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What attention should be paid to correct the color? Lights and shadows Colors that dominate photography Frame.
We would use the color balance… To adjust the sharpness For quick color changes To blur the image.
How many options do the adjustment levels have? Two options, one for shadows and one for lights Three options, one for shadows another for lights and another for halftones Five options, shadows, lights, halftones, white output levels and black output levels.
If in the curves setting we put three points, one point at the bottom, the second one in the middle and the last point at the top of the frame, we will get an image... Little contrasted With a basic contrast With little bright.
To look for a color harmony in the color wheel we should… Draw geometric shapes in the color wheels Choose to your liking in the color wheels Combine the same range in the color wheels.
To replace a color in photoshop we should use the tool ... Brush Color replacement Paint pot.
Keyboard shortcuts make it much easier for us to work in photoshop w: ctrl + Shift + U / m: cmd + Shift + U take an automatic tone desaturate the layer select a color.
What is essential to take a good picture? Have a wide range of colors Have a good frame Have adequate lighting.
When we make a selection in photoshop, we must make sure... To take care of the edges of the selection That the selection is elliptical That we have a duplication of the selection.
If we use the adjustment curves, we see three drops, what are they for? To mark the color we want to desaturate To mark shadows, highlights and halftones of the image To mark the three primary colors.
If we make a very extreme "S" curve we will get A very flat image. A very desaturated image A very contrasted image.
When we increase the sharpness of an image, we will create more contrast and less brightness more contrast and more noise more brightness and more noise.
Our level of compression when saving a JPEG file should be 120 65 72.
What does it mean that one color is complementary to another? That they are from side to side in the color wheel That both are in the same color range That they are opposite each other in the color wheel.
The best guide to detect color corrections is ... to see the image in the image viewer to check the histogram of the image to see the image on our camera's screen.
Adjustment layers can be applied to Several layers See the fastest result Merge modes.
If you need to make minor color adjustments we should use Photoshop Color Balance Levels .
In the adjustment levels, we have three sliders, which belong Left shadows, center halftones, right lights Left lights, center halftones, right shadows Left shadows, center halftones, right brightness.
The output levels that we find in the level adjustments affect Contrast Brightness Tone.
The advantage of using the curves setting instead of the adjustment levels is that Curves have more precision since you can set your own points Curves have a greater number of colors to modify There is no advantage of one adjustment to another.
By mixing two primary colors we obtain Other primary color A secondary one A tertiary one.
We talk about analog colors when they are Opposite in the color wheel Very close to each other on the color wheel These colors do not exist.
What requirements will we need to make a lighting retouch? Work with layers and color settings Work with layers and lighting settings Work with color and lighting settings.
In adjusting curves, how many points we should have in the line to create an "S line" Only 3 At least 5 Minimum 7.
If we increase the contrast and sharpness of an image, we can find Noise Grain None is correct.
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