placement test - 9th graders- Teresita Montes School

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placement test - 9th graders- Teresita Montes School

placement test

Karle Ospina
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READING PART 1 / QUESTIONS 1 - 6 Read the following sentences from 1 to 6 . Choose the best option ( A, B or C).
1. I plan to..............two weeks by the beach A. Spending B. Spend C. Spends.
2. The ........................ coffee in the world comes from Indonesia A. more expensive B. expensive C. most expensive.
3. ............... at school yesterday? A. Were you B. Was you C. Did you.
4. She .................with her friends on Facebook everyday. A. Will communicate B. Is communicating C. Communicates.
5. I´m 18 and my brother is 20, so he´s ............. me. A. The oldest of B. As old as C. Older than.
READING PART 2 / QUESTIONS 6 TO 10 Complete the five conversations. For questions 6 to 10, mark A, B or C.
6. How many students are there in this room? A. Two o´clock B. Twenty C. Thirty dollars.
7. What´s your hometown like? A. I like it so much B. I like its people and food C. It´s pretty beautiful and big.
8. How old is your father? A. He´s a pilot B. He´s 42 years old C. He was born in 1999.
9. I need two tickets for the opera, please. A. Here you are B. I think so C. There she comes.
10. What would you like to drink? A. No please B. Of course not C. I´d like some coffee, please.
READING PART 3 / QUESTIONS 11 TO 16 Read the text about a circus Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space For questions 11 to 16, mark A, B or C.
11. The circus, Cirque du Soleil, (11)……… Montreal, Canada. A. Begins B. Began C. Was begun.
12. Laliberté travelled around Europe and earned money (12)………… in the streets. A. Played B. Plays C. Playing.
13. he started Cirque with (13)……….. friend, Daniel Gauthier. A. Their B. His C. Its.
14. It now does shows (14)………… over the world A. Some B. All C. Enough.
15. the number of people working for it has grown from 73 to (15)……….. than 3,500. A. More B. Much C. Most.
16. but (16)………… is music and dance and each show tells a story. A. This B. It C. There.
17. (17)………show, which is called Varian, is about a man who could fly. A. One B. Each C. Both.
18. and tells the story of how he (18)………. to learn to fly again. A. Need B. Must C. Has.
READING PART 4 / QUESTIONS 19 TO 23 Read the article about a young swimmer. For questions 19 to 23, mark A, B or C (A) Correct ( correcto) (B) Wrong ( incorrecto) (C) Doesn´t say ( No lo menciona) .
19. Ana hopes she will become an Olympic swimmer. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn´t say.
20. Ana has won a lot of swimming competitions A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn´t say.
21. It is difficult for Ana to make friends with other people who swim. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn´t say.
22. Ana has met people from different countries at swimming competitions. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn´t say.
23. Ana prefers speaking to journalists to being on television. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn´t say.
READING PART 5 / QUESTIONS 24 TO 29 Read the text and questions below. For each question mark the correct letter A, B or C.
24. How old was Ingrid when she graduated? A. She was 15 B. She is 18 C. She was 18.
25. How does she feel about working in bad weather? A. She hates getting dirty B. It doesn´t matter C. She likes the snow.
26. The animals Ingrid likes best are the A. Monkeys B. Deer C. Rhinos.
27. Ingrid traveled to Africa A. To have a month´s vacation B. To visit a colleague there C. To learn more about some animals.
28. The zoo is open A. Only five days a week B. Seven days a week C. On different days every week.
29. Ingrid arrives at her apartment in the evening at A. Five fifteen B. Twenty after five C. Ten to seven.
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