived.
seleccione la opción correcta: My room has just being cleaned. My room was just being cleaned. My room has just been cleaned.
Order the sentence: as a waitress / was working / in a restaurant / she/ him/ met/ when/ she As a waitress in a restaurant she was working when him she met. In a restaurant when she met him as a waitress she was working. She was working as a waitress in a restaurant when she met him.
Elija la opción correcta que mejor complete la siguiente frase: They have been married___ thirty-three years. since during for.
Seleccione el paricipio pasado correcto del verbo en la siguiente frase: He has ___ early today. come came coming.
Ponga las palabras en el orden correcto: have / yet / I / visited/ not / China I have not visited China yet. I yet have not visited China. China yet I have visited not. I yet China have not visited.
Ponga las palabras en el orden correcto: to / been Have / ever / Scotland / ? / you Have you ever been to Scotland? Scotland have ever been to you? Have Scotland ever been to you? you have been ever to Scotland?.
Elija el auxiliar más apropiado para la frase: He____ care about it. He was happy after all. do did didn´t was.
Complete la oración con el tiempo verbal adecuado: And suddenly the boy___ down. He wasn´t hurt though. fell fall stood stand.
Elija la opción correcta que mejor complete las siguientes frases: What___ you___? This is all dirty. Have....done Has....done hasn´t......done cannot.....done.
Peter has___in the Pyrenees. He loves winter sports. gone sailing done boxing gone skiing done rollerblading.
The new dress that you___me___amazing. buy/ looked buy/ look buying/ looking bought/ looks.
She___ to the restaurant with us, but she ____very much. come / eat came/ don´t eat didn´t come / eat came/ didn´t eat.
My friends___coffee, and I___cake. drunk / eat drinking/ eating drank / ate drink / eaten.
We___ that film twice. cannot see see has seen have seen.
Sue___ out on Saturday, and on Sunday she ___late. Went/ slept go / sleep went/ sleep going/ sleeping.
____a library near you house when you were little? Were there Was there There was There weren´t.
¨Have you____ ____ to Paris?¨ ¨NO, but I wanto to visit it this summer.¨ yet visited already gone ever been never going.
Whe haven´t seen each other____ we arrived. since for so yet.
Your room is still a mess. Have you cleaned up anything___? yet still up then.
I ___ walk very little years ago, but now I___long distances. was / walk don´t/ walk will/ will used to / walk.
We haven´t seen each other__more than a year. for since on during.
Jim is on holiday now. He ___to Spain. is gone has going has gone go.
I___sleep a lot when i was young, but now I____less. was/ slept used to / sleep used to / slept have / sleep.
Lizzy: Have you ever been on a Japanese high-speed train? Josh: No, I___. I´ve_____ to Japan. haven´t / never been haven´t / already been haven´t / ever been haven´t / still been.
Where___your sister´s birthday party? I___ for hours and____ find it. was / drove / don´t were / drove / didn´t is / drive / don´t was / drove / didn´t.
Josh: "I have___ visited the London Eye. And you?" Lizzy: "yes, me__." never / too already / too already / either still / yet.
Juan: "Have you___ ben to Spain, Cheng?" Cheng: "No, ____." never/ hasn´t ever / I´m not ever / I haven´t never / wasn´t.
John____ Debby at the concert and they___ friends since then. meet / were meets/ are met / have been met / was.
"Have you talked to María?" "No, I____." didn´t haven´t I haven´t tlked talked.
I___ for this company for three years now. worked have worked work am working.
It is our anniversary today. We ____ since 1998. got married have been married married had been married.
You went shopping this morning, ____? didn´t do didn´t you did you do went you.
I____already visited London. Let´s______to Paris this summer! had / went has / go have / go had / goes.
_____last Monday, I´ve had a headache. from for since during.
A burglar has been arrested______. yesterday tonight tomorrow seldom.
¿Cuál es la oración correcta? She just have left the room. She has just leave the room. She has just left the room. She just has left the room.
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