preguntas ingles 2do bimestre

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preguntas ingles 2do bimestre

preguntas para el examen

Luis Salazar
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1.- Sam and Sara __________my friends when I lived in Canada. am were are .
2.- He ___________for that company since last June. did work worked has worked.
3.- I've been in the same job__________ twenty years. for from since .
4.- A: ___________________? B: Kate speaks a little French, but Sam doesn’t speak any French. Does Kate and Sam speak French Do Kate and Sam speak French Do Kate speaks French .
5.- The party is ______ Friday at in on .
6.- It's the biggest shop in the city, they sell___________. everything everywhere everybody.
7.- We are__________ a lot of problems at the moment. in front of fronting facing.
8.- A person who travels just for fun is _____________. friend clerk tourist .
9.- Frankie, what’s _________________animal in the world? slow slower than the slowest .
10.- Where ____________you this morning? were was did be .
11.- I am going to the supermarket _________________ some groceries. to get to buyinig to getting.
12.- I love New York, _______________ there all my life. I‘m lived I‘ve lived I’ve live .
13.- _________________ ice cream do you want?. A very big bowl. Any How much How many .
14.- I think I am getting a __________ , too. upset fever sick.
15.- Melissa: ___________ did you get married? Troy: July 1st. My wife is from Germany. Where When How .
16.- There was nothing good on TV so I turned it _____ and went to bed. down off up .
17.- Things are better organized now - we have __________problems than before. more less fewer less .
18.- My dad gave me a lift, he __________at the metro station. picked me up picked on me drops me off .
19.- Paul: Are you hungry? Frankie: Yes, ________________. he is she isn't I am .
20.- Kate: Yes, she_____________ friends easily. makes does make .
21.- Tom likes an apartment in a quiet_________________. lease view neighborhood .
22.- What are you going to do this weekend? _______________Las Vegas with Emi. He's going to I am going to I will go to .
23.- Emi’s going back to Japan next week, ________________? isn’t she is she does she .
24.- There was a meeting this morning! Oh no! I ________________ all about it! forgotten forget forgot .
25.- I mean we ________ surprise him with the party. He doesn't know about it. will going are .
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