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A small company with 10 employees uses a single LAN to share information between computers. Which type of connection to the Internet would be appropriate for this company? a dialup connection that is supplied by their local telephone service provider Virtual Private Networks that would enable the company to connect easily and securely with employees private dedicated lines through their local service provider a broadband service, such as DSL, through their local service provider.
Which network scenario will require the use of a WAN? Employees need to access web pages that are hosted on the corporate web servers in the DMZ within their building. Employee workstations need to obtain dynamically assigned IP addresses. Employees in the branch office need to share files with the headquarters office that is located in a separate building on the same campus network. Employees need to connect to the corporate email server through a VPN while traveling.
Which statement describes a characteristic of a WAN? A WAN operates within the same geographic scope of a LAN, but has serial links. WAN networks are owned by service providers. All serial links are considered WAN connections. A WAN provides end-user network connectivity to the campus backbone.
What are two common types of circuit-switched WAN technologies? (Choose two.) Frame Relay DSL PSTN ATM ISDN.
Which two devices are needed when a digital leased line is used to provide a connection between the customer and the service provider? (Choose two.) access server CSU Layer 2 switch DSU dialup modem.
What is a requirement of a connectionless packet-switched network? Each packet has to carry only an identifier. The network predetermines the route for a packet. Full addressing information must be carried in each data packet. A virtual circuit is created for the duration of the packet delivery.
What is an advantage of packet-switched technology over circuit-switched technology? Packet-switched networks are less susceptible to jitter than circuit-switched networks are. Packet-switched networks can efficiently use multiple routes inside a service provider network. Packet-switched networks do not require an expensive permanent connection to each endpoint. Packet-switched networks usually experience lower latency than circuit-switched networks experience.
A new corporation needs a data network that must meet certain requirements. The network must provide a low cost connection to sales people dispersed over a large geographical area. Which two types of WAN infrastructure would meet the requirements? (Choose two.) public infrastructure private infrastructure Internet dedicated satellite.
What is a long distance fiber-optic media technology that supports both SONET and SDH, and assigns incoming optical signals to specific wavelengths of light? ISDN MPLS ATM DWDM.
What are two common high-bandwidth fiber-optic media standards? (Choose two.) ANSI ATM ITU SDH SONET.
Which WAN technology is cell-based and well suited to carry voice and video traffic? ATM ISDN VSAT Frame Relay.
Which two technologies use the PSTN network to provide an Internet connection? (Choose two.) ATM ISDN MPLS dialup Frame Relay.
A company needs to interconnect several branch offices across a metropolitan area. The network engineer is seeking a solution that provides high-speed converged traffic, including voice, video, and data on the same network infrastructure. The company also wants easy integration to their existing LAN infrastructure in their office locations. Which technology should be recommended? VSAT ISDN Frame Relay Ethernet WAN.
Which solution can provide Internet access to remote locations where no regular WAN services are available? VSAT WiMAX Ethernet municipal Wi-Fi.
Which WAN technology establishes a dedicated constant point-to-point connection between two sites? ATM ISDN leased lines Frame Relay.
A customer needs a metropolitan area WAN connection that provides high-speed, dedicated bandwidth between two sites. Which type of WAN connection would best fulfill this need? circuit-switched network Ethernet WAN MPLS acket-switched network.
Which feature is used when connecting to the Internet using DSL? DSLAM CMTS IEEE 802.16 LTE.
Which connectivity method would be best for a corporate employee who works from home two days a week, but needs secure access to internal corporate databases? cable DSL VPN WiMAX.
Which wireless technology provides Internet access through cellular networks? satellite municipal WiFi LTE WiMAX.
A home user lives within 10 miles (16 kilometers) of the Internet provider network. Which type of technology provides high-speed broadband service with wireless access for this home user? 802.11 municipal Wi-Fi DSL WiMAX.
Match the type of WAN device or service to the descriptions. (Not all options are used.) CPE DCE DTE local loop.
What is the recommended technology to use over a public WAN infrastructure when a branch office is connected to the corporate site? ATM ISDN municipal Wi-Fi VPN.
What can cause a reduction in available bandwidth on a cable broadband connection? smaller cells number of subscribers committed information rate distance from the central office of the provider.
Which equipment is needed for an ISP to provide Internet connections through cable service? CMTS DSLAM CSU/DSU access server.
Which geographic scope requirement would be considered a distributed WAN scope? local one-to-one one-to-many many-to-many regional global.
A corporation is looking for a solution to connect multiple, newly established remote branch offices. Which consideration is important when selecting a private WAN connection rather than a public WAN connection? lower cost higher data transmission rate website and file exchange service support data security and confidentiality during transmission.
Match the connectivity type to the description. (Not all options are used.) set up a city to provide free Internet access slow access (upload speed is abot one-tenth download speed) uses traditional phone network uses traditional video network.
When should a network performance baseline be measured? during normal work hours of an organization immediately after the main network devices restarted after normal work hours to reduce possible interruptions when a denial of service attack to the network is detected and blocked.
What is a purpose of establishing a network baseline? It provides a statistical average for network performance. It manages the performance of network devices. It creates a point of reference for future network evaluations. It checks the security configuration of network devices.
Which three pieces of information are typically recorded in a logical topology diagram? (Choose three.) IP address and prefix lengths routing protocols device models and manufacturers static routes cable specifications device locations.
In which step of gathering symptoms does the network engineer determine if the problem is at the core, distribution, or access layer of the network? Document the symptoms. Determine the symptoms. Gather information. Determine ownership. Narrow the scope.
A team of engineers has identified a solution to a significant network problem. The proposed solution is likely to affect critical network infrastructure components. What should the team follow while implementing the solution to avoid interfering with other processes and infrastructure? change-control procedures one of the layered troubleshooting approaches knowledge base guidelines syslog messages and reports.
Refer to the exhibit. What action occurs at stage 3 of the general troubleshooting process? Narrow the scope. Question end users. Correct the problem. Document symptoms.
After which step in the network troubleshooting process would one of the layered troubleshooting methods be used? determining ownership After which step in the network troubleshooting process would one of the layered troubleshooting methods be used? gathering symptoms from suspect devices narrowing the scope.
A network technician is troubleshooting an email connection problem. Which question to the end-user will provide clear information to better define the problem? Is your email working now? How big are the emails you tried to send? What kind of equipment are you using to send emails? When did you first notice your email problem?.
A network engineer is troubleshooting a network problem and can successfully ping between two devices. However, Telnet between the same two devices does not work. Which OSI layers should the administrator investigate next? all of the layers from the network layer to the application layer from the network layer to the physical layer only the network layer.
A network administrator is having issues with a newly installed network not appearing in other routers. At which layer of the OSI model is the network administrator going to start the troubleshooting process when using a top-down approach? application internet network session transport.
Which troubleshooting method begins by examining cable connections and wiring issues? top-down bottom-up substitution divide-and-conquer.
Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the information presented, which two IP SLA related statements are true? (Choose two.) IP SLA 99 is measuring jitter. IP SLA 99 is scheduled to begin in 2 hours. IP SLA 99 is sending echo requests every 10 seconds. IP SLA 99 is sending echo requests from IP address IP SLA 99 is configured with the type dns target-addr command. IP SLA 99 will run forever unless explicitly disabled.
A company is setting up a web site with SSL technology to protect the authentication credentials required to access the web site. A network engineer needs to verify that the setup is correct and that the authentication is indeed encrypted. Which tool should be used? fault-management tool protocol analyzer baselining tool cable analyzer.
Which category of software troubleshooting tools provides device-level monitoring, configuration, and fault-management? knowledge bases baselining tools host-based protocol analyzers network management system tools.
Which two specialized troubleshooting tools can monitor the amount of traffic that passes through a switch? (Choose two.) TDR digital multimeter NAM DTX cable analyzer portable network analyzer.
Which number represents the most severe level of syslog logging? 0 1 6 7.
A user in a large office calls technical support to complain that a PC has suddenly lost connectivity to the network. The technician asks the caller to talk to nearby users to see if other machines are affected. The caller reports that several immediate neighbors in the same department have a similar problem and that they cannot ping each other. Those who are seated in other departments have connectivity. What should the technician check as the first step in troubleshooting the issue? the power outlet to the PC that is used by the caller the trunks between switches in the wiring closet the cable that connects the PC of the caller to the network jack the status of the departmental workgroup switch in the wiring closet the cable connection between a PC and a network outlet that is used by a neighbor.
A user reports that after an OS patch of the networking subsystem has been applied to a workstation, it performs very slowly when connecting to network resources. A network technician tests the link with a cable analyzer and notices that the workstation sends an excessive number of frames smaller than 64 bytes and also other meaningless frames. What is the possible cause of the problem? cabling faults corrupted NIC driver Ethernet signal attenuation corrupted application installation.
An administrator is troubleshooting an Internet connectivity problem on a router. The output of the show interfaces gigabitethernet 0/0 command reveals higher than normal framing errors on the interface that connects to the Internet. At what layer of the OSI model is the problem likely occurring? Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 7.
A group of Windows PCs in a new subnet has been added to an Ethernet network. When testing the connectivity, a technician finds that these PCs can access local network resources but not the Internet resources. To troubleshoot the problem, the technician wants to initially confirm the IP address and DNS configurations on the PCs, and also verify connectivity to the local router. Which three Windows CLI commands and utilities will provide the necessary information? (Choose three.) arp -a nslookup telnet ping ipconfig netsh interface ipv6 show neighbor tracert.
Users report that the new web site http://www.company1.biz cannot be accessed. The helpdesk technician checks and verifies that the web site can be accessed with http://www.company1.biz:90. Which layer in the TCP/IP model is involved in troubleshooting this issue? application transport internet network access.
A networked PC is having trouble accessing the Internet, but can print to a local printer and ping other computers in the area. Other computers on the same network are not having any issues. What is the problem? The PC has a missing or incorrect default gateway. The default gateway router does not have a default route. The switch port to which the PC connects has an incorrect VLAN configured. The link between the switch to which the PC connects and the default gateway router is down.
The newly configured ASBR that connects a company to the Internet has a default route configured and has the default-information originate command entered. Devices connected through this router can access the Internet. The problem is that no other OSPF routers have a default route in the routing table and no other users throughout the organization can access the Internet. What could be the problem? The ASBR does not have OSPF configured. The ASBR does not have an OSPF neighbor. The other routers are not configured to accept LSA type 4s. The ASBR should use the exit_interface argument instead of next-hop on the default route.
An internal corporate server can be accessed by internal PCs, but not by external Internet users that should have access. What could be the issue? Static NAT has not been configured properly or at all. The server does not have a private IP address assigned. The default gateway router for the server does not have a default route. The switch port to which the server connects has an incorrect VLAN configured.
Fill in the blank. Use the .... cache to verify IPv4 address to Layer 2 Ethernet address mappings on a host computer.
Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question. A user reports that PC0 cannot visit the web server http://www.server.com. Troubleshoot the network configuration to identify the problem. What is the cause of the problem A default route on HQ is not configured. A serial interface encapsulation is configured incorrectly. The DNS server address on PC0 is configured incorrectly. The clock rate on Branch S0/0/0 is configured incorrectly.
Where are IPv4 address to Layer 2 Ethernet address mappings maintained on a host computer? routing table ARP cache neighbor table MAC address table.
Match the steps to the PPP CHAP authentication process sequence. (Not all options are used.) Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6.
Which three are types of LCP frames used with PPP? (Choose three.) link-negotiation frames link-acknowledgment frames link-maintenance frames link-termination frames link-control frames link-establishment frames.
Which command can be used to view the cable type that is attached to a serial interface? Router(config)# show interfaces Router(config)# show controllers Router(config)# show ip interface Router(config)# show ip interface brief.
How does PPP interface with different network layer protocols? by negotiating with the network layer handler by using separate NCPs by encoding the information field in the PPP frame by specifying the protocol during link establishment through LCP.
Which address is used in the Address field of a PPP frame? a single byte of binary 00000000 a single byte of binary 10101010 the IP address of the serial interface a single byte of binary 11111111.
Which field marks the beginning and end of an HDLC frame? Data FCS Control Flag.
In which situation would the use of PAP be preferable to the use of CHAP? when router resources are limited when multilink PPP is used when plain text passwords are needed to simulate login at the remote host when a network administrator prefers it because of ease of configuration.
When configuring Multilink PPP, where is the IP address for the multilink bundle configured? on a physical serial interface on a subinterface on a multilink interface on a physical Ethernet interface.
Refer to the exhibit. Based on the debug command output that is shown, which statement is true of the operation of PPP. CHAP authentication failed because of an unknown hostname. A PPP session was successfully established. Both PAP and CHAP authentication were attempted. The debug output is from router R2.
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring the PPP link between the two routers. However, the PPP link cannot be established. Based on the partial output of the show running-config command, what is the cause of the problem?​ The usernames do not match. The passwords do not match. The passwords should be longer than 8 characters. The interface IP addresses are in different subnets.
Which is an advantage of using PPP on a serial link instead of HDLC? option for authentication higher speed transmission fixed-size frames option for session establishment.
Which protocol will terminate the PPP link after the exchange of data is complete? NCP LCP IPCP IPXCP.
Which serial 0/0/0 interface state will be shown if no serial cable is attached to the router, but everything else has been correctly configured and turned on? Serial 0/0/0 is up, line protocol is up Serial 0/0/0 is up, line protocol is down Serial 0/0/0 is up (looped) Serial 0/0/0 is up (disabled) Serial 0/0/0 is down, line protocol is down Serial 0/0/0 is administratively down, line protocol is down.
How much total bandwidth is provided by a T1 line? 1.544 Mb/s 64 kb/s 128 b/s 43.736 Mb/s.
A network engineer is monitoring an essential, but poor quality, PPP WAN link that periodically shuts down. An examination of the interface configurations shows that the ppp quality 90 command has been issued. What action could the engineer take to reduce the frequency with which the link shuts down? Issue the command ppp quality 70. Issue the command ppp quality 100. Set the DCE interface to a lower clock rate. Use the bandwidth command to increase the bandwidth of the link.
A network engineer is troubleshooting the loss of MPEG video viewing quality as MPEG video files cross a PPP WAN link. What could be causing this loss of quality? PAP authentication was misconfigured on the link interfaces. The clock rates configured on each serial interface do not match. The compress command was used when PPP was configured on the interfaces. Link Quality Monitoring was not configured correctly on each interface.
Match the PPP options with the correct description. (Not all options are used.) Maximun Received Unit Authentication Protocol Multilink Compression.
Which PPP option can detect links that are in a looped-back condition? Magic Number MRU Callback ACCM.
A network engineer has issued the show interfaces serial 0/0/0 command on a router to examine the open NCPs on a PPP link to another router. The command output displays that the encapsulation is PPP and that the LCP is open. However, the IPV6CP NCP is not shown as open. What does the engineer need to configure to open the IPV6CP NCP on the link? Configure CHAP authentication on each router. Configure PPP multilink interfaces on each router. Configure an IPv6 address on each interface on the link. Issue the compress predictor command on each interface on the link.
Which three physical layer interfaces support PPP? (Choose three.) FastEthernet Ethernet HSSI synchronous serial GigabitEthernet asynchronous serial.
Refer to the exhibit. What type of Layer 2 encapsulation will be used for connection D on the basis of this configuration on a newly installed router: RtrA(config)# interface serial0/0/0 RtrA(config-if)# ip address RtrA(config-if)# no shutdown Ethernet Frame Relay HDLC PPP.
What are three components of PPP? (Choose three.) authorization LCP parallel communications NCP support for LAN and WAN HDLC-like framing.
Match the phases of establishing a PPP session in the correct order. (Not all options are used.) phase 1 phase 2 phase 3.
Which two statements describe a PPP connection between two Cisco routers? (Choose two.) LCP tests the quality of the link. Only a single NCP is allowed between the two routers. NCP terminates the link when data exchange is complete. With CHAP authentication, the routers exchange plain text passwords. LCP manages compression on the link.
Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question. Why is the serial link between router R1 and router R2 not operational? In each case the expected username is not the same as the remote router hostname. The passwords are different in both routers. The encapsulation in both routers does not match. The authentication type is not the same in both routers.
What command specifies a BGP neighbor that has an IP address of and that is in AS 500? (config-router)# neighbor remote-as 500 (config-router)# router bgp 500 (config-router)# neighbor 500 remote-as (config-router)# network
Which is a requirement of a site-to-site VPN? It requires a client/server architecture. It requires the placement of a VPN server at the edge of the company network. It requires hosts to use VPN client software to encapsulate traffic. It requires a VPN gateway at each end of the tunnel to encrypt and decrypt traffic.
What are two WAN connection enhancements that are achieved by implementing PPPoE? (Choose two.) CHAP enables customer authentication and accounting. An Ethernet link supports a number of data link protocols. PPP enables the ISP to assign an IP address to the customer WAN interface. DSL CHAP features are included in PPPoE. Encapsulating Ethernet frames within PPP frames is an efficient use of bandwidth.
Which two statements describe a remote access VPN? (Choose two.) It connects entire networks to each other. It requires hosts to send TCP/IP traffic through a VPN gateway. It is used to connect individual hosts securely to a company network over the Internet. It may require VPN client software on hosts. It requires static configuration of the VPN tunnel.
Refer to the exhibit. Which IP address is configured on the physical interface of the CORP router?
Refer to the exhibit. Which two configurations will allow router R1 to establish a neighbor relationship with router R2? (Choose two.) R1(config)# router bgp 65001 R1(config-router)# network ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R1(config)# router bgp 65001 R1(config-router)# network R1(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 65002 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R1(config)# router bgp 65002 R1(config-router)# network R1(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 65001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R2(config)# router bgp 65002 R2(config-router)# network ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R2(config)# router bgp 65002 R2(config-router)# network R2(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 65002 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R2(config)# router bgp 65002 R2(config-router)# network R2(config-router)# neighbor remote-as 65001 .
What is the function of the DSLAM in a broadband DSL network? multiplexes individual customer DSL connections into a single upstream link communicates directly with customer cable modems to provide Internet services to customers separates POTS traffic from ADSL traffic separates voice from data signals.
What is a component of an ADSL connection that is located at the customer site? CO SOHO CPE DSLAM.
How can the use of VPNs in the workplace contribute to lower operating costs? High-speed broadband technology can be replaced with leased lines. VPNs can be used across broadband connections rather than dedicated WAN links. VPNs prevents connectivity to SOHO users. VPNs require a subscription from a specific Internet service provider that specializes in secure connections.
Which two scenarios are examples of remote access VPNs? (Choose two.) A toy manufacturer has a permanent VPN connection to one of its parts suppliers. All users at a large branch office can access company resources through a single VPN connection. A mobile sales agent is connecting to the company network via the Internet connection at a hotel. A small branch office with three employees has a Cisco ASA that is used to create a VPN connection to the HQ. An employee who is working from home uses VPN client software on a laptop in order to connect to the company network.
What is the approximate distance limitation for providing a satisfactory ADSL service from the central office to a customer? 11.18 miles or 18 kilometers 3.39 miles or 5.46 kilometers 6.21 miles or 10 kilometers 2.11 miles or 3.39 kilometers.
Refer to the exhibit. Which IP address would be configured on the tunnel interface of the destination router?
Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question. What is the code displayed on the web page? Welldone! BGP is running! BGP is configured! Configuration is correct!.
True or False? Multiple BGP processes can run on a router. true false.
Why is the MTU for a PPPoE DSL configuration reduced from 1500 bytes to 1492? to enable CHAP authentication to reduce congestion on the DSL link to accommodate the PPPoE headers to establish a secure tunnel with less overhead.
Refer to the exhibit. What solution can provide a VPN between site A and site B to support encapsulation of any Layer 3 protocol between the internal networks at each site? an IPsec tunnel a GRE tunnel a remote access tunnel Cisco SSL VPN.
When PPPoE is configured on a customer router, which two commands must have the same value for the configuration to work? (Choose two.) interface dialer 2 dialer pool 2 ppp chap password 2 interface gigabitethernet 0/2 pppoe-client dial-pool-number 2 ppp chap hostname 2.
Refer to the exhibit. A tunnel was implemented between routers R1 and R2. Which two conclusions can be drawn from the R1 command output? (Choose two.) This tunnel mode is not the default tunnel interface mode for Cisco IOS software. This tunnel mode provides encryption. The data that is sent across this tunnel is not secure. This tunnel mode does not support IP multicast tunneling. A GRE tunnel is being used.
How is “tunneling” accomplished in a VPN? New headers from one or more VPN protocols encapsulate the original packets. All packets between two hosts are assigned to a single physical medium to ensure that the packets are kept private. Packets are disguised to look like other types of traffic so that they will be ignored by potential attackers. A dedicated circuit is established between the source and destination devices for the duration of the connection.
What functionality does mGRE provide to the DMVPN technology? It allows the creation of dynamically allocated tunnels through a permanent tunnel source at the hub and dynamically allocated tunnel destinations at the spokes. It creates a distributed mapping database of public IP addresses for all VPN tunnel spokes. It provides secure transport of private information over public networks, such as the Internet. It is a Cisco software solution for building multiple VPNs in an easy, dynamic, and scalable manner.
What are two characteristics of a PPPoE configuration on a Cisco customer router? (Choose two.) The PPP configuration is on the dialer interface. An MTU size of 1492 bytes is configured on the Ethernet interface. The Ethernet interface does not have an IP address. The customer router CHAP username and password are independent of what is configured on the ISP router. The dialer pool command is applied to the Ethernet interface to link it to the dialer interface.
Which three statements are characteristics of generic routing encapsulation (GRE)? (Choose three.) GRE encapsulation supports any OSI Layer 3 protocol. GRE provides flow control by default. GRE is stateless. The GRE header alone adds at least 24 bytes of overhead. GRE does not have strong security mechanisms. GRE is the most secure tunneling protocol.
What is used by BGP to determine the best path to a destination? cost hop count administrative distance Tributes.
Where is PPPoE configured on a Cisco router? on an Ethernet interface on the dialer interface on a serial interface on any physical interface.
Which broadband wireless technology is based on the 802.11 standard? municipal Wi-Fi WiMAX CDMA UMTS.
Which broadband technology would be best for a small office that requires fast upstream connections? DSL fiber-to-the-home cable WiMax.
When QoS is implemented in a converged network, which two factors can be controlled to improve network performance for real-time traffic? (Choose two.) link speed delay packet routing jitter packet addressing.
A network engineer performs a ping test and receives a value that shows the time it takes for a packet to travel from a source to a destination device and return. Which term describes the value? jitter latency priority bandwidth.
What are two characteristics of voice traffic? (Choose two.) Dropped voice packets are not retransmitted. Voice traffic requires at least 384 kbs of bandwidth. Voice traffic consumes lots of network resources. Voice traffic is unpredictable and inconsistent. Voice traffic latency should not exceed 150 ms.
How does a Cisco router using tail drop handle congestion when a traffic queue becomes full? The router will only drop non delay-sensitive data that is close to the end of the queue. The router will drop any packet that arrives at the end of the queue. The router will remove the most recent data placed in the queue to make space for an arriving packet. The router will remove the packet in the front of the queue, move all other packets forward, and insert the just arrived packet at the end.
For classifying packets into classes with CBWFQ, what is the purpose of configuring a maximum packet limit for a class? to control the maximum number of packets allowed in a single queue to control the maximum number of packets allowed to be discarded to control the maximum number of packets that can be forwarded each second on an egress interface to control the maximum number of packets that can be received each second on an ingress interface.
A network engineer is selecting a QoS method to control congestion on a VPN tunnel link between the headquarters site and a branch office. Which queuing method cannot be used to classify and control VPN traffic? FIFO WFQ CBWFQ LLQ.
An administrator has mastered the use of access control lists (ACLs) and wants to deploy QoS by defining different traffic classes through the use of ACLs. Which queuing method provides this functionality? FIFO WFQ FCFS CBWFQ.
Which queuing algorithm has only a single queue and treats all packets equally? FIFO CBWFQ WFQ LLQ.
A network administrator is deploying QoS with the ability to provide a special queue for voice traffic so that voice traffic is forwarded before network traffic in other queues. Which queuing method would be the best choice? FIFO WFQ CBWFQ LLQ.
What are two characteristics of DiffServ QoS model? (Choose two.) the easiest QoS model to deploy groups all TCP flows into a single class delivers end to end QoS uses the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) to signal QoS requirements can divide network traffic into classes based on business requirements.
What are two characteristics of the best-effort QoS model? (Choose two.) It does not provide a delivery guarantee for packets. It uses a connection-oriented approach with QoS. It treats all network packets in the same way. It allows end hosts to signal their QoS needs to the network. It provides preferential treatment for voice packets.
What role do network devices play in the IntServ QoS model? Network devices ensure that resources are available before traffic is allowed to be sent by a host through the network. Network devices provide a best-effort approach to forwarding traffic. Network devices are configured to service multiple classes of traffic and handle traffic as it may arrive. Network devices use QoS on a hop-by-hop basis to provide excellent scalability.
Which QoS model is very resource intensive and provides the highest guarantee of QoS? DiffServ best-effort IntServ soft QoS.
In QoS models, which type of traffic is commonly provided the most preferential treatment over all other application traffic? voice traffic email web traffic file transfers.
What are two approaches to prevent packet loss due to congestion on an interface? (Choose two.) Prevent bursts of traffic. Drop lower-priority packets. Decrease buffer space. Disable queuing mechanisms. Increase link capacity.
What two fields are available in IPv4 and IPv6 headers to mark packets for QoS? (Choose two.) Class of Service Traffic Class Type of Service Priority VLAN ID.
What is the benefit of deploying Layer 3 QoS marking across an enterprise network? Layer 3 marking can carry QoS information on switches that are not IP aware. Layer 3 marking can be used to carry non-IP traffic. Layer 3 marking can be carried in the 802.1Q fields. Layer 3 marking can carry the QoS information end-to-end.
Which QoS technology provides congestion avoidance by allowing TCP traffic to be throttled before buffers become full and tail drops occur? traffic policing weighted random early detection best-effort first-in, first-out.
Refer to the exhibit. As traffic is forwarded out an egress interface with QoS treatment, which congestion avoidance technique is used? traffic shaping weighted random early detection classification and marking traffic policing.
Which QoS model uses the DSCP bits to mark packets and provides 64 possible classes of service? IntServ best-effort DiffServ FIFO.
Which QoS technique retains excess packets in a separate queue for later transmission? classifying marking queuing shaping.
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