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Physical activities

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Physical activities

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Ashley Villano
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Selecciona el signicado Sit ups Push ups Jum rope Squats.
To lose weight I _______? I drink water Like treats I exercise regulary I do not eat meat .
My routine consists of _______? Push ups and sit ups eat salad eat sweets and jump rope. None of the above.
Right place to exercise: GYM Park In the house.
exercised / I / hours / two / for / Today.
is /health / for / exercising /my / good .
squats / fifteen / I / sit-ups / fifteen / and / did.
My ___ is salad exercice health diet.
For / eat / salad / my / only / I / carbohydrates / and / diet.
I go to the ____ to exercise Park House GYM Health.
the / o'clock / day / I go / at / gym / Every / 8 / to .
good / routine / Mario's / results / gives.
work / I / the / at / diet / out / and / at / home / gym.
I exercise and diet to take care of my ______ routine none of the above body health.
What are healthy foods? salad hot dog pizza none.
What items are used for exercise? gym weights broom stick.
What activity is classified as physical activity? to run shout to play to eat.
Is exercise safe? yes not.
What activity is classified as physical activity? to eat shout to run to play.
Selecciona la respuesta correcta yoga Caminar correr bailar nadar.
Selecciona la respuesta correcta dumbbells Elastic bands treadmill fitness ball.
used / items / for / ? / what / are / exercise.
important / it / exercise / very / to / is.
activities / what / ? / physical / are.
Is _______ a physical activity? None to eat to talk swim.
Angel _______ every morning. jump run any.
Valeria has practiced _______ since she was little. pole vault gymnastics athletics.
Lorraine practices _______ . athletics cycling gym.
Lucia practices _______ in the Olympics. athletics swim pole vault.
What type of shoes to use for physical activity? shoes flip flops tennis.
Let´s _____ tomorrow. Drink Sleep Run.
I´m tired of _____ so much. Sleeping Eating Jumping.
Tomorrow is ______ Day Leg´s Burguer´s Ice Cream´s.
My dad and I will star ______ on Monday Exercising Drinking Fighting.
Things you need to go running with someone Rope Beer Tennis.
Things you need to go swimming with someone Water Swimsuit Shoes.
Things you need to jump rope with someone Keys Makeup Rope.
Things you need to do an activity Money Glasses Gains.
better / will / we / Tomorrow / exercise .
to / on / We / start / Saturday / have / running.
warm up / you / to / before / Remember / start.
improvement / part of self / should be / important / the most / Inner beauty.
Selecciona la respuesta correcta Pierna Pecho Espalda Brazo.
Une las respuestas correctas Fruit Vegetable Sweets Fats.
Une las respuestas correctas Effort Dedication Tiredness Results.
I'm going to ____ 10 miles tomorrow See Jump Run .
He is so strong, because he ______ everyday Exercise Study Sleep.
What is the best exercise for legs? rods bicycle rope.
I'm going to _____ in the party lift gains dance run.
you / tomorrow / going / do / to / what / are?.
friend / met / up / watch / my / and / i / movie / a.
i wish i could go to the ___ to exercise gym house street.
My friend and I are using an exercise _____ routine indications poster.
I am subscribed to a _____ plan at the gym master training routine.
To be a ufc fighter i need to train in a _________ gym. martial arts crossfit nice.
friend / and / my / together / gym / entered / the / i.
My family and my partner's family ______ to have dinner for my birthday. arranged say stayed.
I like to make _____ to go out with my friends even if I never go. plans exit wishes.
What time do you usually have lunch? I usually have lunch at 1:30 pm I usually have lunch at 5:30 am I usually have lunch at 9:30 pm.
Une las respuestas correctas Despertase Cepillarse los dientes Hacer la cama Ducharse Vestirse Ir a la escuela Levantarse .
What time does jose leave his house? leaves at 7:25 She leaves at 7:45 He leaves at 7:45.
How does José get to work? limousine plane a car bus.
What time does Arturo go to bed? He goes to bed at 10:30 She goes to bed at 10:30 He does not sleep.
¿Cual es su nombre? healthy dish the food plate the well-eating plate.
Mary goes shopping Maria does not eat healthy Maria has a balanced diet.
He eats fruit He eats vegetables He eats junk food.
What sport does Luis practice? He practices basketball She practices boxing he practices boxing.
breakfast meal Dinner.
It is the most important meal of the day? breakfast Dinner meal.
which is usually served for breakfast? sodas or cookies fruit, pancakes or fruit juice snack.
to/likes/dance/ Nadia.
Une las respuestas correctas salchicha y chorizo leche y queso arroz y lentejas tomate y naranja pescado y pollo .
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