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When can an adult person be considered as INACTIVE? When he/she does 100 min/week of aerobic physical activity of moderate intensity When he/she expends more than 10h per day sitting Both are incorrect.
Sedentary behavior is: Any activity with an energy expenditure < 1.5 MET in a standing position while being awake Any activity with an energy expenditure < 1.5 MET in a sitting position while being awake Any activity of any energy expendityre in a sitting or reclining position while being awake.
Select the correct answer: Antonio works as a bank manager for BBVA, and he walk fast to work and from work from Monday to Friday, yet he doesn't like doing any excercise of higher intensity. His work is 10min from home. He is SEDENTARY AND INACTIVE Juan works in Mercadona and accumulates 8h per day of light-intensity physical activity and he is therefore considered ACTIVE María works with a computer 10h per day, drives to work by car (1h each way), watch 1 hour of TV per day and is training for a marathon. She is very SEDENTARY.
Select the INCORRECT sentence: An obese and fit person has a lower risk mortality than a thin unfit The higher the cardiorespiratory fitness level, the lower the risk of mortality Jeremy Morris is generally considered as the "Father" of the Physical Fitness and Health field.
For reducing the risk of mortality, you have to: You have to perform 3 times the physical activity recommendations Walking is associated with lower mortality risk Walking is not enough, the activity must be at least of moderate intensity to have a beneficial effect on mortality.
During our Seminar about longevity in elite athletes, we learned that: Elite athletes of power soports such as weightlifting or boxing lived shorted than their non-elite athlete brothers All elite athletes, independently of the sport, lived longer than their non-elite athlete brothers Endurance top athletes lived the longer than non-athletes and similarly and other type of sports.
Is the BMI (Body Mass Index) a bad index? It is a bad index because it does not take into account the height It is a good index of cardio-metabolic risk and a bad index of adiposity It is a good index of adiposity and a bad index of cardiometabolic risk.
The prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents from Spain: has not increased in the last decade, yet is still high (aprox. 1 every 3 child is overweight/obese) is currently decreasing markedly is still increasing gradually and slowly.
The physical activity guidelines for children and adolescents indicate that... They should do an average of 150min/day of aerobic physical activity of moderate intensity They should include activities of high intensity, and those that make bones and muscle stronger 3 times per week Both are correct.
One of the reasons why resistance training can be helpful in reducing body fat is because: it increases the resting metabolic rate as it results of increasing muscle mass when doing resistance training, fat is the main energy substrate that we use some of the fat becomes muscles when doing this activity.
The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Should not be used in individuals with overweight and obese people, since their higher Seems several greater cardiovascular benefits in overweight/obese people compared with normal weight people Should not be used in children.
Which of the following sentences is NOT correct? Ashmatic children can do physical activity in a normal way as far as the asthma is properly controlled with medication Ashmatic children shouldn't do HIIT, since high intensity might lead to exercise-bronchoconstriction Physical activity can have being term improvements in the symtoms of asthmatic children.
Is swimming better than other forms of physical activity for asthmatic people? Yes, because that they have to control the breathing above and under the water, which improves cardio-pulmonary fitness There is evidence supporting that exercise out of the water is more beneficial that water-based sports in asthmatic people Prolonged exposure to chlorine may worsen asthma, so t is preferable to use non-chlorinned pools or open swimming in the sea.
The evidence-based ALPHA fitness test battery for children and adolescents includes The standing long jump test to measure muscular strengh The 4x10m shuttle run test to mesure cardiorespiratory fitness Hip circunference to measure central adiposity.
What is de difference between asthma and COPD? In Asthma symptoms are present more constantly and slowly progressing Asthma appears frequently in childhood, yet can happen in adulthood and COPD usually appears in adults over 40 years old Spitometry markers usually improve after having a brochodilator in COPD, but not in asthma.
Can COPD people do physical activity? Yes, like endurance exercise training to 60-80% of the symptom limited maximum work Yes, but below 60% of the symptom-limited maximum work Resistance training is not recommended in this population.
I want to evaluate cardiorespiratory fitness in a woman of 45 years, which test should I use according to the ADULT-FIT battery? The 6min walk test The 20m shuttle run test All the answers are correct.
There is evidence supporting that greater amounts of physical activity are associated with: A reduced risk of developing cognitive impairment including Alzheimer An improvement in cognition in individuals with dementia Both answers are correct.
Stretching is effective: For increasing the range of movement (ROM) when done on a regular basis For reducing delayer-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) when done BEFORE exercise For reducing delayer-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) when done AFTER exercise.
Stretching is: Effective for increasing athletic performance in sprint running and jumping Recommended by the ACSM, particularly dynamic stretching, prior to vigorous excerise Both are correct.
What is the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia? Dementia is the most common cause of Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia They are different mental illness.
Which questionnaire should be used in children and adolescents to assess physical activity and sedentary behaviors? YAP GPAQ IPAQ.
The most recent meta-analysis using accelerometers to assess physical activity supports that: Time spent in sedentary behavior was not related to mortality when assessed accurately with accelerometers Physical activity of all intensities are asociated with reduced mortality Both are incorrect.
Can the detrimental effects of sedentarism be attenuated or even eliminated? No, the effects of physical activity and sedentary time are independent Yes, doing higher levels physical activity can counteract the negative effects of long sitting time Only if sedentary time is less than 9.5 hours per day.
What is the sedentary time cut-off point for a markedly increased risk of death according to the most recent meta-analysis using objective methods? 8 hours/day 9.5 hours/day 12 hours/day.
Is there a minimun of PA to get benefits? Yes, 75-150 minutes per week of vigorous intensity Yes, 150-300 minutes per week of moderate intensity as recommended by the guidelines for adults No, health benefits will occur woth a few minutes of PA per week.
The cut-point to consider a 15-year-old female adolescent as obese is: Waist circumference ≥102 BMI≥30kg/m² Both are incorrect.
We learnt that Asthma is: A disease that can be cured with proper medication A condition that causes narrowing and inflammation of the airways that varies over the time and intensity It is second most common prevalent disease among children.
Who is generally considered as the "father" of the fitness and health field? Jeremy Morris Ulf Ekelund Steven N. Blair.
We learned some basic concepts about the spirometry testing. FEV₁... usually improves in COPD patients after using an inhalator from bronchodilation is the total volume of air that you can exhale (breath out) in the firse second is the total volume of air in your lungs that can be functionally used.
We have learned that cardiorespiratory fitness is a stronger predictor of morbidity and mortality than muscular strength should be expressed as VO2max but not as METs can attenuate the risk of mortality in people with overweight and obesity, but not in normal weight people since they are already healthy.
Select the correct statement regarding searching for articles in PubMed If found 5 interesting articles, I can save them in Clipboard so that I can read them later at any time I can store a selection of articles in my PubMed account in "Saved searches" MeSH terms in Pubmed are a glossary of terms that can be used to expand your search.
There is evidence that a single session of physical can improve cognition, memory and attention Only when being longer than 60min/day Only physical activity practice regularly, not just a single session, has benefits for cognition and memory Both are incorrect.
How does physical activity influence asthma? Physical activity improves exercise capacity and FEV1 in people with asthma Physical activity can induce bronchoconstriction. Therefore, in these cases, better not to recommend physical activity There is no evidence supporting that children with higher levels of physical activiy have a reduced risk of developing asthma in the future.
Which is the main advantage of questionnaires to assess physical activity and sendentary time? High reliability High feasibility High validity.
Accelerometers are: considered a gold-standard method to assess physical activity and sedentary time is a good objective method that can inform about the time spent in sedentary behaviors and physical activity at different intensities Both are correct.
Regular physical activity can: increase cognition in people with Alzheimer, but no evidence that can increase cognition in children with ADHD reduce the risk of developing dementia in the future both are correct.
Is there a maximum recommended amount of physical activity? 3-5 times more than the recommended physical activity by the international guidelines could be less beneficial than doing no physical activity 10 times more than the recommended physical activity by the international guidelines could be less beneficial than doing no physical activity There is no evidence supporting that very high levels of physical activity are associated to more risk than doing no physical activity.
According to the PREFIT fitness test batter The original 20m shuttle run test can be used to assess cardiorespiratory fitness The handgrip strenght test cannot be used in children younger than 4 years Both are incorrect.
About physical activity and obesity, we have learned that: Meeting the physical activity guidelines prevent excessive weight gain in adults and in children Moderate amounts of physical activity per week will reduce weight only when combined with moderate caloric restriction Both are correct.
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