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I _______ an e-mail now. I am writting I am writing.
Susan _____ in bed at the moment. is lying lying.
My mum and dad ________ now. is cooking are cooking.
Look! What ________? is he wearing does he wearing.
Peter is working _______. this week every day.
I can't see them. Where ________ ? are they standing they are standing.
Jim is hopeless. He _________ his mobile. is always forgetting is always forgeting.
I can hear Jane. She _______ in the shower. is singing is sing.
I ______ TV. am just watching am often watching.
Look! What _________? is he wearing does is wearing.
His dad and brother ___________ to the shops. is cycling are cycling.
We __________ in Japan. are not travelling are not traveling.
They __________ in the sea. is not swimming are not swiming are not swimming.
Sue __________ at home today. stays is staying.
We ___________ basketball. are not play are not playing.
___________ Sarah ___________ the guitar? Does Sarah plays Is Sarah playing.
___________ Helen ___________ a letter? Is Helen writeing Is Helen writing.
___________ you ___________ English? Is you learning are you learning.
___________ they ___________ magazines? Are they readinng Are they reading.
My parents ___________ to work now. are driving are drive are drivinng.
We ___________ fun today. are not haveing are not having.
Amy ___________ to school today. is not goes is not going.
I ___________ an email. not am writing am not writing.
We ___________ in the classroom. are siting are sitting.
I ___________ a pizza. am eating am eatting.
Tina ___________ grammar exercises. does is doing.
Joe ___________ on the computer. plays is playing.
Tara ___________ by phone. is not talking not is talking.
Dad ___________ dinner. is not cooks is not cooking.
My brother ___________ to the radio did not listening is not listening.
What ____________ you ____________ for? are, waitting are, waiting.
I´m ____________ for John. waiting waitting.
____________ it ____________ ? Is, snowing Is, snowwing.
it ____________ is rainning is raining.
What ____________ you ____________ today? is, doing are, doing.
We ____________ to the park. are going are goinning.
The teacher is annoyed. We ____________ . are not listennig are not listening.
I´m worried. It ____________ and I haven´t got an umbrella. is not raing is not raining.
She´s happy. She ____________ today. does not work is not working.
The teachers ____________ us a film. is showing are showing.
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