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1. A: What´s your name? B: _______ is Teresa. It Her My Your Of.
2. A: Where is Pierre ______? B: France. From By To Of Your.
3. Ms. Carter is at school. _______ a teacher. She´s He´s It´s I´m Of.
4. A: Are Susan and Taylor in class? B: _____________. Not, they´re not Yes, she is c. Not, aren´t Yes, they´re Not, he is.
5. We go to work _____ bus. By In From To On.
6. A: What do you do? B: I´m __________. an actor Brazilian Fine In class In work.
7. We are students. We´re in Room 308. ______ our classroom. It´s That It Is That´s.
8. Select the CORRECT sentence. They´re artists. They artists. They´s artists. Is they artist? Is are artists.
9. Eva Ayllón is a popular _______. Singer Doctor Athlete Flight attendant Military.
10. The drugstore is ______ the street. Across Next to Around Between He´s.
11. Susan is _______ classmate. Our An He´s You´re He.
12. A: Where is Michelle ______? B: Canada. From To At Of Is.
13. Joseph is at ____________ now. He´s a student. School The office Home The store The store.
14. Japan and South Korea are __________ in Asia. Countries Cities Nationalities Languages Occupations.
15. Cars, buses, and trains are _______________________. Means of transportation Occupations Jobs Cities Around.
16. "Two" is ________ "One" and "Three". Between Next to Around Down Boss.
17. Mr. Johnson is Helen´s teacher. She´s in his class. She´s his ____________. Student Classmate Boss Colleague Military.
18. My house is at 566 Rock Street. That´s my ___________. Address Phone number Job E-mail address Computers.
19. ______. See you tomorrow. Bye Hello Hi Good morning How are you.
20. Robert´s house is next to Samuel´s house. They are ____________. Neighbors Classmates Colleagues Students Chef.
21. Look at these pictures. They are Terry´s pictures. They´re really good. She´s a great ____________. Photographer Chef Writer Pilot Work.
22. Mrs. Ramirez is _________ mother. Tina´s Tina Tinas´ Tinas On Tina.
23. Those computers __________. Are expensive Is expensive Are expensives Expensive Writer.
24. A: Do you have a car? B: No, I ______. don´t not isn´t I´m not I´m yes.
25. It´s 4:30 pm. It´s ________. Half past four Half to five Thirty minutes to five Four to half Half to one.
26. Rosa is Oscar’s ____________. Wife Husband Brother Grandson Mother.
27. It´s 6:30 am. It´s _________________. half past six 30 minutes to six half to seven six to half Four to half.
28. A: When is the new TV show? B: It’s _______ Saturday at 10 pm. on in at to is.
29. A: __________________? B: My brother and sister. Who are they What is it Who is she What are they Who is he.
30. Sebastian´s birthday is on June 3rd. third thirteenth thirtieth three Two.
31. A: Do they have a bicycle? B: __________________. No, they don´t Yes, do No, they not Yes, they are No, they are.
32. Our class is _____ noon. At In On To Is.
33. Betty ______ want that dress. It´s dirty. Doesn´t Isn´t Not Is Does.
34. Jim is Rose´s father. Rose is ____________. Jim´s daughter Jims daughter Jim daughter´s Jim daughter Jims daughte´s.
35. They´re two boys and a girl. They´re _________. Children Childs Child Childrens Children´s.
36. This blouse is a little ______. Do you have this one in large? Tight Cheap Dirty New Tall.
37. Brenda´s sister is pretty. She´s _____________. Good-looking Old Short d Tall e New.
38. A: How ___ is your grandmother? B: 90. Old Short Age Time Tall.
39. I´m Mark. My parents have a baby daughter. That girl is my ______________. Sister Brother Son Children Children´s.
40. Ken´s shoes are old. They aren’t ____________. a. New b. Short c. Cheap d. Cute e. Son 4New Short Cheap Cute Son.
41. They are two boys and one girl. They are three ___________. Children Childs Child 4. Childrens Son.
42. This number is SIXTY. 60 16 6 66 26.
43. There’s a concert on the weekend. The concert is on __________. Saturday Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday.
44. _________ is the second weekday. Tuesday Sunday Friday Wednesday Saturday.
45. My house has three floors. The bedrooms are _____ __________ floor. On - the second In - two In - the two On – second On – the two.
46. My older sister usually ___________ the dishes after lunch. Washes Is wash Washing Wash Are wash.
47. Where _________ your brother ___________ English? Does - study Does - studies Do - studies Do – study Are – studies.
48. Joseph ________________ soda. Never drinks Drinks never Is never drinking Never drink On never drink.
49. A: May I talk to Robert, please? B: Sorry, he´s not home now. He _______________ at the office. I´s working Working Works Does works Do work.
50. A: Where is "CIVIME" located? B: It´s ____ Arequipa Avenue. On In At From Is.
51. ___________________ two bedrooms upstairs? Are there There are There isn´t Is there There aren´t.
52. Select the CORRECT sentence. I always brush my teeth. Always I brush my teeth. I brush always my teeth. I brush my teeth always. I brush my always teeth.
53. _____________ a lamp in your bedroom? Is there Does There´s Are there Do.
54. The weather is cold, but _______ raining. It isn´t It doesn´t It not It don´t It is.
55. Where _________ your parents live? Do Is Does Are That.
56. A: What´s Susan ________________ right now? B: Pasta. Cooking Cook Cooks To cook Is cooking .
57. Some people don´t like to do household ___________. Chores Homework Dishes Laundry Cook.
58. Where _____ your parents live? Do Is Does Are That.
59. A: What are you doing? B: I __________ a magazine. I´m reading Read I´m read Reading Is read.
60. A: _______ rooms are there in your house? B: Eight. How many Why How much What number How that.
61. A: ______ watching a film? B: Paul. Who´s When´s Where Who When.
62. Why _____ your mom want cheese? Does Is Do Are That.
63. A: Do you live far from here? B: No, I live _____ the café. Near There On To In.
64. Select the CORRECT sentence. Ted always cooks on Sunday. Always Ted cooks on Sunday. Ted cooks always on Sunday. Ted cooks on Sunday always. Always cooks on sunday.
65. ____ 2 big windows in my room. There are There´s There There is There aren´t.
66. A: __________ milk did you buy? B: One gallon. How much How often How many How old How tall.
67. A: What does your sister __________? B: She has blonde hair and green eyes. look like looked like looks likes look likes looks like.
68. Many people drink their coffee with ___________ in it. sugar pepper beans onion aple.
69. Jim drinks two __________ of soda every day. boxes boxes loaves bags glasses.
70. Select the word that DOESN´T BELONG. hip cold fever cough bags.
71. On the weekends, people don’t want to do anything. They just want to _________. relax grow up work graduate student.
72. Today is Monday. The day before yesterday was ___________. Saturday Thursday Wednesday Friday Mondey.
73. People have two hands and two _____________. Feet Feets Foot Foots Head.
74. Oscar feels sick. He should ________ a doctor. See Saw To see Sees To saw.
75. Some men have no hair. They are ____________. Bald Tall Short Heavy Long.
76. I think I ate too much. I have a(n) _____________ now. Stomachache Backache Runny nose Earache Started.
77. Last week Steve _________ to work in a shop. Started Starts Start Did started Did start.
78. A: Where ____ Kate yesterday? Was Is Were Did That.
79. A: I have a headache. B: I think you ___ take an aspirin. Should Will Have Do Does.
80. A: What does your son ______? B: He has long black hair. Look like Looks like Looked like Look likes Looks likes.
81. A: Who _____ breakfast with you? B: Oscar. ate eat eating to eat Are eating.
82. Select the INCORRECT sentence. Sue is liking cookies. Sue wanted cookies. Sue is making cookies. Sue likes cookies. Sue is making.
83. ______ sugar do you need? How much When How many Why When many.
84. You ____ eat a lot of candy. Shouldn´t Can Don´t Have to Doesn´t.
85. Helen ____ the laundry last night. Did Do Is doing Doing Doesn´t.
86. I ____ a lot for the test. Did you? Studied Did studied Didn´t studied Was study Was studied.
87. Dad bought two _____ of bread for breakfast. Loaves Cans Bottles Boxes Studied.
88. A: _________ can she do? B: She can dance very well. What Which How much Why Was.
89. Edward likes to cook, ______ he doesn´t like to clean. But And So Too Was.
90. A: Is the plane going to arrive at noon? B: No, ___________. It isn´t It doesn´t It´s He isn´t He it.
91. A: Where was James born? B: _____________. Lima Last March 2010 A baby boy They.
92. A: Where are __________ go next month? B: France. they going to they go they going they to going They to go.
93. At eighty, some people can’t drive, but my grandfather ________. can is does was That.
94. A: ________ were you born? B: In Lima. Where When What How far How.
95. I can´t read this. Could you ____? Hand me my glasses Go shopping Closet the windows Turn on the laptop Hand me my cups.
96. I didn´t eat breakfast this morning. I´m really _____. Hungry Early Angry Fast Happy.
97. You get up at 5 am every day. That´s very _______! Early Happy Full Late Fast.
98. My radio is broken. Can you _______ it, please? Fix Paint Read Sing Full.
99. She ________ travel around the world. I´d like to Would Would liked I´d like Would.
100. I have a job, and I study, _____. Too So Ok Bad Not.
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