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VERSIÓN 7 2018-2019 [19-01-2019]


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1. Choose the correct answer of the similar meaning according to the meaning of the statement provided. "She decided to go to Art School, then dropped out after the first term" This sentence means: Decidió ir a la Escuela de Arte, luego se fue después del primer perido" Esta oración significa: a. She left school without finishing. b. She failed the exam. c. She finished school.
2. Choose the correct option provided for the statement below. Disculpe, ¿pero no nos hemos conocido antes? Excuse me, but haven't__________________? a. do I know you b. met before c. we met before.
3. Read the paragraph and choose the correct answer that best suits to the description of the thing. It’s a kind of bag It's made of cloth and nylon, and you can use the straps to ear it on your back. It’s got a lot of pockets on the sides. It can be used for carrying sports clothes or school books. Es un tipo de bolsa. Está hecha de tela y nailon, y puedes usar las correas para colocarla en tu espalda. Tiene muchos bolsillos en los costados. Puede ser utilizado para llevar ropa deportiva o libros escolares. a. A long dress b. A backpack c. A tent.
4. Complete the sentence. Peter ______ a new pair of roller-skates for his birthday. Peter quiere un nuevo par de patines para su cumpleaños. a. wanting b. wants c. want .
5. Choose the answer that has the same meaning as the underlined word or phrase. The boys and girls were listening to the music very loudly. 5. Elija la respuesta que tenga el mismo significado que la palabra o frase subrayada. Los niños y las niñas escuchaban la música muy fuerte. a. The volume off b. Low volume c. High volume (Alto volumen).
6. Choose the correct answer. He has _________ French since he ___________high school. El ha estudiado francés desde que salió de la escuela secundaria. a. studied/ left b. studies/ left c. studied/leave.
7. Choose the answer that has the same meaning as the underlined word or phrase. I get along with my father in law really well. He’s a very good person. Me llevo muy bien con mi suegro. Él es una muy buena persona. a. have a business relationship with b. have a good relationship whit c. have a bad relationship whit.
8. Choose the correct option provide for the statement below. Amy mumbles to __________when she is writing. Amy se murmura a sí misma cuando está escribiendo. a. himself b. herself c. yourself.
9. Choose the correct option provide for the statement below. When does your plane _____? ¿Cuándo despega tu avión? a. takes off b. take off c. took off.
10. Choose the correct option provide for the statement below. You spent a total_____________ of $205.82 Usted gastó una cantidad total de $ 205.82 a. currency (Sistema de dinero, circulación, moneda corriente) b. money (dinero) c. amount (cantidad, la suma, el monto, el valor de ).
11. Choose the correct option provide for the statement below. Mary __________ a teacher for there for three years. María ha sido maestra por tres años. a. is b. has been c. have been.
12. Put the unscrambled sentence into a correct order. to the zoo/ they’ll go/ If it’s sunny/ tomorrow Sí mañana hace sol, irán al zoológico. a. If it’s sunny tomorrow, they’ll go to the zoo b. They’ll go tomorrow to the zoo if it’s sunny c. To the zoo they’ll go tomorrow if it’s sunny.
13. Choose the correct option, that best fits to the statement. I only made one long-distance call, about a month ago. Solo hice una llamada de larga distancia, hace aproximadamente un mes. a. made b. have been making c. have made.
14. Choose the correct option provide for the statement below. Andres ____________ to bed at midnight for the last 2 weeks Andrés ha estado yendo a la cama a la medianoche durante las últimas 2 semanas a. has been going b. went c. goes.
15. Read the paragraph and choose the correct answer for the message this text provides. My biggest problem in school is my fear of talking in class. My hands always shake if I answer a question or present a paper. If it is a big assignment, I even feel sick to my stomach. There are several causes for my problem, but my family's attitude is the most important. My family slogan is, “Children should be seen, but not heard." Because my parents never ask for our opinions, we never give them. I can feel my mother’s disapproval if a talkative friend visits. In addition, my parents classify their children. My older brother is the “Smart One." I am the “Creative One." I think I would do better in school if they expected more, but they don’t expect much. Therefore, I have not tried very hard. Recently I decided to do something about my problem. I discovered that I feel less nervous about giving a speech in class If I role play my presentation with a friend. I have also joined a discussion club. As a result, I get a lot of practice talking. My problem has causes, so it must have solution. a. Giving a speech in class is a big problem. b. Children should be seen, but not heard. c. A problem has causes, so it has solutions. .
16. Choose the correct option provided for the statement below. It’s a lie. I _________that story yesterday. Es mentira. me inventé esa historia ayer. a. made up b. made c. make up.
17. It’s great _____________ Es genial verte de nuevo a. met before b. to see you again c. must be mistaken.
18. Complete the sentence. They _______ save the men from the sinking ship. Ellos fueron capaces de salvar a los hombres del barco que se hunde. a. could to b. were able to c. was able to.
19. Complete the question. Mary didn’t do her homework last week, ___________? Mary no hizo su tarea la semana pasada, ¿ ella hiizo? a. wasn’t she b. did she c. didn't she.
20. Complete the question. They are going home from school, ______________? ¿Ellos están yendo a casa desde la escuela, no son ellos? a. aren’t they b. are they c. were they.
21. I told you _____truth about why I was here. Te dije la verdad sobre por qué estaba aquí. a. a b. the c. this.
22. _________! It wasn’t you fault. ¡Tómalo con calma! No fue tu culpa a. Taking place b. To take it or leave it c. Take it easy.
23. No one ______________ when Tony walked into the room. Nadie estaba trabajando cuando Tony entró en la habitación. a. was working b. Is working c. worked.
24. Yes, ___________________, if that’s Ok with you guys. Sí, lo haría, si eso está bien con ustedes. a. had b. I would c. I have .
25. Complete the sentence. I’d like to speak with _________about my credit card bill. Me gustaría hablar con ALGUIEN sobre la factura de mi tarjeta de crédito. a. something b. someone c. everyone.
26. Complete the sentence. Ana? Anna Nelson? I don’t think there’s _______here by that name. Ana? Anna Nelson? No creo que haya NADIE aquí con ese nombre. a. something b. anyone c. somebody.
27. Complete the sentence. No one would help us, so we had to do it by ________________. Nadie nos ayudaría, así que tuvimos que hacerlo por NOSOTROS MISMOS a. ourselves b. yourselves c. myself.
28. Complete the sentence. I had a headache because I _____________on the computer all day. Tuve un dolor de cabeza porque yo había estado trabajando en la computadora todo el día. a. has been worked b. works c. had been working.
29. Complete the sentence. Your purchases ______________ $205.82. Sus compras SUMARON HASTA $ 205.82. a. added up to b. worked up to c. checked in.
30. Complete the sentence. Professor Smith didn't like ‘It when students talked out of turn in his class. Once, I _____________ asked a classmate if I could borrow a pencil, but he yelled at me. Al profesor Smith no le gustó "Cuando los estudiantes hablaban fuera de lugar en su clase". Una vez, le pregunté TRANQUIILAMENTE a un compañero de clase si podía pedir prestado un lápiz, pero él me gritó. a. patient b. quiet c. quietly.
31. Complete the sentence. Our car ___________ at the side of the highway in the snowstorm. Nuestro coche SE DESCOMPUSO al costado de la carretera en la tormenta de nieve. a. fixed b. broke up c. broke down.
32. Complete the sentence. Joseph ______________ Linda for 2 months, ever since Tuesday, March 5. José HA ESTADO VIENDO a Linda durante 2 meses, desde Martes, 5 de marzo. a. has saw b. saw c. has been seeing .
33. Complete the question. She is collecting stickers, ____________? Ella está coleccionando pegatinas, ¿no es así? a. was she b. isn’t she c. is she.
34. Complete the sentence. My teacher was a really good math teacher. She answered all of our questions____________; she was never in a hurry. Mi profesor fue un muy buen profesor de matemáticas. Ella respondió a todas nuestras preguntas PACIENTEMENTE; ella nunca tuvo prisa. a. boring b. patiently c. early.
35. Complete the sentence. Ms. Boyd has been avoiding any kind of animal products _________ she became a vegetarian. La Sra. Boyd ha estado evitando cualquier tipo de productos animales DESDE QUE se convirtió en vegetariana. a. however b. since c. therefore.
36. Complete the sentence. They _________ save the men from the sinking ship. Ellos FUERON CAPACES DE salvar a los hombres del barco que se hunde. a. were able to b. could to c. was able to.
37. Reporter. Coach, who is the most valuable player on the team? Is it Dean? Coach: Oh, I don‘t know about that. Dean isn’t __________________Nick Crawford. Entrenador: Oh, no sé sobre eso. Dean no es TAN VALIOSO COMO Nick Crawford. a. more valuable b. as valuable as c. very valuable.
38. Complete the sentence. This is the _____Interesting book I have ever read. Este es el libro MÁS interesante que he leído. a. best b. most c. better.
39. Amy: tell me, how did things ________your sister? Talia: Oh, just fine. after she returned to the states, she started working for a company. Amy: dime, ¿cómo las cosas le resultaron para tu hermana? Talia: Oh, justo al final. Después de regresar a los Estados Unidos, comenzó a trabajar para una empresa. a. catch up on b. give in to c. turn out for.
40. Complete the question. She is collecting stickers, _____? Ella está coleccionando pegatinas, ¿no es así? a. was she b. is she c. isn’t she.
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