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Physical Activities

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Physical Activities

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What time does Daniel Get up? 7:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m.
What sport does Daniel practice? Baseball Soccer Basketball.
What other sport does Daniel like? Baseball Soccer Basketball.
What time does Daniel train? 5pm 4pm 3pm 2pm.
The usual thing is what happens in a way..... Repetitive Repeated Similar.
The term "Usual" comes from... Similarity Habit Both.
What does "get up" mean? Levantarse Despertar Ambas.
"Have a breakfast, Go to work, Go home, Go to bed" son ejemplos de: Habitual activities Activities habitual Physical activity.
Verbo auxiliar que se puede traducir como “poder” Power Capacity Autority Can.
Utilizamos el “have to” para hablar de obligaciones. Falso Cierto.
They _________ go to the gym Has to Have Have to Has.
Conecta "Have/Has to" con los pronombres correctos Have to Has to.
“Can” se usa con los siguientes pronombres: I, You We, They She, It, He Todos los anteriores.
Se utiliza "Can/Could" para habilidades. Falso Cierto.
When I was young, I ______ run fast. Can Can to Could Have to.
Pasar la siguiente oración a su forma interrogativa “You can go play soccer” Do you can go play soccer? Can to you go play soccer? Does you can to go play soccer? Can you go play soccer?.
Elige la forma negativa de la siguiente oración “She has to go to the gym tomorrow at 5 a.m.” She don’t has to go to the gym tomorrow at 5 a.m. She doesn’t has to go to the gym tomorrow at 5 a.m. She doesn’t have to go to the gym tomorrow at 5 a.m. She don’t have to go to the gym tomorrow at 5 a.m.
“Have to” se utiliza con los siguientes pronombres. I, They, She, It You, We, He They, We, You She, He, It.
soccer / ? / I / go / Can / play.
Cambiar a forma interrogativa la siguiente oración “I have to work on Saturdays” Does I have to work on Saturday? Do I have to work on Saturday? Do I has to work on Saturday? Does I has to work on Saturday?.
Unir con los pronombres correctos Don’t Doesn’t .
Se utiliza para pedir permiso de manera formal o expresar algo posible. Have to Does Could Can.
can’t / play / tomorrow / I / golf.
Ordene la frase correctamente: am up day every get I 7 at.
usually/ I / have/ cereal/ toast /fruit/ breakfast / for.
Ordene la frase correctamente: leave my day around house every 8:30 I.
usually /I'm / at work / until 3:00pm.
put/I / the / to / kids / bed/ around / 9:30 pm.
He runs at 8 am in the park in the street in the lake.
I wake up at 7:00 am to take the bus water sneaker.
After school I just go swep to play eat.
After I take a shower I run I brush my teeth I have breakfast I go to beach.
In the afternoon he _________ soccer practice practices.
Completar las oraciones In the morning I start Wear sports clothes for I just have a I ___ to have a cereal for dinner In the afternoon I go to train at.
Unir In the morning In the afternoon In the night.
wake / I / up / early / exercise / to .
school / homework / I / after / do .
sleep / early / I .
How old is Daniel? 16 years old 14 years old 15 years old.
He ______ soccer like likes .
Ordene la frase correctamente: brother and I fishing go My.
Ordene la frase correctamente: tennis love I to play.
pactices / 3 / baseball / o’clock / afternoon / in / the / Daniel / at.
Ordene la frase correctamente: gets 6 Daniel at up am.
_______ like baseball she he I.
Unir con la traducción correcta Sport Soccer Synchronized swimming Squats Free weights.
The _______ can hold 80,000 people. Stadium Stidaum Staduim.
our / the / bottom / league / team / are / of.
Eight ___________ ran in the race. Competitors Completitors Compertitors.
contest / won / she / medal / gold / the / in.
Our team are bottom of the __________ Leagu Leage League.
tournament / many / took / part / in / the / athletes.
Phoenix / 135-114 / managed / a / over / Denver / victory .
the / organised / all / training / of / our / coach.
they / cheering / 4-0 / front / over / of / in / spectators / won / 40,000.
The team played badly which led to a big ________ Dafeat Defeat Daefaet.
His brother had great football ___________ Skils Skeills Skills.
The British football _______ begins in August and ends in May. Season Saeson Seeson.
football / I / of / the / was / school / captain / the / team.
you/ like/ ?/ Do/ sports.
are/ What/ today?/ doing/ we. .
like/ to go/ Would/ run at the park/ while?/ for a.
like/ Would you/ to do some/ stretching/ today?.
with/ me today/ Would/ you like/ to go/ train.
together/ class/ today/ take a yoga/ like/ Would you/ ?.
football/ today in/ afternoon / Let’s go / play.
my sister/ basketball?/ Would you/ like to go see.
Unir con la traducción correcta Hiking Fencing Cycling Swimming Archery Darts Diving.
Wich of the following are Healthy foods and wich are not? Healthy Not Healthy.
Which options are physical activities and which are daily activities? Physical activity Daily activity.
Wich foods belong to the group of fruits and vegetables on the plate of good eating? Kiwi, peach, pineapple, fruits, vegetables and lemon Butter, olives, anchovies and wine Peach, lemon, clam, cookies.
What are some different types of diets you have heard of? Fixed diets, low cabrie diet, maintenance diet happy diets, small diet mix diet, tomorrow diet.
In which sport is a ball used? Football, basketball, volleyball Chess, swim, run jockey, boxing, cycling .
where do they want to go? Soccer game Football game Baseball game.
What teams did you watch on t.v.? Madrid, Barcelona Mexico, Canada Argentina, España.
When did you see the match? Last nigth Today Yesterday.
What sport does Peter prefer? Soccer Individual sports In groups.
How many miles does Peter run? 10 miles 5 miles 3 miles.
what is erick's favorite sport? Football Golf Tennis.
what sports do you prefer to watch peter? tennis race cycling.
how many kilometers did peter run? 8 km 10 km 12 km.
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