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Practica Literatura 2ºESO

practica literatura

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2. Which of the following are best practices for users with the SYSADMIN/ACCOUNTADMIN roles? Choose 3 answers A. Their default role should be set to SYSTEMADMIN (the lower of the two) B. They should not set up multi_Factor Authentication (MFA)—as administrator they may need to change the MFA settings and those enrolled in MFA are unable to do so C. They should only access and 'step into' the ACCOUNTADMIN role temporarily, as needed to complete a specific operation D. They should ensure all database objects in the account are owned by the ACCOUNTADMIN role E. They should use the SYSADMIN role to perform administrative work on database objects.
1. True or false: Snowflake enforces unique, primary key, and foreign key constraints during DML operations. A. True B. False.
3. True or False: A third-party tool that supports standard JDBC or ODBC but has no Snowflake-specific driver will be unable to connect to Snowflake. A. True B. False .
4. Which of the following are common use cases for zero-copy cloning? Choose 3 answers A. Quick provisioning of Dev and Test/QA environments B. Data backups C. Point in time snapshots D. Performance optimization .
5. True or False: Snowflake allows its customers to directly access the micro-partition files that make up its tables. A. True B. False.
6. If a Small Warehouse is made up of 2 servers/cluster, how many servers/cluster make up a Medium Warehouse? A. 4 B. 16 C. 32 D. 128.
7. Increasing the maximum number of clusters in a Multi-Cluster Warehouse is an example of: A. Scaling rhythmically B. Scaling max C. Scaling out D. Scaling Up.
8. What command is used to load files into an Internal Stage within Snowflake? Select one. A. PUT B. COPY INTO C. TRANSFER D. INSERT.
9. When loading data into Snowflake, the COPY command supports: Choose 2 answers A. Joins B. Fitters C. Data type conversions D. Column reordering E. Aggregates.
10. Which of the following are main sections of the top navigation of the Snowflake web Interface (UI)? A. Database B. Tables C. Warehouses D. Worksheets .
11. Which is true of Snowflake network policies? A Snowflake network policy: (Choose two.) A. Is available to all Snowflake Editions B. Is only available to customers with Business Critical Edition C. Restricts or enables access to specific IP addresses D. Is activated using an “ALTER DATABASE” command.
12. Which of the following are examples of operations that require a Virtual Warehouse to complete, assuming no quires have been executed previously? Choose 3 answers A. MIN(< < column value>>) B. COPY C. SUM(<< column value >>) D. UPDATE.
13. When a Pipe is recreated using the CREATE OR REPLACE PIPE command: A. The Pipe load history is reset to empty B. The REFRESH parameter is set to TRUE C. Previously loaded files will be ignored D. All of the above.
14. True or False: The user has to specify which cluster a query will run on in multi-clustering Warehouse. A. True B. False .
15. Which of the following statements describes a benefit of Snowflake’s separation of compute and storage? (Choose all that apply.) A. Growth of storage and compute are tightly coupled together B. Storage expands without the requirement to add more compute C. Compute can be scaled up or down without the requirement to add more storage D. Multiple compute clusters can access stored data without contention.
16. Which are true of Snowflake roles? A. All grants to objects are given to roles, and never to users B. In order to do DML/DDL, a user needs to have selected a single role that has that specific access to the object and operation C. The public role controls at other roles D. Roles are a subset of users and users own objects In Snowflake.
17. For a multi-cluster Warehouse, the number of credits billed is calculated on: Select one. A. The number of queries that ran using the Warehouse. B. The size of the Warehouse and the number of clusters that ran within a given time period. C. The sue of the Warehouse and the maximum number of clusters configured for the Warehouse. D. The number of users who accessed the Warehouse.
18. To run a Multi-Cluster Warehouse in auto-scale mode, a user would: A. Configure the Maximum Clusters setting to “Auto-Scale” B. Set the Warehouse type to “Auto” C. Set the Minimum Clusters and Maximum Clusters settings to the same value D. Set the Minimum Clusters and Maximum Clusters settings to the different values.
19. True or False: Snowflake charges a premium for storing semi-structured data. A. True B. False .
20. Which object allows you to limit the number of credits consumed within a Snowflake account? Select one. A. Account usage Tracking B. Resource Monitor C. Warehouse Limit Parameter D. Credit Consumption Tracker.
21. True or False: When a user creates a role, they are initially assigned ownership of the role and they maintain ownership until it is transferred to another user. A. True B. False .
22. Which statements are true of micro-partitions? Choose 2 answers A. They are approximately 16MB in size B. They are stored compressed only if COMPRESS=TRUE on Table C. They are Immutable D. They are only encrypted in the Enterprise edition and above.
23. True or False: It is possible to query data from an Internal or named External stage without loading the data into Snowflake. A. True B. False.
24. True or False: When data share is established between a Data Provider and a data Consumer, the Data Consumer can extend that data share to other Data Consumers. A. True B. False .
25. True or False: Micro-partition metadata enables some operations to be completed without requiring Compute. A. True B. False .
26. Which item in the Data Warehouse migration process does not apply in Snowflake A. Migrate Users B. Migrate Schemas C. Migrate Indexes D. Build the Data pipeline.
27. When can a Virtual Warehouse start running queries? A. 12am-5am B. Only during administrator defined time slots C. When its provisioning is complete D. After replication.
28. When creating a user it is advisable sable to: Choose 2 answers A. Set the user to be initially disabled B. Force an immediate password change C. Set a default role for the user D. Set the number of minutes to unlock to 15 minutes E. Set the users access to expire within a specified timeframe.
29. When scaling up Virtual Warehouse by increasing Virtual Warehouse t-shirt size, you are primarily scaling for improved: Select one. A. Concurrency B. Performance.
30. The number of queries that a Warehouse can concurrently process is determined by: Choose 2 answers A. The complexity of each query B. The CONCURRENT_QUERY_UMIT parameter set on the Snowflake account C. The size of the data required for each query D. The tool that s executing the query.
31. Account-level storage usage can be monitored via: A. The snowflake wet Interface (UI) in the Databases section. B. The Snowflake web interface (UI) in the Account -> Billing a usage section C. The Information Schema -> ACCOUNT_USAGE_HISTORY View D. The Account usage Schema - > ACCOUNT_USAGE_METRICS View.
32. True or False: All Snowflake table types include fail-safe storage. A. True B. False.
33. Which formats are supported for unloading data from Snowflake? Choose 2 answers A. Delimited (CSV, TSV, etc.) B. Avro C. JSON D. ORC.
34. The PUT command: (Choose two.) A. Automatically creates a File Format object B. Automatically uses the last Stage created C. Automatically compresses files using Gzip D. Automatically encrypts files.
35. Which of the following objects can be cloned? (Choose four.) A. Tables B. Named File Formats C. Schemas D. Shares E. Databases F. Users.
36. If auto-suspend is enable for a Virtual Warehouse, he Warehouse is automatically suspended when: A. All Snowflake sessions using the warehouse are terminated. B. The last query using the warehouse completes. C. There are no users loaned into Snowflake. D. The Warehouse is inactive for a specified period of time.
37. True or False: The COPY command must specify a File Format in order to execute. A. True B. False .
38. Which of the following are true of multi-cluster Warehouses? Select all that apply below. A. A multi-cluster Warehouse can add clusters automatically based on query activity B. A multi-cluster Warehouse can automatically turn itself off after a period of inactivity C. A multi-cluster Warehouse can scale down when query activity slows D. A multi-cluster Warehouse can automatically turn itself on when a query is executed against it.
39. True or False: Reader Accounts incur no additional Compute costs to the Data Provider since they are simply reading the shared data without making changes. A. True B. False .
40. Which of the following are options when creating a Virtual Warehouse? A. Auto-suspend B. Auto-resume C. Local SSD size D. User count.
41. Which of the following DML commands isn’t supported by Snowflake? A. UPSERT B. MERGE C. UPDATE D. TRUNCATE TABLE .
42. What is the minimum Snowflake edition that customers planning on storing protected information in Snowflake should consider for regulatory compliance? A. Standard B. Premier C. Enterprise D. Business Critical Edition.
43. Snowflake is designed for which type of workloads? (Choose two.) A. OLAP (Analytics) workloads B. OLTP (Transactional) workloads C. Concurrent workloads D. On-premise workloads .
44. which of the following are valid approaches to loading data into a snowflake table? select all the below that apply. A. Bulk copy from an External Stage B. Continuous load using Snowpipe REST API C. The Snowflake Web Interface (UT) data loading wizard D. Bulk copy from an Internal Stage.
45. The FLATEEN function is used to query which type of data in Snowflake? A. Structured data B. Semi-structured data C. Both of the above D. None of the above.
46. True or False: A table in Snowflake can only be queried using the Virtual Warehouse that was used to load the data. A. True B. False.
47. Which of the following statements are true of Virtual Warehouses? (Choose all that apply.) A. Customers can change the size of the Warehouse after creation B. A Warehouse can be resized while running C. A Warehouse can be configured to suspend after a period of inactivity D. A Warehouse can be configured to auto-resume when new queries are submitted.
48. Why would a customer size a Virtual Warehouse from an X-Small to a Medium? A. To accommodate more queries B. To accommodate more users C. To accommodate fluctuations in workload D. To accommodate a more complex workload.
49. How would you execute a series of SQL statements using Task? A. include the SQL statements in the body of the task create task mytask.. as insert into target1 select., from stream_s1 where .. INSERT INTO target2 SELECT .. FROM stream .s1 where .. B. A stored procedure can have only one DML statement per stored procedure invocation and therefore you should sequence stored procedures calls in the task definition CREATE TASK mytask. AS call stored_prc1(); call stored_proc2t); C. A stored procedure executing multiple SQL statements and invoke the stored procedure from the task. CREATE TASK mytask. AS call stored_proc_multiple_statements_inside(): D. Create a task for each SQL statement (e.g. resulting in task1. task2, etc) and string the series of SQL statements by having a control task calling task 1, task 2 sequentially.
50. Which of the following are options when creating a virtual Warehouse? Choose 2 answers A. Auto-drop B. Auto resize C. Auto-resume D. Auto-suspend .
51. Which of the following accurately represents how a table fits into Snowflake’s logical container hierarchy? A. Account -> Schema -> Database -> Table B. Account -> Database -> Schema -> Table C. Database -> Schema -> Table -> Account D. Database -> Table -> Schema -> Account.
52. True or False the longer the data retention period, the higher the resulting storage costs. A. True B. False.
53. Which of the following items does the Cloud services Layer manage? Choose 4 answers A. user authentication B. Metadata C. Query compilation and optimization D. external blob storage E. Data security.
54. What privileges are required to execute a task? A. To execute a task, you need the EXECUTE TASK. B. A task is an account-level object and can only be executed by the Account Admin role. C. Tasks run automatically and do run under any rote. D. Tasks are stored in a special database called the utility database and require EXECUTE TASK privilege in the utility database.
55. Snowflake recommends, as a minimize, that all users with the following roles(s) should be enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): A. SECURITYADMIN, ACCOUNTADMIN, PUBLIC, SYSADMIN B. SECURITYADMIN ACCOUNTADMIN, SYSADMIN C. SECURITYADMIN, ACCOUNTADMIN D. ACCOUNTADMIN.
56. What are the three layers that make up Snowflake’s architecture? Choose 3 answer A. Compute B. Tri-Secret Secure C. Storage D. Cloud Services .
57. When a pipe is recreated using the CREATE on REPLAC PIPE command: A. The Pipe load history is reset to empty B. The REFRESH parameter is set to TRUE C. Previously loaded files will be ignored D. All of the above.
58. How many shares can be consumed by single Data Consumer? A. 1 B. 10 C. 100, but can be increased by contacting support D. Unlimited.
59. The Query History in the Snowflake Web Interface (UI) is kept for approximately: A. 60 minutes B. 24 hours C. 14 days D. 30 days E. 1 year .
60. Which statement best describes '' clustering''? A. Clustering represents the way data is grouped together and stored within snowflake's micro-partitions B. The database administrator must define the clustering methodology for each Snowflake table. C. The clustering key must be included on the COPY command when loading data into Snowflake. D. Clustering can be disabled within a Snowflake account.
61. In which layer of its architecture does Snowflake store its metadata statistics? A. Storage Layer B. Compute Layer C. Database Layer D. Cloud Service Layer .
62. True or False: It is possible to load data into Snowflake without creating a named File Format object. A. True B. False .
63. Which of the following statements is true of Snowflake micro-partitioning? A. Micro-partitioning has been known to introduce data skew B. Micro-partitioning: requires a partitioning schema to be defined up front C. Micro-partitioning is transparently completed using the ordering that occurs when the data is inserted/loaded D. Micro-partitioning can be disabled within a Snowflake account.
64. Which of the following is true of Snowpipe via REST API? Choose 2 answers A. you can only use it on internal Stages B. All COPY INTO options are available fluting pipe creation C. Snowflake automatically manages the compute required to execute the Pipe's copy into commands D. Snowpipe keeps track of which files it has loaded.
65. Fail-safe is unavailable on which table types? A. Temporary B. Transient C. Provisional D. Permanent .
66. Snowflake provides two mechanisms to reduce data storage costs for short-lived tables. These mechanisms are: Choose 2 answers A. Temporary Tables B. Transient Tables C. Provisional Tables D. Permanent Tables .
67. Which of the following languages can be used to implement Snowflake User Defined Functions (UDFs)? Choose 2 answers A. Java B. JavaScript C. SQL D. Python .
68. What are the three things customers want most from their enterprise data warehouse solution? Choose 3 answers A. On-premise availability B. Simplicity C. Open source based D. Concurrency E. Performance.
69. Which of the following commands are not blocking operations? Choose 2 answers A. UPDATE B. INSERT C. MERGE D. COPY.
70. Which of the following statements is true of zero-copy cloning? A. Zero-copy clones objects inherit B. All zero-copy clone objects inherit the privileges of their original objects C. Zero-copy coning is licensed as an additional Snowflake feature D. At the instance/instance a clone is created, all micro-partitions in the original table and the clone are fully shared.
71. Credit Consumption by the Compute Layer (Virtual Warehouses) is based on: (Choose two.) A. Number of users B. Warehouse size C. Amount of data processed D. # of clusters for the Warehouse.
72. Increasing the size of a Virtual Warehouse from an X-Small to an X-Large is an example of: A. Scaling rhythmically B. Scaling max C. Scaling out D. Scaling up.
73. Which of the following objects is not covered by Time Travel? A. Tables B. Schemas C. Databases D. Stages .
74. True or False: Query ID’s are unique across all Snowflake deployments and can be used in communication with Snowflake Support to help troubleshoot issues. A. True B. False.
75. Which interfaces can be used to create and/or manage Virtual Warehouses? A. The Snowflake Web Interface (UI) B. SQL commands C. Data integration tools D. All of the above .
76. True or False: Snowflake bills for a minimum of five minutes each time a Virtual Warehouse is started. A. True B. False.
77. What is the minimum Snowflake edition that provides data sharing? A. Standard B. Premier C. Enterprise D. Business Critical Edition.
78. True or False: A single database can exist in more than one Snowflake account. A. True B. False .
A deterministic query is run at 8am, takes 5 minutes, and the results are cached. Which of the following statements are true? Choose 2 answers A. The exact query win ALWAYS return me precomputed result set for the RESULT_CACHE_ACTIVE = time period B. The same exact query will return the precomputed results if the underlying data hasn't changed and the results were last accessed within the previous 24 hour period+ C. The same exact query will return the precomputed results even if the underlying data has changed as long as the results were last accessed within the previous D. The ''24 hour'' on the percomputed results gets renewed every time the exact query is executed.
80. True or False: You can define multiple columns within a clustering key on a table. A. True B. False.
81. Which of the following statements are true of Snowflake data loading? Choose 3 answers A. VARIANT "nut" values are not the same as SQL Null values B. It is recommended to do frequent, single row DMLS C. It is recommended to validate the data before loading into the Snowflake target table D. It is recommended to use staging tables to manage MERGE statements.
82. True or False: A customer using SnowSQL / native connectors will be unable to also use the Snowflake Web interface (UI) unless access to the UI is explicitly granted by supported. A. True B. False .
83. Which of the following best describes where Snowflake’s metadata is stored? A. Within the data files B. Inside the Virtual Warehouses C. In the Cloud Services Layer D. within the drivers.
84. Which of the following statements is true of data loading? Select one. A. Resizing the virtual warehouse from x-Small to Small will process a single file twice as fast B. The "deal file size for loading is 16MB to match micro-partition size C. Marry files in the 10-lOOMB range tend to land In the 'sweet spot" for load parallelism Once loaded, there is no option to force a reload of an already loaded file.
85. Which of the following commands sets the Virtual Warehouse for a session? A. COPT WAREHOUSE FROM <<Config file> ; B. SET warehouse = <<warehouse name>>; C. USE WAREHOUSE <<warehouse name>>; D. USE VIRTUAL_WAREHOUSE <<warehouse name>>;.
86. True or False: When you create a custom role, it is a practice to immediately grant that role to ACCOUNTADMIN. A. True B. False.
87. What is the minimum duration charged when starting a virtual warehouse? A. 1 second B. 1 minute C. 1 hour D. 1 day.
88. Which of the following terms best describes Snowflake’s database architecture? A. Columnar shared nothing B. Shared disk C. Multi-cluster, shared data D. Cloud-native shared memory.
89. What happens when a Data Provider revokes privileges to a Share on an object in their source database? A. The object immediately becomes unavailable for all Data Consumers B. Any additional data arriving after this point in time will not be visible to Data Consumers C. The Data Consumers stop seeing data updates and become responsible for storage charges for the object D. A static copy of the object at the time the privilege was revoked is created In the Data Consumers' accounts.
90. True or False: Snowflake’s data warehouse was built from the ground up for the cloud in lieu of using an existing database or a platform, like Hadoop, as a base. A. True B. False .
91. Each incremental increase in Virtual Warehouse size (e,g. Medium to Large) generally results in what? A. More micro-partitions B. Better query scheduling C. Double the numbers of servers In the compute duster D. Higher storage costs.
92. True or False: Bulk unloading of data from Snowflake supports the use of a SELECT statement. A. True B. False .
93. As a best practice, clustering keys should only be defined on tables of which minimum size? A. Multi-Kilobyte (KB) Range B. Multi-Megabyte (MB) Range C. Multi-Gigabyte (GB) Range D. Multi-Terabyte (TB) Range.
94. Which statement best describes Snowflake tables? A. Snowflake tables are logical representations of underlying physical data B. Snowflake tables ate the physical instantiation of data loaded Into Snowflake C. Snowflake tables require that clustering keys be defined to perform optimally D. Snowflake tables are owned by a user.
95. Which of the following connectors allow Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) authorization when connecting? (Choose all that apply.) A. JDBC B. SnowSQL C. Snowflake Web Interface (UI) D. ODBC E. Python.
96. True or False: Data in Fail-safe can be deleted by a user or the Snowflake team before it expires. A. True B. False.
97. True or False: When Snowflake is configured to use Single Sign-on (sso), Snowflake receive the usernames and credentials from the sso service and loads them into the customer's Snowflake account. A. True B. false.
98. A Virtual Warehouse's auto-suspend and auto-resume settings apply to: A. The primary duster in the virtual warehouse B. The entire Virtual Warehouse C. The database the Virtual Warehouse resides in D. The queries currently being run by the Virtual Warehouse.
99. Data storage for individual tables can be monitored using which commands and/or object(s)? Choose 2 answers A. SHOW TABLES; B. SHOW STORAGE BY TABLE; C. Information Schema -> TABLE_STORAGE_METRICS D. Information Schema -> TASLE_HISTORY.
100. True or False: You can resize a Virtual Warehouse while queries are running. A. True B. False.
101. True or False: Users are able to see the result sets of queries executed by other users that share their same role. A. True B. False .
102. Which type of table corresponds to a single Snowflake session? A. Temporary B. Transient C. Provisional D. Permanent.
103. True or False: It is possible to unload structured data to semi-structured formats such as JSON and parquet. A. True B. False .
104. What is the lowest Snowflake edition that offers Time Travel up to 90 days. A. standard Edition B. Premier Edition C. Enterprise Edition D. Business Critical Edition.
105. Select the three types of tables that exist within Snowflake. Choose 3 answers A. Temporary B. Transient C. Provisioned D. Permanent .
106. True or False: Multi_Factor Authentication (MFA) in Snowflake is only supported in conjunction with single Sign-on (sso). A. True B. False.
107. Which of the following statements would be used to export/unload data from Snowflake? A. COPY INTO @slage B. EXPORT TO @stage C. INSERT INTO @stage D. EXPORT_TO_STAGE(stage = > @Wage, select = > 'select * from t1);.
108. What parameter controls if the Virtual warehouse starts immediately after the CREATE WAREHOUSE statement? A. INITTIALLY_SUSPENDED = TRUE/FALSE B. START_AFTCR_CREATE = TRUE/FALSE C. START_TTIME = 60 // (seconds from now) D. START.TIME = CURRENT.DATE().
109. Which of the following statements about data sharing are true? choose 2 answers A. New objects created by a Data Provider are automatically shared with existing Data Consumers & Reader Accounts B. All database objects can be included In a shared database C. Reader Accounts are created and funded by Data Prowlers D. Shared databases are read-only.
110. On which of the following cloud platform can a Snowflake account be hosted? Choose 2 answers A. Amazon Web Services B. Private Virtual Cloud C. Oracle Cloud D. Microsoft Azure Cloud.
111. True or False: Pipes can be suspended and resumed. A. True B. False .
112. True or False: Each worksheet in the Snowflake Web Interface (UI) can be associated with different roles, databases, schemas, and Virtual Warehouses. A. True B. False.
113. What services does Snowflake automatically provide for customer that they may have been responsible for with their on premise system? Select all the below that apply. A. Installing and configuring hardware B. Patching software C. Physical security D. Maintaining metadata and statists.
114. What is the maximum compressed row size in Snowflake? A. 8KB B. 16MB C. 50MB D. 4000GB.
115. True or false: it is best practice to define a clustering key on every table. A. True B. False.
116. What is the most granular object that the Time Travel retention can be defined on? Select one. A. Account B. Database C. Schema D. Table.
117. When should you consider disabling auto-suspend for a Virtual Warehouse? Choose 2 answers A. When users will be using compute at different times throughout a 24/7 period B. When managing a steady workload C. When the compute must be available with no delay or lag time D. When you don’t want to have to manually turn on the Warehouse each time a user needs it.
118. True or False: Snowflake charges additional fees to Data providers for each share they create. A. True B. False .
119. Which of the following statement is true of Snowflake? Select one. A. It was built specifically for the cloud B. it was built as an on-premises solution and then potted to the cloud C. It was designed as a hybrid database to allow customers to store data either on premises or in the cloud D. It was built for Hadoop architecture E. It's based on an Oracle Architecture.
120. Select the different types of Internal Stages: (Choose three.) A. Named Stage B. User Stage C. Table Stage D. Schema Stage .
121. Snowflake provides a mechanism for its customers to override its clustering algorithms. This method is: A. Micro-partitions B. Clustering keys C. Key partitions D. Clustered partitions .
122. Which of the following statements are true of Snowflake releases: (Choose two.) A. They happen approximately weekly B. They roll up and release approximately monthly, but customers can request early release application C. During a release, new customer requests/queries/connections transparently move over to the newer version D. A customer is assigned a 30 minute window (that can be moved anytime within a week) during which the system will be unavailable and customer is upgraded.
123. A role is created and owns 2 tables. This role is then dropped. Who will now own the two tables? A. The tables are now orphaned B. The user that deleted the role C. SYSADMIN D. The assumed role that dropped the role.
124. Query results are stored in the Result Cache for how long after they are last accessed, assuming no data changes have occurred? A. 1 Hour B. 3 Hours C. 12 hours D. 24 hours .
125. True or False: Snowpipe via REST API can only reference External Stages as source. A. True B. False .
126. True or False: Once created, a micro-partition will never be changed. A. True B. False.
127. Which of the following are valid Snowflake Virtual Warehouse Scaling Policies? (Choose two.) A. Custom B. Economy C. Optimized D. Standard .
128. What is the recommended Snowflake data type to store semi-structured data like JSON? A. VARCHAR B. RAW C. LOB D. VARIANT .
129. True or False: When active, a pipe requires a dedicated Virtual Warehouse to execute. A. True B. False.
130. What is the recommended method for loading data into Snowflake? A. Load row by row B. Load data in batch C. Load data by writing it In the Snowflake Web Interface (UI) D. Load data via frequent, angle row DML's.
131. Which of the following roles is recommended to be used to create and manage users and roles? A. SYSADMIN B. SECURITYADMIN C. PUBLIC D. ACCOUNTADMIN .
132. Which of the following connectors are available in the Downloads section of the Snowflake web Interface (UI) Choose 2 answers A. SnowSQL B. ODBC C. R D. HIVE.
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