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Reading comprehension

Show how good reading comprehension you have

Vera-López-Briceño (grupo 7) 3B
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1.According to TEXT A: Where is the best place to start exploring in Adelaide? a.North Terrace b.Central Park c.Sidney d.Brisbane.
2.According to TEXT A: What you can see in the third floor of the South Australian Museum? a.The origin of species by Charles Darwin. b.The life and adventures of Sir Douglas Mawon. c.The evolution of humans. d.Fossil remains of dinosaurs. .
3.According to TEXT A: Select the festivals ocurring in Adelaide. a. Carnial Festival b. Day of the dead Festival c. Festival of Ideas d. Tomorowland festival e. Fringe festival.
4.According to TEXT B: The Kieron’s hobby was draw and Paint. True or False. a.True b.False.
5.According to TEXT B: Who offered help to Kieron? a.Keith b.Carol Ann Pennington c.Michelle d.Garner.
6.According to TEXT C: Select the age of Hartley a.20 years b.35 years c.75 years d.55 years.
7.According to TEXT C: Complete. Hartley hated telling people he was an ______. He was not ____ of his job. a.Writer- embarrassed b.Doctor- unashamed c.Singer- confused d.Actor- ashamed.
8.According to TEXT C: What were Hartley's false professions? Select two options. a.Writer b.Doctor c.Actor d.Chef e.Driver f.Lawyer .
9.According to TEXT D: This affirmation is true or false. A study found that adolescents with early parent-set bedtimes were significantly more likely to lose weight. a.True b.False .
10.According to TEXT D: What is the duration of an average nap for a teenager? a.7 hours 53 minutes b.9 hours 10 minutes c.4 hours 00 minutes d.6 hours 53 minutes.
11.According to TEXT A: 1.The South Australian Museum, recognizable by the whale skeleton in its huge front windows. 2.Its hard to put a finger in Adelaide. 3.It hosts a festival of ideas, and its fringe festival is the seond largest in the world. a.1 and 2 b.2 and 3 c.3 and 1 d.All of the above.
12.Complete according to TEXT A: A little farther along North Terrace is ______. a.Cairns b.Ayers House c.Victory square d.Glenelg Tram.
13.According to TEXT B: This affirmation is true or false. Kieron’s art was pretty much like any other five years old. a.True b.False.
14.According to TEXT B: What ending do you use to refer to Kieron's art style? Nouveau b.Garnerise c.Kieronise d.Classicism.
15.What is talked about in TEXT B? a.A boy with superpowers b.A child with artist potential c.A child with behavior problems d.A child with health problems.
16.According to TEXT C; complete the following text: Hartley was a good ____ although the _____ on his talents were now ______ a.Draw- calls- frequent b.Cartoonist- calls- uncommon c.Actor- calls- infrequent d.Doctor- calls- rarelly.
17.According to TEXT C: In what means of transport did Hartley travel? a.Car b.Airplane c.Boat d.Train.
18.According to TEXT D: how many hours of sleep are recommended for adolescents? a.6 hours b.9 or more hours c.3 hours d.5 hours.
19.According to TEXT D: Adolescents who reported that they usually sleep or five or fewer hours per night were more likely to suffer from acute muscle pains, dizziness, nausea and headaches. Is this statement true or false? a.True b.False.
20.According to TEXT D: Select the name of the asistant profesor at Columbia University Medical Center. a.Rebecca Chambers b.James E. Gangwisch c.Madison Clark d.Sheldon Cooper.
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